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  1. Re: Skype not working on Samsung galaxy s3

    First of all I want to know which version of Skype you have installed ? Is it the latest version?
    If yes, then cross check if "Enable Video Calls" Is checked in Skype settings. If it is, and you are...
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    Re: Best PC cabinet under 3 K

    If you can spend 500 Rs more than you can get “Cooler Master Elite 430 Black Mid Tower Cabinet”. It will cost you around Rs. 3516 and It is available on flipkart with below key specs:
    1 Fan
  3. Re: Good books for learning Python programming language

    Ill suggest you to check out below ones:
    Dive Into Python By: Mark Pilgrim
    Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional By: Magnus Lie Hetland
    Python in a Nutshell By: Alex Martelli
  4. Re: Best Colleges for Electrical diploma in Pune and Mumbai

    List of best college for Electrical diploma in Pune and Mumbai:
    Anna Saheb Patil College of Engineering , Mumbai
    M.H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Mumbai
    Mahatma Gandhi Missions College of...
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    Re: Best Windows OS migrating software

    You should have checked out this forum, there’s already an article for it. Anyways you can go through it now.
    How to migrate Windows 8 from HDD to SSD
    Below OS migrating software has been...
  6. Re: Black screen after installing windows 8 driver for GeForce 9600 GT

    It should work, many people have installed it and I don’t see any one facing such problems. You can surely try installing it again. In case you get the same black screen then you can boot in to...
  7. Re: Black screen after installing windows 8 driver for GeForce 9600 GT

    Which version of driver you have installed??

    Have you installed the latest version of driver for your GeForce 9600 GT ??

    If not, then try booting in to safe mode and uninstall the current...
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    Re: Best free FLV to AMV converter

    Zebronics Zebmate Cinema 1.8 has a very small screen. Watching videos in it will be a pain for eye. Anyways as far as best free FLV to AMV converter is concerned, I will suggest you to download and...
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    Re: Best DNS for BSNL Dataone Broadband

    Hey you can use software called “namebench” as well. It helps in tracking down the fastest DNS servers available for your computer. It is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and UNIX and is...
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    Re: Gaming monitors under 10 K

    I will suggest you to check out LG IPS225V 5ms 21.5". Its almost 22 and it is available for Rs.9900/- . It’s one of the best monitors I have come in 10k range.
    Its key features are as followed:...
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    Re: Set video as wallpaper in windows 8

    Hey you can check out BS player, I have found similar thread in this section only.
    Video as Wallpaper
    There are 2 solutions for setting video as wallpaper in windows. One is using VLC player and...
  12. Re: HTC Windows Phone 8X has turn by turn GPS or not???

    Yes you can surely check out Navigation app until turn by turn GPS application gets ported to windows 8. You can first download the trial version of “Navigation” if you like it then you can go...
  13. Re: Google chrome does not load webpages completely in Windows 8

    Which version of Google chrome you have installed?? Which version of windows 8 you have installed??
    In my case I have installed Google chrome in windows 8 pro and I am not facing any issue as such,...
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    Re: Top MBA colleges under MAT

    Top 100 MBA Colleges in India 2012-2013 through CAT and MAT Rankings

  15. Re: Loop mobile internet – “DNS failed”

    I haven’t faced the same error in my Nokia phone, not sure if it is specific to your phone. Have you gone through the internet settings??? If possible cross check your internet settings from the...
  16. Re: CDAC course examination date, course structure, institutes, eligibility and fees detail

    You can register for Common Entrance Test (CET) at Welcome to C-DAC Hyderabad & mdash;. You will have to pay non – refundable registration fee of Rupee 350/- via NEFT or Demand Draft drawn from a...
  17. Re: Micromax Funbook tablet freezes on bootloader image

    Try turning your Micromax Funbook tablet in recovery mode, in order to do that follow below steps:

    Press Power button, Volume up button and Menu button at the same time for 10 seconds
    If you...
  18. Re: Computer keeps on rebooting after installing avast!

    Which version of windows you are using??? Have you tried using the last known configuration option?? If you haven't that you can give that a shot.
    Using Last Known Good Configuration
    If you are...
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    Re: Worms Revolution wont start

    My system is quite capable of running Worms Revolution and I have installed it after checking its requirement. I have installed latest graphic card drivers and my system is up to date according to...
  20. Re: Can 320 watts PSU handle GeForce GTX 670?

    I was going to suggest you same thing, anyways if you don’t mind spending in psu then I will suggest you to get “Rosewill CAPSTONE Series CAPSTONE-450 450W Continuous @ 50°C, 80 PLUS GOLD...
  21. Re: Can't I install a set top box which doesn't belongs to company which doesn't provides me antenna cable?

    Well, my friends and I have been using Tata Sky here in mumbai and I find it the best DTH as compared to the others. We get a 160gb hard drive capacity with it, and hence can store most of the movies...
  22. Thread: RPC Ports

    by Amitgujaran

    You are trying to tell me to configure all domain...

