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  1. Re: Super Meat Boy: Error when closing the game

    Hey I am also facing the same problem while closing the application of the game and every time I get the same error that the "SuperMeatBoy.exe has stopped working and will close". I have searched...
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    Exact time for downloading games

    Hello friends I am looking forward to download the game called Black Ops that had created much hype since the day it has been released. I have completed the stages of GTA San Andreas so now I am...
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    keygen for nail'd game

    Hello friends I heard about this game called Nail'd from past few months and I really would want to play this game quickly, I am also getting to know each and every features of this game from...
  4. Super Meat Boy: How to pass Corrupted Zone portal

    Hello friends I am playing this new game called Super Meat Boy and till now I really liked the game because of the uniqueness that the game has brought. The game is a bit different as compared to the...
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    Re: X-fire launch problems in Bf2142

    hello friends thanks for all your quick reply I would want to add up to the information that I don't have any problem in running the game directly from the desktop that is without running from the...
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    X-fire launch problems in Bf2142

    Hello friends I am having this Battle Field game from the past few months and I don't have any problem with it. Recently I have heard about the Xfire browser that has been released for chatting with...
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    Turning off front LED in Bijli case

    Hello friends I have purchased this new Zeb Bijili PC case for my CPU and I really like the way it looks. The case really has a very striking resemblance and I really find it the most attracting...
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    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension Black Cat

    Hey friends I would want to know that does this new version of the Spiderman series called Shattered Dimension has the Black Cat character. I have really enjoyed her character because she is the one...
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    Re: How to access BIOS of HP DV6 3056tx

    Hey I have tried using all the function keys on the keyboard and none of them solved my problem. I have even used the ESC as well as the DEl and the TAB keys specified in the post but none of them...
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    How to access BIOS of HP DV6 3056tx

    Hello friends I have just purchased a new Hp Pavilion dv6 3056tx just few weeks ago and it is a cool laptop to have. All the features and the performance of the laptop are really very interesting....
  11. Re: Suggestions required for PhenomII X6 1090T Thuban Black Edition

    Hey according to me Intel's processor would be the best processor for your daily usage. This is because Intels processors usually have more LVL 2 cache memory in them. In todays world cache memory...
  12. Re: Can I Run Any DDR2 or DDR3 Memory Graphic Card On A DDR1 RAM Processor?

    Hey I would want to tell you that CPU has specific slots for specific graphics card which will only run the graphics card meant for the slot. If you are having DDR1 slot on the CPU then the CPU will...
  13. Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit loading problem

    Thank you guys for your quick reply, I would like to add up to the information that I have provided in my first post. I have check my system requirements as been asked by you and found out it is well...
  14. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit loading problem

    Hello friends I have purchased the new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition and when I started playing the game after installing it I found that the game crashed instantly after loading. After...
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    How to Stop VLC from always maximizing

    Hello friends, I have got this unusual problem with the VLC player that I am currently having on my system. The problem is that whenever I try to play the video using this player, the VLC will start...
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    Re: VLC for 64 bit Windows

    Hey I am also facing the same problem with my VLC player not supporting the videos that were previously running on my system when I had Windows xp on it. But since I have upgrade the system to...
  17. Re: Excel 2010 : "filename is currently in use." error

    Hey I am also facing the same problem with Office 2010, in my case both the excel and the word files are not getting saved and I am getting the error as filename is currently in use. I have checked...
  18. Powerpoint: Hyperlink doesnt change color after visited

    Hello friends, I have developed a Power Point document using the PowerPoint software with many images, test, graphics and links inserted in each slides. The presentation is working fine and looks...
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    Lenovo T61 CPU speed problem

    Hello friends, I have Lenovo T61 which I have purchased a few months ago, it was working fine until yesterday when I started the laptop to do some work it was working very slow. The booting itself...
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    Office:Mac 2011 available

    Hey friends I have to come to know that Microsoft Office 11 via Home User Program for Mac operating system. I would want to ask you that is this true. If it is than it will be very nice for all the...
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    Re: Satellite L500/025 makes noise

    Looks like this is a universal problem faced by every one who are using the Toshiba Satellite laptop. I also have this laptop which I had purchased a few weeks ago, and whenever I increase the volume...
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    Proxim Orinoco 8470 on Windows 7

    Hello everyone, I was smoothly using the Proxim Orinoco Gold 8470-FC pcmcia card on my computer system that has a Windows xp on it. But ever since I have upgraded my computer system to Windows 7, I...
  23. Re: Does Windows 7 x64 Ultimate (7600) supports TCP Optimizer

    Hello friends I have used the TCP optimzer, with my computer system that has a Windows 7 Ultimate Operating system on it and this is my current setting of the TCp optimizer in the registry

  24. Hiding/hunting tricks in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Hello friends I have brought this game called Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for playing it with my PS 3. I have been playing this game for over a week now and have learned all the new features as and...
  25. Caterina Sforza character in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Hello to all the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood game lovers, I would like to greet ubisoft for developing such a cool for all the gamers. I really loved the game and all the features that the game has...
  26. Re: What is Uplay Points in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Hey friends, I know this service pretty well as I have played all the other games of the ubisoft corporation but the thing is that I have heard that the Uplay service that is integrated in the game...
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    How to Monitor Network of Computers

