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  1. Re: Intel 915GM Mobile drivers don't work with Windows 8

    I don’t think that this should happen in Windows 8. I Intel’s graphic drivers work right with Windows 8. Are you sure that you are trying to install the proper version of the Intel 915GM Mobile...
  2. Re: Should I cancel my order for Kindle PaperWhite?

    I used Kindle PaperWhite to download the eBooks from market and I found that the experience of downloading was totally bad for me. You are allowed to download only one eBook at a time. You cannot...
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    Re: Best microSD card for Galaxy Note II

    I am using SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC in my Galaxy Note II and it works fine. One thing I would like to tell you is that you shouldn’t just fill the memory card till it’s full till the end. I mean,...
  4. Re: Does Samsung Galaxy Note II support voodoo sound?

    Voodoo Sounds just adds audio drivers in your smartphone which enhances the sounds that are generated in it. Also the app provides us with various options using which we can change the settings of...
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    Re: Laser EB720 eBook reader problems

    I used my girlfriend’s Laser EB720 eBook reader and I found it good for use. Though it is not of the Kindle’s level or quality, but it can be useful sometimes. I didn’t notice the problems...
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    Re: Is the Pixelar Mreader any good?

    Pixelar Mreader has good inbuilt dictionary which we can use to search the meanings of the words we don’t know. This inbuilt dictionary has good collection of vocabulary which is really helpful....
  7. Re: Download firmware of Augen ‘The Book’ eBook Reader

    It is also preferable to make the backup of all the data in your eBook reader. The firmware update might erase the data from your eBook reader which won’t be able to be retrieved in any way. This...
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    Re: Reading a text file divided by tab

    I am acquainted with dealing the files in hard drive by designing codes in C language. I can’t tell you exactly how to make a code for your need. It will need some intensive research and time. But...
  9. Re: How to remap keyboard of Motorola Photon Q?

    Actually there is no way to remap the keys on the keypad of Motorola Photon Q. I don’t know how many people are finding it difficult to use this keyboard, but I am sure that person with small...
  10. Re: Has AMD reduced the price for 7950, 7870 and 7850 cards?

    I think that it is the competition with Nvidia that has made AMD reduce the prices of there graphics card. I mean everybody was going for Nvidia when the prices of video card were same. So I think...
  11. Re: Kobo Touch eReader Firmware 2.0 download and information

    I like the way font of the Kobo Touch eReader is improved after putting the firmware update in my eReader. The font seems much clearer and well made now. I think they have improved the resolution of...
  12. Re: Complain Airtel about spam messages on my phone

    You can call the customer care of Airtel and ask them to block the advertising calls. The numbers that begin with 5 are assigned to the telemarketers and such agencies that send these spam messages....
  13. Re: After upgrading Pandigital eReader, it is not working

    I think I know the reason for the problem. The updates that are available for Pandigital eReader are developed such that they need to have completely empty eReader to install the updates. As you...
  14. Re: Solve overheating problem of Zotac GTX 460 GPU

    I will suggest that you get another cooling fan for your computer and place it such that it faces the graphic card and cools the hot air coming from it. This will help you to keep the graphic...
  15. Re: SanDisk Extreme 480 GB is not getting of 3 GB speed on Mac Book

    Mac Book was made during the time when there were no SSD drives. This can be the reason that your Mac Book is under performing when you are attaching a SSD to it. I think the SSDs are only made for...
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    Re: Buying a demo unit of Kindle Fire

    The demo unit of Kindle Fire that you saw will not have full functionality. There will be many features missing from it. The people at the store only need to some basic interface and some features to...
  17. Re: Download link of Kindle for PC 1.10.1 and info

    Kindle for PC 1.10.1 is an application that can be found on internet easily. You can download it on your PC and install it. This utility is of around 28 MB and can be found for free on internet. It...
  18. Poll: Re: How often do you backup data on your computer?

    I make backup of things that I need to preserve for long time. I am a music composer by profession and I need to save the tunes and the songs I compose. The songs and the tunes might come in use at...
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    Re: Fully customizable start menu in Windows 8

    I don’t think that the Start Menu of Windows 8 will be customizable. Even if customization options are given, I don’t think that they will let us modify it in depth. We can wait for some...
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    Poll: Re: Do you own any Apple electronic products?

    I get a feeling that Apple ties to discriminate among various people. They want to create a different community which owns Apple devices. Apple fails to accept and work on the formats from other...
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    Re: Stuck at level 5-10 in A Virus Named Tom

    I have completed level 5-10 but I don’t remember what exactly the puzzle was. But I don’t remember the puzzle being this hard. Also from the looks of the puzzle in the picture, it seems like the...
  22. Re: What levels should be used for high score contest in A Virus Named Tom?

    I think that earning points is very much easy in co-op mode than that in single player mode of A Virus Named Tom. If you want to unlock the achievement related to the high score and beating the...
  23. Re: Is there any privacy issues with eBook and user privacy?

    The eBook readers made by Kindle give advertisements related to the content we are reading. For example, recently I was Sherlock Holmes and while reading I would get advertisements suggest me that I...
  24. Re: How to use Kindle 4 with vouchers instead of bank card

    Yes, you can send as well as receive Amazon vouchers on your Kindle 4. You can use these vouchers to redeem them for items on Amazon. I usually get Amazon vouchers from my cousin who stays abroad. I...
  25. Re: Improvements in Civilization V: Gods & Kings

    I think that best improvement in Civilization V: Gods & Kings is that you will now have naval units too. This means that we can now expand our civilization across the seas as well as on deserted...
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    Re: End of Nations will have naval units?

