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    Re: Why Left Hinge Broken in Lenovo SL500

    Even I have also seen the same thing with my laptop, so I have just make the search for this Hinge on eBay and Amazon and from there I have bought the new replacement. So if your Hinge is broken then...
  2. re: USB Legacy not allowing Bios to access Razer Lycosa keyboard

    It does not work. The lights are "On" on screen keyboard after. Cannot enter Bios or any of the other options on the screen after a USB keyboard.
  3. Re: difficulty with Logitech multimedia keyboard K120

    We never get drivers CD from any of the market. You can get the drivers downloaded from your products website. Going through your problems I would suggest you to replug the receiver to the USB...
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    Re: USB 3 dropping out when writing data

    X58A-UD3R stands out any other system with its storage capabilities; this board has the capacity to support 10 SATA ports, an ATA port, and two combination USB 2.0/e-SATA ports. Tossed in with the...
  5. Re: problem encountered when using Samsung Focus, as it is consuming more browsing data when using Wi-Fi.

    If this problem continues to occur repeatedly and you have a limited plan of data browsing this can cause a head-ache for you, as per my calculations if you are browsing at about 18 MB/day or more in...
  6. Re: difficulty with Logitech multimedia keyboard K120

    I guess that there might be broken software or software of keyboard might have corrupted. Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it. This might fix your problem. Bcoz sometimes s/w might become...
  7. Re: Installed update is not recognized by the HP Printer Software Update

    I would say that the version 2.7 is old version of mac 10.6 but not for the mac 10.7 lion. i would say that better install the latest driver for mac lion version12.13.17. I assume that this update is...
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    Re: Bluetooth Audio not working in OS X Lion

    I have same opinion as the above user as you should try to reinstall the ITunes first because that’s the only software that makes error while connecting Bluetooth audio device.

    And if suppose...
  9. Re: Unable to connect magic mouse after lion upgrade

    have you tested any other mouse with the machine ever? If not then I would like to suggest you that first as you should try to make use of another mouse and if suppose there is some problem with that...
  10. Re: How to install Canon LBP2900 Printer in Mac OS X Lion v.10.7?

    I would suggest you to first try out installing the fresh lion. I have found the solution for you, try out the following.
    • Find in Library/Printers/Canon the folder CAPT and rename it in CAPT_OLD...
  11. Re: Getting Siren sound while booting Windows XP

    Well in this particular situation I let you know that you should look into BIOS. Where you will be able to get the settings which you can use to configure the CPU and fan simply goes to the specific...
  12. Re: Image stretchy appears stretchy on ViewSonic PJD6531w 3D Projector with 1280x800 resolution

    Sometimes it also happens as because of the dissimilarity in the frequency causes such a problem in the monitor thus it can’t display thing perfectly.
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    Re: corsair Force GT Drive stuck and freezes

    it seems that your hard drives boot sectors has been corrupted, have you ever noticed any such problem ever before?

    anyways let it be, according to me now you should first of all try to find out...
  14. Re: Partition table disappeared in corsair F120 drive

    this is quite awful as you are having such a wired problem, I am also not sure what could be the problem with your drive, and it may be either software problem or hardware problem. thus I would like...
  15. Re: Do firmware update for Force Series 3 and Force GT is available?

    I have installed the update and really it is too good thus would like to recommend you to install the firmware in the driver for sure, and I have mentioned some resolved issues that I have founded in...
  16. Re: Corsair HX520W PSU having clicking sound while overclocking

    Have you tried disabling C1E and EIST that’s Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology in the Motherboard BIOS?

    You can try to test the PSU in a different system as well.
  17. Re: Getting slower speed after installing RAID 0 PCI Card on drive

    by means of more than one controller to perform disk access in similar will get better performance. nevertheless, the genuine enhancement relies on your actual configuration. For instance , it has...
  18. Re: Wants to upgrade my rig containing dead video card NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT for gaming

    However with this GPU advance, even as under common usage like browsing the internet or change video formats you may not see any development. But in games that presentation increase would be...
  19. Re: Needed advice on upgrading HDD on Dell XPS 400 computer

    iomega have a few pleasant hard drives. Seagates are good quality too but at the end its your decision
  20. Re: Need wireless USB adapter for micro-ATX motherboard

    I would also suggest you the same and also would suggest you to do the research on the internet on some of the adapter and get it for yourself, I always do it for myself and doing some research help...
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    Re: CoolerMaster Elite 334 is good or bad?

    Well I think you should try antec 100 cooler. It is for gaming and it is very good. It is cheap, silent and has great flow. This case will fit properly in your system. I would recommend you to go for...
  22. Re: Western Digital WD5000BEVT internal 2.5 SATA HDD is making noise

    I think you should format your new hdd. I hope you know that how to do it. Make sure that you do it properly. Hard disks are very sensitive physically. I suppose that it is a hardware failure. So I...
  23. Re: Is it Safe to Turn on Power Supply Unit with Nothing Plugged In?

    I want to tell you that you would not be able to power the PSU unless and until it is been connected to a motherboard of the computer or if you have are having the PSU tester. You should connect to...
  24. Re: Need SSD setup help and how to maximize performance with it?

    Same with me! I put pinnacle studio HD on my SSD, as well as MAGIX music creator 17, Google chrome, and obviously my OS. It appears enjoy it runs a spot preferred but still not super inspired. I...
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    Re: Unable to virtualize PC hardware

    I am agree with the above user as I was also having same problem once with my machine and at last I came to know that the operating system that I am using is not capable of supporting virtualization....
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    Re: Is Sony Vaio VPC-L21M1E Desktop PC worth?

