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  1. Re: Nvidia GeForce 760 poor performance on OCCT

    You cannot blame the car along for performance. There might be other things also. Like if you are having a less output then you have to check your system requirement. There are many things needed...
  2. Re: What to look for before buying a second hand graphic card

    Check that gpu is in good condition. See all the fans and clean it if possible. Like wipe out the dust from the fans. Also verify that the gpu is compatible with your motherboard. Your system wont...
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    Re: Buying a pair of monitors for dual screen

    Just search for dual monitor stand on the web. And you can find ample of them. You have to buy two monitor separately first. And then you can get a dual monitor stand and hook them on your desk.This...
  4. Re: Graphic cards with same model but different companies

    Most of this cards are using the same kind of chipset. The difference lies in the cooling and clock rate. You will get a higher clock create and more ram in a high end card. This also include a...
  5. Poll: Re: GA-78LMT-S2 can use pcie 3.0 graphic card

    When you use a old PCIe 2.0 graphic card in PCIe 3.0 it means, PCIe 3.0 slot is backward compatible. But you cannot use a PCIe 3.0 card in PCIe 2.0. The system will not boot or detect the card. It is...
  6. Re: Is there any gaming laptop that comes with dual gpu

    Just recently a new one came out. The mode is Auros X7 Pro. It offer you a 17.3" screen with dual gpu support. It is an high end model and costly on the same side. I think there is no other model...
  7. Re: How impressive is 5D compared to 3D technology

    5D will be more realistic. It is something where you can feel realist effects. But it is complicated to hook that on a portable platform like a notebook. This would be something better than 3D.
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    Re: AMD GPU with 3D playback feature

    It is better to wait back for sometime. Today this technology is costly but in coming time you will surely get the same at a very cheaper price. When there is a common set of hardware to run 3D...
  9. Re: Building a budget gaming pc with triple monitor

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 is a good card. I had seen my friend using that. The output is really awesome. He is playing games on dual monitor which are full hd display. If you go for extreme gpu then you...
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    Re: Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

    The output depend on the type of video you have and on the audio settings. Checkout the enchantment settings here. For good setup it is better if you take help from some person who is capable of...
  11. Re: HD 7850 not recognized in Asrock Z77 Extreme 6

    I lost the card in same manner. It was working fine, but while playing games the system just turn off automatically. First I was not able to identify the issue. I thought the issue lies with the...
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    Re: How to get 7.1 surround sound via HDMI

    HDMI is capable of carrying 7.1 surround sound audio. But there is somehow limitations. First thing you have to check whether the game which you are playing has support for 7.1 surround sound audio...
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    Re: Which gpu to upgrade from GTX 285

    You must post the complete system config here. Which is more better. If you go with older cards then it is of no use. The games today are high demanding in terms of output. It is a bit complicated...
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    Re: Looking for Monitor with Wifi and USB

    If you search on web for wifi or usb support you can find ample of smart tv. And that too at a reasonable price range. Having a wifi in the system requires integrated media player to run the video...
  15. Poll: Re: Vote for the best Smartphone manufacturer 2012

    If it is just about reasonable price than why is Micromax missing from the list. :bleh:

    Sources say that they are the cheapest Smartphone and tablets manufacturer In India. Even they have come up...
  16. Re: Getting black screen in Windows 7 with Evga GTX 670

    This is strange that every time during the startup only at a fixed point the display goes black. I mean if there was some problem with the graphic card then it wouldn’t have even started. It is...
  17. Poll: Re: Gigabyte GTX Windforce 670 vs. Asus Directcu II 7970

    If you want to get GTX Windforce 670, then I suggest that you get that of MSI instead of Gigabyte. If comparison is made between GTX Windforce 670 manufactured by Gigabyte and MSI, then GTX Windforce...
  18. Re: HD 7770 error "Display driver AMD driver has stopped responding and successfully recovered"

    Does the problem of the graphic card making the screen black and giving you error happen during the start of PC or after some time? What I am trying to find out is that if this is a case of...
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    Re: How to overclock MSI Radeon R7870 Hawk?

