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    Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion

    Love the design of new e-mail, as I used to use an addon to get somewhat like it is now. I've only come across a technical problem ARD + iWeb difficulty, but everything else seems so happy. Launchpad...
  2. Re: Mac OSX X v10.7 Lion performing poorly after waking from sleep

    Below I have mentioned few steps that you can try out. I cannot say that it is the definite solution but it could be as you never know what works out for you,
    • new user accounts
    • reinstalling...
  3. Re: macbook pro drains battery quickly after updating mac OS X Lion

    would say do not put your MacBook Pro on a cushion or other soft material when it's powered on, as the substance can chunk the airflow vents in particular, the rear vents and causes the computer to...
  4. Re: stop the rearranging of icons on OS X Lion

    When you put a lot of new pictures in folders may be any number of images the Finder crashes, and reboots. So it is very much possible that you might have lost all your finder settings. The same...
  5. Re: WI-FI connection drops down constantly after upgrading Mac OS X Lion v.10.7

    I would suggest you to go for trying,
    • Resetting SMC.
    • Removing Bluetooth PAN.
    • Removing and re-adding network settings.
    • Fixing IP.
    • Adding extra DNS servers.
    • Deleting...
  6. Re: Apple Mac freezes for approximately 2 minutes

    Same related subject or similar problem also with us over here. We are also getting a delay of 2 minutes flat, and the same errors SMB timeout in the registry. So far we have tried to modify the...
  7. Re: Does Windows 8 Bootcamp works properly on MacBook

    Appetizer I have no tools to work during Boot Camp associate. I had to manually install the drivers in the folder Windows Support Apple once in Windows 8. Not the entire of them worked, but the major...
  8. Re: Font not displaying properly in Mac OS X v 10.7 Lion while using safari 5.1

    Well I have found the solution for this one. If you have font explorer then got to the Tools/System Font protection and select disable. I am sure that this will fix the issue. I would also like to...
  9. You can try to download the System Update...

    You can try to download the System Update Readiness tool and then try to install the Windows update or service pack again in your pc, from here - DISM...
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    Re: Why do computers just stop running?

    There are many problems that occur due to the following reason. Because of all these following reasons, system tends to freeze and crash.
    • Hardware
    • Aluminum Migration & ESD
    • Operating...
  11. Re: Does not found anything great in Windows 8

    Like Android Market Windows 8 has an app store from where you can directly download applications. Now that is a bit functional work Microsoft did. I just went through various blogs to find out the...
  12. Re: Permission denied message while trying to modify music file properties

    I had faced a similar issue regarding this when I was trying to remove some icons from program files. Basically this errors appears when you ar not logged in Admin account. You will get error message...
  13. Re: Windows XP User pasword screen freezed on Emachine 422

    I think your operating system is corrupted, because of which you are getting this error. I can be a hard drive fault also or ram fault. There are certain ways to test that. Download Ubuntu image file...
  14. Re: Is there a alternative for Prosafe VPN Client to make it work in windows 7?

    Right now I am using FWG114Pv1 and it works well with the windows 7. So I would advise you to go ahead with that only you will get what you were looking for and so that’s what you should be doing...
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    Re: How to turn On Wi-Fi for U-buntu 11.04

    These problems arise if your system doesn’t have the feature of proprietary drivers or this driver is disabling in Ubuntu. Just go for enabling the proprietary drivers for your Ubuntu and then you...
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    Re: Asus 1001P Notebook: How to Install OS?

    Hey, you are saying that you have made a CD according to the, then in this case I will suggest you that you will first need to plug in your USB DVDRW and after that if you like to install...
  17. re: Getting error while installing windows 8 developer build on vmware

    Very surprised to read this. I just installed Windows 8 developer preview without incident. Running. I downloaded Safari and Chrome and execute them. I can use the "mosaic" of the interface.

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    Re: How to run server on Windows 8?

    Well you can use the Windows 8 servers with the NIC features which will allow you to bundle up the network card into the single networking functions with the faster connections. Also it will...
  19. re: Is it safe to delete empty folders in Windows7

    Hey, you are unnecessary taking the tension of deleting that empty folder, you can delete the empty folder without any doubt in your mind. There is no risk for doing this. It’s fully secure to...
  20. Re: After upgrading to Lion the icons won’t stay put

    Actually to express that this situation is not related to Lion OS. I have found that the icons in the Document window of our MBP meander around, and beyond any doubt identified this incident to the...
  21. Re: Windows 7 Configure Updates failing after continuous tries

    My Automatic upgrade is situated to off. The settings are situated to tell me if there is an update practically the same as yours. At any rate, this is shutting the animal dwelling place entryway...
  22. Re: Unable to mount ISO files on Virtual Clone Drive

    it might be possible that the setup you have is actually corrupted and thus according to me if you’re about to install the same software again you should try to download another copy of the same...
  23. Re: Powerpoint Office 2011 works very slow on LAN

    That issue is not related to Office 2011, it can be because of your lan. Check the lan latency and response time. If the Powerpoint file is heavier then it will surely take time to run.
  24. Re: Introduction to File Collision Experience in Windows 8

    For the file transfer task windows 8 have improve this version even extra in order to make the right conclusion more professionally this also have find the information which is to be desirable make...
  25. Re: Microsoft RDC unable to override a "bad" or unrecognized certificate after upgrade to Lion.

    In the server authentication settings there are three available authentication options present from which you can selected as per the requirement.
    • If you want to connect without verifying the...
  26. Re: What is the meaning of "64 bit" version of Windows 7?