    The visible dissimilarity among the duo are a Core i7 processor rather than a Core i5 in the VPC-L21M1E, an extra 4GB of RAM making for 8GB in total and a Blu-ray DVD writer in its place of just a...
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    Re: Recommendation for 600 Watts power supply

    I’d say off course we need to check the compatibility of the newer hardware with the existing one, because that’s quite significant as if you got the incorrect one then you may have to lose...
  28. Re: Should I use the SSD for the boot drive or not

    Well the SATA is also the good choice and also it as faster as the SSD and also it cheaper and you will be getting the drive for some cheap rates so I would suggest you to for the SATA drive.
  29. Re: Unable to replace power supply unit in hp touchsmart 300

    Well I would say that information regarding this is hard to find. I would not suggest you to it by yourself as it are not that easy for a user to do that. You have a compact unit and replacing the...
  30. Re: Scratchy sound coming while playing mp3’s and watching videos on YouTube

    I think you should take your speaker to the shop from where you had purchased it. Ask them to check it and get it repaired. Also I would say that make sure that there is no magnetic device near your...
  31. re: how to install Brother DCP120c Printer from the Manufacturers Disk

    I would say that try to un-install the device and then install the up to date drivers. For this I would say that go to the device manger, right click your printer and click uninstall. Now try to...
  32. Re: How would you rate this Bulldozer Build+ AM3?

    Well I think the system specifications are quite good except the HDD. I think the storage capacity of the hard disk is quite low on space. You should have got a better hard disk. You just had to...
  33. Re: Is there a lithium battery for desktop computers?

    Recollect depending on if you have a printer, screen & machine joined to the UPS it will empty much snappier. Just plug your "Computer Alone".
  34. Re: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 Hard Drive started Clicking

    As to which hard drive, there are a considerable number of decisions today. For straightforward, reinstate with same estimate and interface. For those that would like to attempt updateing they do...
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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    That Microsoft's supplied CD/DVD composing devices might be guileful. I'd not spend an instant but climb to different apparatuses like IMGBURN, CDBURNERXP (takes on Vista here) and what different...
  36. Re: How to take print screen with Mac layout keyboard

    If you want to take screen shot of whole screen then hit command + 3
    OR if you want to print screen a chosen section of the screen then hit command + 4.

    Quite simple.
  37. Re: Error 39 Weird IDE Controller Device Driver Missing on HP Pavilion Dv5t 1000 cto

    I also use the similar solution to solve this problem. I faced this problem on my ASUS laptop when I try to access the storage controller of this laptop. It gives the similar error 39 message. Then I...
  38. Re: How to connect old HDD on New Computer with Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P

    I tried all that and I was able to boot into safe made but can't boot normally. Then I try to connect this hard disk in the safe mode. The next is to be copy all the data of the old drive to the new...
  39. Re: Computer trying to install windows XP at every startup

    I am agree with the above user as you should try to remove the disk out of drive and then see what happens.

    But if suppose this is the problem regarding the driver only, then you should try to run...
  40. Re: Unable to play slideshow DVD on DVD players

    The other reason behind this is could be the burning task of this slideshow DVD not performed very well. Hence I suggest to you for make an DVD and check this problem.
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    Re: Driver EPSON Stylus C80 Series on windows 7

    You will get the drivers for the EPSON Stylus C80 Series on the official website of the Epson, when you go over there then you will be able to get the driver and you will be able to get the...
  42. Re: Difference between portable hard drive and non-portable hard drive

    I don’t see much difference as both portable drives and non-portables are tend to get corrupted some day. So they don’t actually make much difference. It just stores data’s and types don’t...
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    Re: How to disable the beep for PC speaker

    This kind of problems are faced by most of the user for beep produce in there speaker, so follow this step May it disable the beep produce by the speaker. First right click on the ‘My Computer’...
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    Re: Which Type of Wi-Fi adapter to use

    I will also suggest you for the PCI card and also you will be able to get the good network strength, as in the USB you will be not get the strength as good as compare to the PCI card, as the above...
  45. Re: Will shutting down a PC via power button will harm it?

    There is dissimilarity between an unavoidable shutdown, for example a power failure, and you actually "flipping the switch off"! Most all systems are situated up by the managing system to have...
  46. re: Popping sound comes while switching off PC

    According to me this irritation is not just your PC.

    But I've seen and heard this on dozens of PC’s and unhappily I would say it's not a imperfection but a mark of deprived design of the audio...
  47. Re: which combination is better i5 + 460 GTX and i3 + 560 TI

    For me i5 2500k with GTX 460 would be the best choice and would be asking you to go with it. Because I have been using this and it has been responding very awesome to me and I have been very happy...
  48. Re: Which one should I buy: Western Digital or Seagate Goflex 1TB external HDD?

    I would suggest that if you want to choose between the two then you should go for the western digital one. Western digital will cost you around $80 if you purchase it from amazon. You can purchase it...
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    Re: Unlocking iPhone 3G 05.13.04 Baseband

    I had done a 4.2.1 IOS jailbreak. But after that the iphone performances worst. I was very annoyed with constant reboot. Then slowly the gps and connectivity kept loosing. I do not know what wrong...
  50. Re: Best compatible Thin client or Zero Client with VMware View 4.5

    I found the Samsung NC190; it looks all in all delightful. Did you require any more product or anything to get it go with your view surroundings, or does it work out of the case? Moreover it looks...
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