    Overheating is a major problem that is always seen when overclocking a graphic card. You will also experience these problems when overclocking your MSI Radeon R7870 Hawk graphic card. It is better if...
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    Re: Download CUDA 0.14 RAM Test

    I have tried using the CUDA RAM test on a Mac with an i7 processor. But after running the CUDA RAM test, it seems that the OpenCL seems to be running with certain restrictions that were not seen...
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    Re: TV Stand for Samsung ES7000 needed

    If you want your living room to be stylized using many circular and oval furniture, then you should give ALPHASON GRDB800/2 - PB Grandino Bracketed TV Stand a try. It is has two brackets for support...
  22. Re: Need usb wireless dongles that work with Panasonic TX-L37D25B

    You can get the recommended “Panasonic DY-WL10E-K Wi-Fi Dongle “ I think that will be the best choice. You just have to plug it in to USB terminal and after that you can enjoy VIERA Cast and...
  23. Re: Playing game on hd 5750 gives random black screen

    Without any second thought I would say that your graphic card is faulty or it is being overheated. The reason could anything but I am sure the main culprit is your graphic card because as per my...
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    Re: How to overclock nVidia GeForce 6150SE

    As far as I am aware you can overclock your nVidia GeForce 6150SE. To overclock the same you just need to do the below things:

    First download NVIDIA System Tools utility from NVIDIA website and...
  25. Re: ViewSonic VCD22 awesome smart display for touchscreen desktop

    I had seen a video of this display on youtube. The price can be assumed between Rs.22,000 to 28,00. It has inbuilt 1Ghz dual core processor with 1GB ram. So here you can simply run Android and play...
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    Re: Evga GTX 465 on a liquid cooling system

    Evga GTX 465 is seriously very nice graphic card. It has Pure HD video technology. It has 1GB DDR5 Vram with 0.5 ns memory speed. It has dual link DVI-I connector and one Mini Dvi connector. I...
  27. Re: Which is better among Intel Core i7 CPU or adding a additional ATI HD 7950 GPU

    I guess you should proceed with a new processor but remember that the one you have suggested is not an appropriate one for your requirement as I can make out from your thread that you like playing...
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    Re: Best heatsink to for LGA2011

    I think that you should have the Cool masters Hyper 412 PWM heatshink. This would be best for you and this will work fine with LGA2011 socket. This cooler is designed for optimum heat release at low...
  29. Re: Active mini DisplayPort to dual link DVI-D adapter for MSI Lightning 7970

    You will get many active mini DisplayPort to dual link DVI-D adapters in market if you search for. You can’t just compare them with each other. Rather you should see its connectivity and the price....
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    Re: Patch notes of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    In the new patch to solve some problems Risen 2, and added new features for Risen second the main changes concern the fighting system. It is now possible to avoid with the right mouse button and a...
  31. Re: AMD chipset and maximum operating temps in MSI 890FXA-GD70?

    The chipset used in this motherboard is AMD 890FX+SB850. The mainboard features a black PCB, where it leaps to the eye a very rational distribution of the elements installed on the board. The cooling...
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    Re: Bios warning message on MSI Eclipse SLI

    I was also having the same problem. I restored the bios settings by following the steps.
    1. Power down the system.
    2. Change the bios jumper configuration by moving the pins of the jumper from 1&2...
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    Re: Backplate in Stock for EVGA GTX 680

    The normal GTX 680 FTW costs $ 570, the FTW + 4GB of memory and a backplate is sold for $ 630. In addition to the standard edition we could also Superclocked, FTW, and Classified Hydro Copper...
  34. Re: Connect Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to internet using 3G dongle

    Huawei is offering a nice USB 3G E176G Dongles with XCom Global data. They manufacturer had told that this device is very simple to use. The setup process is just and quick 5-7 minute and very simple...
  35. Re: Emulating Pixel Shader 1.3 with old Radeon 7500 Graphic Card in T-30 Thinkpad and XP

    So why don't you upgrade your graphic card. A better option would be Radeon 8500 it supports all pixel shaders from 1.1 to 1.4.

