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  1. Re: office 2007 upgrade - lost 2003 disc, old laptop dead

    Dont you think the setup of office 2007 will be there in your new laptop that you have got? Just find the setup file and run it. you will find the installation file in the following location...
  2. Re: Stress testing, monitoring and benchmarking tools for both Intel and AMD rigs

    I could jump at the chance to brief that for those who may ask how I test, I independently run CPUZ, Core temp and Prime95 all as soon as possible for 8hrs to stress test my CPU overclocks. Utilizing...
  3. Re: While selecting 'include video' in Sync Photos iTunes Crashes

    Only the hope of providing some focus on this issue is that I have the same problem when trying to move a video from the camera roll to another folder (i.e., the video was taken by the same phone)....
  4. Thread: Backtrack

    by DotNetUser

    Re: Backtrack

    Hello please follow the steps
    1. Initially you have to boot your system starting the media containing backtrack. And then press enter to continue with the backtrack load. Then from there you have...
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    Re: Do OS X LION supports OpenOffice

    - I am not sure about this but have you ever tried to install that software in the machine? if not then you can try this for sure, and then you can try the same on your own.
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    Re: Silverlight 5 RC now Available

    Silverlight delivers the richest set of capabilities available to developers today through a Web‐browser. Silverlight 5 RC is available now for download. There is also a attendant download for...
  7. Re: Need OVI suit for battery level indicator and network signal strength

    that’s quite simple, I mean to say if you want to open the same location then you have to refer the address bad that you can see in the Image mentioned by the above user that’s quite simple.
  8. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    I have used both of them and if all you need to use the Internet Exploiter, then moreover one should work fine and also better to use on the Macbook Pro.
  9. Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 lost the Bluetooth Connectivity

    I think you should try the above user method, as I am using the older version I have not update to the higher version. I think I am smart that I have not gone for the higher version as it will be...
  10. Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    The vlc media player has got a very good, easy and simple interface. VLC Media Player opens in video mode by default. You will see that there is a button on the top right corner that will allow you...
  11. Re: Client Operating system freezing often in VMware workstation 8

    same trouble.

    * Dell Precision T3500 Workstation (Xeon 3520), 12 GB of RAM, x64 Win7 Company
    * No problems 7.1.x VMW
    * Update 7.1.x
    * The same symptoms through different guest OS (W2k3,...
  12. Re: Will fedora 15/gnome 3 work on VMware workstation 8

    Fusion is the Macintosh version of the workstation / player. so while not exactly the same, the virtual machine monitor device drivers are very similar across product families. Especially this last...
  13. Re: Long mode not working in VMware workstation 7

    This is by now the evasion performance for accessible VMware hosted products (Workstation 7.x, 3.x Player, and Fusion 3.x). For earlier products, the following explanation might help if your firmware...
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    Re: Windows 7 IE9 Rendering broken with Fusion

    In addition, Internet Explorer may automatically disable and disable GPU compatible graphics hardware acceleration, and in order to avoid the possibility, it is recommended (if the cut does not help...
  15. Re: How to convert VMware workstation 8 to VMware workstation 7?

    In general after the test for a week I'm pretty satisfied with WS8 and just updated both my desk and put my application in it for some of the licenses (and to recommend WS8 look at what we can offer...
  16. Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    Apple's foresight brings about second rate user encounter and decision. Now..It's exceptional there's an company prefer Apple who prods this forward, I'm simply happy I'm not one of their clients due...
  17. Re: Few Emails Received having huge text in Outlook Express 6

    I have perused that there is a situation with OE6 coordinating with IE7 which is utilizes for print and presentation font sizes. The just alternate proposal I would be able to give is to a different...
  18. Re: Memory cannot be released when VMware fusion 4 is paused

    If you wish for the vmware-vmx process (which is the actual virtual machine) to release the RAM then you necessitate to suspend or shutdown the virtual machine.

    Indeed, while only 2 GB of RAM...
  19. Re: What is the value of VMware fusion 4 features?

    I've updated the doc - P7 fact allows you to pause the virtual machine. So no advantage here.

    The VNC and remote control is not essential (and marked as low priority for me). And VMware...
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    Re: Unable to install VMware workstation 8

    I am trying to find alternative solution. If I got I will share here.
  21. Re: Poor video performance in VMware Workstation 8

    It is the same as it was with VMware Workstation 7
  22. Re: Need Software for Modem / computer Speakers

    Well I have to say the same thing which the above user have told, if you have not installed any sort of the software in the computer then you have to search on the internet for the software of the...
  23. Re: Windows unable to install updates including Printer Issue at the same time

    I’ve had this issue and moreover perceived on a few clients PCs. To solve it I did a mess of exploration and at length I had to do a reinstall to settle it. Not a terrific settle but a fix...
  24. Re: How to Backup Factory Installed Hardware without Reinstallation Disk?

