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  1. Google Chrome not connecting with my proxy server

    Google chrome is not able to connect with the proxy server that I am using in my system. it frequently flashes that the browser is not able to make the connection with the proxy server, after enter...
  2. Re: Dynamic Pen not working properly in windows 7

    I am also here with a problem that I am facing in my windows vista system after purchased and connect the wacom tablet first time. After plug to the system there is pop up occurred with a message...
  3. Re: Dragon Age 2 video and graphical artifacts and glitches

    I am also having similar issue, I am also not able to run this same game after the fresh installation, whenever I tried to play the game, this flashes that the game file is corrupted I can understand...
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    Accelerometer Application for Macbook

    Not from a long time, but from last few months I am suing an apple macbook pro laptop, this is running with windows 7 as well as the mac osx, the system is specified with Intel dual core processor...
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    Digsby vs Pidgin

    I am a school student and recently completed my 10 STD exam. Along with recently get in touch with the instant messaging protocols. To access them I newly purchased HP pavilion series laptop, and...
  6. Reliance Broadband is disconnecting when machine is on battery mode

    Hi all, I am using Reliance wired Broadband connection, with suitable plan, which is fulfilling my requirements according to the needed. I used to connect broadband connection in my Dell inspiron...
  7. Re: Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H motherboard not responding in windows 7

    I am having a issue, and I think I can post in this thread. I am so using a Dell inspiron one, machine which is assembled with the same motherboard. The problem that I am facing is, the machine is...
  8. windows live not working with windows 7 with inbuilt web cam

    I am using a Acer aspire netbook, it running with windows 7 OS. The machine I basically sue for the internet access from my office network and also from my home network. along with that I am using...
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    Re: Hard disk not responding after booting

    Similar issue with my Acer laptop. Which is also having a relevant issue, but in my machine this problem occurs after heard the boot sound in my machine. The machine completely appears as blank. This...
  10. Re: Windows 7 64 Bit: RAM using more memory space while computer is in idle mode

    Similar issue in my machine, which is specified as 2GB RAM Along with that 320GB hard drive and a high definition NVIDIA graphical interface. I basically use this machine for the gaming purpose and...
  11. Not able to print with HP Laserjet 1020 in windows 7

    Recently upgrade my Dell computer from windows vista to windows 7. I use the machine for network sharing and with that I attached a HP LaserJet 1020 printer, I am college student so I bought this to...
  12. How to set up Linksys WPSM54G on my new windows 7 compatible laptop

    In my Dell computer, I am accessing internet regularly. I am having the Linksys WPSM54G router, I am a student and not familiar with the technical terms, so I am not able to configure the router with...
  13. Ubuntu 10.10: wireless card is not recognized

    Recently upgrade my Dell Inspiron laptop into ubuntu 10.10 versions, where as I am having the second partition on the hard drive, where I installed windows XP service pack 1. The machine I used...
  14. System Center Configuration Manager 2007 error

    I ma getting a error in System Center Configuration Manager 2007:

    An error occurred while processing item 1 defined on lines 7
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    Re: Windows vista: VLC media player freezes

    Almost the relevant issue, while I was playing the .avi file the vlc media player is simply freezes and stopped working, after that it directs to close the application forcefully. I did this and...
  16. Dolby Control Center not working in windows 7

    Hello friend,
    Having a Toshiba Satellite pro laptop which is compatible with the environment of windows 7. I installed the Dolby sound interface in my laptop, and now having a big problem with this,...
  17. how to change default printer on domain computer

    I start a small business, where I set up my computer as the domain machine which is running under windows 2003 server and connect 5 client machines which are in the environment of Windows vista. It...
  18. windows XP: While accessing webcam Browser crash

    I am having the windows XP compatible machine, which is usually using for the stream videos and to make online video chat. Browse the internet sites in the Firefox browser. The problem is while I go...
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    DNS changer virus rampant

    Recently bought a DELL computer with the windows 7 operating system, which is running fine. Using the internet service from the home network. But from the few days that there is virus or something...
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    Internet explorer 9:Flashing not working

    Hello friend.....
    Recently installed the Internet Explorer version 9. The system specification is Windows vista with the 3GB RAM. When I attempted the first installation, automatically it popping...
  21. Installing 7 to SSD with upgrade version, Vista on other HDD

    I have a HP computer with the HDD; the OEM is loaded on the Vista system. I planned with the supplementary copy of the Windows 7 upgrade a SDD. I used to boot from the SDD. I did a clean...
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    re: BlackBerry Storm 9500: Calling issue?

    Thank you all, the posts are really working, all the tips are useful for me. I upgrade the official update software. If anyone having the same issue, then I suggest you to go through the processes...
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    BlackBerry Storm 9500: Calling issue?

    Recently bought a Blackberry storm 9500 touch screen mobile phone. And found that whenever I tried to phone, the green (call) button is not working. Sometimes it will work if I press the green button...
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    Dell Zino HD - HDMI is not working

    I just bought a DELL Zino compatible with Windows 7 64 bit along with 512mb video card. I connect it with my Sony KDL-46W5100 Flat TV, and got the finest picture quality. But the problem is the audio...
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