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  1. Re: Import a profile wizard OPS file into Outlook 2007?

    The process for importing OPS file is same as you do for PST. You just have to go in the Tools menu and click on Import & Export. You have to select the file and then click on next. That would be a...
  2. Re: Windows 7 desktop gadgets appearing as white squares

    My system doesn’t have any virus, I have avast installed and I run scan on daily basis. No malware, virus or anything like them were found in whole system scan. There is something else that is...
  3. Re: Windows 7 desktop gadgets appearing as white squares

    I ran all of the above command and I got succeeded message for each command as well but upon reboot things were not normal. I still see gadgets appearing white.:sadwalk:
  4. Re: Windows 7 desktop gadgets appearing as white squares

    I have tried following both solution and had no luck. Creating Gadget_fix.reg did not made any difference where as running sfc /scannow command, came up with "Windows Resource Protection did not find...
  5. Windows 7 desktop gadgets appearing as white squares

    My system is running on windows 7 and I had some desktop gadgets like cpu meter, weather gadget etc but now they are appearing as white square with arrows facing left. They were appearing fine until...
  6. Best motherboard for Intel Core i3-3220

    I am building a new rig for day to day use and a just a little bit of gaming. I have chosen all other components by now, I just want a good motherboard for my Intel Core i3-3220 processor. I have...
  7. RE: Where can I download the MSN Gaming Zone Internet Games (checkers,

    Same problem friend, I love to play checkers, let me know if you learn how to get it!
  8. Error 1402 while installaing Microsoft Office 2007

    I am getting Error 1402. Setup cannot open the registry key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE32/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/OFFICE/11.0/COMMON/GENERAL while installing Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows 7 Home Premium. I...
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    Loading Office Home & Student 2007

    Recently I bought a new laptop that came with Office 2007 Home and Student Installed. I also took the installation disk of my office. Now I am trying to install the same on my Desktop computer, but...
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    Re: Crash Dumps like crazy!

    Hello counselor,

    Me too started getting the same problem you mentioned above. It is Toshiba laptop with Vista. Can you please tell me how did you fixed the CPU Voltage ?
  11. How to install x86 .inf file over Windows 7 64 bit?

    I am having USB scanner UMAX Astra 4500, i have tried installing Windows XP x86 driver v.2.6,vista x86 driver v2.6. as well as XP x86 driver but i am getting an error message saying "The INF file...
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    Re: Windows 2008 and SYSVOL

    Yeah, I too agree with Tanvir. Your results are showing up few failures such as Ntelogon, advertising etc.. I have some questions which will help me fix your problem if you can let me know if your...
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    regtrans-ms and blf files

    There are many regtrans-ms and blf files in the route of my User directory, they are in below format:

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    I can provide you the setup that would allow you...

    I can provide you the setup that would allow you to manage spell check. Go in Tools and then there click on Options menu. In that click on Spelling and Grammar Tab. Click on Check Spelling as you...
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    Re: Office 2003 Product Key?

    Thanks for the help and download links 1kshana, I installed Belarc and it shows me something like this
    “73931-640-4339835-57976 (Key: VJXRC-M64VX-2XYXD-PCKJ9-GJKVM)”

    I don’t know which one...
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    Office 2003 Product Key?

    I am trying to install my Home and Student 2007 (already installed on one of my desktop) on my new laptop but unfortunately I lost its product key. Can anyone please tell me alternate way of getting...
  17. I am confused with your question. You are trying...

    I am confused with your question. You are trying to first initiate a task and then add a second one in the between and let it work until the first is over. You will need to play with duration here...
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    RE: DCOM 10010 Error on SBS 2008.

    Hello MSFT, ensure that proper permissions are set to Access, Lunch and Activation in COM security. You can check it with the following steps:

    1. Click Start, click Run, type "dcomcnfg" (without...
  19. CA: "No Certificate Templates Could Be Found"

    When i am trying to request a certificate from the CA Web enrollment pages i am getting an error message saying "No certificate templates could be found. You do not have permission to request a...
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    Find the right cable and it will work. You can...

    Find the right cable and it will work. You can find the compatible drivers from online shopping site. There are many media center compatible cables are available and you can find it very easily at a...
  21. Re: Windows Media Player 11, Video stutters and skips

    My system config is as follows:

    Motherboard: Asus A7V333
    Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) XP 2200+ 1.35 GHz. 1 GB of Ram
    Windows XP Professional: Version 2002, Service Pack 2
    Windows Media Player...
  22. Windows Media Player 11, Video stutters and skips

    Am using a desktop running with Windows XP and Media Player 11. Until a week ago everything was working fine but don’t know what went wrong suddenly from last week whenever I play any video in WMP,...
  23. There are tons of errors with Windows Media...

    There are tons of errors with Windows Media Center especially when you are using it on Vista. Somehow the problem lies with incompatible internal files. It had tried to install many stuff but nothing...
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    Try to unbind IPv6 in your system. And if that...

