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  1. Re: Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti error "Display driver stopped responding"

    I have heard that Gigabyte GTX 780Ti video cards are having some kind of known problem for many users who have purchased it. You can read from many discussion boards that how many users are having...
  2. Re: Gigabyte GTX 970 connecting to dvi not working

    Even I was facing a similar type of problem. I was not able to get any display via the DVI-I or DVI-D only via the DP and hdmi but later on I eventually got the top DVI-I working. But after coming...
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    Re: new Asrock 990fx build wont boot

    Can you tell us whether you have tried to move the RAM stick around or else just tried to boot the computer with only 1 stick of RAM at a time and see to it if there is no bad memory stick. Also try...
  4. Re: DisplayPort no signal problem with Asus PB287Q

    I am sure that it seems to be like a driver problem. The Displayport needs a handshake between the devices on the bus and incase the motherboard is not able to send the wake signal then the monitor...
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    Re: Gigabyte R9 280x idle temp 60C?

    Most of the GPU temp readings are not accurate, so try to download MSI Afterburner software by searching it on the net and install it in your pc. MSI Afterburner gives you the ability to change the...
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    Re: low FPS with Gigabyte GTX 970 graphics card

    If I am not wrong then usually with your Gigabyte GTX 970 video card you should be getting a good amount of FPS and even at 1080p resolution. While gaming at max I get a very high GPU usage so I...
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    Re: Power Supply for GTX 970 Sli

    I would suggest you to go with atleast EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 750W power supply. Till the time you are not going to apply SLI setup, you are tension free to use your old 650Watt power supply without any...
  8. Re: Radeon 5770 Crossfire makes monitor to flicker

    There might be some overheating problems so I would recommend you to monitor the temperature and more specifically the top card should be monitored first. For most of the people a single Radeon 5770...
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    Re: video card for 1440p

    The Radeon R9 290X graphics card would be also a good choice. There is no other powerful video card than this one. I usually play sim-racing game on my home-made computer that is running at stock...
  10. Re: Standard VGA graphics adapter error with R9 270x

    Well, can you try to remove and then reinsert your Radeon R9 270x graphics card again in your system. It might be possible that when you are playing games then the computer is not detecting the video...
  11. Re: Gigabyte R9 280x graphics card flickering problem

    Are you using the latest version of the graphics driver in your pc? If not then download it from the manufacturers website and install it and then restart your system. If this doesnt work then try to...
  12. Re: should I go with GTX 780 TI or else GTX 780 SLI

    Can you tell us which motherboard you are using and how is the spacing between the graphics card in your case? How much temperatures are you getting when you are performing any overclock? In any...
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    Re: MSI GTX 770 vs Gigabyte R9 280x

    Even I agree that artifacts are caused by faulty video cards and it can happen either with the Amd or Nvidia cards. In any case, both cards are very much close to the same performance and with the R9...
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    Re: GTX 780 TI or GTX 880 video card?

    Incase the GTX 880 is able to score 6000+ in the benchmarks then we can consider that this graphics card is 35% better than the GTX 780 and also 22% better than the GTX 780 TI card. Anyways, it was...
  15. Re: best among Gigabyte GTX 770 and GTX 780 graphics card

    I dont think until 2015, there will be any game that will use 3GB of VRAM even though graphics card with more VRAM use more and GPUs with less VRAM use less. I am using 2 GTX 770 video cards in SLI...
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    Re: No picture on Dell UP3214Q monitor

    I am using Windows 8 on my computer and was facing trouble at logon screen where it was displaying 2 half screens. When I used to click on the logon screen to get to the password box, then the screen...
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    Re: GeForce GTX 780 vs Radeon R9 290

    I am using the GTX 780 video card and have found that my friends R9 290 card is about 20% slower in benchmarks for gaming after overclocking both the card to the maximum. So, you can see for yourself...
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    Re: Hd 7850 or Gigabyte GTX 660

    I will suggest you to go with the Gigabyte GTX 660 because I am a Nvidia fan and it is my personal preference over any other card. I feel that Nvidia always has much more superior cards in most...
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    Re: GTX 780 throttling fix?

    I would suggest you to download and install a program called EVGA Precision X which can be used to monitor the GPU usage, power consumption, graphics card clock rate, just go into monitoring and add...
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    Re: Gigabyte GTX 760 temperature high at idle

    Your graphics card temperature is surely higher and it is because you are using 2 monitors on it. The graphics card will not throttle down with 2 monitors which means if you had your GTX 760 with 1...
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    Re: Gigabyte GTX 660 TI temperature too high

    I can say that if your GPU is running between 80-90C temperature then it is too hot and anything above 90C+ temp is not acceptable at all. If the card is running at 70-80C then it is acceptable and...
  22. Re: Nvidia Geforce GTX 800 Series graphics card release date

    I read from an old news that Nvidia was preparing for the arrival of its GeForce GTX 800 series in early 2014 but till now there is no news. The idea for making this card is of course to compete with...
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    Re: gigabyte hd 7970 eyefinity question

    Even I agree that you have to buy an Active Mini displayport adapter to make your eyefinity setup for your system. After purchasing one, you have to connect the cards mini display port and one of...
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    Re: GTX 560ti with Antec 500W Power Supply

    Well, since its the minimum requirement I would ask you to get another PSU like Antec NeoECO C NeoECO 620C 620W because while gaming at full load you may face some problems with your setup. This PSU...
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    Re: GTX 780 vs GTX 780 Ti

