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    How to get monthly group in Pivot Table

    I have a sales report for the last two years that has three columns,
    1)Customer (there are several entries per month for each customer)
    2) Invoice Date
    3) Amount.

    I want to create a Pivot table...
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    Re: High load temperature on AMD Phenom II 1090T

    With RAM giving it less voltage than it requests is the same as giving it too much which can consequence in injure. I'll almost certainly not touch the voltages anyways. I'm just inquisitive.lso, I...
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    unable to read bluray disc in acer 6920G

    I have acer aspire 6920G with bluray drive that is reading ordinary dvd but unable to read bluray disc.i don’t know what is the actual problem. Anyone here know how to fix this trouble
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    Re: How to do Blind flash on the Acer 5920g?

    Do you have a USB floppy drive? If so, attempt using a floppy as a substitute of a flash drive. attempt moving the VBIOS chip from the 8600M GT to the 9500.Now, install BIOS, and flash to the card...
  5. Re: Getting Crackling Audio with Network Traffic in Dell XPS 15z

    Do you know what he might be referring? Dell seem does not have any thought and astonishingly no one else is confirming my trouble even though I can replicate it on a brand new out of the box machine...
  6. Re: Getting Compatibility error while installing Maya 2012 on OS X Lion

    Will your Maya run on Snow Leopard (10.6)? If so, and you have the cash, you could pay money for Snow leopard and install it on and external HD (partitioned according to the GUI process), boot your...
  7. Re: A/C Power Cord Connection is loose in Dell XPS l702x

    I am also having this problem. I returned and got new one .It is rather annoying since I would luke to run it off ac without battery at times, Nevertheless if i have to bump the connector out. Anyone...
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    How to rotate corsair H80 pump

    Does the pump have to have the pipes coming out ?As the pipes hit the fan on the Dominator GT memory I have installed. Also the temperatures are not really an immense step up over the true 120 rev. ...
  9. Re: Tascam US -800 is unable to work properly in OS X Lion

    I just wanted to buy the U.S. Tascam 800, for the reason that I'm looking for an interface with 5 or more microphone inputs and thought it seemed right.

    Have you had a trouble with OSX 10.6? Have...
  10. Re: Brush Cursor unable to work properly in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5

    Has there been any update for this trouble? It's been months and still has the similar trouble (MacBook Pro 13 "2011 version with Intel HD graphics 3000). It is extremely annoying and makes any kind...
  11. Re: in Mac OS X lion safari reopen on the last page

    Safaris automatically open while booting? There are many people reporting the similar trouble. Stating its resume feature of lion when applications are closed. I think safari developer should release...
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    Re: Any one knows about safariDAVclient?

    The issue starts when I switch to a network with a proxy server NTLM authentication. Once more networks without this power, the process (s) stop smoking and I'm back to normal.

    It possibly will...
  13. Re: After upgrading to OS X Lion, unable to print in color on Xerox 7346

    I imagine it would be prudent to step back and start once more from beginning. I checked the specification for the printer and I imagine PostScript is a standard language for this printer. Xerox...
  14. Re: iPhone 4 camera autofocus not working properly after upgrading to ios 5

    All I can, t believe this, I never would have brought the phone if I knew that the update is useless for any the complete beginner then another use. I've done everything to make this work because he...
  15. Re: How to install Mac OS X Lion via target disk mode

    I went to my office to my computer (I could not wait!), and tried to re-install as you have described above as well with no luck. I tried the option clone, but my target drive is too small, so it was...
  16. How to install Mac OS X Lion via target disk mode

    I was having troubles with my iMac, so I determined I was going to clean, and reinstall the lion. I have a USB installation, nevertheless when I attempt to install from disk, just keeps saying "a...
  17. How to resize the sparse bundle image in MAC OS X Lion

    I'm new to the Mac world, but I know the importance of backups. My setup is MacBook pro with lion wifi network,LaCie NetSpace 2 -1 TB (FAT32).Last night I did my first backup with success. How I can...
  18. Re: Unable to print anymore from Epson Al-C1100 in Mac OS X Lion

    This is strange that the version of printer driver has not changed. PPD v5.3 is in v2.8 and v2.9 both. I had a similar situation with my Epson (USB) driver version was the same, however, showed that...
  19. Is it possible to share BSNL Broadband connection legally?

    I wonder if there is any legal trouble in BSNL Broadband exchange between me and my neighbor. Anyone got any info share here.
  20. Unofficial word on speed increase by Airtel Broadband

    We are pleased to inform you that Airtel is proactively increase the speed of your customer base. The update is done from the back-end, free of charge and the activity has already begun a phased...
  21. New channels going to be added in Videocon D2H DTH

    As confirmed today with CC, 2 or 3 new channels are getting added this week. He tried to extract more information, although was elegant adequate not to reveal executive information from it. Hopefully...
  22. Unable to print in Mac OS X Lion even after completing troubleshooting

    Running 10.7.2, iMac 27 "late 2009, by means of a canon printer MF4350d. the whole thing was functioning fine, now I cannot print. What I did: Reset the printing system, download the most recent...
  23. In MacBook pro Mac OS X LION System temporary freezes

    Since updating my MacBook Pro OSX Lion, my system suffers from intermittent freezing. These frosts are not the same as the others mentioned here; they do not affect start-up or logging, or troubles...
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    Upgrading from htc Inspire to htc vivid

