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  1. Re: Are google sites ban on internet explorer 11

    Nope, this cannot be happened, Microsoft or any one else just cannot ban Google. By the way, sounds like there is some other problem on your pc itself because even i am using OE 11 and i can easily...
  2. Re: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    That is a small thing. It is just killing your internet. There is siad hotfix provided that you can go for and remove the issue. You can download it and run it. It would be a complicated for server...
  3. Re: Is anyone planning to release Ubuntu Tablet PC

    Linux distros are fine and better. They offer you a much simple support on configuration of Linux. It is not at all complicated to handle. But there is no way we can get it work properly on Tablets....
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    Re: Does Inversion is similar to Portal

    I had not played portal, but I can tell you that inversion is good. If you like action pack game then this is the one for you. But if you do not like violence much then stick with portal.
  5. re: What are the benefits of upgrading new Linux Kernel 3.5

    There are major changes made on the linux kernal. So to some extent people might worry to upgrade that. Texting the same in another system would be far more better.
  6. Re: Using Patch My Pc to update Windows system

    It is a very simple tool to use. There are no complicated button and the download size is just 361kb. Just double click on the .exe file and patch the software marked as net.
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    Re: Keeping cheap psu is recommended or not

    It depends. I had purchased a old system in which receive 250w psu. I upgraded that to 400w, added a gpu and thats all. The system just works like a new one.
  8. Re: Is it possible to encrypt phone calls on Smartphone

    If you need a this on Blackberry then the best app that I found is Cellcrypt. The one which is mentioned in second answer. Cellcrypt offers a powerful platform to encrypt your voice call over...
  9. Re: What are your views on Panasonic Lumix GX1

    The camera comes with video recording support also and that too in hd quality. You can capture video with 1920x1080 resolution in mp4 or h.234 format. That is quiet nice output. Because there are...
  10. Re: Stressing Intel Core i7-2700K to 5.2ghz seems to be running fine

    So far more and more people posted only good reviews about this processor and it is good to hear that the Core i7-2700K succeeded to maintain its stability even under the extreme overclocking. In...
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    Re: Sync Live Mesh with Windows XP

    Everyone knows that the Windows Live Mesh 2011 get updated very recently and it is compatible only with latest Windows OS. This is developed to provide a solution to the user where people have more...
  12. Re: CPU Usage rises to 100% while using Live Mesh

    Well i dont think Live Mesh is the reason for your high CPU usage because even am using the same but i dont have any such problem. There could be many reason for a High CPU usage and you have to find...
  13. Re: Edit this bookmark box does not appear in Firefox 12

    Previous versions of Firefox (I think before v5) lacking of bookmark management. Many users want to manage bookmarks but the administration is missing suddenly. Of course, the bookmarks are not gone,...
  14. Re: BSOD with Intel i7-2600k overclocked, need more Vcore

    Intel i7 version CPU is open to the user. So you have the freedom to choose in which clocking and voltage setting you wish to run its processor. A key point is a suitable motherboard to buy. Because...
  15. Re: Asrock P67 Extreme4 (B3) won't run memtest via USB

    I don’t know whether you can actually boot from the USB drive or not. If not, then there are several utilities to make the USB as a boot device. By using those tools format a drive with a DOS boot...
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    Re: How to replace Lenovo G570 laptop fan

    If you have bought the laptops recently then I urge you only one thing and that is do not open the laptop or repair it by yourself. This will surely going to void your warranty and it usually ends up...
  17. Re: Best Keyboard settings for Blackberry Storm 9500

    It's been a while since I research about these settings on the keyboard. For my part I have followed your settings and parameters actually I do not recognize my keyboard as it was improved! I assume...
  18. Re: Sony VAIO VPC-F23 now Available in different colors

    The latest Sony notebooks go on their process seduction with a transformed as well as configuration of fresh vibrant colors. The processors are reasonably chosen the new Core i3 and i5 from Intel...
  19. Re: Is it possible to upgrade Sony Vaio Z13 RAM to 16 GB

    I have installed the 12GB RAM on my laptop and then I tried to test the RAM for errors and compatibility issues using Memtest. Unfortunately, the Memtest crashes with 12GB. Thus Intel page suggest me...
  20. Re: Connect WD Book Live Duo to 4TB My Book Studio Edition II via USB

    First of all you need to look on How external storage works. The USB port has different kind of features.
    Whatever you plugged into the USB port, it will turn the device a share. So when you...
  21. Re: DPI settings and Button mapping won't work for Logitech G700 mouse

    I am also using the same mouse and I don’t have any problem with the DPI on the mouse but there is a problem with button mapping. It goes crazy when I use it in games for choose different things....
  22. Re: Logitech Flow Scroll App does not support any applications

    While some browsers like Opera offers a default web page scrolling very fluid, most other browsers are sometimes steep in this area. We already knew two solutions for Google Chrome and Mozilla...
  23. Re: How to merge clips using Windows 7 Movie Maker

    I assume that you are talking about overlaying clips here. However you can do it in Windows movie maker easily. To do this first place both clips on the same timeline. After that you need to drag the...
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    Re: How to create Page Breaks in Ebooks

    If you are creating a bible, then pages shouldn’t matter here. In order to get the page break for mobi format or file, you have to put a special html tag: <mbpagebreak/>. There are several bibles...
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    Re: Windows 7 Quick Launch icons are invisible

    With Windows 7, the useful Quick Launch bar but disappeared again. Instead, there is only a single large container (Quick Start) links - the Superbar. The disadvantage is that the symbols of the...
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    Re: Fujitsu HDD clicking due to faulty PCB