    Try to unbind IPv6 in your system. And if that does not work then there is one more thing that you can try. Try to move your router to some other location. Just carry that with you. It is quiet nice...
  25. Re: Problem After Creating Home Folder with vbs script

    I think you are right Lyalisai, homeDrive needs the trailing colon, "H:". Also, I assign full permissions to user. And, I specify the NetBIOS domain name as part of the trustee name. I have a very...
  26. AVG 8 free antivirus won't update/get message "A .bin file ismissing"

    I am using Windows Vista. I have AVG 8 installed in it. The antivirus is working fine and suddenly it provided me a error. It says that there is certain .bin file missing and it cannot update the...
  27. Re: where would i find my microsoft office product key #

    No you cannot get that key from setup. You have to find the box or cd or you will need to contact the retailer from where you had purchased office setup. That would help you more in finding out the...
  28. Re: Start Menu Office 2007 shortcuts have stopped working

    Well as you suggested I did the same thing. Delete older ones and created new, pinned them to start menu and guess what, it is still not opening. Furthermore, just for testing, I enabled quick launch...
  29. Start Menu Office 2007 shortcuts have stopped working

    I mostly need to work with Office programs, hence I have pinned them to the start menu for quick access. It is office 2007 running on Windows Vista. From yesterday whenever I click those start menu...
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    wmiprvse.exe and svchost eating 100% cpu

    I have installed SBS2003 recently and i see wmiprvse.exe and svchost eating 100% cpu. They do that random, an instance of mssbsssr.exe also keeps running under wmiprvse.exe process. i want to know...
  31. Mass storage device is one of the most common...

    Mass storage device is one of the most common interface used by many devices. But if that fails to work then you need the right drivers. Unknown devices in Device Manager simply means that the system...
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    Re: Computer restarts after being turned off

    I think the problem is with Windows XP itself...To confirm the same i think you should disabling Automatic Restart. You can do this by going to desktop properties >advanced tab > click startup and...
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    Re: Normal.dotm corrupt

    I managed to find out something new. First I copied normal.dotm file from one of my computer and pasted the same in this system but my Word don’t recognizes it and use the same corrupted one.
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    Re: Normal.dotm corrupt

    Thanks for the help and suggestion Landon. As per the instructions I searched and found two files with that named. Deleted both, rebooted the computer and Opened Word. At the launch it gave me a...
  35. Try to delete the autorun.inf file in folders and...

    Try to delete the autorun.inf file in folders and then see. Sometime the issue also occur due to some autorrun file and it easily gets infected by virus. Once the virus enters your system completely...
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    Normal.dotm corrupt

    From last couple of days whenever I open MS Word 2007 it gives me a message saying something like my normal dot template has been changed do I want to open a new one. After this when Word opens It...
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    Windows XP x86 vs Windows XP 64-bit

    As my title says that I need difference between two system. I am getting choice to buy one among two workstation. The one is new one with Windows XP x86 and the other one is a old Windows XP 64bit...
  38. Explorer does not recognize blank DVD-R's

    I have installed windows XP Pro in my system and i don't know for what reason it is not recognizing blank DVD-R's. I did not had any such issue before while running linux on the same system. It seems...
  39. Cannon Scanner not working in Windows Vista even when it is installed

    I am using a Cannon scanner. It is installed and there is no error at all. I checked in Device Manager and it is listed well. Now when I fax or simply scan, it is not working. The scanner is Canoscan...
  40. Re: print job stuck in que for printer hp psc 1410 all in one prin

    If this issue keeps on appearing then you have to check the printer drivers. Just update the same and check back. Reconfigure the printer properly with all drivers and necessary settings and then...
  41. GPO to redirect Outlook "AutoArchive" location

    I need some settings to configure GPO in-order to redirect a AutoArchive location in my system. Does anyone is still using GPO settings for the same. If yes then please provide me a detailed settings...
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    Missing Codec: Microsoft ADPCM Format (2)

    I am using Windows Vista 32bit. Since last couple of days am facing some problems with my media player. Somehow I came to know that the problem will be fixed by installing Microsoft ADPCM Format....
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    Re: Group Policy Drive Mapping

    To access the domain you will have to check one thing. Your computer must be always connected. It must have a continuous access to the domain or else things might not work here. You have to check on...
  44. Windows Vista driver for MA-620 USB Infrared Adapter

    I had not luck in locating a appropriate driver for MA-620 Adapter. I am using Windows Vista on my system. It is a infrared adapter that allows me to use my nokia phones to backup my contact. I am...
  45. Setup cannot find InfoPath.en-us\InfoPathMUI.msi

    As the title suggest, it is the error am getting while trying to install Office Enterprise 2007 on my windows xp based computer. Let me first tell you that my computer was giving me Blue Screens...
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    Toshiba Satellite A215-S4747 freezes up

    First time I decided to go with Toshiba brand and bought a Satellite A215 laptop with Windows Vista pre loaded. When I started it after coming home, in less than a hour the laptop started freezing...
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    Can a PDF file contain a virus?

    I am getting tons of pdf files in email. I want to know that does pdf file can contain a virus. Some of the files that I had received are unknown. That means I cannot locate the sender. I have a...
  48. RE: Cannot e-mail links due to

    As far as i know mail services like Hotmail, or MSN mail uses this passport login and i think you have set the same for your mailing purpose. You need to change the same. Just go to your mail options...
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    Verizon security suite?

    Just heard that Verizon is offering some kind of Antivirus Suite in just $5 per month. I had not seen this information on any other website , nor I can find the name of antivirus they are offering....
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    Can I Download The File Pro11 Msi

    Hello, I am having some problem in installation of Office 2003 on my Windows XP laptop. When I start the setup the progress bar seems going on but suddenly it freezes for a minute and gives me an...
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