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    Re: RPC server unavailable

    There can be some problem with the security or permission stuff due to which your login fails to work. Do you have any more user ids. Try them and then see. If you are able to login then the issue...
  2. Re: Office 2007 MUI. Is there a way to choose language for specificapplication?

    That can be only done through manual settings. You cannot set a language before the application is open. Simply modify the settings in the language section and then you can get that by default on...
  3. Re: Zotac gt 520 connected to TV via hdmi results in Blue screen

    I want to know if you have your Zotac gt 520 overclocked??? If yes, then underclock it and cross check if you are able to get rid of the random Blue screen. If that’s not the case, than as...
  4. Re: ASUS gtx550 ti graphics card not getting recognized

    Since you have mentioned that your old graphic card had turned faulty a week ago, I want to know if you have uninstalled its driver from your system?? There are possibilities that your old card...
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    Re: Cannot delete/copy/move .MOV files

    Now there are some workout that can help you out for removing such files. First check that the files are not located in many folders. The deep path makes the file unaccessible for any action. Second...
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    This is a complicated worm which spreads in your...

    This is a complicated worm which spreads in your entire system. You must not install anything without confirming that the file is safe. To some extent is very complicated to locate each and every...
  7. First check out the version number under the...

    First check out the version number under the system properties. You can find more set of option there. It looks there are some incomplete updates or setup. You have to go with a cleanup of windows...
  8. I will suggest you to download and install...

    I will suggest you to download and install Windows Media Diagnostic Tool (WMDiag). I will help you in trouble shooting the above error, best of luck.
  9. Office 2007 programs failing with c000005 fault after applying Kb 977724 update update

    I had applied Kb 977724 update for Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 in my case, i don't know what went wrong and all Office products like Word, Excel started failing with c000005 fault. I have tried...
  10. From where the clients are trying to access the...

    From where the clients are trying to access the outlook. Is it inside the network or outside. That actually determine the type of solution required. Try to run Windows update once and I hope you will...
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    It is just some kind of homepage. But if you are...

    It is just some kind of homepage. But if you are redirected to some other website then the problem lies with a redirection virus. The antivirus might not be able to do anything in that. It is just a...
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    intel pentium 4 motherboard

    I am gutting errors in device manager because of my processor. It says driver is either missing or corrupt, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver many times but no luck. I still get...
  13. Re: Is it possible to decrypt EFS files without backup certificate

    Whenever I search on Google information on EFS recovery I can only find Advanced EFS Data Recovery by Elcomsoft. I checked the features and was able to find some set of things that I am really...
  14. Do not use EasyBCD. Grub is far more better. Here...

    Do not use EasyBCD. Grub is far more better. Here is a simple way by which you can get a working dual boot system. First create 3 partition in your system. Among which two will be dedicated to the...
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    I am too having the same issue and it is almost 2...

    I am too having the same issue and it is almost 2 days yet I am not able to figure out the issue behind it. I need some help over hear that can make me understand why this update is not working. It...
  16. Re: Windows Mail could not be started. (0x80070002)

    I don’t know what could be the exact reason for this error but you can fix it by simply resetting the message store location. To do so, first open Windows explorer, click on Organize, go to View...
  17. before installing Office 2010 it asks for msxml 6.10.1129

    I bought a copy of Office 2010 yesterday. Uninstalled my Office 2007 completely from the system but when am trying to install Office 2010, everytime it gives me an error asking for “msxml...
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    Re: No Desktop Icons, start menu, task manager.

    I think the user profile is corrupted. just create a new user id and then check back. By corrupt I mean that there can be some key files which are used for the user profile to load is damage. This...
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    If you are getting the BLUE SCREEN with only any...

    If you are getting the BLUE SCREEN with only any particular program than you should better consult with their manufacturer. Also check the system requirements . They must be having some updates or...
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    unwanted download X12-30263.exe

    I am running Office 2007 trial version on my system from last 1 month and there was no problem at all. Since two days my system started rebooting after specific period of time automatically in order...
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    Re: USB Hard Drive Not Showing Up

    Well reasons could be many for this problem but lets talk about solutions. If you have laptop-to-IDE adapter then simply connect the drive directly to the host computer as a slave. Or if you dont...
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    USB mass storage driver?

    Doesn't seem to be my problem. Drivers are installed, device said to be working properly, uninstalling and then running "new hardware" reinstalls apparently satisfactorily. I'm just about to remove...
  23. Re: A read disk error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

    I wish to help you out but am not able to understand your post/problem exactly. Are you saying that XP is already installed on your system because you said above "first enabled AHCI without XP...
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    Re: SBS 2008 - Multiple RDP Sessions?

    As far as I know SBS 2008 has a limit of TS in admin mode to one session. In order to make it Two, you will need to make some edits.