    So better upgrade your card it will be useful for you for the...
  36. Re: which Video File format supports in Samsung LCD TV Series 4 when using through Pen Drive?

    I have LG smart TV and it is awesome in clarity and quality. According to my knowledge most off file formats like Mp4, avi, mpeg, dvix, etc supports in that generation TVs but some formats are also...
  37. Re: The Walking Dead Game completely ruined due to technical faults

    I've already called a thousand times and didn’t get any solution yet. However, while playing this game one thing you have to make sure that you have to turn off something called 'Advanced Surface...
  38. Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    It seems to me that your Internet address or what we call an IP address might be locked to chat for free or a bad use of it because someone has abused possibly sending spam or advertising . Either by...
  39. Re: GeForce GTX 580 in SLI for Nvidia 3D Vision or not?

    A GeForce GTX 580 is quite simply a GTX 480 optimized with higher frequencies and additional processing units. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to end up with a map very effective in video games. ...
  40. Re: How to create a Word document using Microsoft Works SE 9

    Microsoft Works is a simplified version of Microsoft Office, which has a text editor, a spreadsheet, a folder of documents and a database fairly simple to use, though far from the capabilities of...
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    Re: Tv recognizes fat32 only and not ntfs usb?

    FAT32 and NTFS are file systems which are formed for keeping track of files in the hard disk. A file system is a set of logical constructs which indicates how the space on a disk volume is to be...
  42. Re: Firefox 12 Menu Bar and the Navigation Tool cannot share the same line?

    Yes, it is possible for you to move the items on the Navigation Toolbar to the Menu bar. The Firefox will allow you customize the navigation bar. You can change the look of the navigation bar...
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    Re: How to rapidly reload all tabs in Firefox 12

    To keep the system responsive even when many tabs open simultaneously, some of you previously used the BarTab extension for Firefox (mainly BarTab allowed to only load the tabs at the request). If...
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    Re: Rage Graphics on EVGA GTX 570 2 way SLI

    I do think that it will working for you, I would suggest that you better check system requirement for it, I have listed it below. There should not be any problem with it and even there huge...
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    Re: Details about Nvidia GeForce GTX 680

    Well I tried to overclock this cards and During our overclocking attempts, I performed on the GPU voltage to 1.075 volts. For the GeForce GTX 680 overclocking, i used a new version of EVGA...
  46. Re: Does Firefox 12 capable share a cache on profiles

    There is a small launcher utility called MultiFirefox which is 100% open source and MIT licensed. This utility allows you to run multiple versions of Firefox side-by-side on a single computer. No...
  47. Re: Samsung HDTV display colors washed out Using HDMI on Mac Mini

    Well as far as I know the TV has the three kind of resolution , there are the times when the lower end models which has the resolution different by 408p, 720p, or 1080p and ...
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    Re: How to Install Java on Solaris

    Do you know how to Configure and Enable Java in Solaris 10

    Go to the plugins subdirectory of Mozilla installation.
    Create a link to the Java plugin file. In this example, directory> <Java...
  49. re: 3rd Monitor goes blank when hooked on mini display port over hdmi and adapter during the game.

    Guys to discuss with this issue I was with the same concern I have just bought a new system with dual 5870s, and was with 6 mini-DP connectors, in addition to 3 monitors. In the Catalyst...
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    Re: Slow Network Speed in HTC One XL

    I am too having the same problem and I think that it is the problem with all HTC one XL phones which are operating on AT & T hence this is the only provider for now who is offering 4G LTE network...
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