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  1. Anyone bought Asus Zenfone 5 after price fall

    Just recently the cost of Asus Zenfone 5 was reduced to Rs.10000 which was before Rs.13000. I was having a eye on this phone but later on I got some negative reviews about this. So I thought it would...
  2. What is the difference between Whatsapp and WhatsApp plus

    I had seen many of my friends are using WhatsApp plus. This one is not a official software. But it is quiet popular I think. But I am unable to find the difference. My friends says that this one is...
  3. Dell system detect wrongly identify my laptop as Inspiron 1520

    I am trying to update drivers for Dell Vostro 100. In the Dell driver support site there is a tiny utility called as Dell System Detect. It automatically identify the system and provide me drivers....
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    Dark Shadow on the top part of iPhone 6

    I am not able to understand whether this is a issue or whether this thing is common with all iPhone 6. I can see a dark shadow on the top side of iPhone 6. The lcd light from the background looks...
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    Wifi issue after updating to iOS 8.0.2

    My brother has a new iPhone 6 while I am using a older version of iPhone. That is 5S. And there is a iPad also in my home. I got a iOS 8.0.2 update on the that. It took a quiet long time to update...
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    Windows 7 is unable to detect usb speaker

    My friend has a nice portable speaker that has Bluetooth and usb connectivity. It has a usually Bluetooth paring mode through which I can use that in the mobile phone. But it also has a micro usb...
  7. Downloading Windows XP Service Pack 3 for old pc

    I can see Windows XP Service Pack 3 on many popular download website. I want to know that is it the full version of Windows XP. I want to download and use this on a old pc that is kept in the...
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    Cannot boot Ubuntu on Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H

    I had dual boot my system that has a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H. I had bought this board recently as my old one was not working well. I moved my old hardware on this. I was having a dual boot system...
  9. Which is the cheapest processor for a entry level pc

    What processor is the market is the cheapest one to build a entry level pc. I want to build a pc for my brother who will be using it for study purpose. Like for presentation work, for file editing,...
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    Unable to sync iPhone 5S with Windows 7

    Usually once you install iTunes, the sync process is automatic whenever you connect your iPhone device. But I having a bit issue with Windows 7.
    connect the device to my pc the sync is not working....
  11. Re: Does restoring windows 7 through image file can affect Ubuntu installation

    I had done this after when I had completed installing everything. I started with windows installation first. I installed all required software, printer driver and other required drivers. When windows...
  12. Does restoring windows 7 through image file can affect Ubuntu installation

    I have a dual boot system. At one side I have installed Windows 7 while on the other there is Ubuntu. I have some issue in Windows 7. It is not working well, it is very slow and it turn on very slow....
  13. Motherboard suggestion for Corei5 under Rs.7000

    Want some help to find a motherboard for Core i5 processor under Rs.7000. The socket is LGA 1150. I want a decent motherboard which is good enough for day to day usage and also a bit for gaming. I am...
  14. Onedrive does not shows up thumbnail of my documents

    There is a problem with Microsoft OneDrive. I am not able to see thumbnail of all my uploaded documents. I have saved office files, with images and a few videos also. Before I use to see the...
  15. The Amazing Spider Man 2 freezing on Windows Vista

    I am having a bit issue with playing The Amazing Spider Man 2 on Windows Vista. I had installed the game. When I start the game cinematic goes well. But when I try to jump off the characters is...
  16. How to check dead pixels on Samsung Galaxy S5 screen

    Even mobile screen has dead pixel. There is a tiny black dot on the screen. I tried cleaning that but it is not going. This appeared after I applied a new screen guard. I just want to confirm whether...
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    Cost of Apple iPhone 5C 8GB 5C in India

    What will be exact price of Apple iPhone 5C 8GB in India. There were some news on web that says Apple is working on a cheaper version of iPhone. They are going to release that soon in India. I am...
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    Slow file indexing on Total Commander 8

    I am had installed Total Commander 8 on my system. I found Windows Explorer very basic. I was looking for some additional features. So I found Total Commander 8. After installing that I found that...
  19. How can I save all Skype Video Chat on Surface Tablet

    Does skype has any option through which I can save all the video chats. I tried to find that in the settings, but it does not shows any recording option. I want to save all the videos on my pc which...
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    Acer Iconia A1-810 android update

    Still Acer Iconia A1-810 Tablet is running on Android 4.2 Jellybean operating system. I am looking for some info when this tablet is going to get the new Android 4.3 or Android 4.4 OS update. It is...
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    Nokia 920 Sound not working

    I am not able to get any sound from Nokia 920. This all happened suddenly. It was working fine, before. I am not able to get audio from call also. The other guy is able to get my voice, but he is not...
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    Visa Debit cards accepted in PSN?

