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  1. Want some help to download mp4 videos from a website

    I have bookmarks of some site that provide movies for mobile phone. This is a compressed format. I can see that each video on that is divided into 6 to 7 formats. To download them I have to click on...
  2. Cpu recommendation where overclocking is not required

    I want advice on a processor for gaming pc. Overclocking is not realy needed. Only a reliable good processor that can provide flawless performance in gaming. I will add around 12GB of ram on that...
  3. Not getting delete confirmation box on Windows 8

    In Windows 8 whenever you delete a file you get a popup box. This popup box ask me whether to delete a file or not. And when you click on yes it goes. In my system issue is bit different. When I...
  4. How to turn on a pc that is giving bios corruption screen

    When I reboot your pc I am getting a bios corrupt error on the same. I want some way to fix this thing and start my pc back again. I am having lot of important data. So it is will be hard for me to...
  5. Want a budget Micro-ATX motherboard for Windows 10 pc

    I am trying to find a nice budget Micro-ATX motherboard for building a small Windows 10 pc. I want to install all latest thing on that. So for that I need a board that can be enough to run Windows 10...
  6. iPhone 6 Plus has the worst Screen Orientation

    I hate the Screen Orientation of iPhone 6. I am having the 64gb edition with me and the Screen Orientation just sucks on it. Whenever I am watching a video it rotate the screen on its own and set the...
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    What are the risk in using a P2P Network

    I am looking for a fast and reliable file transfer solution for my small office. We have a few branches around the globe. Now to get file we are right now using a Cloud storage. And that is really...
  8. How to turn my regular 2.1 speakers to Bluetooth speaker

    I want to turn my regular speaker to Bluetooth speaker. I had tried finding out some software that can work through my laptop, but there is nothing. My laptop already has a Bluetooth port on the...
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    How to merge size of 16GB DVD video

    I have 5 set of dvds with me. They all have some video. I copied the dvd files in separate disk on my pc. There are now 5 folders and all of them are of 16GB in size. I want to merge the size to a...
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    Scan files from HP Scanner through Moto X

    I have a similar all in one printer connected on my network. This printer is accessible through a ip address in a web browser. I am looking for some way through which I can use the printer scanner...
  11. Transformer Rise of the Dark Spark keyboard controls

    Looking for a full keyboard controls of Transformer Rise of the Dark Spark. I had started playing the game but I am not able to easy figure out the controls. At start when you are in the first level...
  12. Does a apu gets hotter fast compare to a cpu

    There are two choices in front of me to suggest a budget build to my friend. This will be for the gaming stuff. Now here if I go with cpu and graphic card separately the budget rises. I am getting a...
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    Very low audio from wireless mic

    I am trying to record some audio from a headset that has a integrated mic. I had connected that to my laptop through Bluetooth. The headset is very near to my mouth and still there is very lo audio...
  14. What is the limit of maximum deposit on HDFC Saving bank account

    I want to know what is the maximum limit of deposit in a saving bank account. I want this monthly and on yearly basis. I started a small business in which around a week I get some amount. This money...
  15. Is it necessary to add Screen protector on Smartphone

    I want to know that does it is really important to add a screen quark on a smartphone. For example I have Motorola Moto E which has Gorilla glass protection. So should I add a screen guard or not. I...
  16. Converting a damage mail to word file through pdf

    I got a some information in a email. It is a receipt for payment I had done. But when I open them in Internet Explorer they appear as text. I got a old one which was a copy and after 5 days I got the...
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    Ati driver crashing on Windows XP

    I am having a bit issue with ati driver on Windows XP. It is crashing when I am trying to play any game. I have a old Windows XP pc which has a 1GBg graphics and 4GB ram. I do not want to upgrade to...
  18. How to add more cpu fan on Dell Studio 550s

    I am want to two more fan on the a desktop pc. The mode here is Dell studio 550s. There is a single fan which looks to be not working well. It is spinning and stopping. I want to add two big size fan...
  19. How to vpn really works to hide my ip details

    I am having a bit doubt about using vpn services. I got one which says they are going to charge around $11 a month and they offer more than 600 servers around the globe. I want to use vpn as I am...
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    Slow Outlook sync with Gmail

    I had configured Gmail account on my Outlook Express. I am using this from 3 months now. Today when I open up my account it takes a really long time to for outlook to sync my account. First it was...
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    Unable to video chat on Idea 3G

    I had just activated my 3G plan. I am using Idea sim. I have a Micromax Canvas mobile phone. I had activated to 3G because I want to video chat with my friends. But I am unable to get connection...
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    Touchpad scroll gesture not working

    I am having a old Dell laptop. There were few gesture in the touch-pad. Like when you drag with two fingers the page scroll to down. You can pinch zoom the image. But it is not working know. It is...
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    App to print photo-books from instagram

    Where to find a good application that can help me to print photobooks. I have many photos on facebook and instagram. A few of them are in picasa also. I want to bring them at one place and make nice...
  24. Android browser that has bookmark cloud sync

    I need a browser that comes with cloud syn feature. I want to sync my bookmarks on pc and on the android phone. I am using Firefox. I tried to use a few addons but they are not available on the...
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