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  1. Re: error 0x0000005D installing Windows 10 Technical Preview in Virtual Box

    This problem doesnt not happen in Virtualbox settings but there are some specific motherboard that dont all to install operating system in Virtualbox. If you want to install Windows 10 in Virtualbox...
  2. Re: What to do with System Reserved partition in Windows 10

    No do not delete it. If you do that you might loose your OS and all other partition also. This partition is usually not visible. But if you try different version of windows in your system then this...
  3. Re: Linux Mint 17 USB Install failing with invalid file system error

    I got this error on a new netbook on which I was trying to install Ubuntu. I was due to the hard drive. It was not partitioned properly. I started the system in live mode and through that I launched...
  4. Re: Windows 8 Blue-screen error with write read only message

    Time to format your pc. Backup your data and then try formatting and installing windows back again. There can be certain damage system files in your pc due to which you are getting that error. You...
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    Re: Will Windows 8 work fast from a 16GB usb

    If there is a hardware problem then you cannot do anything. Your system will still remain slower. You can try changing the sata cables. This will speed up the drive performance. You can also try...
  6. Re: Unable to format Ultrastar 7K4000 4TB drive on Windows 7

    To use that drive effectively you will have to understand first about gpt partition. I am providing you a link below that has more information about using gpt partition. There is a faq available that...
  7. Re: disk managment error - Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service

    The common cause of this issue is bad sectors. You have to use some other advance software that can help you to fix the problem. There are many third party disk management tools available. You can...
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    Re: Add missing input language

    The issue that you are facing might be occuring if you have a Group Policy setting that prevents you from accessing Control Panel in Microsoft Windows XP. By design, you must have access to Control...
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    Re: Disable Windows Software Protection?

    There is a tool which you can use to control various services of Windows. It is called as Service+. It is a kind of advance tool through which you can control various Windows Services. You can enable...
  10. Re: need drivers for Canon LBP-1120 for Vista Ulimate 64 bit

    There are two possible ways to get fresh drivers for this printer. First adding the driver Manually. You need internet connection for the same. You add the printer manually through Devices and...
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    Re: How to re-install usbccgp.sys driver file

    Even I am guessing that there is some kind of inf file issue in your computer. Another troubleshooting that you can do is to try and run sfc /scannow in an elevated command prompt in your pc and see...
  12. Re: Application failed to start - side-by-side configuration incorrect

    The error that you are getting usually happens when your computer is missing the proper C++ runtime components for your type of Operating System whether it is 32bit or 64bit. So download the below...
  13. Re: What new or old feature of Windows 7 you want to see in Windows 8.2

    I had also seen that news. But it is not confirms by Microsoft. There are chances that we might get the start menu back. This is quiet important. Metro UI is not easy to manage. Microsoft must have...
  14. Re: Partition resizing does not work on Windows 8

    There are few more tools that you can try out. This tools offer you simple option to resize the partition. Try Paragon Partition Manager. This is a advance software which comes with many feature to...
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    Re: Is it possible to run Firefox OS on PC

    Firefox Os is just released and coming up on any conclusion is not good enough. I will advice you to simply go ahead with a short test. Here it is right that you can run the os through a web browser...
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    Re: Windows 8.1 error 0x40017

    After searching for some solution I read somewhere that it is a bug problem in the driver update period of the OS installation and hence you might have to wait for some days so that Microsoft can...
  17. Re: Is Windows 9 desktop a rumor or upcoming version of Windows 8

    I had seen a transformation pack like that. It does not do much but just change the wallpapers and icons on the system. It add more looks. Customization is getting lower after when Windows 8 was...
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    Re: shared printer problem in windows 8

    Even I was facing this same problem with my HP printer and after following all the methods given above nothing worked for me. I was not getting the option for sharing at all. But if I tried to do a...
  19. Re: Getting error while deleting a file from Windows 8 desktop

    Rightclick on the file on your desktop and click on Security tab. In that you can see the permission. If you are admin then you can edit it. But if the button is grayed out then you are not in the...
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    Re: Nokia Asha 501 WiFi auto turn off/on

    A similar thing i know related to your query is, when you are in wifi zone and if the wifi is turned on in your phone, you will see the wifi icon and the phone should be using it. But as soon as you...
  21. Re: Canon Pixma MX310 Printer stopped working on Windows 8

    Well, it is right here Pixma MX 310. Choose your operating system, select Drivers and click download. make sure to choose 32bit or 64bit system properly.
  22. Re: Mark Zuckerberg launches to connect entire world on Internet

    Great job by Mark, I appreciate it.

