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    Re: Error code 4096 in Windows Server 2003

    Do not install anything at the moment ..... Tell me the name of folders in the following path: C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework. Most likely the 3.5 is already present since you have Visual...
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    Re: NVIDIA GeForce GT 445m performance?

    Another first for GF104/106/108 chips is to support the transmission of HD audio bitstream (Blu-Ray) via HDMI connection. Like the Radeon HD 5850, the GTX 460M Dolby True HD and DTS-HD bitstream...
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    Re: GTX 460 SLI problems

    It is generally known that the Mafia 2 is very demanding full effects of VGA, but personally I think that takes a lot of optimization because the graphics do not look so impressive as to warrant the...
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    Re: Dragon Slayer vs. Vulcan

    Both sides are slightly convex. The right-hand side, however, consists of solid material and is only about eight millimeters to the outside. On the other hand, is found in the left side with about 18...
  5. Re: Error code 36 in Mac OS X when copying folder

    I think this is not essentially or necessarily main file or disk corruption matter. It is an annoying Snow Leopard bug which Apple will expectantly attach in the upcoming 10.6.3 update. In the...
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    Re: WCDMA frequency for Airtel & BSNL

    WCDMA offers flexibility in services, combining packet switching and circuit switching in the same channel with an average speed between 8 Kbps to 2 Mbps. Very efficiently using available radio...
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    Re: Samsung R70 and Windows 7

    The SecretZone is software program that defends personal information. If you want to keep confidential information or if you want to move your data to a unusual location, you can use SecretZone, the...
  8. Re: Windows XP Won't Boot After Installing Secondary Drive

    When Windows XP encounters a fatal error, restart the system default. If this error occurs during startup, the system will reboot again and again indefinitely. This behavior can be changed:

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    AD 2003 to AD 2008 upgrade

    I have recently built a test lab that has our 2 x windows 2003 DC's in it. I want to have a look at Windows 2008 Ad so I was wondering is it best for me to upgrade one of the test DC's to Windows...
  10. Thread: DivX Update

    by pushpendra

    DivX Update

    I am getting prompt to update Divx every now and then when I start my pc. If I click on the update now buttong then it will tell me that the Divx player update is not responding and then it will...
  11. Re: How to create an encrypted Time Machine backup?

    Regarding the FileVault tell you that when you activate it on your Mac, it is inherent in your master password. If you make backup of protected folders by FileVault through Time Machine, you can only...
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    Re: Authentication problems with Snow Leopard

    If your Mail POP Mail and will not test alternative authentication methods if the preferred method does not work that means your POP mail server is not compatible with the authentication scheme you...
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    Re: Mac Mini Server

    Hardware and networking software allow you to integrate advanced Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server to all types of environments Mac or PC. Moreover, it is compatible with a wide range of monitors,...
  14. Thread: Crack MD5

    by pushpendra

    Re: Crack MD5

    The MD5 HASH function is irreversible, which means that no algorithm or function to retrieve the original string from its HASH. The only way to decrypt a HASH is to encrypt a set of strings. Thus,...
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    Re: Kismac on a Macbook Pro

    Cautions for those who have the bad idea to buy a card atheros usb chip: if the atheros is splendid with the madwifi driver in linux or password nikel in pci and pcmcia, usb driver does not support...
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    Re: BackTrack 4 update manager?

    At first I think you should just need network-manager and network-manager-gnome. To find the name of the executable will be reluctant to use apt-file. Then look what hidden packages network-manager...
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    Re: Backtrack 4 VMware help

    You should know that the command airmon-ng is a command to hack WEP, WPA etc. Also you do not give us much information here to help. Already, what is your configuration? wireless / ethernet? card pci...
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    Re: Overview of Backup Initialization of VM

    To add to the volume shadow copy set, a requester must first set the context for the shadow copy by calling transaction IVssBackupComponents: setContext . If This Is Not Called method, the default...
  19. Re: Is Hyper-V R2 performance better than VMware Workstation 7?

    VMware Workstation supports Windows 7, 3D graphics and more features for the development and testing. VMware has officially launched the availability of its Workstation product 7, the supply of...
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    Re: Virtual PC VT workaround?

    Virtual PC with Windows, it is true that you can run Windows XP or a Linux distribution but do not expect miracles on the side of the 3D acceleration is not supported. Under VirtualBox or VMWare, the...
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    Re: Hyper-V Cluster, ARP table problem

    The aim of this paper is to detail the implementation of one of the major new features of Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2. This feature called Live Migration is placed in direct competition with...
  22. Re: How to get Hyper-V events arguments value?

    Many times it happens that you can not import a virtual machine using
    Hyper-v Manager. To avoid this problem, follow these steps :
    Locate the exported virtual machine and then open the file....
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    Re: Windows 7 and vbame

    Normally the vbame.dll error message may appear on any application that Microsoft's operating system is included. That operating system may be Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc. You can solve...
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    Re: Pulling info out of windows.old

    You have to install most of the programs. Though programs files are intact on another partition, but other information like their registry data are not existing in this new Windows 7. By viewing the...
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    Re: BIOS update in Windows 7 using DOS

    I do not know if you definitely want to DOS, but are tools that run under windows very simple and reliable flash. You can also use the WinFlash tool manufacturer of the motherboard. I think that will...
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    Re: Virtual Server on Hyper-V

    A virtual partition does not have access to the microprocessor . In fact it has a virtual view of the microprocessor and running in the Guest Virtual Address, which depending on the configuration of...
  27. Re: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    The hypervisor is not running. I think that you are getting the following error which would appear in the System event log : "Unable to start the virtual machine because the hypervisor was not...
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    Re: Print Error 0x0000007A in Windows 7

    I would recommend you to uninstall the printer and all the software that has been installed for it. Also don't forget to uninstall the drivers. Once you have installed the whole things of printer,...
  29. Re: How to edit, create or delete a mode of Power Management in Vista?

