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  1. Re: Best free downloads manager for windows 8

    I use Download Accelerator Manager and ill suggest you the same. It can help you speed up the download to greater extent. You will have to copy and paste the URL in Download Accelerator Manager but I...
  2. Re: How to Boot into Windows 8 Safe Mode

    There is another way of booting in to Windows 8 Safe Mode. You can follow below steps for the same.
    Restart your system and press Windows + I
    Once Settings panel comes up click on “Change PC...
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    Re: HTML5 eBooks for beginners

    Best 5 HTML5 eBooks for beginners
    Introducing HTML 5
    HTML5: Up and Running
    Head First HTML5 Programming
    HTML5 for Masterminds
    HTML5 for publishers (Free Kindle Edition)
  4. Re: Antivirus that can reside in pen drive and protect it

    You can ask your professors to install any of the below antiviruses, they all are free.

    Microsoft Security Essentials
    Avast Free antivirus
    Avira Free Antivirus
    Panda Cloud Antivirus Free
  5. Re: D-Link DWM-156 keeps saying "Dial up failed"

    Are you quite sure that there is nothing wrong with the configuration?? Did you cross check it in your phone??? If you don’t have any issue in accessing internet via your phone then there might be...
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    Re: Top MCA colleges in Tamil Nadu

    Top 5 MCA colleges in Tamil Nadu:
    1:Bharatisadan University, Thanjavur
    2:PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
    3:Nehru Mechanical College, Tiruchchirappalli
    4:Anna University, Guindy,...
  7. Re: How to send data from Nokia lumia 510 to other phones via Bluetooth

    I meant to say that windows phone doesn’t allow sharing of data via Bluetooth to other phones but you can share data with windows phone. Windows phone 7 doesn’t have Bluetooth profile for device...
  8. Re: How to send data from Nokia lumia 510 to other phones via Bluetooth

    No, windows phone doesn’t allow sharing of data via Bluetooth to other phones. Either you can download your stuffs in your phone directly from the web or transfer it in to your phone by zune...
  9. Re: How to use Micromax MMX353G USB Modem in Windows 8

    Below is what you will have to do to get your Micromax MMX353G USB Modem working on Windows 8:

    Reinstall Micromax MMX353G USB dongle software if you have it installed.
    Close its USB manger from...
  10. Re: Top university in India offering LLB course

    Government Law college Mumbai
    Symbiosis socity law college , Pune
    National Academy of Legal Studies and Research University
    Amity law school, Delhi
    Indian Law socity,Pune
  11. Tips to create program/application shortcut on windows 8 desktop

    If you have installed windows 8 and if you are missing your program/application shortcuts on windows 8 desktop then you can follow below steps for the same.
    Here we will create shortcut for...
  12. Re: Asus Zenbook UX31E shutdown randomly after upgrading to windows 8

    I think there might be something wrong with your laptop and not windows 8. I want to know if this issue started after clean installation of windows 8 or after installing some third party programs or...
  13. Re: Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe comes up with error 0xE1 (Dr.Debug codes) while resuming from hibernation

    Have you tried updating your bios??? I am not sure but you can give that a try and check out if that makes any difference. I also wanted to know if this issue has started suddenly or it’s since...
  14. Poll: Re: Which one is better brand in laptop, Dell or Compaq??

    +1 for dell from me as well, I have been using my dell laptop from a couple of years and my brother will also buy one soon. They really provide the best service, I remember there was something wrong...
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    Lost Planet 2 Save Game Download for PC


    I had a problem in my hard drive and therefore I was not able to recover my data in the hdd. In this process I also lost all my OFFLINE gfwl save game profile of Lost Planet 2. Now, this game...
  16. Did you checked your Device manager for any...

    Did you checked your Device manager for any device will yellow mark? If not check it now, am sure there would be yellow mark on some devices. Just click them and update drivers for everything marked....
  17. Well if you need the download URL, here it is for...

    Well if you need the download URL, here it is for the Small Business 2007 but let me tell you that I have a strong doubt if it will work with...
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    Honda Twister price and specifications

    Hello, long time no see. Anyways I was wondering what will be the price of this upcoming bike called Honda Twister in mumbai. My brother is planning to buy a bike and he wants to sell his suzuki...
  19. current driver of MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S

    I have got a Toshiba laptop with me and it has stopped recognizing the MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S on the same laptop. Therefore I wanted to know from where I can get the current driver for this...
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    Re: Locked Out User

    Thanks for the replies guys. I have used the account lockout tools, in particular eventcombMT.exe and the built-in search for Account Lockouts and it seems that the issue was with Cisco ACS account.
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    RE: Locked Out User

    Normally, the account lockout status tool show 10 bad pwd count on just one DC. So does it means that it is happening because the user only authenticated with that DC or there might be an issue with...
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    Locked Out User

    There is one user who keeps getting locked out, at the time we unlock the account and he logs in his account locks again. We have tried to remove and add his computer to the domain and also deleted...
  23. You can create a signature with pictures or logos...