    Try this: mstsc /v:servername /admin
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    Re: Active Directory Forest Health Check

    I agree with JareD. The forest itself consists of domains too. Hence when run diagnostic tools for especially, it will also check the entire forest including every domain’s health and consistency....
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    Re: how to find USB port

    I think you need a tiny tool called ‘UVCView’. Its Microsoft’s’ own tool which will help you get details of each USB Ports and their status. You can easily map out your ports with this tool...
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    Re: Excessive hard drive activity

    Try to boot your system in safe mode and then run a full system scan. The issue usually occur due to antivirus tools. The antivirus simply keeps on working in the background which is a common cause...
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    Try to remove it first and then perform a fresh...

    Try to remove it first and then perform a fresh setup. It is necessary to ensure that you are performing the installation under admin mode only. Because if the same in done under limited user, you...
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    I found a link that can help you to get a more...

    I found a link that can help you to get a more clear idea on the error that you are getting. The error appears mostly when your system does not provide proper privileges to office files. Many people...
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    This is really weird. When you install anything...

    This is really weird. When you install anything the shortcut icons are automatically created on the desktop and in the start menu. Sometime the icons are created inside the folder. So better check...
  31. It is obvious for a system to lock files whose...

    It is obvious for a system to lock files whose contents are being used. And the reason behind this would be the registry or hibernation because they might be using those files. So, to get the proper...
  32. An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data?

    My Windows Vista is not working. I have a HP laptop with Windows Vista 32bit installed on it. When I start my pc I got a error saying that due to some recent changes Windows is unable to start. I had...
  33. When you connect the mp3 player it will be...

    When you connect the mp3 player it will be detected as a removable media. Just ensure that there is no settings inside for that. Most of them act as plug and play device. And removing files from them...
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    The issue lies with onboard SiS Open Host...

    The issue lies with onboard SiS Open Host Controllers. I faced the same kind of issue on my system also and was not able to use any of the usb device. Somehow recent changes in the system causes the...
  35. Re: Account as a service without Interactive logon?

    The very first thing I would like to know is why actually you want to prevent interactive logon? If you know service accounts don't need to be able to "Log On Locally", as long as "Log On As A...
  36. Re: Windows Media Player on 64 bit Windows 2008 Server

    I think installing WMP XP Pro 64bit will work on the server also. You can give it a try extracting installers using an unzip utility. Also don’t forget to Install the Desktop Experience feature....
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    re: Idt High Definition Audio codec

    After installing the new motherboard did you installed all the drivers from the CD you got with the new Mobo or just few required ones? You should always install each and every driver provided in...
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    RE: USB port error-Compaq Laptop

    What you got from web search is correct, it is related to the USB itself. Its not compulsory the problem should be with the USB hub itself but the connection to it or the basic hard-ware on the board...
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    Re: Man Power Loading Chart

    Go in the usage view show percent allocation (Format, Detail Styles, select Percent Allocation, Show) then Tools, Options, Schedule, show assignment units as decimal.
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    Re: Windows Can't See Ubuntu Hard Drive

    How to use linux swap partition as windows swap file:

    Go to the website below, and download the swapfs zip file to a windows accessible folder:
    Write down the...
  41. I agree that using a ready to use utility must be...

    I agree that using a ready to use utility must be better. Because it will help you to stay protected. There are some scripts but I really do not trust them. There can be failure and it is not easy to...
  42. The activation failed. You can re-do that. If you...

    The activation failed. You can re-do that. If you cannot find option through online mode then you can try the activation through phone. There can be some issue with internal dll file which is causing...
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    Re: Live Meeting desktop sharing

    There is a link available below that can help you to find out what you are trying to do. It has complete detail available on sharing a desktop in Live Meeting. It is not so complicated. But if you...
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    You said that you are having different accounts...

    You said that you are having different accounts in your system. Try to login in admin account first. Then go in the C drive and click on Document and Settings. In that you can check different user...
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    Re: unable to connect to my wifi router in the office with my laptop

    Try to change your adapter settings. Go in Network Sharing Center there on the left side you can find Adapter Settings. Click on that and right click on the lan adapter detected. Choose Properties >...
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    Office 2003 to 2007 upgrade?

    I am thinking of Upgrading to Office 2007 from Office 2003 and i want to know if that's possible. My friends say that i cant do that and i will have to make clean installation of Office 2007. I...
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    Re: slow-file transfer

    Nope, vista’s file transfer is not as slow as you have mentioned. Probably the cause of slow transfer rate would be USB wireless adapters. You should try changing this temporarily and see you get...
  48. Re: error message "The network location cannot be reached"

    Just check that the drive is not moved or there is not changes done in permission access. Because of that you are getting error. If there is issue with file permission or drive configuration then the...
  49. There are number of few common queries I had...

    There are number of few common queries I had found on other community also. But yet there is no valid answer available. I like the solution of using powershell. But before that I am ready to test the...
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    Re: SMTP port 25 problem!!

    Hello friend, you said you the operating system is Windows XP but you are running SBS 2003. What is meant by that? I’m actually not able to understand whether the problem is with any client...
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