    Right now the game is new and thus there are no naval units in this game. The developers might have them in further developments, but as for now the only naval units present in End of Nations are...
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    Re: End of Nations will have three factions

    I am playing using the Shadow Liberation and it too is a great faction. It too is an opposing faction for Order of Nations and was started by Donald Poole. But after he was killed it was overtaken by...
  28. Re: Collector's Edition vs. Signature Edition of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    The Collector’s Edition is the coolest edition of this game. It will give you lot of cool items from related to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Like Signature Edition, Collector’s Edition too will...
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    Re: Is Krater Game worth to be played?

    Come on guys, Krater is an indie game and no big developer or publisher is involved in it. I actually loved this game though I agree that it lacks some features. The best part of the game is that it...
  30. Re: Max Payne 3 game won’t load because I don’t have at least service pack 1

    this is very known issue with Max Payne 3. It has some compatibility issues with some operating systems and it is notified to Rockstar Games. A new patch has been released by the developers to solve...
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    Re: Error "Video Memory 0 MB" in Max Payne 3

    The problem that you are facing is a well known issue and Rockstar Games also have been notified about it. In reply to it, they have released a patch which you will find it on official website of Max...
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    Re: Speed test of Airtel 4G is awesome

    Bharti Airtel is the first telecom company in India that has brought 4G wireless internet services in India. The LTE at the end of the name stands for Long Term Evolution which is useful for high...
  33. Re: Harley Quinn’s Revenge needs patch to stop crashing

    I suggest you to wait for some days before you play the game. The patch that the game is asking you to download will make game more unplayable than before. Many gamers have noticed that their saved...
  34. re: Glitches in Harley Quinn’s Revenge on PS3

    I am having a bug in my version of game. I don’t know if anybody else is also experiencing it but it is stopping me from proceeding in Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge. I am at the...
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    Re: New firmware for Evga GTX 580

    Another reason for your Evga GTX 580 not giving you options for changing the voltages of the graphic card for purpose of overclocking must be because this graphic card must not have options to change...
  36. Re: Looking for signed version of Opera mini 4.4

    If you are searching for Opera Mini 4.4 web browser for your Pantech Link P7040, then here it is. Opera Mini for Pantech. I know that Opera Mini 4.4 is an outdated version and your phone too being...
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    re: Game of Thrones should be bought or not?

    I played the demo version of A Game of Thrones and I am not going to buy this game. The main reason is the environment in which it is set. In the TV series the period in which the story takes place...
  38. Re: RE2 and RE3 Heroes characters can be played in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City PC

    I played the Heroes mode in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and saw that there are plenty of skins made available by the developers to play in the versus mode. The only point is that one team...
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    Commentary in FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012

    I just downloaded UEFA Euro 2012 dlc for FIFA 12 and installed it in my PC. After installation, I started the game and saw that there were many options for selection of languages for commentary. Many...
  40. Changing name of unlicensed players in FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012

    I recently downloaded FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 and started to play it. I selected Spain as my team and began playing the game. The first match itself was disappointing as I had to face Wales. From...
  41. Respawning Infected Liars and Military bases in Prototype 2

    I am playing Prototype 2 and while roaming around the city, I found an infected Liar. I entered it to destroy and gain the mutation that it will provide. I was fighting the infected beasts and at a...
  42. Ruthless violence in Prototype 2 bad for mental health

    I just watched the trailer of Prototype 2 and the level of violence seems extremely high in this game. I saw bodies being ripped into pieces and body parts being ripped out and dismembered. Even the...
  43. Changes made in 1.05 patch for Ridge Racer Unbounded

    I haven’t played Ridge Racer since last week as I was busy with my exams. After finishing my exam I came to know from official website of this game that, developers have released a new patch which...
  44. Overclocking Intel i3 2120 on Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4

    I have Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 motherboard Intel i3 2120 processor in my computer. I want to overclock it but don’t know proper procedure. Can someone help me with it?
  45. Unable to overclock AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE on Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

    I brought a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 yesterday and also brought an AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE processor. I tried overclocking the processor, but I couldn’t achieve the full performance from it. I used...
  46. Best Place to farm weapons in Shoot Many Robots and Snatch Loot option in Playstation 3

    I am finding it difficult to complete adventure 14 on Insane Mode. My friend suggested me to have as many level 50 weapons before entering Adventure 14. I want to know the best place to farm weapons...
  47. Low traffic on streets of Ridge Racer Unbounded

    I am playing Ridge Racer Unbounded for past few days. I have noticed that the street of the city that is available in the game has no traffic. I mean a whole city without any traffic, it seems odd....
  48. Asari Justicar's Biotic Sphere in Mass Effect 3

    I currently recruited a Asari Justicar to my team in Mass Effect 3. From the amount of game that I have seen him playing, I think that he is an awesome team mate and is worth to keep for a long time....
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    Apps versus Programs in Windows 8

    I have started using Windows 8 consumer preview and I find that Apps and Programs are same in Windows 8. You can pin all the apps to the start screen as well as search them through search bar. You...
  50. MLAA 2.0 versus SMAA and new Adaptive MSAA in latest drivers for ATI graphic cards

    I have heard that the latest 12.3+ graphic drivers for ATI graphic cards will provide new features in anti-aliasing techniques. I suppose it has functions to enable MLAA 2.0, SMAA and new Adaptive...
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