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    Re: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    There is one plugin that can do all the job. This plugin will make your site a mobile responsive website and you might have heard about this. The name of this plugin is JetPack. It has lots of...
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    Re: How to dump stock rom of any android phone

    I was able to find a option through which you can pull the stock rom of MTK devices. For that you need MTK Usb drivers, MTK Droid Root and Tools, Sp Flash tools, Scatter File, etc. Now the process...
  3. Re: How to use Microsoft Webmatrix for making website

    I think Microsoft Webmatrix is bit complicated to use. It is good if you can go with more simpler process. There are ample of different options through which you can make sites. And there are many...
  4. Re: Want help to migrate entire WordPress website to new server

    You can do that through a plugin. You just have to add and then create a package of your site which will be later on installed on the new server. Later on you have to do changes in the name sever of...
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    Re: Create a user control form in Excel 2010

    I have designed a macro to have a database in Excel 2010. The forms will have to be designed by you according to your need. Here is the code for creating database in Excel 2010,

    The place where...
  6. Re: What qualities should a software development kit must have?

    When talking about the versions, let me tell you that even the versions of the hardware and supporting applications is very much necessary. Suppose if you design software that will have some sound...
  7. Re: What does Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit offer?

    Windows 8 is known to have support for three different screen resolutions, which are WVGA (800 x 480), WXVGA (1280 x 768) and 720p (1280 x 720). Since Windows 8 can be ported from PC to smartphones,...
  8. Re: Need a batch file checking for installation of software

    After you have developed a software, many processes other than installation have to be applied on it. The MWI (Microsoft Windows Installer) package that is available in Visual Studio has many...
  9. Re: How to get a Java Program output in Tabular format

    Even I think making the use of escape characters in such cases is very much recommended. I guess not just tab escape character but you will also have to make use of \n i.e. new line for creating the...
  10. Re: How can I use simple URL picker in SharePoint 2010

    Yes, you can use the Sharepoint client object model. Working with SharePoint means, knowing a set of programming technologies and approaches that need to be balanced for best results and the best...
  11. Re: 'ssl_error_rx_record_too_long' error while opening Google+ in Firefox 12

    Test switch in the settings of the webs first web ssl-free and then have a new ride at the ssl. Since then everything will be queried. But remember for ssl website need ne extra-ip. You can easily...
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    Re: Need help for corrupted online MSDN Library

    Copy all files to a DVD-ROM disk drive, confirm that the files were copied correctly, and then reinstall the copy of your hard drive. Copy the files to DVD-ROM disk drive. Use either a copy method...
  13. Re: How to merge multiple Javascripts into one Javascript

    I would surely like to answer your last three questions respectively:

    For the first question, yes you can surely add any number and any type of JavaScript combining them together into the same...
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    Re: Need information on Active Directory

    Ok I will give example for your question, if you will want to sort for any candidate (for .e.g. Manager)

    (&(objectCategory=User)(manager=CN=Raj\, Shrivastav))
    This will sort all manger’s...
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    Re: Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

    Windows XP included a refurbished video editing program, Windows Movie Maker one.1. This was conjointly a little ‘damp squib of. Built-in support for video and photo capture was a step within the...
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    Re: Suggestions for making good Photobooks

    Yeah With Mixbook can be quickly and easily create stunning photo books. The photo books can be ordered online or published as a printed photo book. Photos can be integrated from the local hard disk,...
  17. Re: Need help on making the main class use the module for Theatre reservation program

    Do the following method to make the myStage2D global you have to put its declaration before the main method

    private int[][] myStage2D;
    public static void main(String[]...
  18. Poll: Re: Which is the best technology for web development

    Web programming language depends on the application you want to develop and in what context (personal, professional, make a prototype, make e-commerce, etc ...).
    I'd say for the proto: ASP is...
  19. Re: getting red underline under "if (IsAuthenticated)" Error on Line 19 in program.

    I need to say that we are definite that there are some errors or you will be having some variable name issues and I have attempted in this case and after making the below change you will have a...
  20. Re: Disabling BCSsync.exe will mess with OneNote’s web syncing?

    As I have seen, there is no relationship between OneNote and BCSync and I think you can disable the BCSync without any issue.
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    Re: Definition of a String in Java?

    You can find more information on this in the below document with example. You can read the same to get idea on string. Oracle has awesome documentation for this. You can view many similar articles on...
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    Re: Creating a business directory website

    phpMyDirectory is a very important tool for you that you should check out. You can visit its official page and try out the demo version from there or you can buy it as well. phpMyDirectory is a good...
  23. Re: How to get free unique content for the website

    Writing content for the site itself certainly does not require a monetary investment, but the ideas and knowledge of the material should be mandatory. This free content does not cause any doubts in...
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    Re: Windows media player error on sample music

    If you want to resolve this problem then register the Wmnetmgr.dll file by using an account that is in the Administrators group. At a command prompt, run the following command:
    regsvr32 wmnetmgr.dll
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    Re: Windows vista system restore is not working

    I advise you first scan your computer for viruses and do a disk cleanup, is also in the C / windows / temp and delete everything in the temp folder.
    I enclose a link to all the problems of system...
  26. Re: How to create Snake game in Visual Basic 2010 express