    Even I was looking for some answers on this very same question. I found out that 15% performance increase for this GTX 780 TI video card is not worth the money that we need to pay for an extra $200....
  26. Re: GTX 650 video card drivers installing problem

    It seems that the GTX 650 graphics card does not require 6 or 8 pin extra power connector like any other high end card. Did you try to pull the card from the PCIE slot out and then reseating it again...
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    Re: Dell ST2220t touch screen driver

    I just checked out the manual of Dell ST2220t monitor and it seems that it supports native Windows 7 multi touch which is plug and play. It also supports single touch in Vista and there is no need to...
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    Re: sound issues after installing HD 7850

    Can you tell us whether you are using a sound card in your computer build. If that is the case then check whether it is seated properly or not. Just remove the video card and also the sound card and...
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    Re: Radeon R9 290 vs GTX 770 4GB graphics card

    If you will check the reviews then you will know that GTX 770 is too slower than the Radeon R9 290. Also the 4gb version of the nvidia card is a little costlier, so buying it is senseless. If you...
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    Re: Radeon HD 7770 to play Battlefield 4

    The Radeon HD 7770 is a good graphics card but you wont be able to play Battlefield at high settings and there is no fun playing this game at low and medium settings. So, if you spend some more then...
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    Re: Radeon R7 250 or HD 7750 video card

    After comparing both the Radeon R7 250 or HD 7750 video card it looks like the R7 250 has more features like Amd Stream Technology, AMD Avivo HD, OpenGL 4.3, TriXX Utility, etc; that doesnt comes...
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    Re: overclock AMD FX-8320 with Antec HCG 520w

    Do you have any additional graphics card installed as well? If yes then you should not push the limit of the power supply and should be under 3.8ghz only. Also try to get a VRM cooling so that you...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H problem with HD 7950

    Did you try to update the motherboard BIOS and checked if that is working for you? I think that it might be only a BIOS problem and testing with the latest BIOS version might help. Even if you still...
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    Re: budget video card for Photoshop CS6

    I dont think any video card is much utilized for the photoshop work, CPU and RAM are more than enough for Photoshop work. But for CS6, which has a huge amount of features, then you can go with any...
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    Re: Gigabyte Radeon 7970 question

    Absolutely, you will be able to still do some overclocking on the stock voltages, even if it is very little. Just make sure that the Voltage is locked. You can even use Trixx program if you want....
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    Re: Radeon R9 290X release date in India

    If Radeon R9 290X video card is compared with Nvidia Titan then the Titan card offers a little more improvement in performance. Since Nvidia has decreased its GTX 780 price to $499 which is lesser...
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    Re: Nvidia GTX 780 in Antec One Cabinet

    After looking at the technical specifications of Antec One case, I have noticed that it supports graphics card of 10.5 inch lenghts only. And some different brand GTX 780 video card is 11.3 inch...
  38. Re: GeForce R331 driver problem with Nvidia GTX 500 series

    I have a gtx 480 graphics card and I was also going to update to the latest driver. But after reading your post I guess Nvidia has still not released the working drivers for our 400/500 series...
  39. Re: black shadows while playing game with GTX 670

    What monitor you are using? I think that there might be some Contrast and Brightness settings that you need to change to get a decent gameplay experience. Try to drop the brightness to about half of...
  40. Re: upgrade graphics card of Dell Optiplex GX620

    The Dell OptiPlex GX620 desktop that you are using has a weak processor and therefore even if you get a good graphics card then you will face major bottlenecking. For your system you also need more...
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    Re: video editing with GTX 600 video cards

    I think that using a graphics card to encode video is not a good idea. Most of the time when the GPU is used for encoding a video then it also increases the CPU load and another time the output also...
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    Re: Gigabyte GTX 770 or HD 7970

    Well, if you are planing to do some overclocking then the Amd Radeon HD 7970 graphics card will be a good choice but if you not planning to overclock the cards then go for the Gigabyte GTX 770 as it...
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    Re: Thermalright cooler or Antec cooler

    You should try to get atleat the Corsair H110 if you planning to overclock your CPU. Since Haswell processor runs hot, the lower end liquid coolers that have opted will not give their best...
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    Re: Antec 550w for GTX 770

    Yes, the Antec VP550P 550W Power Supply comes with dual +12v rails that ensures good system stability. This PSU is also very well made and it has a large quiet cooling fan and the psu fits in most of...
  45. Re: 2 monitors detected in Windows 7 but using only single

    Can you check whether the second monitor is displayed as grayed out? It would happen if the systm that are capable of having more than one display. Just go into the screen resolution page and check...
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    Re: best graphics card for Adobe CS

    I have got a system of Core i5, 4 gb RAM and am also having intel 4000 graphics onboard as well. Believe me, this is a very fast system and using Photoshop CS6 on it works flawlessly. So, for Adobe...
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    Re: black screen problem with GeForce GTX 770

    You can also try to get the latest verison of GeForce Experience software and install it on your pc, download it from here. What this software does is that it is capable of performing two essential...
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    Re: HD 7990 vs GTX 780

    I woud say if you were using Nvidia card previously then go with teh GTX 780 because you get the extra PhysX and CUDA acceleration in different applications as well. Also, you wont have to install...
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    Re: Gigabyte HD 7850 Fan problem

    Can you try to flash the BIOS version of the video card to the latest one. There is a tool called ATI Winflash which can be used for updating the BIOS of the graphics card and it can also backup the...
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    Re: best $80 graphics card

    You can go with a HD 7750 video card which is not bad at all and comes under the price that you have mentioned. This card is also similar to a GTX 260. But what power supply do you have? Incase you...
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