    Much thanks to you so truly much, for the data noticing the open cause system info. Moreover, thank you for the reference to Magic Jelly Bean, I will attempt it and see what happens; it cannot...
  25. re: NETGEAR WN802Tv2 error occurs after v3.1.1 firmware update

    To overcome this problems i.e. from the WN802Tv2 error , one have to change its IP address to its ideal IP address, after that he have to alter forth to its defaults that previous one IP address. So...
  26. Re: Package for headphone port for Ubuntu 11.04

    If these problems occur in Toshiba then this might be the problems for the audio jack. See whether your audio jack is integrated into the motherboard if yes then your problems solve here because such...
  27. Re: Cloning C drive to a new drive that works up to a point

    Here is the same amount info that I am able to give you about Windows Mail and how it is acting. Since I leave my first "C" (now "Q" in usb fenced in area) connected. My windows Mail begins up when I...
  28. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    I ran into the same situation this nighttime, am utilizing 2000 Outlook, and attempted making a brand new folder and moved every last trace of the files. Halfway was ready to copy files into both...
  29. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    I think it would just be able to work when it has a photograph jpg or pcx fax or graphic file associated with it that has been rung to open it utilizing that application. I uprooted jpg cooperation...
  30. Re: VMware workstation 8 unable to work in Gentoo os

    Well, I do not even have selinux installed, so I do not think that's all. I suspect that one issue of thread and look at the open-vm-tools (but not last) I think you should use the same code....
  31. Re: Installing Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) on VMware fusion 4.0.1?

    I was trying to point to the USB drive and try to point to the setup application on the USB drive in an attempt to use that as the basis for creating VM. The USB drive that I created, it was the...
  32. Re: WinPatrol Monitor Cookies in Internet Explorer after Microsoft security updates

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-057 resolves five privately reported vulnerabilities in existing Internet Explorer. Monitoring Cookies are a minor issue in IE and the reason behind that is normally...
  33. re: gettin error "communication failure" while access nokia mails after firmware update in Nokia X3-02

    I think you should try to reset your device at least for one time so that you can figure out whether there is some problem with the firmware or not. because see resetting the firmware can resolve...
  34. Re: Netgear router not being connected to the Internet

    As you have mentioned that when you try to connect other device it just lose the made connection that means there could be some problem in the settings only, you should make sure that you have...
  35. Re: Do Power Data Recovery tool is good to use?

    I have tried the software that you have mentioned but still as a limitation to the trial version I would like to inform you that you can simply make a recovery of your data from the c:/ driver only...
  36. Re: Unable to recompose all my desktop pools using VMware view 4.5

    Your matter(s) are dissimilar from quarry; nevertheless I believe that for several cause your VMs in the pools are being put into a not in agreement state. I have seen this in 4.0.1 .In my case it...
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    Re: PCoIP not working in VMware view 4

    I have a lab setup with:

    Zeus ZXTM LB unit
    See SS (4.6)
    See CS (4.6)
    Transfer Vista (4.6)
    Virtual Center
    Agent 4.6
  38. Re: Help-Need to make a video recording tutorial

    As alternative Apowersoft Screen Recording Suite can help you capture the screen activities. Hence I suggest to you for first download this software. Then I suggest to you for doing this downloading...
  39. Re: How do you uninstall a program that won't uninstall?

    It could be greatest to utilize the Recovery Media for this machine so you wind up with a clean legitimate Windows with every last trace of the drivers. Then you are able to commission your authentic...
  40. Re: Missing important folder from my desktop, need help!

    I try not to accept it is any viruses or malware on my PC. I am running MalwareByes (MBAM) and PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Anyhow the earlier might as well be the finest in counteracting malware; I have...
  41. Re: Screen appears blank while running adobe edge samples in internet explorer 9

    I am agree with the above user but the thing that make sense is like we should make use of another browser if this one is not running rather than just finding the solution for the same.
  42. Re: How to find MVI files on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    The way to fix the error message arriving problem is to be simple. In that you need to first use an Quick player software on this system. Download QuickTime 7 Player free for PC and Mac. It is an...
  43. Re: Unable to play Windows Media file on preconfigured Windows 7

    I think you need to look in the option of the windows media player in the privacy that you would need to uncheck the download usage right when you would be sync the file. I think this should solve...
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    Re: Working panel missing in Adobe Edge

    You can try to uninstall it and then install it again on the computer or on the system which you were using it. As the re-install process might help you to solve the problem of the panel which you...
  45. Re: How to enable "Save and Quit" feature in firefox 5

    If you don’t like this version than you can simply have the previous version but still I am also in favor of other user as this facility is quite more good apart from the you are expecting.
  46. Re: Unable to install adobe edge on windows 7 64bit

    Yeah I was also having the same problem once with the setup, but don’t know what could be problem with you as you have mentioned that you have tried it for too many times.

    But when I was not...
  47. Re: bridged network, DHCP not working with Lion OS and Fusion 3.1.3

    I am also having the same thinking that this is the problem with the application itself and I have readied this at many places so I think many of the expertise’s are also thinking that same and...
  48. Re: Unable to install Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    You don’t need to do this task if there is some kind of software files present on this system. You can also use an proper upgrade task on it. This process will be help to complete the installation...
  49. Re: Cannot access vmware-host after upgrading windows7 and vmware fusion3.0

    I have only two points to talk about on this and it would be as the general remark as the Discovered that there has been use of the search VMware Communities which has been using the Google VMware...
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    Re: Error opening Adobe Edge on Lion 10.7.2

    I also Seeing exactly the same issue. Then I decided to perform an upgrade task on this system. I use the proper guidance for doing this upgrade task. This will be finally work and in result it helps...
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