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  1. Connect Computer does not meet max os requirements?

    I need some help to migrate my server. I am trying to migrate the same on 3 different workstation that has Windows 7 on them. I am getting error when I try to connect the same. I am getting error...
  2. How to set Password Expiration Date on Windows Server

    How to set a password expiration date for all the users on Windows Server. I am creating a bunch of user account which will be for temporary purpose. I do not want to keep them active forever. For...
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    Companyweb ask for username & password

    Somehow my system survive from regular booting problem. I had installed everything from scratch properly and even performed a repair setup. The new installation was just better. I went through the...
  4. Product key for Microsoft Home and Student 2007

    I had bought a hp laptop. It came with Microsoft Home and Student Edition installed in it. The edition of the same is Office 2007. But there is a problem with the product key. I got the key at the...
  5. What are the options available to convert jpeg to txt

    I am having some images which has many code in them. There was some issue in my friends pc so he send me the screenshot of his work. Now the problem is that I want to extract text from it. I am not...
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    Re: Active Directory Forest Health Check

    Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. Your explanation is what I thought, just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone had something
    different to say about it. Thanks!
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    Active Directory Forest Health Check

    I’m in need of some urgent help from you all. We are running a Server with domain and Forest. Due to some security reasons I would like to find out if there were any changes or modification done in...
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    Delegate rights to change User Attributes

    Hi, at office I’m the administrator of Windows Server 2003 DC. Due to some security reasons we need to delegate permissions to a particular Active Directory Security group so that they can change...
  9. how to enable local printer AND disable network printer- printer w

    I am having a local printer configured on my pc. I am also having a another printer which is on the lan network. Now I need some way by which I can simply disable the lan printer and use the local...
  10. Reinstall Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

    I had bought Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. I had downloaded that directly from Microsoft website. Now I had formatted my pc. And forgot to take backup of the downloaded Office setup. Now I...
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    User account being locked out

    I am looking for a tool that can help me to find out which user accounts are locked out. I am working on a big network. There are many users created. I cannot go and manually check each of them. I...
  12. SBS 2003 Exchange Block Emails by Subject Line

    I need some help to block emails through subject. I am getting lot of spam on my server. I know there will be some kind of filter server which would help me to block the emails on the basis of...
  13. SBS 2003 VSS Unable to create shadow copies Event IDs 11 12292 700

    I am using a SBS 2003 server which is completely patched. It is working fine but somehow there are bugs with backup. When I try to run the backup or just tries t create shadow copies there is a...
  14. Fixing URL redirect exploit at /exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll

    After migrating to SBS 2003 we are facing some issue with redirect exploit. The alert was trig erred only after migration. After scanning the same with McAfee ScanAlert the url direct exploit error...
  15. Recover from Disk corruption - need NTOSKRNL.exe

    I am using Windows SBS 2003. It is working fine but after a reboot there was a problem with boot. There is a error on the screen about NTOSKRNL.exe. There were some updates that were installed and...
  16. Cannot apply Group policy settings on Windows Server

    I am having two doubts here. I need some help on the same. The first things is how to set the permission so that I can allow the users to read and apply group polices. Second thing I want to have 2...
  17. SP3 and Dlink Wireless NIC problem (partially solved)

    I recently assembled a new computer with Dlink DWL-G510B wireless NIC. Installed Windows XP Pro edition without any problem. Installation went fine without any problem and system worked well for the...
  18. Can I get a Harvard author date reference style for word 2007?

    I am using a trail edition of Microsoft Office 2007. I am looking for a style feature in it. The one that can allow me to have Harvard Author date style. I checked all the templates and other style...
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    Quick Access Toolbar and Roaming Profiles

    I am working with roaming profile in my network. Recently there were some upgrades. We had switched to Office 2007 from 2003. Now here when the users are trying to customize the settings of quick...
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    Re: Word & Excel files all Read Only

    Thanks for the help Theodore but unfortunately that dint helped.

    Now what? Any other solution?
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    Word & Excel files all Read Only

    I work on Windows XP desktop at my office running with Office 2007. Until yesterday everything was working fine but today when I went to office and tried opening any of my word documents or excel...
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    How to remove Microsoft Groove?

    I need some help to get rid of Microsoft Office Groove. It looks that due to Groove my system is working extremely slow. I am using Office 2007 Enterprise. It is installed in the system but I forget...
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    Problem opening .rtf file

    I am having Vista on my laptop with Microsoft Office 2003 installed on the same. I got some rtf files in my email. But when I try to open the same in Word it does nothing. The files looked to be...
  24. The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006)

    I started facing a huge problem on my XP laptop since past week. Whenever I try to run PhotoShop or, I use to get an error message saying:

    "The application failed to initialize properly...
  25. RE: Windows Photo Gallery can't save pictures after editing

    Wow. i thought i was alone with this problem but seems like i got a company. Even i am facing exactly the same problem on my Vista running Dell laptop. Whenever i try saving changes do to any JPEG...
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    How to find " template"

