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    Re: getting rid of istart123 virus

    The best program to remove such type of virus is Malwarebytes Antimalware. After careful analysis of your hard drive, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware displays the infected items after the scanning is...
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    Re: removing ICE Cyber Crime Center virus

    You can also download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software in your pc. Once you have installed this program then on the Scanner tab, choose Perform quick scan and then click on the Scan...
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    Re: how to remove Win32.downloader.gen

    Download MalwareBytes Antimalware tool which is free for unlimited use. This tool scans disks and devices on your computer for all types of malware, Spyware, Rogue type, trojans, viruses, malicious...
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    Re: How to get rid of Optimum Installer

    If the above tool doesnt work then get yourself Adwcleaner. It is a tool to effectively remove unwanted software. The majority of malware installed without your knowledge and not detected by your...
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    Re: getting rid of Playtopus

    Another great tool called AdwCleaner seeks out and removes adware in your web browser, toolbar, potentially unwanted programs (PUP) and the hijacker-utility from your computer. With AdwCleaner you...
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    Re: Is MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE safe or a virus

    The file that is showing is an update for Microsoft Security Essentials or Defender and therefore any other antivirus installed in your pc is giving an alert for it. You can try to disable the false...
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    Re: removing Sweet packs from my pc

    If the above fixes doesnt work then try to first of all uninstall it by going to the Contol Panel. After that go to its installation directory like C:/programfiles/sweetim and then delete all the...
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    Re: infected with virus

    Another useful tool to remove such kind of malware is HitmanPro. Its main feature is that it is portable, without diminishing functions because it can detect and stop viruses, worms, spyware, adware,...
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    Re: hijacker, help to remove it

    Another tool that you can try is Adwcleaner. It is powerful tool that allows you to remove the computer from spyware, adware and other malware. AdwCleaner is a simple executable program that does not...
  10. Re: How to recover User ID and Product key using Malwarebytes

    There are also many software that can be used to recover the product key, one such is Belarc Advisor. After installing this software, it will build a detailed profile of your installed applications...
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    Re: Kobo Aura HD font problem

    Even after when you have corrected the naming, still you will also need to do a complete restart of your kobo aura hd ereader and then the added fonts will work properly. The thing here is that even...
  12. Re: Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Windows update not applicable

    Can you try to use the inbox Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool (DISM) and after that install Windows Update or service pack again.To do that you need to open command prompt with...
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    Re: One way trust - Firewall (port 389) issue

    Did you try to verify your DC itself to see if it is listening to the port (netstat). It could be a worth try. The issue is certainly related to the traffic being blocked as it seems. Try to use the...
  14. Re: manually download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Virus Definitions

    First download the file called mbam-rules.exe from this link which is a .exe file for puttin the rules.def to the default location. After that make sure your computer has Malwarebytes Anti-Malware...
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    Re: removing malware

    You can easily remove the pop-up ads from your computer or from the web browser that you use. You will need to check the host files and see if any malicious item is added in it or...
  16. Re: Sony eReader PRS-T1 at 50% battery shuts down

    I will recommend you to completely charge the battery for a good 8 hour period for this Sony eReader PRS-T1 and at overnight. Also, try to charge it from the wall charger which is more relaiable than...
  17. Re: Does NOOK Simple Touch eReader support Chinese fonts

    To install Chinese fonts in your NOOK Simple Touch eReader, first of all root your ebook reader. After that install Root Explorer and then copy the "msyh.ttf" file to the "system/fonts/. You will be...
  18. Re: Need help regarding the log entry and its explanation.

    I do know what he was trying to do! I have studied networking so I could easily understand what his real intentions are,First of all he was trying to get your /etc/passwd file, which is where the...
  19. Re: Protecting stuff from the Professional hackers!

    No one used to worry about hackers breaking into their pc and installing Trojan viruses, or using your pc to send attacks to others. The things have changed, it's necessary to be aware of how to...
  20. Re: HP G62 system freezes while scanning for virus

    I would like to suggest you to perform the scanning on your safemode and so that you can solve your issue. First close the all application on your system and after that restarts your system. Now...
  21. Re: Error code: Ox800705b4 on Microsoft security essentials

    I think you need to run malwarebytes and that may solve your problem. To do this reboot and after restarting the press or hold down the F8 key on your keyboard. Now come out on the screen to choose...
  22. Re: Security essentials could not install updates, error code: 0x80248014

    I think it has disabled the Windows firewall and so therefore you are getting this error. I would suggest the following steps, so you can activate the Windows firewall. To make this happen through...
  23. Re: Microsoft security essentials update error code: 0x80072ee2

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go through the below steps: make select on the start and after that go to the run. Now on the run...
  24. Re: Net connection being lost in windows 7 during Network Connection

    I would like to suggest you to download the software that can solve your issue. to download this make click here. Once you click the link make select on the save file and after downloading run the...
  25. Re: Unable to connect to wireless network after dual booting

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. to do this follow the steps below: make right click on the my computer on the desktop and after that select the...
  26. Re: Internet connection not automatically connected on windows 7