    According to my information this is one of the best project you are going to create because, this will automatically increase you knowledge and concept on coding and also with this project you will...
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    Re: How to run java applet program using cmd

    Try this simple Applet program, may it will help you out
    First create a simple Applet code and save it as

    And then create one html page and save it as abc.html:

    Make sure to...
  28. Re: is there any possible way to create a Hover Button on Joomla

    I will provide you simple steps to color-change Rollover Buttons

    Initially, have a download of the Donimedia Select Box Menu module from . and then make a upload of the...
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    Re: Read one line at a time using fgets in C

    A line break at the end of the line is returned. If an error occurs (eg reaches end of file), it is false (or 0) is returned.
  30. Re: How to connect jdk1.6 as front end and ms access 2007 as back end for my project

    Yes, using JDBC connectivity you can make such connections. You need to put such code on your java project file. As well as you need to set the global data access objects for your project. so that...
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    Re: What are the benefits of using Meta Tag?

    The page's language can be set by using the META TAG,
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en">

    The character set of the page is also set by this Meta Tag
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    Re: How to make a simple Android game

    You can create one. You. you might want to choose an open game engine. In order to be not get messed up you do not write yourself. Documentation and commissioning preferred course in English is...
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    Re: Why use PHP to build a Website

    The main benefits for using this PHP is that it is the free source software, and it is also simple to learn and use, it get load on the browser at very few amount of time. The transmission of the...
  34. Re: Need help with overriding OnKeypress in windows phone 7

    I think that you can try this out:
    private void textBox1_Keypress(object sender, KeyEventArgs a) {

    if (e.PlatformKeyCode >= 48 && e.PlatformKeyCode <= 57) {
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    Re: Nokia not supporting adobe flash 10.x

    Over 400 million Nokia phones have been supplied the sphere with the Flash technology. As Nokia, Flash technology becomes additional largely accessible, since it is supported across all Nokia...
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    Re: sql server new database creation error. .

    I think you have to run it from the administrator. For that you have to right click on "SQL Server Management Studio" and from there you have to select "Run as Administrator". This will allow you to...
  37. Re: Crawdad Traps are missing on The Pioneer Trail game

    I have reported this already last night and it still isn't fixed. The bridge mission is hopeless and I was at 78/100 and now back top 2/100 in the mission part and bridge looks normal but nothing can...
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    Blackberry Bold 9900 dead within 5 hours

    Hello I have recently bought the new Blackberry Bold 9900 mobile phone everything on this working properly but from some days it was not working at all. Last night I have fully charged the Blackberry...
  39. “This account is no longer active” error message on New Star Soccer 5 game

    Hello I have installed the windows XP operating system on mine system and everything on the system working fine without any issue and recently I have installed the New Star Soccer 5 game on mine...
  40. HP Pavilion dv6-6003tx VS HP Pavilion dv6-6004tx

    Hell I am looking for a new laptop and mine friend have been suggested me to use the HP laptop and I have decided to purchase the HP laptop. I have recently search on the net and as per mine budget I...
  41. What are your views on Lenovo ThinkPad X220?

    Hello I have seen the new Lenovo ThinkPad X220 and it was working well without any issue and I need to know some of the more information on this ThinkPad. I am thinking to get the Lenovo ThinkPad...
  42. Getting horizontal line on the display of Sony Vaio VGN-CS11Z notebook

    Hello my dad has been gifted me new Sony Vaio VGN-CS11Z notebook and under that I have installed the windows XP operating system. Everything on the system working fine but I have small issue on mine...
  43. How to delete all calendar event on Blackberry Pearl 8130

    Hello I have bought the Blackberry Pearl 8130 mobile phone and everything was working fine without any issues but I have small issue on mine calendar. I have using the Google calendar and recently I...
  44. BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 VS IPhone 4 browser comparison

    Hello I have Blackberry mobile phone and now I am looking for to get the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 but when I told this mine friend and mine friend suggest me to get the IPhone 4. They have told...
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    Unable to access Mass Memory on nokia E7

    Hello I have bought the nokia E7 mobile phone and I have using this from last two months. Everything was working fine and I don’t have any issue but from last one week mine Mass Memory card not...
  46. Lenovo ThinkPad W510 does not comes out of the sleep mode on windows 7

    Mine Lenovo ThinkPad w510 doesn’t come up from the sleep mode. I am using the windows 7 operating system on mine system and everything was working perfect but when I turn system on sleep mode and...
  47. Unable to send message but sending icon keeps showing on Nokia X2

    Hello I have purchased the nokia X2-1 and I have not faced any issue yet but from last one week I am facing the message issue on mine system. Everything was working perfect but last night when I was...
  48. Samsung HMX-Q10 HD Camcorder Warranty & Troubleshooting Info

    What is the warranty of Samsung HMX-Q10 HD Camcorder. How much warranty does Samsung provides on the same. I had seen the camera in a nearby electronic shop and it was really awesome. I tried this...
  49. How to disable standby or sleep mode on Asus laptop

    I am having a Asus laptop that is running on Windows XP. I am trying to disable or change the sleep mode option in this laptop. I have already disabled the setting in Windows but this laptop still...
  50. specification and features of Acer Chrome book

    I am planning to buy a new net book because my previous net book is gone damage due to fall a glass of water. So I would quickly buy a net book, because lot of work I kept in a pending. I have heard...
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