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    Re: mtp device cannot start code 10

    It can be a driver problem. When you are using the PC suit ensure that you are logged in as Administrator in your system. This looks some kind of permission issue. First remove the existing pc suite...
  2. Re: Adding a 2008R2 Child Domain to a 2003R2 forest

    Thank you. I'll read these links and lay out my game plan.
  3. Adding a 2008R2 Child Domain to a 2003R2 forest

    Hi, I’m running Windows 2003 R2 forest. Here in the root domain I have 2 root servers. Under this I also have two child domains, lets consider them as B and C. Apart from this I also need to add a...
  4. Is it possible to decrypt EFS files without backup certificate

    I had some drives which are about to die. The client has encrypted the data. I need some help to recover the encrypted data from the drive. I want to know that does there is a way by which I an...
  5. "This resource should be leveled based on a day by day setting".

    As my subject line says, this is the error am getting with my MS Project “This resource should be leveled based on a day by day setting.”

    Can anyone please explain me what it exactly means?
  6. Windows Media Player (11) is not installed properly. Reinstall...

    I am facing a issue with Windows Media Player 11. I had installed it and when I try to remove it I am getting a error. It says that Windows Media Player is not properly installed. Reinstall it back....
  7. Windows Media Player Network Sharing missing from services

    Earlier I had setup my D-Link Media Center successfully which was working great but as it was without security protection I found few people around me hogging my media and internet connection. Hence...
  8. Windows XP Pro system does not boot after ram upgraded from SD TO DDR

    I am having a Windows XP SP2 system. It is a old computer. There was a 256MB of SDRAM on it. I had upgraded that to 1GB DDR RAM. It is a single stick. But after adding the new ram the computer fails...
  9. Drivers for HP Expresscard Digital/Analog TV Tuner and Compatibility with Vista MC

    I need some help here. I am using a Windows Vista computer. It is a 32bit system. There is a HP ExpressCard installed in the same. The card came with the system. I am trying to configure Windows...
  10. Thread: PSSWCORE

    by Kaysel


    Am having a Vista system connected with HP All-in-One printer. Obviously I have its software installed on my computer. Now the problem started when I installed HP Photo smart Essential 2.5 separately...
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    RDP over VPN to Windows Server 2008

    There are around 11 workstations that are working on my network. Now due to some work there are some people who are shifted to some other places. We had configured NetGear VPN Router on the network....
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    Re: awesome solution

    Thanks, I think. Not sure what this in reference to, but I'm happy your golden whatever the solution.
  13. where do I point a users Home folder for Roaming Profiles?

    I need some help to configure folder redirection of My Documents. There are workstations which are configured with Windows XP on the one side and Windows 2003 server. Allt he workstations are...
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    Try to route the same properly on the vpn server....

    Try to route the same properly on the vpn server. And then check back. It looks there is some kind of connectivity failure in the access network due to which you are facing the problem. Go in server...
  15. Windows Security Center does not detect anti-virus program

    I had installed McAfee in my system. After installation I am getting a small notification on the desktop. I am using Windows XP. It shows me that there is no antivirus installed in my system. This is...
  16. You will need to boot in recovery mode. Then only...

    You will need to boot in recovery mode. Then only you can restore the server through cd that would be easier way. In recovery console it is possible to restore ntoskrnl.exe file. But the process it...
  17. Try to run a repair setup of Microsoft Office...

    Try to run a repair setup of Microsoft Office 2007. It would fix the issue. When you are installing the setup it is necessary that by default you must check all the options. So that each and...
  18. Windows XP is not able to recognize the Creative Zen Player

    I had bought a new Creative Zen audio player. It is a 8GB player. I had converted some audio songs into proper mp3 format. But I cannot transfer them in the player. The seller told me that it is a...
  19. My system configuration is AMD 5600+ cpu, ASUS...

    My system configuration is AMD 5600+ cpu, ASUS M2N-SLI, 2GB RAM ad a SATA hard drive. I had installed XP before on it. Now I want to install Windows Vista 64bit on different partition. I had kept a...
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    Audio not working on Sharp Actius AL 27

    I am using a Sharp Actius AL 27 pc. It is a bit older laptop. My audio stopped working. It has Windows XP in it. I cannot find proper drivers and I had no audio driver cd available. I cannot...
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    Re: System Recovery Error 100a

    Thanks for the help buddy. I think you are right. The problem occurred just after over a year old when the warranty is up. Anyways, i will first take it to HP Service Center and see what they say...
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    System Recovery Error 100a


    I am using a HP laptop since past 14 months and never had any problem with the same. Yesterday I was working on my laptop, suddenly I needed to went for some work, I left the system on and...
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    SP1 for Vista won't install

    I already have Windows Vista installed on one of my desktop since a year and is working fine. Yesterday I was trying to install Service Pack one on the same. Installation starts fine but later few...
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    Account lock out frequently on Windows Server

    One of my domain users account simply lock out everyday. I am not able to figure out the issue behind the same. The problem lies with single account only. What is the cause behind that. I had set all...
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    I agree with usage of RWW. It allows a easy...

    I agree with usage of RWW. It allows a easy connection of desktop with remote location and it is one of the easiest way to configure remote connectivity. As it is a integrated service you do not...
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    Re: Change a user's out of office status

    Thank you for the suggestion Stel, even I know that but as he is not in a situation (driving) to do the same, he called me up and told to do the same on behalf of him.