    I do not know much about htc vivid or the Inspire, but I have curiosity as to who is thinking about upgrading to 4G Inspire the living. What are your thoughts?
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    Usb locking up in Linux mint

    Once in my keyboard mouse stops responding. Both are USB devices and block at the same time, so I'm guessing it's a trouble with USB.I have not seen any pattern to jail, sometimes it works for hours...
  26. Unable to use Reveal Service in Mac OS X Lion

    Since upgrading to 10.7.2 I cannot observe the path to a file, hold down the command key and holding my mouse over the icon small example, at the top of a PDF for example. Now the message "The"...
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    Re: Unable to sync ical/exchange in Mac OS X Lion

    I thought that if I make my appointments in Exchange however always remain. I have about a 50% chance if I keep in iCal. Otherwise, I have a lot of 'event’. Maybe there is a solution in 10.7.3?
  28. After upgrading to Mac OS X Lion, when watching Adobe Presenter files online unable to hear any audio

    I just upgraded to OS / X 10.7 and now I am unable to get audio files from Adobe preset. I'm taking college classes online and have a good amount of content presented in that way. Any suggestions?
  29. Need help with clean installation of MAC OS X Lion

    I have a late 2008 15 "MacBook Pro you have installed Lion, which was updated in Snow Leopard. I heard you carry out a clean installation can refresh the system and is normally a superior thing to...
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    How to reinstall Quicken on Mac OS X Lion

    My whole Quicken application is now ineffective. I'm sure it's a backup file from Time Machine (backup before installing Lion), nevertheless it seems that my Quicken 2003 (Built for Mac OS X) is not...
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    Overclocking Corsair CM2X1024 - 8500C5D (X 2)

    Can anyone help me fix my bios? No, always experiencing BSOD, I think is the FSB memory configuration is not right.
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    Unable to boot Corsair Force 3 (v1.3) at AHCI

    My motherboard is ASROCK SB750 Southbridge AOD790GX with (AMD).There is no method to boot from the SSD when the mode is set to AHCI.I cannot install Windows 7, the configuration at the commencement...
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    Re: Getting BSOD with Corsair F115

    He did everything that I tried both ports Marvell SATA 3 ports and my Intel sata 2, tried both the MS driver ACHI Intel driver and the application of RST, all my tensions are self,

    Change CPU...
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    Getting BSOD with Corsair F115

    I have that similar ssd (F115) with the 2.1a firmware; nevertheless I have BSODs at rest and disappearing drive sleep-wake / sleep up what I can do?
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    Re: Corsair H100 Prevents Booting

    It is possible, but I think a warning CPU fan though. The CPU can overheat if the pump is not running and shutting down before it even boots.

    Any chance you could try the case and see if you can...
  36. Unable to write at faster speed with Corsair Force GT on Macbook Pro 2010

    Just installed Corsair Force GT in my Macbook pro 2010 2days ago and I originate disk speed test (which is a benchmark application to check the speed of Design SSD). Nevertheless I'm getting merely...
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    Release date of BB 9350/9360 on Verizon

    I was using a nokia Smartphone, but due to some reason I was less interested in it. The blackberry sounds interesting this time. So I am deciding to go and check out for blackberry curve. My friend...
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    How to fix FaceTime in Mac OS X Lion

    Did you install the update once more and now FaceTime find a mistake and will not let you enter? Sooner than editing the HOSTS file and other files you in reality do not play with .This video might...
  39. How to install Epson ICC printer profiles in Mac OS X Lion

    I upgraded to Lion and cannot install Epson ICC printer profiles. When I attempt to install, the installation is halted with the memo that I do not have sufficient access privileges for this...
  40. How to upgrade files of Macbook Air with Snow Leopard to Macbook Pro with Lion

    I am currently a Macbook Air using the latest version of Snow Leopard. I'm upgrading to a Macbook Pro with Lion. Is there any way to make a full system restore to get my files ending in my Macbook...
  41. which application will you prefer for kindle fire

    As you know that the kindle fire application is going to come out in a month, so what kind of apps are you guys hoping will be released? Even though the Amazon prime will be included in that, I still...
  42. After installing Mac OS X Lion, unable to start my Macbook pro

    When I was installing lion I for my Macbook Pro, now my Macbook Pro is not starting. Anyone here who can help me to overcome these issues
  43. How to use CSR Wheels, Pedals and Accessories in Forza Motorsport 4?

    What is the uses of the and their CSR Wheels, Pedals and Accessories are need to use in the forta motorsport and help me what is the feather of using the CSR wheels, pedals and Accerioriesit better...
  44. Is there any way of running NF7-S V2 on a 400MHZ FSB at the same time installing 3GB RAM?

    I'm running an NF7-S v2 by means of an AMD Athlon XP 3200 + (which be able to function at 400 MHz FSB) with 3GB of RAM at my discarding.

    3 GB of RAM @ 333MHz which effectively limits my CPU to...
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    How to run epub on kindle fire

    I saw that you are currently viewing our boards as a guest who gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. By you will have fewer ads, access to post topics,...
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    Corsair HX850W is not working properly

    I was a very happy user Corsair while I was happy with my game strong GPU (lack of power of the old power supply was the reason to buy a Corsair one) when on a lazy weekend I decided to take the PC...
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