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    Re: crop movie clip

    There is another tool called VidCrop. VidCrop is a program to cut the basic functions in different segments of a video and save them independentaly. Specifically, with VidCrop you can select one or...
  2. Re: Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

    You can try to open the project and then open the Tracking view and for that task fill in the proper start/finish dates in the columns. Incase the project schedule is modelled in Project correctly,...
  3. re: current driver of MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S

    When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc. If you double-click the disc drive in Windows Explorer after you insert the disc, you receive the following error message:

  4. You can use something like Transcode 360 which is...

    You can use something like Transcode 360 which is a tool that can be installed on the PC and transcode videos on the fly to MPEG2 format that is incompatible to play on your Xbox 360 (Transcode 360...
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    The kind of error that you are getting occurs...

    The kind of error that you are getting occurs when either of the following conditions is true:

    The Windows Boot Manager (Bootmgr) entry is not present in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD)...
  6. Re: Workstations hang on running startup script due to GPO

    Did you make sure whether the machines are in a DMZ? Also, have you made sure if ICMP is not blocking between it and the DC? If it is blocking then check out the below article on how a slow link is...
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    You can try to turn on media sharing if it is not...

    You can try to turn on media sharing if it is not already enabled:

    Click the arrow below the Library tab, and then click Media Sharing.
    In the Media Sharing dialog box, select the Share my...
  8. Re: "Event Log Readers" group for domain controllers

    When you will check the built-in container in AD then you will be able to see that they also exist in a domain.
  9. I think that when you connect your "newer" SATA...

    I think that when you connect your "newer" SATA HDD to the motherboard's SATA 0 connector, either your second HDD is disconnected from the system or if it's still connected to another SATA (or IDE)...
  10. Re: Unable to communicate with twain device (scanner problem)

    Incase you have connected the multi-function printer/scanner to your PC and then installed the printer drivers/software, the chances are very high that the printer may work but scanner function will...
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    I dont think that /forceremoval will need a boot...

    I dont think that /forceremoval will need a boot to DSRM. You need to ensure to ceanup AD database, DNS, etc, from the old DC as per the link here - Also...
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    Re: Windows 2008 LDAP and auth-conf

    You can try to check out the below website to solve your issue:
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    Internet Explorer sucks and glad that you have...

    Internet Explorer sucks and glad that you have installed Google Chrome on your system. Anyways, if you want to solve this issue then you will need to download, unzip, open, and run this Debugger exe...
  14. re: A license is required to play this file error on Windows Media Player

    You need to open Internet Explorer browser and then close all other browser and windows media player as well. Then go to this page and click on the "Upgrade" button -...
  15. RE: Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:800423f4

    The issue that you are having occurs when the following conditions are true:

    You back up data from a volume that contains a Microsoft SQL Server database.
    The recovery model of the SQL...
  16. Re: FM Radio using Vista Home Premium on HP Pavilion 9250F

    I think that the tuner card that you have is a hybrid tuner that means it cannot currently receive from both TV and FM. If this is the scenario then Media Center will only allow you to configure one...
  17. How to insert pictures into Excel automatically ?

    Hi - I'm trying to find a way to automatically insert and resize a picture (all saved in a specific drive)in a specific cell on a spreadsheet. s/sheet is layed out with various bits of data in rows 2...
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    Have you tried to google for the dll files that you are looking for.
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    DNS will not resolve

    Our Primary DNS server of will not resolve. All workstations are using to do name resolution. We are only on one domain. The DNS servers are using their own IP's as the...
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    Power Supply Configurator

    There is a similar psu configurator like the memory configurator. Please have a look & any feedback about it would be great. However, like other calculator it does not do a specific wattage rating....
  21. Re: How to downgrade Windows Vista Business 64 bit to 32 bit

    I dont think that you will be able to downgrade the operating system, however you can do a clean install of Vista. Incase you do not have a Vista Business 32 bit DVD, then you will need to get one to...
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    You can also try to delete the upper filters and...

    You can also try to delete the upper filters and lower filters in your Windows XP machine and see if that works, for same you can visit the step by step guide given on this link here -...
  23. Re: How to schedule tasks run at specified time via group policy?

    You can try to make a scheduled task on remote workstation's which will run with system rights if configured as a startup script, if it doesnt exist then try c:\winnt\tasks\at1.job at 1:00 /every:t...
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    Adobe Flash Player 10 Release Candidate

    The next major version of the famous player Adobe is approaching, Release Candidate 1 Flash Player 10 code-named Astro was actually published yesterday. This tenth release adds a large number of...
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    I uninstall it again and I went in "additional...

