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  1. Re: Are there any Troubleshooting tools for WSUS

    Download Server Diagnostic Tool. This is a must for WSUS troubleshooting. This tool help the admins to collect various logs and config files which are filled with information that can be used for...
  2. Re: Allow a program to run in Standard account without entering Admin password

    Ok then you have to go ahead with the user account control. So that's what you should be doing as of now. With the user account control the account can be managed by the user who is holding the...
  3. Re: Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 operates only beneath enhanced operational mode

    a number of hateful software changes browser settings and immobilized downloads of spyware and virus removing software. If you have troubles downloading anti-spyware software with Internet Explorer,...
  4. Re: Security Protection Malware not allowing TDSSkiller, AVP, Malwarebytes to work

    Combofix didn't work. Much the same as all things else, it runs for a few seconds then after that accidents with no illustration. Someone at bleepingcomputer propose I run FixNCR.reg and re-run...
  5. Re: Kaspersky Internet Security says it’s protected but the detailed report indicates a persistent Trojan exists

    I cleared the Java cache and the temp folder, then after that avoided all parts that referenced the Program Files Folder and erased the others. Then left via right clicking on the tray symbol,...
  6. Re: kaspersky internet security performs slowly on my computer.

    there are many reasons for decreasing system performance. Written in following please read this,
    • You have weak configuration.
    • Some type of connection problem, reconnect the hardware’s....
  7. Re: GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Motherboard featuring onboard 20GB Intel SSD 311 Series

    GIGABYTE mSATA Motherboards (Total of 5 models):

    GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD (bundled with Intel® Solid-State Drive 311 Series)
  8. Re: Gigabyte GA-PH67-UD3-B3 MO feature Directed by Intel Virtualization Technology

    Various Settings Virtualization Technology Enabled

    -Empowers or impairs Intel Virtualization Technology. Virtualization improved by Intel Virtualization Technology will permit a stage to run...
  9. Re: Gigabyte P67A D3 B3 f4 version slow boot until post screen

    There is nothing the matter with the best versions in across the board. I run every one of them the time without any situations. You possess the Backup BIOS to fall once more on if there was a...
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    Re: How to put router and switch IPs in DNS?

    The just traps are that you need to verify you don't end up being subject to it. It is possible that put a loopback into DNS, or grasps that only being as how the DNS name doesn't work you might...
  11. Re: Improper Local Hostname not allowing the Home Network to get connected

    Ok do one thing just set up the name of the devices on the router that you are using currently. You have to do this when none of the devices that are working externally does not follow the ip...
  12. Re: Improper Local Hostname not allowing the Home Network to get connected

    It’s a bit simple let me explain it to you about the same all the fingers are pointing towards the router, just check if the router is giving all the static internal ip addresses of the router,...
  13. Re: Improper Local Hostname not allowing the Home Network to get connected

    First of all learn how to setup a DNS server. if you get to know how to setup a DNS server then it will be well and better for you that’s what I think here. in fact try and put the computer name in...
  14. Re: can cisco device be programmed to change the GUI

    Don’t know how you people are insisting for working on tools like SDM and CCP.The SDM tool just don’t have nothing good to be part of the CCNA security when trying to get the IPS to work via...
  15. Re: Yellow notification icon in System Tray of MSE

    If you have a graphics card then open company's website, find the correct driver, download it, and install it. This is the simple process and it would be work to solve your problem. official site...
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    Re: How to enable MPLS on WAN

    Normally VPN tunnel enables an encrypted connection between private networks over a public network. An MPLS network is commonly a backbone network comprised of MPLS-enabled routers. The router...
  17. Re: Installation of MSE advices me to turn on firewall manually

    For solving this problem you can use other technique. In that technique I must say that the downloading and installing Microsoft Security Essentials continues to be an easy process. The upgraded...
  18. Re: Internet completely shut down 4-5 times a day

    Uninstalling the networking software also stopped the network from working. Hence I must say that the related software of network has been work well or not. This connection might be gives you the...
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    Re: PCI Modem, can't get internet working

    A PCI modem card is one which inserts into a PCI-bus slot on the motherboard of a PC. Hence I must say that you need to check that the card is inserted in well position. This is the solution for the...
  20. Re: Warstorm Game: some good combos other than Unit + Artifact

    Once you have gathered the 40,000 silver, you should definitely buy a dragon deck so that you may be able to most opponents. It is still worthwhile to buy a 40,000 silver dragon deck. The two decks...
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    Re: VPN trouble with Netgear FVS336Gv1

    Try contacting Netgear support. Tell them All your problem. I am sure they will help you to resolve your Problem. If you require more help than please reply with your problem.
  22. Re: want to remove news ticker box in firefox and chrome

    Even I am also regular user of facebook . It goes on with implementing its new design every another day. Some of them are really innovative and some just annoys us. As the above friend has...
  23. Re: How to Upgrade Home and Office Network to new Gigabit?

    Well I want to say that yes you can upgrade all switches to new gigabit. And also the cable, Cat 5E is good, but it needs to transfer large files like movies or something related to that, so I would...
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    Re: Settings to Connect Dreambox to PC

    Maybe there is issue while you are configuring your network. so i will suggest you to reconfigure your Network once again. Maybe the network where not accepting your IP.If you infrequently append...
  25. Re: How to Create A Strong Defense Against Virus?

    I recommend utilizing WOT-Web of Trust. WOT is a free Internet security include-on for your browser. It will keep you sheltered from on the net scams, personality criminal act, spyware, spam, viruses...
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    Re: 3g modem missing after install of windows 7

    If you wan to update the driver of this modem then use the next process to do this task. In that you need to go to 'Properties' window of the My Computer. Then the next step is to be as select the...
  27. Thread: What is FTP?

    by Wguy2008

    Re: What is FTP?

