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    Windows 7 - issues connecting to SBS 2003

    I am having SBS 2003 on my system. There are around 7 Windows XP clients connected to the server. Now I am trying to add a new laptop to the server. For that I had downloaded a new Windows Update. It...
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    Can't change password on Windows Server 2008.

    I need some help here to change the password of Windows Server 2008. I am facing issue while doing the same. I tried to change the same but facing a error. The error is unable to update the password....
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    Group Policy for Date Format?

    I need some help here to configure the default date format. I am trying to do the same in Regional and Language settings. I am doing this on each of my workstations and also on the Windows Server....
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    Error message when I open folders with videos

    I am getting a error message on my screen when I am trying to open folders that has videos in it. I am not able to understand why this error simply appear. When I click on the folder and try to open...
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    RE: DCOM 10010 Error on SBS 2008.

    Thanks for the help. All three are currently registered in the AppID properly.

    I broke the report into 4 sections and sent them to you.
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    DCOM 10010 Error on SBS 2008.

    We are having a SBS 2008 server since past one year. It was working fine without any problems but since past week, something went wrong which is generating the following error every night in the...
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    Domain controller could not be contacted

    In my network, clients are no longer able to join Active Directory DC. I am having a training lab. I started facing issue after I added 5 new pc to the network and they try to add them on the domain....
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    Double click to open Excel/Word files

    I am using Microsoft Office 2003. I was using this from long time. I had upgraded to Office 2007. Now it is common that when you double click on any Word and Excel file it opens by default in the...
  9. error code 0x000000ed(0x8236ce30, 0xc0000006, 0x00000000, 0x000000

    I am using Windows XP on Dell dimension 3000. Yesterday my kid of playing some online games on this system, and he also download few of them. Since then something went wrong and am getting Blue...
  10. Office Enterprise 2007 - can't open, fix, or remove

    After upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 I am facing issue with opening XLS and other word files. I am not able to open any of those. I am not having a backup for the same. I cannot understand why...
  11. EventID: 101, 103 + 108 (Software installation policy problems)

    There is some problem with software installation policy. It looks the gpo is not taking proper effect due to which I am getting constant error. When I try to install any software and restrict the...
  12. Word 97 crashes when printing, works fine on separate user account

    I am not able to print from Word. I am having a old system that works on Wi Windows XP and Word 97. When I print a page it crashes. The same works fine if I am logged with an separate account. The...
  13. How to upgrade windows 2000 domain controller to windows 2008?

    I am using a single domain controller on Windows 2000. It is a basic DC and it works fine. Now there is a second server that also has the same server version. I am running Exchange on it. The version...
  14. Change Office 2003 installed on Vista default "baby Blue" color

    I need some help with Office 2003 on Windows Vista. I am not able to install Microsoft Office 2003 on that. I have Office 2007 but it looks more complicated for me to use. I am not able to get my...
  15. Office 2007 Docs open read only from Webdav folder

    I need some help wit doc and xls files. They are located in webdav folder of Office 2007. They are read only document. I want to open then in Office 2007 and modify the same. While in Office 2003 I...
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    How do I Stop end user licence agreement pop up

    Everytime when I start Microsoft office I am getting Microsoft End User License Agreement. Each appear everytime when I start it. It does not stop or when I click on OK it does not goes at all. The...
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    Disabling Research in Office 2003

    I want some help to turn off research in Microsoft Office. I am using Office 2003 but unable to find out any way that can allow me to turn research off completely. Each time when I open office it...
  18. Error 1305 when installing Call of Duty 4 with Windows Vista

    I have a Windows XP based gaming laptop where i have successfully installed and playing Call of Duty 4. It is working fine. I also have a gaming desktop at home running on Windows Vista. As i carry...
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    Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio

    I am having a Toshiba Tecra M1 laptop. I am facing issue with the audio drivers here. The audio adapter on it is Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio. The sound stopped working suddenly. It is not...
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    Office 2007 installation error 25004

    I cannot install Microsoft Office 2007 Pro Plus on my system. Whenever I try to do the same I am getting a installation error. I am trying to point the installation through GPO Active Directory....
  21. Word Document will not open from email attachment

    I had installed Microsoft Office Pro 2003 on Windows XP. I had received some files in email. When I click on them to open directly I am facing a problem with that. It is not working fine. After...
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    PCMCIA Cards being ID'd as MDT-0002

