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    Re: getting rid of Dmwu.exe IBUpdaterService

    There is another tool called RogueKiller that is very handy. First download and save it to your desktop. After that close all programs which you have started. After that unplug any USB or external...
  2. Re: Which is a good antivirus to use in Windows 10

    AVG is a good antivirus. It gives you all kind so features that are needed for security purpose. It has all type of features you need. And I think if you upgrade with the full version you will get...
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    Re: should I remove CompuClever Systems Inc

    Yes, even I believe that you do not have to get that Compuclever program installed in your computer. As said above, you can try to scan the program installation or download file with a good antivirus...
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    Re: How to get rid of directdr virus

    It is a nasty virus which is in your system and it is not easy to get rid of the same. First of all you are having Windows Defender only as a antivirus. You must install some good one. Install...
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    Re: Using Avira Free Antivirus with Zone Alarm

    Well it is not really recommended to use two antivirus on the same pc. Because they will not work. At the time of installation only you will get the message about the same. If you get any error while...
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    Re: nengine.dll could not found?

    Have you installed any software called Mobogenie or 'NewNext Helper Engine' , if yes, then try to uninstall it and see if that works. First click on Start and then go to Control Panel and then click...
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    Re: stylus for Sony PRS-T3 needed

    The Sony stylus is made up of plastic that usually interrupts IR light crossing a little above the screen. The Kobo Aura HD and most of the Kobo eink readers come with IR touch screens. Also, if the...
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    Re: VSS Error - Catastrophic failure

    I would suggest you to reboot your server and see if the error messages come back again or not. After that run chkdsk /f on the server and restart the server and check again whether the error comes...
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    Re: Force User Logoff from windows server

    Actually the policy belongs to computer policiess and you have to run GPRESULT/Z using your built-in administrator account. After that we can check out whether the policy was applied to the pc or...
  10. Re: Replication with ADAM failed due to password complexity

    Can you tell us whether the configuration set is fully contained in an Active Directory domain, forest or forest trust? Also you should know that the configuration set should contain the Microsoft...
  11. Re: Stuck on the "Please wait for the group policy client" screen during startup

    What DNS did you point to after setting the IP address? I think that you might have one or more DCs running DNS which you have to point to. If the correct DNS is not used by you then you might have...
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    Re: need help to remove BitGuard

    There are many programs over the internet that comes in a software package. So therefore I believe that you might have installed a browser add-in. BitGuard might not be a program and hence it will...
  13. Re: Wireless Network problem after installing Windows 8.1 Preview

    I was too facing same problem in my computer. After installing Windows 8.1 Preview on my computer all the wireless networks were lost and I was not able to get them back. All the other devices are...
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    Re: Rayman Legends runs very slow in full screen

    I can definitely say that the problem is with the Refresh Rate of this game since it is running fine under Windowed mode but only in full screen it gives the problem. Most of the users now a day play...
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    Re: Is Sony eReader PRS-T2RC worth it?

    I have been using this eReader for almost a year now and only once I had faced the problem of freezing on it although a reset took care about it easily. The firmware from Sony for their product is...
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    Re: On a router what does WPS button do

    It is to instantly configure a wifi protected setup. When you hit the button a random SSID is available with pin which is usually provided on the router or flash on the screen. Only after adding the...
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    Re: How to uninstall Delta search

    Even after removing Delta Search from the Add and Remove area, you will need to remove it from the browsers as well. So to remove it from Google Chrome, open Chrome browser and then click on the...
  18. Re: Cannot complete Microsoft Security Essentials Installation, error code 0x80070780

    There is a simple solution for this issue, what you can do is copy the old DELTREE.exe command from a Windows 98 pc to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ folder and then run the DELTREE "Microsoft Security...
  19. Re: unable to uninstall Zonealarm Free Firewall toolbar that came with it

    I came to know that if we uninstall Zonealarm Free Firewall, then it will not remove the toolbar at all. Both Zonealarm and Security Toolbar has its own uninstaller. You can also not disable the...
  20. Poll: Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

    As you all know, Anti-Spyware software are tools to help prevent contamination of our computer by malwares and commercial spying of our data or causing malfunctions other than those made by the...
  21. Re: Getting rid of HackTool:Win32/Keygen trojan/virus

    Can you try to download ComboFix, by searching it on the net and then save it to your desktop. After that close any internet browsers that are open. Now, you also have to disable all he antivirus...
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    Re: System Care Antivirus Removal

    Sometimes, a rootkit is also installed on your infected computer by the System Care Antivirus, so to remove it download HitmanPro by searching it on the net. Double click on HitmanPro to launch it....
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    Re: Overclocking Google Nexus 7

    Best do one thing. Download and install a benchmarking tool. That will do the job. Overclocking needs better power and cooling support. This both lacks in a tablet. A benchmarking tool can guide...
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    Re: How to create an unique website design

    That's right. I am a php programmer. I create a site with php and html. My friend is good in Photoshop. He provides me all material related to color, images, etc to make the best and unique design....
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    Re: I want to buy NOVA 3 for iPhone

    Nova 3 is quiet different compared to many fps game I had saw. No doubt this game has best graphics but if you extent the resolution on a phone, there might be some issue with performance. You can...
  26. Re: Why does a number of software development does not meet the deadline

    What I know is that there is no tool in the world which can help you to complete a project in given time. The tool is dead stuff. It does not react it just keep a time track. While if a person who...
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    Re: kindle Fire vs kindle 3

    I agree with the above, because Kindle fire features a full color 7 inch screen running at a resolution of 1024x600, and one can also expect a lot of computing power coming from its 1 GHz dual-core...
  28. Re: Migrating documents from Small Business Server

    The thing you are talking about is entirely based on Server Migration. This is a process when you backup your entire data, settings, configuration, user accounts, etc; to some place and then restore....
  29. Re: Not getting Mafia Wars 2 News feed on Facebook wall

    Facebook provides options to hide one’s posts from specific group of people or specific people. Similarly, it also provides options to let only specific people view one’s posts. Another good...
  30. Re: How DNS used to resolve hostname in the CISCO router?