    In Power Options, some of the links that appear in the left pane open System Settings. The changes on this page are automatically made to all your modes of power management. By changing the system...
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    Perks in Modern Warfare-2

    Hello friends,
    I have just started playing the Modern Warfare 2. Since I am playing for the first time there are lot of things that I am unaware about. The most important thing that make me confuse...
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    How to write a Document Listener in Java?

    Hi friends,
    Last time you all guys helped me a lot. So i thought that this is perfect place to post my query. I am getting confused while writing the Document Listener..!! I have tried many...
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    How to Use Password Fields in Java?

    I have completed the basic programs of the Java. I had started doing Java from last month. But still I don't know how to use the Password Fields in Java..?? I have tried to do lot of different...
  33. How to create Script for Always-on-top message?

    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to create the script for the pop box of the message that will always remain on the top, till the user does something to it. It is just like the modeless dialog box.!! I have...
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    CodeBlocks are not Compiling

    I don't know much about the codeblocks. After downloading it from the web, when i tried to compile my program I was getting an error stating that "ps0438 - Debug" uses an invalid compiler. I am using...
  35. How to Place Your C# Application in the System Tray?

    Can we place the C# Application in the System Tray?? I am trying to do lot of things but not getting succeeded. Does anyone know the steps that are involved in specifying that an application is to be...
  36. Help needed for the Programming Languages!

    Hi Friends,
    I want to do the studies in the Programming Languages, as I am knew I want help from you guys. I have learned bit HTML and XML and now I am learning Javascript. I am confused which...
  37. Instead of Word the Document opens in Wordpad

    I am facing problem while opening some Word Documents. I have installed the Office 2003 on my PC. Whenever I try to open the documents they get opened in the Wordpad instead of Word. I also tried to...
  38. How do I stream media from my webpage or server?

    I want to create a Web page that can play the media. All I want is to stream media from my webpage. So that when someone visits that web page, it should play from the starting. I hope that you have...
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    Pointer to an array of pointers

    How to declare simply:
    - pointer array? A pointer to a pointer does not mean anything. It is always a pointer to something (an object )
    - pointer to array of pointers?
    - table of pointers to...
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    GTX260 sli vs GTX295 Graphics Cards

    I want to upgrade the graphics card in my gaming computer, but I came upon this problem : GTX 260 SLI vs. GTX 295 Which one is best? I was thinking of buying the new GTX 295 with high PCI Express...
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    Asus p6t vs p6t deluxe Motherboard

    ASUS P6T vs ASUS P6T Deluxe which one is best. What are the specifiaction and features of this motherboard. I got 3x2gb Corsair XMS DDR3 1333 ram and hd 4870 graphics card. I'm having trouble...
  42. Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 vs panasonic ts1 Digital Camera

    I am going to buy a new Digital Camera and i have only two choices 1] Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 and 2] Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1. Can any one tell which one is bets? I also want to know the features...
  43. After Disconnecting my LAN Cable, System Boots.!!

    I am facing very strange problem. When I started my system two days before, it didn't start. After doing some R&D, I came to conclusion that my system is booting only if I disconnect the LAN cable....
  44. Error 1608. Setup not able to locate a version of Microsoft Office!!

    I am not able to install the Microsoft Office 2003. Whenever I try to do so I get an error saying "Error 1608. Setup could not locate a version of Microsoft Office on the selected drive." I don't...
  45. Network issues while playing Multiplayer Game!!

    I've been playing Counter-Strike Source on a wireless connection. Till yesterday I was able to play it smoothly. From then I started getting kicked off the Server. I also checked that none program...
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    Cannot Hibernate on Windows XP

    I am not able to hibernate my system having operating system Windows XP. I am facing this problem since I have installed the Office 2010 (Beta) on my system. Is there any problem with my OS or it is...
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    IE Group Policy

    I have some question with Internet Explorer group policy. In internet explorer, can anyone tell me a way to configure in group policy the Temporary Internet files, like we can check for some newer...
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    Burnt CDs showing as blank

    Hi Pals,

    I am with a Fujitsu Siemens machine which is running with out any problem.All of sudden it started to show reluctance in reading data that I've burned onto CD's. If I put in a pre...
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    What is JAILBROKEN Mean?

    Hiya Folks,

    I hear the term "Jailbroken" or "Jailbreak" used for the iTouch and am wondering what it means?I am seriously considering going this route. What are your experiences with a jailbroken...
  50. Lost mails in Outlook after Upgradation


    I had installed windows XP on an existing 98 operating system and it was working so fine until last day.When I opened Outlook Express and all mails that I had in there were missing. Now I am...
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