    Can I know how to set the...
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    Change a user's out of office status

    One of the users on my Network has went out for some urgent propose and just called me up to say I change his status out of office on email. I tried but dint got the way for doing the same. Because...
  28. Windows Media Center Does Not Detect ATSC Clear Qam Cable Channels

    I have Windows Vista running with media Center. Recently I bought a new VisionTek 650 PCI HD Tuner Card which works very fine with ATI Catalyst Media Center (a program that came along with the card)....
  29. Windows Mail error message not found every time when I close it

    I am using Windows Mail on Vista. Whenever I turn it off I am getting a error that Message cannot be found. I checked the mail settings it is working fine. I cannot understand about what error it is...
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    RE: Conflict Message dialog box in Outlook

    Appreciate all your helps. Finally I managed to fix the problem by renaming his OST file which forced the creation of a new one. After doing this so far he dint received that error again. However,...
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    Re: Conflict Message dialog box in Outlook

    Thanks for your help JUSTICE. I think that client access the mailbox only from one PC and there is no other user as well. However he does use OWA but sometimes only, only offsite/remotely. And as you...
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    Conflict Message dialog box in Outlook

    I’m running SBS 2003 Premium Edition and have few Windows XP Pro client workstations connected with. All clients are using Outlook 2003 connect with domain. Now the problem is a user is getting...
  33. Try to run a repair setup if the issue is more...

    Try to run a repair setup if the issue is more complicated. That will modify the damaged file and fix it. I always do this whenever I face any problem with Microsoft Office. It can be a bit annoying...
  34. Re: Windows DVD Maker will not recognize my DVD burner

    I was struggling with this problem earlier this month but fortunately managed to fix the problem after spending lots of hours on web. While searching for the solution only i came to through an...
  35. Can't open .msg and .eml attachments in Outlook 2003

    I am using Windows Vista Home Premium in my system. I am using Microsoft Office 2003. Now there is some problem with Outlook. When I try to pen .msg and .eml attachment it is not working. I cannot...
  36. "Not enough storage is available to process this command"

    After performing fresh Windows 2000 updates I found that there is a error while initiating some commands. I am trying to map a shared network location first on the new updated system. It gave me a...
  37. Re: SOME mp3 files don't play in Windows Media Player - others pla

    Thanks a lot for your help Troy. That worked for me. I just re-wrote the tags and they worked. Thank you.
  38. SOME mp3 files don't play in Windows Media Player - others play fine

    I have huge collection of MP3 files on my system. It is Windows XP Media Center Edition v5 with Windows Media Players 11. The problem am facing is I’m not able to play most of the MP3 files on my...
  39. Re: Unprotect document in Word 2007 that was protected in 2003 version

    Go to the review tab. There you can find the settings to make a document unprotected. I am sure it is possible to disable the same from Review section. Just click on that and then click on Protect...
  40. Task Scheduler Error 0x8007000d: The data is invalid.

    Getting 0x8007000d: The data is invalid error on my system when I try to run a specific task. I think it is corrupt. But the same was working quiet well some months ago. Also the issue can lie with...
  41. 5.5.0 smtp;550-Verification failed error while sending email

    Now there is a weird issue with my system. I am not able to figure out how the problem really started to appear. My system has Windows SBS 2003 R2 with Exchange SP2 . It is a new machine that I had...
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    Errors 1231/1232 Unidentified Network

    I am bit annoyed with the issue that I am facing. I am on Vista. I had gone through number of threads made on this issue but it looks none of them has a valid solution. Here is my problem. I am...
  43. HP All-in-one printers disappearing when there are changes in the network status

    I am facing some issue with HP printer on my network. I had never face this issue before. But somehow it looks the printer fails to work on the network. The printer model is Photosmart C6180. It is...
  44. The NTP server didn't respond Error on Windows 2000

    I am working on a test network. I am having a single domain controller with me. There is a time server. The setup is very old. No changes are made recently and all stuff looks to be working fine. The...
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    re: DNS Problem on Windows Server 2008

    You have to set the DNS address on the Domain controllers first. Then you have to check all the SRV records. Ensure that they are correct and they are point to a proper IP address. Another thing you...
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    Windows 2003 Pre-authentication failed

    There are series of audio failure in the logs of Windows Server. I am having a single Domain Controller. I checked the logs and see some entires which with id 675. The message was Pre-authentication...
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    Mail file access denied error on Windows Vista

    I am using Outlook 2007 on Vista. Whenever I try to open write message by clicking on email I am getting access denied error. My mail account is configured in Outlook and it is the default one I am...
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    Re: Can't access private folder

    I am going to give you references of some articles that will give you ample of information on applying the settings to take file ownership. Check the links below where you can find ample of...
  49. When I use single click the same then acts like double click in Windows XP

    My mouse is behaving weirdly. It is a new laser mouse. It was installed properly and started working fine. When I perform single click it act as double click. I always try to select something but it...
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    Avast vs AVG vs NOD32?

    I want to know which one among AVAST, AVG and NOD32 is best. There are three antivirus. I have choice to upgrade one, but I am confused. I had used already AVG for year and it is fine. It is light...
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