    You can create a signature with pictures or logos by following the below steps:

    In the main Outlook window, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.
  24. instead of getting so frustated and tryingto get...

    instead of getting so frustated and tryingto get it solve your self, as you said the laptop is just a week old, why dont you just call Dell and let them get it done as it is still under warranty ? I...
  25. Strange Love Coke Ad Mp3 Ringtone Download

    Hello, recently I saw this coke ad on television and I must say that the song that is playing in the back is very soothing and heart touching. I have searched for this song all over the net but...
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    Thanks for the solution that you have given. I am...

    Thanks for the solution that you have given. I am also getting this newfolder.exe virus from last couple of days and I will try to follow your the steps that you have given to solve this case and see...
  27. Re: CLIENT: wuauclt.exe /detectnow versus SERVER: Last Status Report-can you force check - in?

    Actually I've never seen it make any difference that I could tell. As far as I can tell it's a no-op.

    Certainly it doesn't speed up the processing of the report by the WSUS server, which is where...
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    ADAM Backup Event ID 2089

    I have ADAM running in a replication set on Windows Server 2003 SP2 and am getting Event ID 2089. The NT backups are running on the computers and the backups are successful and the restores are also...
  29. Internet IP error: "The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation"

    I updated my Windows XP to Service Pack 3 and since then I am getting an error message "The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation" to connect to the internet....
  30. C:\windows installer disk space reducing

    I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 on my pc and have installed only few programs therefore in the program files the space used is only 5gb but in my C:\WINDOWS\Installer folder it is above...
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    Re: wifi icon missing from taskbar

    There is way to show up system icons on your desktop or Taskbar through Local Group Policy Editor (GPedit.msc) but as you said the ICON was already there since month and disappeared just today...
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    Re: teamviewer safe?

    Another one that you can use is TightVNC that is also a program for remote control and administration via the Internet on your computer regardless of the operating system. So you can use applications...
  33. Hi IndrneeL. First of all you should know that...

    Hi IndrneeL. First of all you should know that S-Video should be better quality than Composite. Just check again your TV tuner card. See if it has either S-Video or Composite instead of RF. a Mac...
  34. Re: how can i download missing files such as SKU011.CAB

    It seems to be common issue with MS office. There are many people who have faced this issue and have raised a topic for the same. However, i will like to inform you that this issue has been covered...
  35. Windows Defender fails to start services upon Installation

    I have got too many HP computers with a pentium 4 class processor which is either AMD or Intel based and running Windows XP with service pack 3 as a client on a Windows 2008 SBS Domain and on this...
  36. I guess you haven't switched primary video card...

    I guess you haven't switched primary video card setting to Internal Motherboard graphics i.e your Motherboard VGA card. In that case just go in to bios and simply set primary video card to Internal...
  37. If you have a legit copy of Microsoft Office...

    If you have a legit copy of Microsoft Office Standard 2007 then you can go through below article:

    How to replace a lost or damaged Microsoft Office product key

    Just go through the article and...
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    Problem saving movie!

    I am getting a message that states "Windows Movie maker cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are stil available, that the saving...
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    Re: product key for Office Ultimate 2007

    Is it still on the CD sticker only OR haven’t you saved it somewhere else ? I mean, I have my product keys saved in my Mail. If you have saved it on your mail (the working one) you can just copy /...
  40. Re: How to transfer Outlook 2007 emails from XP to Vista

    Thank you all for your great help.
  41. How to transfer Outlook 2007 emails from XP to Vista

    So far, I used 2 PC. One with windows XP and the other with vista. On all 2, I use outlook 2007. So I have messages on both the PC. Now I dont want to use the PC running XP and want to use...
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    Missing file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32...

    Hello, I have a problem in my startup that displays this "Missing or corrupt file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SYSTEM".
    I try to correct this with the xp cd. But it is impossible, the PC can not boot from...
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    Found New Hardware MTP Device

    I have a huge problem.
    My PC recognizes today about every 3-4 seconds a new hardware device called MTP. It seems to me as if the Windows installation to run, but it remains as it is hanging...
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    Re: OWA external access

    Just run the CEICW and select Outlook Web Access under Web Services

    It will fix the problem.
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    RE: word and excel opening up very slow

    Even I am getting this on my Office 2003 Pro after some time. This problem occurs only with MS Office Documents even if it is on the network drive or local drive. Is this problem caused because of...
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    re: WordPerfect Office X3 runtime error

    That's the workaround Ive come across in Corels knowledge base, i was facing same error previously but the above mentioned solution by Lillebror had helped me out. Just try it out and let me know if...
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    I am giving you a link below that will help you...

    I am giving you a link below that will help you to fix the problem. I am giving you a link below that will help you to fix the issue. Just try to check the link below and then check back. That will...
  48. Re: Ping but the response is

    Many times when you cannot reach the remote networking device, you may receive such responses. could be local computer’s IP. Anyway, just try running “ipconfig /all” in command...
  49. I guess you are talking about the word 2007...

    I guess you are talking about the word 2007 default template. They are not named as instead they are named as normal.dotm. Generally these files are hidden and that's the reason they might...
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    Re: Dell Support Center is Corrupted

    I think you need to stop sprtcmd.exe from stating with the computer. You can do this by typing ‘msconfig’ in the Vista Start filed, press enter. Go to StartUp Tab. Here search and locate for...
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