    Some PCB boards do have a fuse but some came with protection diodes. Some of the PCB boards requests for "adaptive" data which stored inside the EEPROM otherwise on the main MCU. These data must be...
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    Re: How to Autostart Citrix XenDesktop-Session

    For it is very much necessary to Autostart the Citrix License Server when booted. But for that you need to use the right commands to enable that feature using the CLI. And then you have to make sure...
  28. Re: Ubuntu Unity panel sitting behind top Gnome shell panel

    If you are using the Ubuntu 11.10, you will get only Unity and Unity 2D. The 2D Unity isn't classic. If you use sudo method, you can get Gnome 3 and Gnome classic. At this time you will get choice to...
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    Re: Can we use Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 as eReader

    On each Galaxy tab there is a Reader software in the form of an app. Customers can read on this app all popular e-book formats, and archiving. Even copy-protected content can be opened. About the...
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    Re: Poor Color Quality in Xerox 700

    Xerox has a very special customer policy. They do not have any treatment but the dealers are independent. Companies charges annual maintenance in advance, when to the end customers are billed every...
  31. Re: Change iPhone 4S camera settings to get better print

    Try IMAGETOUCH: To make collages with multiple photos, with the ability to:

    Move, rotate and resize.
    Put edges or shadows to your photos.
    Change the background color.
    Place labels and...
  32. Re: Norton AntiVirus installed on iMac showing 64 Bit Kernel error

    I think that for this issue you might need to download and install the Intelligent Updater. This is only meant for Intel-based Macs. By the help of this you may also resolve this issue.
  33. Re: Motorola Droid X2 saying "Update Not Available"

    Have you rooted the phone? It is strictly not allowed for the Droid X2. The Verizon does not allow updates to such phones. If your phone is still on any carrier, then there is only possible way to...
  34. Re: How to Customize software buttons in Android ICS

    On CM7 possible via menu CyanogenMod / input / Behaviour seach key (you can set short and long pressure).
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    Re: Radeon 5650 vs 6550 on Acer Aspire 3820TG

    I am a Toshiba user. As i can say both models offer approximately the same performance. Both have lousy displays and are quite warm under load. The Acer has a slightly better battery life and a...
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    Re: HTC Sensation XL stucks in bootloop

    I have exactly the same problem. I have also been trying to figure out how that was triggered. First presumption was that since I'm in a pocket pad, because the kind of move that will affect....
  37. Re: How to remove Random Green Pixels from monitor

    I advise you to install LCDcleaner. This software fixes 60% of defective pixels in LCDs by flashing the screen.
  38. Re: Unlock HTC Titan with chevron Windows phone 7

    Microsoft in cooperation with Duch is ChevronWP7 Labs one unlock a windows phone for a set fee offered by $ 9. This unlocking it should be possible without developer certificate free account to...
  39. Re: PC with MSI 790FX-GD70 and GTX 295 VGA restarts Without A Reason

    Problem solved! But seems to have located on the main board to board has been replaced! Now almost everything runs as it should! The only thing that will not run Somehow, C & Q! Bios V1.30 is up but...
  40. Re: Random reboots with MSI H67MA-E45 motherboard

    If the antivirus has given you some kind of problem is likely to enter with some process confliction you completely fail-safe mode and then move to the Ccleaner no trace and see if there are no...
  41. Re: Motorola Defy Camera quality deteriorated after flashed to MIUI ROM

    Not too certain like I don't run MIUI other than you might would like to attempt clearing the cache as well as data for the camera app and observe if that makes whichever dissimilarity?

    To fix it...
  42. Re: Plug-in install prompt won't disappear in Google Chrome

    This issue is unfortunately the most common Google Chrome, and is extremely difficult to predict. I invite you to:

    Consult the Help Center article below to identify and correct common problems ...
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    Re: Firefox 8.0 beta available to download

    The first addition for the reopening of the browser when a session is replaced. The user can choose now not to restore the contents of the tabs at the selection of these. For example, if Firefox...
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    Re: How to use the Nokia X6 GPS without internet

    If you do not want to use AGPS , put the phone in an open area, try not to clutter your view of the sky with your own body or the environment and stand still until the link. Once the link has been...
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    Re: How DNS affects on a website

    The DNS only the time involved in establishing the connection between two servers. When the browser takes a long time to find a website is usually either because our primary DNS is down or for some...
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    Re: How to setup alarm in Nokia N9

    Setting up the alarm is not a complex task. You just need to make sure that you know how to get into the alarm settings. If you are using the default alarm application on mobile then it would be any...
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    Re: Is it Worth to buy a Nokia Lumia 800

    No, not really. Nokia Maps is a great map program, and works better than competitors' equivalent. But it does not do anything new and decisively different from the things already seen. If you just...
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    Re: Dead Pixel on Sony Tablet S

    An LCD display with a native resolution of 1280x1024 has more than 1.3 million pixels. The chance that not all work is great. Dead Pixel Tester helps you find dead pixels. Dead (sub) pixels are not...
  49. Re: Screen Protector for Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V

    The sony ericsson screen protector offers a novel material, which improves the qualities of the usual screensavers. With a durable surface, this protector is a perfect mechanism to protect your...
  50. Re: Netgear WNCE2001 could not connect to wifi network

    Your router is indeed a connection to the Internet and it has saved all the necessary credentials. It does this via wireless access to all wireless devices available that are authorized to do so....
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