    Can I use Visa Debit cards in PSN. I am doubtful about the same. I am not sure what kind of payment mode it accept. I want to buy some games from the network. I have a id but yet I had not configured...
  23. Is iWeb simple to use for web publishing on Mac

    iWeb is the default software on mac that helps to build and publish websites. I need some help to use the same. I am unable to get a proper info about using the same. I had seen some videos which...
  24. It is ok to use AMD FX8320 processor on a low end Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2

    I am going to buy a high end cpu here. I need this for gaming purpose. So getting a good cpu is always a good choice which also help in future. The cpu that I will buy is AMD FX8320. And for that I...
  25. New Google Map update will help you to locate better direction

    Google has updated it maps for giving out better direction. I think most of the application under navigation only work through Google. As it is the only largest gps location provider. The new updates...
  26. Future cars will be rated on the basis of Collision Avoid Technology

    Collision Avoidance System is a new technology. Many automobile manufactures are looking forward to have this system integrated in their automobile models. This technology will make your car more...
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    Best apps for iOS 7 devices

    The new iOS 7 looks great enough in terms of features and performance. I am looking for some best apps for this platform. The store looks flooded with a number of new stuff, but that is a bit...
  28. Confused between buying Galaxy Tab 2 & Galaxy Tab 3

    Samsung has released Galaxy Tab 3 recently. I want to buy tablet and there is nothing to worry about the budget. But I need a tablet with reasonable performance. My friend owns Galaxy Tab 2. I had...
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    Where to find some cool led mobile case

    Can anyone guide me to locate led mobile cases. I can find the regular one. There are leather cases, wooden cases but there are not led case. Some that has flashy light effect. Also I have one doubt...
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    Cheap spying gadgets for sting operation

    Where to find cheap spy gadgets. Like a spy pen or hidden camera kind of stuff. I had seen on some website, they are really costly. I want a cheap model here which I can use for basic purpose. I do...
  31. Microsoft Office is now available for Android platform

    Microsoft has officially released office suite for Android platform. Now you can modify and create all files associated with word, excel and PowerPoint on the android phone or table itself. But there...
  32. Going for BioShock Infinite. Want some info on gameplay

    I saw certain videos of Bioshock Infinite on Youtube. The game looks really awesome. I want to buy this. But is complicated to decide after watching such a short gaming video. I had seen Remember Me...
  33. Adata DashDrive Air AE400 great portable hard drive with unique features

    I found Adata DashDrive at a local shop which I purchased. I just made this thread to share my experience with others about the drive. It is extremely cool drive with great features. It has good...
  34. High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    Want some help to find a high end sound card. I have to suggest one to my client who is a DJ. I had seen some creative cards, which are costly but I am not so technical advance to find out which one...
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    How to use spy pen on Windows 7

    I ordered a Spy pen from a online website. It is a cheap device that offers 3mp recording with 16GB storage. Now there is a weird issue with the pen. I am not able to use this on my Windows system. I...
  36. Why it take so long to unlock Winrar password

    I am using a tool that allow me to remove the password of a locked Winrar file. The tool is running from last 8 hrs and yet it is not able to give me the result. I had seen this commonly that this...
  37. Which weapon do you prefer on your favorite FPS game

    There are ample of fps games in the market in different genre. Among all of them Counter Strike looks to be everyone's favorite. I made this thread to find which kind of weapon you prefer best for...
  38. Can I install Android Jellybean on Nokia Lumia 920?

    I just have this doubt in my mind. I am going for Lumia 920 device. I love the durability features of this phone. But can I install android on this. I had seen many threads where lots of people are...
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    Animated wallpapers for iOS 7

    Where can I find some good animated wallpapers for iOS7. I got the update on my ipad recently that looks really impressive in performance. The tab is working really better here. But I want to add...
  40. Bookeen ereader vs Kobo Glo vs Kindle Paperwhite

    Which one is best among Bookeen ereader, Kobo Glo and Kindle Paperwhite. I want to gift a ebook reader to my friend. So I am looking for the best one here. Many says that Kindle is best while many...
  41. Re: Will Kingston HyperX Predator memory work on Asus M5A99X motherboard

    Thanks for the reply. But my system has stopped working. Actually I was trying to go for some good gaming upgrade. That would offer me more better performance. My system is almost more than a year...
  42. Will Kingston HyperX Predator memory work on Asus M5A99X motherboard

    I just want to add a new ram on my system. My system specs are AMD Athlon, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard drive, 1 GB Nvidia Gpu, and Asus M5A99X motherboard. Now the existing ram looks to be not working...
  43. Should I buy Resident Evil Revelations for PC or Console edition

    I want to buy Resident Evil Revelations. I am confused which version should I buy. It should be PC or Console. I was first thing about PC, but gone through some review which said that the PC version...
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    Resident Evil Revelations vs Resident Evil 6

    Resident Evil Revelations is a recently launched game. I was actually looking forward to buy the new edition of this game. I had played a very old version and after that found nothing. I am looking...
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    Upgrading to Microsoft Project 2013

    What are the key features of Project 2013. I am still using the older edition here. It might be 2010 I am not exactly sure. But I had seen a small article based on 2013 which shows it is more better...
  46. Difference between Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite

    I am planing to bulk order a good ebook reader. After searching a lot on the web I found Kindle as the best among them all. Now there are two editions in it. The first one is Kindle Fire and the...
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    Improper memory read on ASRock Z77 Extreme4

    I bought a new Asrock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard. I ordered that from an online shopping site.The board came packed. Along with that I also purchased 3 RAM sticks of 2GB each. I am here trying add 6GB...
  48. Re: Vista laptop does not recognize attached NAS drive

    I tried wifi connectivity here. It works fine. I also replaced the cable. I arranged a router and connected to the switch. Now in the wifi section of my laptop I can see the nas drive as well other...
  49. Which 3.5inch hard drive will be good for a professional work

    I am looking for a good 3.5inch hard drive that I can use for my office. I had changed around 4 models recently where I was not getting a great output. I am a bit stucked here. I am looking for a...
  50. Vista laptop does not recognize attached NAS drive

    I am having a Vista laptop. It belongs to some hp brand. Now there is a problem with NAS setup here. I am unable to work on the same. I am having 2 more pc on the network which are connected to the...
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