    I am having a Dell Latitude C840 Laptop with me. In Device Manager there are number of PCMCIA cards listed. But they are not installed properly. They are all available in it. I am using a Windows XP...
  23. Office Picture Manager - Disabled editing functions

    I need some help here to disable some set of functions of Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I cannot find details on the same. I can modify the images but somehow it looks some functions of Edit menu...
  24. I do not like Ribbon in Office 2007 how to get old menus back

    I had upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007. After upgrade I am not at all happy with the Ribbon. It is very annoying and I am not table to understand what all new feature are added. I am also confused...
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    BisonCam not detecting webcam on Windows XP

    I bought a pc from my local retailer. The model number of desktop pc is Zepto Znote6615wd. It has a integrated web camera in it. The pc came with a webcamera software called as BisonCam. When I...
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    Email address not verified

    Whenever I restart my computer I am getting a message on the screen. The message says email not verified. I am not able to understand the error. About which email it is asking for. I am using Windows...
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    svchost.exe Memory Leak

    Hello friends, I am looking for some urgent help regarding svchost.exe on my Windows XP system. Since past couple of weeks I am noticing the svchost.exe process is eating up more than 70K of memory...
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    MPEG-2 Explorer Thumbnails

    I am using a DVBT Card for my Digital TV. I am watching all the channels on Windows XP system. When I record the videos it creates a mpeg2 file format. I am having a huge collection of videos. And...
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    Outlook 2007 slow typing o

    I am working on Microsoft Outlook 2007. I found it slow in performance. When I try to type or compose a new email I found the typing is extremely slow. It is not working well. There was no issue with...
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    Help file corrupt in Office 2007

    I had recently installed Microsoft Office 2007. The installation was fine and there was no problem with the setup. But when I try to open help files in Powerpoint it is not loading. It looks the...
  31. What Happened to Microsoft Document Imaging in 2007?

    I was quiet happy after Office 2007 upgrade. The upgrade was fine. There was no issue with that. But I found that there were many things missing in Office 2007. First thing that I do not found is...
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    Office 2007 activation issue

    I am facing problem with Microsoft Office activation. I cannot understand why it is not working. I am using Office 2007 Beta 2. It is a Beta edition so there is no need to activate the same. It is...
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    Windows Messenger Live Sign In problem

    I need some help with signing issue of indows Live Messenger. The version of messenger that I am using is v8.0.0812. It was working well but there is some issue with signing in. When I try to use my...
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    W32Time Error on Domain Controllers

    I had configured one of my root server to sync with NTP time server. It was working fine. But after some hours I am getting a error. I found that in the event viewer. The event id is 38. The error is...
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    Windows Side-by-Side Errors Stumping Me!

    I am annoyed with side by side issue in Windows XP Pro SP2. I need some help here. I am having a HP Pavilion system. My OS is updated and working fine. Now I am facing problem with opening up...
  36. Sending and receiving reported Error (0x80040119):' Unknown Error

    We are running Windows 2003 server in our office with SP2 Exchange 2003. All systems are also using outlook 2003 connect via RPC over HTTPs. Now the problem is I’m not able to receive or send any...
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    Blue Screen Error Code 0x000000F4

    My laptop keeps on crashing by giving some 0x000000F4 blue screen error on the screen. I am not able to find the cause behind it. But the error goes if I keep the laptop turned off for sometime....
  38. Windows 2003 SBS Hangs on "Applying computer Settings"

    On my SBS serve there are 5 client system connected with each other. It is a new setup. I am first working on a test environment and if all goes well I will apply the same settings to a bigger...
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    Pchealth what the hells going on

    I am getting a popup for registry notification message on my screen. It is something related to pc health. It is weird the popup just started appearing instantly. The issue is related to some file...
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    DrWatson Postmortem Debugger

    I am getting a constant DrWatson Postmortem Debugger message when I try to go in My Computer or open My Documents. This is really weird. I am not able to understand why does the error appear again...
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    what is sysfader.exe

    My system is freezing a lot in last few days. It goes back to normal when I restart the pc. But it does not seems to be working fine. The issue lies with some sysfader.exe. I checked inside task...
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    HP1215 driver install

    I am working on Linksys print server on my home network. It is configured by my friend and looks to be working well. But somehow I am facing a issue with drivers here. I cannot find any option to add...
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    Converting MSWMM To MP3:

    I am looking for some kind of tiny utility that can help me to convert the mswmm files created by Windows Movie Maker to MP3. I tried some third party software but that did not worked. I thought...
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