    You are trying to tell me to configure all domain controllers, irrespective of their OS 2000/2003/2008 to use a common range of ports instead of allowing 2 different ranges of ports to be opened on...
  23. Re: Limca - 'Doobo Taazgi Mein' Ringtone Download

    You can watch the full advertisement of Limca - 'Doobo Taazgi Mein' from here. Building on the platform of "emotional and physical freshness" from its earlier campaign of 'Doobo Taazgi Mein', the new...
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    Deactivating Product Key

    I was using a laptop that has started to die after less than 3 years. However, it will still work well enough to get into it, but its not reliable enough to be usable. My question is that I had put...
  25. Open Two Excel Files in Multiple Monitors in Windows 7

    Hello all, I have installed Windows 7 premium version on my pc and it runs quite smoothly. I have installed the Microsoft office 2007 version on my pc. As I am not a guru in Excel I was wondering...
  26. How to play Just Cause 2 with DirectX 9 Support

    I was wondering how to play Just Cause 2 with DirectX 9 Support. Although I have heard that this game supports only DirectX 10 version or above but will there be any tweak in future so that we can...
  27. Thread: RPC Ports

    by Amitgujaran

    RPC Ports

    I want some information on the RPC ports used by AD/FRS/DFSR. My knowledge is that in Windows 2003 and 2000 AD/FRS uses ports in the range of 1024-5000 and in Windows 2008 and 2008 R2 AD/FRS/DFSR use...
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    Re: FLAC and Windows Media Player 12

    Hey Miltongomes, are you sure it can be done with the help of DirectShow filters because as far as I know they also don’t work with Media Player v12. The only way I can suggest is you can view/edit...
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    How to Convert csv to vcard list

    I have a Windows XP system with Service pack 3 installed with the latest update. I use a AVG Free edition antivirus and my system is free of virus. I dont do much gaming on this system or either...
  30. Re: windows media player not adding any of my music to library!!!

    Most probably your Media library might have got corrupt. Did you check for that? Just open WMP, click Tools, click Advanced and Restore Media Library. This will rebuild the library. Now see if it...
  31. Re: Transfer Microsoft Office to a new Computer

    Thanks for the reply, and to confirm you, I did buy the software separately and I have the discs as well. If I just reinstall it and then authenticate it on the new computer then will it work. Thanks...
  32. Transfer Microsoft Office to a new Computer

    I am looking to purchase a new laptop because the laptop that I am using right now is almost not working. So, I wanted to know whether I can transfer my Windows Office to my new computer or do I have...
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    Re: Download 2012 movie (2009)

    lol, my girlfriend is taking me out for this movie 2012 tonight and I just hope that it aint that boring like the ones that I have downloaded, called 2012: Supernova (2009) and a 2008 movie called...
  34. Go through these articles: How to replace a...

    Go through these articles:

    How to replace a lost or damaged Microsoft Office product key

    Replace lost Office product keys

    How to identify, locate, and replace a product key
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    Poll: Re: Fifa 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

    One of the best soccer games of this year is no doubt PES 2010 cause it is better in graphics and better in gameplay as well, the players tend to attack and fight for the position, a smart game made...
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    Re: BlackRa1n jailbreak Tricks

    Hey I tried to install this jailbreak on my iphone 2g and if I try to restore and then restart it then it hangs all the time? So i think that till this bug is corrected we will have to wait for Dev...
  37. msxml 6.10.1129

    “msxml” actually stands for “Microsoft Core XML Services” that is intended as an upgrade path for existing MSXML3 and MSXML4 users except for users that leverage some of the older ProgIDs and...
  38. Before trying out system restore simply Go to...

    Before trying out system restore simply Go to c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome and delete all sub folders and files present there. If that doesn't makes any difference in your case than you can run...
  39. how to kill Uroboros Mkono in Resident evil 5 pc version

    So I am stucked at the chapter 5-2 where we have to kill Uroboros Mkono boss. I have tried everything to kill him, shooted this boss all over till my last bullets are left, thrown incredinary grenade...
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    Failed PC Flank Leaktest

    I recently came accross this website:

    And this site's basic rule is to check vulnerabilities to Internet threats that we get in our system (read more on the above site).
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    MS-6312 ver 1 motherboard specifications

    Can anyone please tell me how to find the technical specifications of MS-6312 ver 1 motherboard? One of my friend had given me this old board and told me to get the driver for it online cause he has...
  42. external hard drive compatible with windows me

    I was going to buy a new external hard drive and was wondering if I can connect it to Windows ME. I have tried my usb drives by connecting it in Windows ME and it usually works but if it supports...
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    sonic unleashed games on computer

    Does anyone know whether Sega is will launch sonic unleashed type games on computer? I dont understand why they regret to introduced such a top game on computers? According to me, I think it will be...
  44. ps3 sixaxis controller lost connection and wont connect

    Does anyone find out why the controller drops connections at regural times? If am playing any games and trying to quit it by pressing the middle button of the PS controller, it will not quit but...
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    godfather 2 demo on xbox live download

    Hello, I wanted to know if there is any godfather 2 demo on xbox live available for download. I have heard that there is no Godfather II demo or Wii version planned but for xbox version I am in...
  46. Re: HackTool.GEC { I cannot log on to my computer}

    Why dont you just uninstall AVG by booting in to safemode and try out the exception thing after booting and installing it in normal mode. I dont think just adding AntiWPA.dll as Exception will work...
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    How to install second hdd on dell e510

    I recently bought a second Seagate Hard Drive 500GB and wanted to install it in my Dell E510. Now the problem is that the drive isnt recognized if I boot my pc with that hard drive in the second bay...
  48. Re: mass storage controller/ SDA standard compliant SD host controller

    Is your laptop still under warranty ? If yes, than better throw it in the service center because it is the hardware problem and not with the softwares or drivers according to the troubleshooting you...
  49. Re: Cannot play avi files on windows media player/media centre anymore

    If you did not had any issue in playing those movies before, than some recent changes might be causing that message to come up. I think a better idea to deal with it will be doing system restore....
  50. Re: Cannot access to shared folder from Vista

    Am not sure whether this will fix the problem but it is a kind of troubleshooting that will bring up the solution. Just open command prompt on you Vista laptop and run it as Admin. Type the following...
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