    Some programming doesn’t make the transition to 64-bit easily. Unlike past forms of Windows 7 64-bit has no backing whatsoever for 16-bit provisions. In the event that by some chance you’re still...
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    Re: Windows 7 Theme vs Windows 8 Theme

    Yes noticeable difference that you can see in the themes. Now definitely the interface does looks good and also much sorted out that’s what I feel . now a simple photo difference will show you what...
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    Re: Where to download Themes for Windows 8

    I would like to add more in the collection list that is given here, so here are some of my favorite themes, windows 8 detective conan theme , windows 8 cowboy bebop theme . These are the part of the...
  29. Re: 3GB ram memory been used constantly in windows 7 64 bit

    I am also using many heavy application but still it don’t use 3GB now this is very weird and I also think that this is the problem of the virus or malware you need to format your system just format...
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    Re: Windows 8 Server PC

    In this particular operating system there is inclusion of Hyper-V in Windows 8. Microsoft has provided first time hypervisor-based virtualization solution for the desktop. It will allow the user to...
  31. Re: Ubuntu 10.04 freezes always whenever VMware Player crash

    Even I have experienced Ubuntu crashes when I use to run application on to the system. The problem which is required to have the better hardware which involves the graphics card and also some games,...
  32. Re: Not able to install Vmware Workstation on Fedora

    There are certain patch which you must run to fix the error. I found this patch from an thread which were discussing on similar topic. Download this and run. The again check that you are getting the...
  33. Re: Using VMWare Player in a company environment?

    If you search for VMware player create image in Google search box, u acquire a lot of blogs, articles, forum debate on how to create VMware image with VMware player. Basically, here are my steps to...
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    Re: VMware View PCoIP Client for Linux

    Hi there, I am having something for you here
    1.) When you extract the contents of the executable to a location
    2.) Copy them over to your linux box using USB or SCP or whatever method you choose.
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    Re: Gaming support on Microsoft Windows 8

    Windows users will be going to experience more in this now. There are many efforts to make Windows 8 more better. It was from Windows Vista where Microsoft pushed more towards the gaming category....
  36. Re: Having trouble with installing “Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac” gives error “no mountable file systems”

    Start your laptop in safe mode first and then see if the installer works or not just do a fresh start up with Safe boot to find out whether background programs are interfering with Office for Mac
  37. Re: FOSS for low end system is worth or not

    I had run Slackware Linux on an old system. This is more stable then other light Linux os. It is basically designed for very low machines and works well with old hardware. The installer can run...
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    Re: how can I use smartcam in ubuntu

    Yes I agree that the new version of the application is available for download. But according to me it is not working properly. Having some sort of the problems with this version. So use the older...
  39. Re: How to configure gnome panel calendar/clock with thunderbird

    My proposal was based on the information that Thunderbird's Google supplier is a good foundation for development of what you could call, for feel like of a better name, an evolution-data-server...
  40. Re: How to Create a Secured and Locked Folder in Mac OS X Lion

    I'm confident there's a simple way to protect your files and folder. I don't be familiar with. But I do have an option. Using Disk Utility to create a Disk Image. Extent it for anything you want, or...
  41. Re: Error message “gave up waiting for root device” during boot Ubuntu

    It seems this is a SATA bus problem. If I wait for SATA bus to be ready then this error message arrives at the time of booting this Ubuntu system. In that case, there is necessary to use an special...
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    Re: How to change GDM theme in Ubuntu 10.04?

    Yes, Ubuntu Tweak is a best option for you. It is an application to tweak something that is not possible for you to do via administration programs which is provided in regular Ubuntu repositories.
  43. Re: Glib-WARNING**: getpwuid_r() failed on Ubuntu

    I remember I see it very often in ubuntu installed system too. The other way is to be use an LiveUSB and with this help of this you need to install Ubuntu 10.04 on this system. This will be...
  44. Re: Ubuntu Software Center gives error message previous software installation failed

    Yes this Ubuntu Software Center provides the opportunity to do this cancellation of the software installation process. You need to mark it for "complete removal" then install it again using synaptic....
  45. Re: How to fix ureadahead main process (485) terminated with status 5 on ubuntu

    What ureadahead does is work out what portion of which files we really require, and read the whole thing from the disk into memory in one go. The ubuntu is to be use an 100MB and 200MB of data onto...
  46. Re: Error message "Bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue" in Ubuntu

    I have the similar kind of problem and that time, when I try to found the best solution for this problem, then it can’t work in the right direction. In that time, I decided to perform an blueman...
  47. Re: Motherboards support Light Peak / Thunderbolt

    The Macs being sold similar to those RAID nooks by requests of size. The heightened expense could ease it off, but you'd still think there could be include-on cards. No description fits that doesn't...
  48. Re: Error: Target Filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init during mount filesystem at boot

    While booted into the live CD for 10.04, my boot drive wouldn't mount giving me some slip I disregarded to record (too bad).
    In the event that any individual stumbles opposite this situation in the...
  49. Re: Will Empathy IM client for Ubuntu would connect to Skype to allow text chat?

    Yes, it works in Empathy (utilize it myself under 10.10). It's not called Skype. Introduce Skype, then instate the pidgin-skype bundle, begin skype, and afterward when you run Empathy the skype...
  50. Re: Random Freeze or Hang-up of Ubuntu 10.04 (LucidLynx)

    I am running a natural install with Nvidia drivers. I don't get accidents or stops but I have observed xorg gets a spot slacking following running for numerous hours. I just observe the slack when I...
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