    Hello friends, I love networking very much and I like to gain as much knowledge as I can in this field. I was just reading something related to monitoring the computers, when I suddenly thought of...
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    Re: What is Antipiracy 2.5 for xbox

    Hey even I have heard about this and really it is very exciting feature to have in the device itself. Now any one who will bring pirated CD to play will not be allowed to play the game on the xbox...
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    Re: 4 way graphics on 890fx

    Hey I think that 890fx motherboard does support the 4 way Nvidia graphics card, but I guess that you should use a display port instead. The 4 way graphics card really requires a full fledged CPU...
  30. Re: Migrating SBS2K3 to remote dedicated SBS2K8

    Hey even I have migrated from the SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 ad I have used the Server Migration tool for the up gradation of the server. This is a very effective tool as it provides a very easy and more...
  31. Re: Black Ops : Why are the graphics worse than MW2

    Hey I am playing this game since day one and I was able to play it smoothly. At first instant when I saw the game I thought that the graphics of the game is OK and the game i designed to have this...
  32. My Office 2010 Trial version expired before 72 hours

    Hello friends, I have been using the beta version since last few months although I knew that it was going to get expired on October this month but my Office 10 got expired before the estimated time....
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    Re: ASUS Disk Unlocker

    Hey even I have heard about this and would want to ask you all that is this thing useful or not. Also, does it harm any of the functions of the hard disk. The reason behind why I am asking this is...
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    Problem with Intel GMA 4500 on Linux

    Hello friends can any one help me to sort out the issue, I really want to solve the issue as quickly as I can . I am having Debian linux on my computer system and is working very well without having...
  35. Re: How to connect ZTE mobile broadband dongle with ubuntu

    Hey even I have purchased the ZTE MF112 Dongle with 3 connect software and connected it to my laptop. After successfully doing the installation I was able to connect to the internet. But when I...
  36. Problem in connecting Edimax EW-7811 to ubuntu

    Hello friends, I have a computer at my home with windows xp on it and also I have dell laptop with ubuntu operating system on it. Yesterday I brought a Wireless N USB dongle Edimaxx EW-7811 for the...
  37. Re: Is it possible to install TV tuner that works with Fedora 12

    Hey I have all the requirements that are needed to install the Tv turner card on my system. I have both the video card and the graphics card that is needed for installing the Tv Turner Card. I have...
  38. Is it possible to install TV tuner that works with Fedora 12

    Hey is there any one who have used a TV turner card on Fedora 12, if yes then please help me out to know how can I use it. I would want a TV turner card to work with my computer system that has a...
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    How to install linux on my mobile phone?

    Hello friends I would want to know that can I be able to install linux operating system on any Nokia mobile phone and also how can I be able to do it. I dont have enough knowledge of the mobile...
  40. Re: How to check whether a processor is 32- bit or 64-bit

    Hello friends, yesterday when I was installing a software onto my system I got an unusual message saying that the "application wont run on the system" . After rectifying the problem I came to know...
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    Re: RAM slot error :rundl32 defected

    Hey even I am facing the same problem but in a slightly different manner, removed the RAM from the the first slot inorder to check whether my second slot is working or not. But after rebooting the...
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    Fuctionality of Quick Time Pro

    Recently I have heard about the quicktime pro software that is capable of handling any video file and is designed especially for Mac OS. Now the question is that I would want to covert my video files...
  43. How to set the download location of Safari 5

    Hello everyone, I am using Safari as my default internet browser and is working very fine on my Windows 7 desktop. The problem is that whenever I try to download anything from my Safari Browser it...
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    Re: Windows 7: Latest E156G drivers

    Good morning all of you, I think this is a universal problem with E156G modem as even I am facing the same problem with it. I have Samsung notebook with Windows xp on it and when I connect my E156G...
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    Re: Can we have Mac OS on Samsung R580

    My Samsung R580 laptop contains the following configuration. :

    Operation System : Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (32bit)
    Processor : Intel Core i3 Processor 330M (2.13GHz, 3MB)
    System Memory...
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    Can we have Mac OS on Samsung R580

    Hello friends, recently i have purchased a new samsung R580 laptop that has a Windows 7 on it. It is working very fine and I dont have any problem with it till date. However I would just like to ask...
  47. Which telecoms will be providing 3G services.

    Hello everyone, I heard about a 3G services called Third Generation Services that is being the latest generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services. I would want...
  48. Re: What is per second billing of MTNL Prepaid 3G Jadoo Mobile Services

    Hello friends, I also heard about the 3G Jadoo service and I would just want to know that what will be calling charges from MTNL to MTNL as well as from MTNL to other. The most important is this...
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    Re: Xbox 360 hangs while playing Black Ops

    Thanks for your quick reply, but I would like to inform you that my xbox was working very fine and I didnt had any problem in running ny of the game on my xbox 360. When I brought the COD: Black ops...
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    Xbox 360 hangs while playing Black Ops

    Hello friend sI have xbox 360 at my home and when I heard that the new COD: Black ops is released so I instantly went to the shop and brought a new game CD of Black ops. When I inserted the CD on my...
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