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue to do this go to the network icon on the desktop, it will be there at bottom of the screen. And then make right...
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    Re: XP Guardian Virus Removal Instruction

    I have gone through this same issue and I think you need to do system restore and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go to the start orb and after that make hit on the all programs. Now...
  28. Re: Fake antivirus denies access to all programs on windows XP

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do these follow the steps below. First restart your system in the safe mode. Now once you on the safemode go...
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    Re: Unable to open or send message in facebook

    I would like to suggest you to following suggestion and after that you can solve your issue. Open the fire fox or internet explorer and under that go to the tools and then make hit on the OPTIONS....
  30. Re: Windows media player 11 receiving UPnP streams on Twonky Media Server

    Have you checked whether it is not a driver problem, if so, then you will need to update your driver to solve this issue. So, to do that, click on Start button and after that choose Control Panel....
  31. Re: Computer works slow after installing Kaspersky antivirus

    Looks like Kaspersky is eating too much of your system ram. You have to remove some programs to make your system faster. Like you can remove themes and disable flashy desktop properties. You can...
  32. Re: Apple Macbook pro: Not able to connect iPad via Bluetooth

    As per my knowledge, I think there should be any problem in your laptop. Make sure that the devices are properly paired with each other. I suggest you to un-pair then and turn off the devices for...
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    Re: windows 7 photo viewer not working

    I think the photo that you are trying to open in your machine, the extension of that file is not compatible with the photo viewer application. As per my knowledge the .jpeg format is can open the...
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    Re: HP pavilion err2err3

    You have to use Bootrec.exe tool to solve your problem. The Bootrec.exe tool supports the following options. Apply the appropriate option for your situation.

    Note: If the startup problem creating...
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    Armor will run with Comodo Internet Security. And...

    Armor will run with Comodo Internet Security. And you can install both of them there will be no issue among them. I think if you want all in one solution then going with a Nod32 suite will help you...
  36. Re: How to overclock Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz processor

    According to my knowledge this might be possible, but for that you need some of the featured needed CPU which should be attached with your machine. Main one is the cooling process, the cooling...
  37. Re: windows 7: Aero lags while turn on and off the machine

    Uninstall the Aero theme from your machine, before that you are using the correct theme package according to your windows platform, means the Aero theme is available for windows vista ultimate, home...
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    Re: USB printer is not detecting in Dim 8400

    Though this problem occurs while you tried to connect the printer via USB connector. Then the problem should be in the connector. Make sure that the usb port of the machine and the printer is...
  39. Re: Not able to connect second monitor in 8500GT compatible machine

    I can suggest you only one for this problem re-installs the driver; if the other monitor is working properly with the other monitor then this is the problem with the graphics driver that you are...
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    Re: GTS 250 HDMI 5.1 audio out is not proper

    If you are not able to update the sound driver in windows normal mode then I suggest you to start the machine in safe mode and then enter into the control panel from there go to device manager either...
  41. Re: Bluetooth is not working in Dell INSPIRON N5010

    Make sure, while you are tried to connect the bo9the the computer and the mobile the Bluetooth for both the devices are turned on. I think there should any problem in the computer and I suggest you...
  42. Re: Dell E2210c: Not getting proper screen resolution

    Right click on your computer desktop screen, a pop-up list window open select the properties option now. From the properties windows select eth desk clean up option, this will set the screen in by...
  43. Re: Dell Inspiron N5010: Wireless Driver not working properly

    I also think that driver update will be surely help you to overcome from this problem, this process is also you can do by the using of driver disk which is comes along with the router. Insert the CD...
  44. Re: Dell s2209w : screen flickering with some blurry images

    Its complete sound for the graphics driver, I suggest you to update the driver version that you are using. Go to the control panel and from there system, now look for the device manager option under...
  45. Re: How to set up Linksys WPSM54G on my new windows 7 compatible laptop

    During the configuration you need to insert some of the information’s, like the network name, some other information like internet service provider name along with that you need to create a profile...
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    Re: My brand new Inspiron M5010 keeps freezing

    Just few months ago I had the similar issue, where I was facing the freezing problem in both while playback and video or audio file and along with that during the start-up. First of all I reinstall...
  47. Re: windows XP: after turn off, AHCI drive still staying inside the machine

    First of all from the properties of my computer enter into device manager and from there disable the drive, do this before power on , it may take some time to disable the drive, wait for the pop up...
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    Re: how to remove pop3 email from server

    If you are using the pop 3 server for your access your email account, then you need to confirm some of the information like you are not allowed to sent a huge number of mail from your account at a...
  49. Re: Windows 7: Windows Desktop Gadgets has stopped working

    Go to the control panel and select one by one the gadgets which are applied in your machine. Along with the Windows Live Desktop Gadgets, remove them all and remove all the temporary folder and the...
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    Re: Networking Windows 7 & XP

    First let me know exactly what error you are getting while trying to access file on the same. I will advise you to go with the below given step to diagnose and repair the problem that you are going...
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