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  1. Re: How to download eBook from Sony PRS-T2 library

    I would suggest you to download the latest firmware on your Sony PRS-T2 ebook reader. With the latest firmware I think that you will be able to access and borrow ebooks directly from the library....
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    Re: Sony PRS-T1 frequent restart issue

    Can you attempt to delete all the books from its memory or else you can even try to recover them if there are no backups and then try it again. I was also facing this similar kind of problem which...
  3. Re: Nook Simple Touch major problem after inserting wrong memory card

    You can try to perform a soft resest on your ebook reader which will solve all the problems. This will simply restart your Nook device and will also not delete any of the saved data in your ebook...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HD7 carousel issue

    I guess that the ebook will only show but you wont be able to download it. So, just tap on it and delete it from the Carousel. This way it will go to the Cloud if it is not downloaded to your Amazon...
  5. Re: How to transfer settings to new Amazon Kindle Fire

    Yes, even I agree that transferring files from your Kindle Fire by apps is one of the easiest way to do that. With the help of an app you will not require to have a usb cable for it to work and it is...
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    Re: connect OverDrive app with Kindle HD Fire

    I will give you steps to checkout ebooks and audiobooks on your ebook reader on OverDrive app. After installing this app, you need to press Pioneer Library System to start browsing titles. After that...
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    Re: Nook HD not working, dead already?

    Can you tell us whether the battery holding a normal charge a day before? If yes, then I think there is nothing to worry about. Most of the Nook HD models suffer from a few charging quirks. I was...
  8. Re: How to reset Vocabulary builder in Kindle Paperwhite

    I dont think that you will be able to delete words from it. But I guess that you will able to do that only one by one. I agree that it will be quite hectic to delete more than two hundred words which...
  9. Re: Nook apps are continuously redownloading on its own

    There might be some apps like Twitter and Spotify which are preinstalled apps unless you installed a new ROM on your device and wipe out the B&N interface. You can only try to prevent this thing by...
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    Re: Kobo Aura HD freezes after firmware update

    If the above solution doesnt work then try to kill its process in task manager and then disconnect your Kobo Aura HD. After 10 minutes or so, check if it starts with any of the firmware version. When...
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    Re: Kindle Paperwhite light is not turning off

    I think that you do not have to turn your ebook reader off completely. Your eReader will go to sleep itself after some period of time of no activity or else you can even press and release the power...
  12. Re: Event ID 55: Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume VHD

    There might be some corrupt system backup in WindowsImageBackup folder, so try to delete the backup directory by deleting WindowsImageBackup folder and all its contents and then re-run the backup....
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    Re: application to find album art

    The best one I would like to recommend you will be Album Cover Art Downloader which is an application that will help you get the album art semi-automatically. You can now effectively get the official...
  14. Re: How are exceptions and errors handled in a program ?

    Exceptions are the errors that are encountered during the run time of any programming language. There are different types of exceptions in a programming language. Whenever an exception occurs , the...
  15. Re: What are the advantages of a object oriented language over the procedural language?

    Yes I agree with you, you should know all the C language thoroughly if you want you want to learn the other programming languages especially C++, It has almost all features of C language but has...
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    Re: Want to know about Internet Explorer 9

    Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is the upcoming version of the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft. Internet Explorer 9 currently available as a public beta version. It supports all CSS 3...
  17. Re: How can I see MySQL server running on Linux/ UNIX

    You can use mysql startup script or mysqladmin command to find out if MySQL server is running on Linux/ Unix or not. Type mysqladmin command in a command prompt.

    # mysqladmin -u root -p status...
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    re: Want to upgrade ruby on Mac OS X

    The newest version Ruby 1.9.2 release for Ruby 1.9 series. Ruby 1.9.2 is mostly compatible with 1.9.1. There is a changes in a 1.9.2 version as compare to 1.9.1 version. Some of following changes...
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    Re: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    While I searching something on net I just found some information related to your topic and I like this topic too. Therefore I just go through that information. So here I like to share it with you....
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    Re: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    The other option is that you can solve it by typing the below given words that should be wrttien in the terminal of the code:

    rpm yum-utils
    debuginfo-install glibc
    And always perform all this...
  21. Re: How to copy the specific file using “dd” command

    I think you should try "cat" command instead of "dd" command, because I think cat command will be easy to run and understand for you. Using this command you can copy from the source drive sda and...
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    Re: Want to upgrade Q6600 processor to QX9650

    I have tried to upgrade q6600 to a qx9650. After trying this up-gradation i have found difference between the 2 at 3 GHz. I am getting the speed of 4.5 GHz with my QX9650 processor. I am quite...
  23. Re: My hard drive space decreases, when I sign in using Cricket wireless USB internet

    I think the problem you are facing is because there may be some issue with the software which is writing the log files. In order to find these files you will require making the use of software which...
  24. Re: Microsoft IIS shows End User Sessions on webpage

    The main issue that you must bear in mind is that you are using the ASP Basic Authentication on IIS to perform over. In effect, the IIS anonymous access only by what, in contrast to "normal" Basic...
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    Re: Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

    The Live Sync warns you that it will put back Mesh and require you to re-sync with the web store, fair enough. I synced up my files from one machine to the new web store without a problem. Then I...
  26. Re: Chaning Windows Phone Emulator start up options and executing projects