    Actually DNS used several name servers to find needed information. There are some resolver function which communicate only with single name server, these are simple resolver or stub resolver and they...
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    Re: How to wifi connect laptop to music system

    I dont think so you can play the music wirelessly through iTunes or media player since both of them do not have this feature.

    Try some other devices like the one recently i found on the internet...
  32. Re: Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 operates only beneath enhanced operational mode

    Pretty agree with the above user but along with that you should try to remove the below mentioned registry entries as well,

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\[legitimate antivirus name] Enhanced...
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    Re: Kaspersky Mobile Security for Windows Phone 7

    Android is adjusting the track all in all speedy nowadays; nonetheless I accept it’s determined to be a several stallion OS race on the smartphone platform. To me it looks love Apple; Google and...
  34. Re: Kaspersky Internet Security says it’s protected but the detailed report indicates a persistent Trojan exists

    One tactic is to send a duplicate of the located protest the Lab; guidelines are found in the third imperative subject. A different tactic is to uninstall and re install Kaspersky, scan, and see if...
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    Re: Nation to choose in Luvinia Online Game

    In Luvinia online are numerous pieces of equipment ready for collection. You encounter on your adventure travel more than 20 scary monsters, which you must put an end to the world of Luvinia also in...
  36. Re: kaspersky internet security performs slowly on my computer.

    hey, first you notice the points why your system is slow.
    • Your configuration is a weak for kaspersky internet security product. If you update your configuration then the problems are solved....
  37. Re: GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Motherboard featuring onboard 20GB Intel SSD 311 Series

    In reality I was looking previous today on internet and they had a Z68-UD7-B3 which looks a part such as my P67-UD7-B3 and appeared to have just about the same specs as my plank but obviously mine...
  38. Re: Gigabyte GA-PH67-UD3-B3 MO feature Directed by Intel Virtualization Technology

    A few parameters to activated or deactivated Intel VT-x for Directed I/O Like:

    -VT Technology
    -XD Technology
    -VT-D and or (AMD-V, and AMD IOMMU for mobo AMD)
    -Intel Trusted Execution...
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    Re: How to put router and switch IPs in DNS?

    I figure subsequent to I worked at a SP it is simply second environment to me. For client associations, principally T-1s, we utilized an arrangement of clli_code-[rt for router sw for switch prt for...
  40. Re: can cisco device be programmed to change the GUI

    Cisco provides with some tools that provides you with Security Device Manager (SDM), is an easy web-based device-management tool designed for configuring LAN, WAN, and security features on Cisco IOS...
  41. Re: Installation of MSE advices me to turn on firewall manually

    It could also possible that the firewall is to be makes such problem and hence you must necessary to first disable the firewall program on this system. Then use the proper installation of the MSE...
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    Re: PCI Modem, can't get internet working

    Make sure that you have the latest drivers and try using AT commands if you haven't already. Sometimes the driver has generated this problem.
  43. Re: want to remove news ticker box in firefox and chrome

    As guy above have shown you about how to get rid of ticker box using Google Chrome in facebook. Here are some tips through which you can get rid of ticker box from other browsers too….. Firefox n...
  44. Re: How to Upgrade Home and Office Network to new Gigabit?

    Well my friend in my view the cable Cat5 is been rated for up to 100 Mbps, while the CAT 5E is 1000 MPBS max. And if you want a good performance in your home or office network then you need get the...
  45. Thread: What is FTP?

    by Pabloa

    Re: What is FTP?

    You might have understood what the meaning of the FTP is and also you might have understood what the use of the FTP. If you want to know more about the file transfer protocol then I would suggest you...
  46. Re: Cannot Connect Laptop to Wireless Router Belkin Basic N150

    Uninstall the driver connection from the laptop and try to connect it again to laptop by searching for the new network connection, hope it will find and get it done for you.
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    Re: Can't browse the web without proxies

    Hello did you reboot your router. if not then try with it. because sometime third party software are affecting your network connection. so try it with it. some time ago i was facing this same issue...
  48. Re: Linksys E4200 is dropping internet connection, after updated with latest firmware.

    Here I just like to point out that there are so many users which are not having this type of the issue. I think that in the some case only this type of the issue occurs and let me tell you that it...
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    Re: Nat type open for 2 xbox360 consoles

    I at present attempted to put the IP address of the xbox which has strict NAT in DMZ but still got the situation. The xbox has a static IP address by the way.
  50. Re: Signal is weaker with N band than G band when MP600N PCI connecting to Linksys WRT610N router

    In the first place of all could such as to make it clear that in consideration of WRT610N is a double band router, would not joke about this has 5 GHz recurrence as well as 2.4 GHz Frequency. That...
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