    I am having Windows Vista Home Premium on my laptop on which I had installed Microsoft Office 2007. Now I want to create a custom template. But first I thought it is better to modify the existing...
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    How to remove Word Protection in Office 2007

    I am having a series of documents that are protected by a old version of Microsoft Office 2003. Now we had upgraded to Office 2007. I want some help to get rid of protection from office files but...
  28. Product Key does not work Office Home and Student 2007

    I recently bought a new Office Home and Student 2007 disc from a retailer to install on my brother’s new laptop. I started the setup and when try to enter the product key it says:

    “The key is...
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    LOOP: Set-up is being restarted

    I am getting blue screen when I am trying to re-install Windows XP here. The error is related to some STOP 0xC2. My system was working a bit slow and then I thought installing windows xp will fix the...
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    Event ID 1003 error code 100000d1

    I am using Windows XP Home Edition. The pc performance is getting lower day by day. My system is freezing a lot. My mouse does not movies and it take a very long time to see the desktop. I a not able...
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    Microphone playback problems with vista.

    I recently installed Windows Vista on one of my computer. Everything seems to working great except one problem, its Microphone. Whenever i am recording something using the microphone, it starts...
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    Remove shutdown in remote desktop

    How to get rid of shutdown button remote desktop. I cannot find any settings for that. I just want to allow 2 user to connect to the server remotely and then turn of the system. But I do not want any...
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    SBS2003, Exchange 2003 & Mobile ActiveSync

    I am facing problem with OWA on SBS 2003. Exchange 2003 is also configured on the same. Whey I try to access OWA I am getting a error that you do not have permission to sync your current settings....
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    RE: svchost.exe error

    Thank you very much for the reply buddy. I tried checking all services but i dint found anything wrong there. Nothing is changed since I installed my Wireless-G card couple of days ago. The errors...
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    svchost.exe error

    This is something critical. My Windows XP was working great until yesterday night when i shutdown but today when i booted up the system i received an erorr message saying "svchost.exe has encountered...
  36. Screen flicker while working on Microsoft office 2007

    I cannot work on Microsoft Office 2007. I am using Windows Vista on my Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. There some graphical issue. I am not able to figure out where the problem lies. Is it with the...
  37. Certificate error when accessing OWA or RWW from external site

    I am facing certificate error on all client workstation. Things were working fine but with recent changes there was a problem with OWA accessibility. I had replaced the modem and router. I had also...
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    How to fix DCDIAG errors on windows server

    After running DCDIAG in one DC I found some bunch of error. I am not sure how to troubleshoot the same. The first test has give out error like frsevent. This is somewhat related to shared items. But...
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    Target Principal name incorrect

    There were some power failure problem appeared recently at our work place. As the service was restored few system started giving trouble. There can be impact on the motherboard. Ample of systems used...
  40. Security accounts manager initialization failed

    I am working on Windows 2003 environment. Rightnow in the organization where I am working has two different Windows 2003 Server. Recently there was one more server added to the entire setup. And the...
  41. Office Documents Slow to open on Double click.

    I am facing problem with Office documents. I think I did a grave mistake by performing a upgrade. I upgraded the same to Office 2007. The setup was fine but there was some issue with the...
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    usbccgp.sys reinstall

    I am not able to install a printer on my system. It is a hp printer. When I try to run the setup I am getting a error. The error is related to some usbccgp.sys driver. I cannot find the file anywhere...
  43. *** STOP: 0x000000F7 (0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x000000

    I am constantly facing blue screen error on my screen. I am not able to find any solution for the same. My windows work fine for few minutes and then it instantly crash by giving a error. I am so...
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    RE: Search Protocol Host...

    Hi this is Windows Vista build 5472. Earlier I was using Vista Beta2 and never had this problem but since I upgraded it to this build, my Windows Search Protocol Host use to crash every now and then....
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    Start service error 193 0xc1

    I had added a new backup software on my system. It starts automatically on boot and it depends on the backup service. I had configured the service to run automatically on boot. But somehow it looks...
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    Re: Installshield (r) Setup Launcher

    Do you have Windows installation disc. If yes then through that you can run a repair setup that will be more helpful for you. Just boot your system with Windows installation cd and then choose repair...
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    Connecting to AD on port 636 on Windows Server 2003

    I am not able to connect to AD on Port 636. I am using LDP.exe here. I am having a Windows Server 2003. Even after trying for several hours still I a not able to connect to Active Directory. While I...
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    KDC error in Event Log

    I am getting a tons of kdc errors in my event log. I am unable to find how to get rid of the same. On the screen the server looks to be working great. There is no problem with any configuration or...
  49. Event ID: 1030 Source: Userenv (Windows Server 2003)

    I am getting error related to gpo. The error is : "Windows cannot query for the list of the Group Policy objects. Check the event log for possible messages previously logged by the policy engine...
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