    I uninstall it again and I went in "additional items" to resettle, but there is no possible way to reinstall as it says please contact the manufacturer. So I made a new restoration and the icon is...
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    It is well activated and the right driver is...

    It is well activated and the right driver is installed.
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    Dvd Rom / Cd Rom Problem

    I use Vista Premium. When I go in "My Computer" , the icon of the drive-DVD / CD ROM does not shows up? so i cant use the drive. I was able to retrieve the icon after restoration, but it...
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    so if i use distilled water with a ratio of 3...

    so if i use distilled water with a ratio of 3 times higher than the antifreeze how would it be?
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    Coolant question

    i need to change the coolant in my computer because it was dirty & giving a lot of heating but i was not having any coolant. So my brother told me that i can use the antifreeze (glycol) from the car...
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    It doesnt matter with the power switch polarity,...

    It doesnt matter with the power switch polarity, because either ways it works. You just need to ensure that the cable goes on the right 2 pins. And incase the motherboard will not start then chances...
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    Re: Front panel connectors

    What is the model and make of the computer case that you have as well as which motherboard do you have? Sometimes, you might find a mismatch in the spam of the connector and the span of the interface...
  32. re: Digital Converter Box will it Work on my Computer

    I think that you should better search for a good deal on a digital tuner cards as the Converter box will give you standard definition video with stereo sound and there is no chance of HD video or 5.1...
  33. The type of problem that you are facing could be...

    The type of problem that you are facing could be caused by a problem with NTFS file system exception handling. This problem occurs because the structured exception handler tries to release a lock...
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    Also, if you are doing the above things then...

    Also, if you are doing the above things then always backup the registry first. You can do it quite easily by clicking on file menu and then selecting Export. It is always a good idea to back up, even...
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    Re: Rundll32.exe

    You can download a BAT file (zipped) that will restore all of the "default" associations that XP ships with. It will not restore those file associations created by 3rd party applications. The BAT...
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    Go into the “Power Options”. After that click...

    Go into the “Power Options”. After that click the “Change plan settings” under the plans options and then click “Change advanced power settings”. Now you have to browse to Multimedia...
  37. You can remove the arrows with a registry edit or...

    You can remove the arrows with a registry edit or more easily and more safely by using the free TweakUI, downloadable as part of Microsoft PowerToys from the below links:
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    Re: Side by Side Errors

    Even I was having some error but it was solved by installing .Net Framework 2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) 32 bit from the below link:...
  39. Re: Podcasts in Windows Media Player and .mp4a files

    Even I think that it is not possible to use Podcast on Windows Media Player since it is not supported. You will have to get Zune Player or somethine else instead since it has a great podcast support...
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    Re: 100% CPU usage

    Check the article on "computer runs slowly after I install Norton 360 Version 5.0" from here -
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    Re: Customizing task bar colours

    The recommendation remains proper but it is limited. There are only 20 flag fields available. But there are not 20 different colors. This being said, incase you do whats in the faq provided, then...
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    Re: Microsoft Office Document Imaging

    It seems to me that it is more like a resources problem. Have you made sure that the temporary folders are cleaned out? I am looking to get something that I could find about it in the Microsoft KB...
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    Re: Allocated memory alert

    I have heard that store.exe is designed to use whatever memory it needs and then release it as required. You can try to check out SQL instances on adjusting the allocated memory for SQL:
  44. re: running New Widescreen monitor in 1680 x 1050 aspect ratio

    Since you have a Radeon video adapter then have you tried downloading the latest drivers from ATI website for the video card? It might be also possible that the video card is not able to support the...
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    How To Put Windows Xp On A Flash Drive?


    I want to copy Win XP and put it on flash drive so that I can instal it from flash drive itself. Because cds get scatched due to some or the other reasons.
    I know there is away to do it...
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    I think that the Canon BJC-250 is an LPT printer...

    I think that the Canon BJC-250 is an LPT printer and it is about 12 years old. Can you tell us how do you connect it to your computer, that is, with parallel or with a usb to parallel adapter? I...
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    There is another tool called EditPad pro that can...

    There is another tool called EditPad pro that can do the same things. It is a powerful and versatile text editor with support for many functions, such as word processing created under different...
  48. Re: No Script Engine for the file extension ".js"

    You are welcome and am glad to know that it worked for you.
  49. Re: No Script Engine for the file extension ".js"

    You can try to uninstall and upgrade the scripting engine by downloading the Windows Script 5.7 for Windows XP from the below link:
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    Re: Adprep 32-bit Download

    Have you tried to download adprep and the trial 32bit from the below links:

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