    If the Windows Phone 7 Emulator is not working in the command prompt with the ARMv6 core then you can open the VS2010 projects in the Microsoft Visual studio 2010 and execute the program there. The...
  27. Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    You need to effectively link a MacBook to an outside monitor, the display have to moreover a VGA or DVI port. Check the reverse of the monitor you desire to connect to for a port alike to one of the...
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    Try to disable the firewall or reset the firewall

    Even i was facing the same problem on my system. I struggled a lot in order to get this problem solved. Finally after 20 days i got a solution and the solution helped me in solving my issue. Now i am...
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    Re: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    I amusing The Apple DVI to Video Adapter that was specially designed to allow users of Mac Pro (with an ATI X1900 XT), MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 DVI port to connect to their computer...
  30. Re: Efficient memory usage with iterators in Python

    This is the fast prime number generator that I came across when I tested this a while ago. This is a good time 100000000 prime numbers down to C/C++ speeds.

    import math
    import time
  31. Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    Upgrade to Lucid has destined a number of issue but the the majority annoying was that plug in his Huawei E220 USB 3G modem was only from time to time detected (every other time it’s just a USB CD...
  32. Re: My iPhone connection does not remains constant with VW's Bluetooth system

    Even i have faced this problem and i got a solution for this. According to me you must be having the wifi enable with the bluetooth and the problem is caused by the wifi in the device, because in my...
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    Re: Where can I find Borland C++

    Is there any specific reason why you need such an old compiler although there are others available (some being free)? If Borland C++ is not an important for you than I would suggest you to check out...
  34. Re: Macbook- Trackpad issue stuck on dragging and selecting

    I have nice and simple solution for you problem. Before i was also having the same problem and i have fixed my on my Early 2008 15" problem with this solution, which i am providing you below. Just...
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    Re: Overheating Issues with the Core i5 & i7

    I have a new mbp 15 inch i-5 for doing my all the official works. The problem with my machine is that it is getting extremely hot after approximately 10 to 12 minutes on a hard load. I am...
  36. Re: Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    I think this reply will help you to get the solution for the search which you are seeking for. A instrument called AuthList will do what you are searching. You can generate a List of, let’s say,...
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    Re: Set Up a TFTP Server on Linux

    If you were familiar with its Windows equivalent, you will find no problem. Otherwise, you will need help from the Help menu, available after running tftpd. These cards can be read as little guide to...
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    Re: Best Linux distro for python programmers

    KDE is an international free software community producing an integrated set of cross-platform applications designed to run on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Solaris and Mac OS X systems. KDE software is...
  39. Re: Will i be able to play COD modern warfare 2 over LAN?

    I think i have the fix for this problem. The two computers which you are having at the home, you will just need to connect this two computers using a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to the LAN port. After doing...
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    Re: Want to use Hamachi on Vista

    I have thought about this problem and i feel that you are facing this problem because you are having vista installed on your system. There is problem that, it does not send udp broadcasts correctly,...
  41. Re: Without cracking it i want to drill a hole in my notebook

    What i feel is that you can make a use of a drill bit for making a hole on the plastic of the notebook. It will not bite too hard, do not press it very hard. If further you want to reduce the chances...
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    Re: What is the best way to cooldown my gpu

    OK so I tried pulling it out of my system desk considering as it is type a confined and than I pulled the side panel off. It seemed to be working with a lot cooler. It was peaking regarding 83 at the...
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    Re: Want help on my Z500a sony ericsson mobile

    I think that you need to reinstall the driver for your USB device. With your USB device you must have got a CD. The CD contain the driver for the USB. Insert the CD and install the driver on the PC....
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    Re: Getting my webcam online

    The merely prerequisite is that is uses Video For Windows (the majority do by the method!). If you would prefer to utilize an actual video camera to a certain extent than a webcam then you would...
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    Re: Replacing DVD Drive with Bluray in New Z

    I had purchased a Z12 a couple of weeks previously without a Bluray drive (the alternative is not yet obtainable in my country). I had order for it. I had in addition got it. For the reason that the...
  46. Re: XFx 9600gt DDR3 vs Xfx 9800gt DD3 graphics card

    I do not care what anybody else says a solitary GTX260 (Or something superior) is improved then two G92's in SLI. I am familiar with this from personal experience. At the same time as the max and...
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    Re: Nokia N900 Vs Google's Nexus One?

    The Google Nexus is a delight to watch as it has brought revolution in the Smartphone market. Google has provided Android OS in the phone and the additional features in the phone are very well...
  48. Re: 1366x768 LCD Laptop vs 1920x1080 LCD Laptop--- What would be the greatest difference between the two

    These resolutions in the laptop varies according to the pixel sizes and the laptop with the higher resolution provides a better picture quality if you are using the blu-ray technology. The laptop...
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    Re: idb error: system open-file limit

    I do not think about shell limitations and if I will set it to 1024 it will solve my problem of open-file limit , but I will get other, which I found previously, but ascribed to the open-file limit...
  50. Re: Unable to save passwords or usernames on my browser

    I got this solution and its working fine for me. I am providing you the instructions you need to follow this out. Go to the Tools in the Firefox. Inside the tools go to the options field and then go...
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