    I want to ad little more information on it that the FTP operate on the application layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, and used to transfer files using TCP/IP. In order to do it a...
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    Re: Files lost after automatic checkdisk

    Hello i will suggest you to try with this link. actually it will help you to find the all your lost files. so try with it. i am sure this will help you and if you are having any query about this then...
  29. Re: Any new firmware for netgear WN2000RPT router?

    I agree with the above user as There is a new firmware (ver. is available for the device you have and you can simply download it from here.

    but even I don’t know how to update it, but...
  30. Re: How to disable addtional network connection in Windows 7

    You can also manual delete those connection from Start > Network Connection. Just right click Delete / Disable. That is your choice. You can remove them all and then recreate an new connection. This...
  31. Re: Help - Need to download Cisco Connect Software for Linksys E3000

    I also required this security key for the cisco software installation purpose. Then I use your process for doing this task. The process works and finally I was able to fix this problem. Cisco Connect...
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    Re: Netgear WN3000RP - review and purchase

    I just tried to get netgear WN3000RP operational with my Linksys WRT54G for a complete day. The wireless network is operational well, except for part of my house. The "Smart Wizard" would go through...
  33. Re: Getting domain not available, unable to login error message

    The computers which are connected to the domains are cloned in such a way that they are provided with an SID. If this SID/network id is changed then you face that error. It is an kind of serial...
  34. Re: How can I open Nat on my Linksys e2000 router?

    The leading thing to attempt is port sending for your XBOX 360's, which might be finished in the router's requisitions and gaming-single port sending dominion. The ports that Microsoft suggests to be...
  35. Re: Getting “error not message receiver” with Linksys WRT54G v4

    I hold an ethernet link heading off from modem to my desktop PC. When I catch the router, I take that ethernet close on the PC and put it in the linksys. I take the linksys line and join it to #1...
  36. Re: Opening NAT on a Linksys WRT160Nv2 Xbox Live Strict Nat

    Under the Security tab, leave the Block Anonymous Requests unchecked and update the MTU to 1452 under the setup tab. Click on the Status tab and take note of DNS1 and DNS2 Addresses. Head off to the...
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    Re: Linksys E4200 with Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

    It appears peculiar USB is not supported, in spite of the fact that it is posted in the release notes. I am downloading it now for the purpose that I am able to at any rate access Cisco Connect....
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    Re: Nat type open for 2 xbox360 consoles

    I don’t think you are able to utilize 2 Xbox at the same time Because Linksys just underpins 1 XBOX around then. Still you could probably attempt to Do DMZ for the XBOX which is not working. Open...
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    Re: Linksys E4200 DHCP Reservation

    I have such a variety of computers connected to the network and a wireless printer. I'm fully jumbled regarding the practicality of the DHCP Reservation page. As my final answer, I held a few IPs...
  40. Re: Does Netgear FVS338 support Windows 7 native VPN Client?

    No I suppose you must check the official website of the netgear to get the official confirmation whether it is supported or not. Since the questions is about the vpn client software from netgear and...
  41. Re: Ipod touch with Linksys E3000 DHCP reservation

    I have one workaround for this problem. You will have to go to the advanced setting of the router and then go to the dhcp reservation and check if your ipod is getting a LAN signal in place of a...
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    Re: Linksys E4200 dropping connections

    There might be some problem with the network adapter. You should click with the right mouse button on the "My computer" shortcut and choose "Properties" from the context menu. Locates and left click...
  43. Re: Linksys WUSB600n is not recognized on wake up of laptop

    Yes there is Linksys WUSB600n driver’s version 2.0 available on the internet. You must be using the Linksys WUSB600n driver’s version 1.0 and that is why you have to download the Linksys WUSB600n 2.0...
  44. Re: Linksys AE1000 router does not connect on startup

    Did you tried to solve this problem by resetting the Linksys AE1000 router if you have not tried this then first reset the Linksys AE1000 router and after resetting the router you have to check...
  45. Re: Where I can get MAC OS X 10.6 compatible drivers for netgear WG111v3

    In fact there is a 10.6 driver, although strangely Netgear doesn't have it on their site. I can't seem to establish the URL where I situated the 10.6 driver for WG111v3, although previously...
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    Re: Blue light dome in Netgear WNDR3400

    WPS is a simple setup of Wi-Fi WiFi devices compatible with WPS.

    WPS clicking on the router, it will wait for the start of the Wi-Fi to connect. In the back of the router and router interface is...
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    Re: Unable to access Netgear WNAP210

    WNAP210 is not based on OpenWrt (which contains no routing functionality, for example), but most of these use the same applications and drivers (madwifi, Busybox, etc.).Netgear has an "owner" WNAP210...
  48. Re: Emergency recovery needed in netgear wnhde111

    I just had the same thing happens to me today. I bought a used one type WNHDE111 on eBay and I have it as a valid in LAN, I wanted to do an update. I may. Big mistake! It seemed as if the brick, but...
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    Re: Unable to upgrade netgear WN802Tv2 firmware

    I do not think I know your last part. Windows update was not doing anything, while I updated the WN802T. In addition, there is no graphical user interface is downloaded merely as distant as I know.
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    Re: Constant reboot with netgear WG103

    I spoke to netgear people yesterday and they told me to wait for some time. At moment they are trying to fix this entire problem and will release firmware update as soon as possible. So we don’t...
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