    I think you guys should watch the video provided at the top of that page. It explains everything about the site and this project.
  23. Re: Wireless Connection too slow on Surface Tablet

    I agree with you Dajbog. Surface Pro had the WiFi issues since beginning. But it was fixed after Microsoft released the first update back in March, didn’t you applied the same? If not, run windows...
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    Re: Unable to do system refresh in Windows 8.1

    If you have upgraded it from the store then obviously you wont be having the DVD for 8.1 Preview, do you have Windows 8 installation disk? If yes, then insert the same and restart the computer.
  25. Re: Canon Pixma MX310 Printer stopped working on Windows 8

    Instead of downloading the drivers from the CD which you are using from over a year, why dont you download the new updated drivers and install? It will work without any problem on your windows 8 as...
  26. Re: Windows 8 Error 'A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding'

    The only alternate way is to reset your firefox browser. Note, it will delete everything such as history, all add-ons, your passwords, etc. If you agree to the same, here is how you can reset...
  27. Re: How long do you use and shut down your computer

    I think that leaving computer on 24/7 will cause too much of overheating. Also, it will consume so much of electricity which will cost you heavy electricity home bills. Unless you dont have any...
  28. Leaked images of Windows RT based Nokia tablet

    We have been hearing rumors since past couple of months that Nokia is working on some kind of Windows 8 based Lumia Tablets but it wasn't confirmed yet from either Nokia or somebody else. Today,...
  29. Re: Unable to set default programs in Windows 8

    The correct way of setting default program is from Control Panel > Default Programs > Set your Default Program. You are doing it correct but still if it is not working, then just try to use the right...
  30. Re: Windows Phone app error "windows phone is locked, unlock your phone to see whats on it"

    Well if syncing is the matter then forget Windows App and download Zune. It is the best application, infact a complete suite for Windows Phone. The software also allows you to do scheduled Wireless...
  31. Re: after installing Windows 8.1 preview, keyboard Layout automatically switches to US-layout

    You can try to do a System Restore to an earlier state when you didnt had this problem. To do this, go to Search and then move your mouse towards the right edge of the screen and then click on Search...
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    Re: How to import PDF in MS word 2010

    How do you exactly insert PDF in word 2007? Isn't those step working with v2010? Until you reply, just try following:

    Open Word
    Click Insert
    Under Text Area click "Object"
    From the open pop...
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    Re: Windows 8.1 wont go to sleep

    Don’t worry dude. Simply go to settings and perform a ‘System refresh’. This will definitely fix the problem. There are many such problems which arises after updating to Win 8.1 but if they...
  34. Re: keyboard not working with WIndows 8.1 preview

    Not compulsory if both wireless and wired mouse are not working, it cannot be driver’s fault because both kind of peripherals required drivers. So before going for any other hardcore...
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    Re: is running very slow

    Santy just let you know what is best for running If you don’t wanna revert back, no problem, try this alternate fix:

    Login to your live account at Now click on Options and...
  36. Re: Where does Gadget gets installed in Windows 7

    I too agree with you Maq. Gadgets can be simply copy pasted on any other computer with same OS and they work fine. If the concern is about Internet connection, you can simply make your laptop a WiFi...
  37. Re: Windows 8.1 Preview download Error Code: 0x8020002e

    Well, it seems that this problem was caused due to their server issues that might have been busy with lots of people downloading the update at the same time. So, I didnt have to change the region on...
  38. Re: Setting 2 different wallpapers on dual screen setup in windows 8

    You are correct Anish, DisplayFUsion is indeed an easiest way of managing Dual Monitor setup. Apart from setting separate wallpapers, it provides over 50 more interesting and useful features. But,...
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    Re: Unable to open any libraries in Windows 8

    The best fix I can provide you for this is System Restore. Just restore your system back to the date earlier when the problem started or simply restore it to the date before you ran Windows Update...
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    Re: error upgrading to windows 8 embedded tcp

    I have found that if you had build full IBW disk from the ICE, then the installation will gradually fail. The error that you are getting is also viewed in the preview releases of Windows 8 and when...
  41. Re: transfer preinstalled Windows 8 on new hard drive

    Well, you can try to use Clonezilla which is a program running as a Ghost software. Indeed, it has the particularity to back up and restore most of 5GB of disk space in all simplicity and within 10...
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    Re: Tata Sky+ HD DVR Software Update

    Yes, there are several new things like few settings such as Signal Test, Home Network Setup, Power Saver Settings, Recording Menu Playing Options, etc. They have also added few new options in Users...
  43. Re: How to get Viber and Fring to work on Karbonn Titanium S5

    Why don’t you guys try out some another similar application? I mean there are many more Voice Calling apps available on Google Play such as LINE: Free Calls & Messages, Tango , ICQ and even WeChat....
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    Re: Error Code 0xc0000001 installing Windows 8

    The error code ‘0xc0000001’ refers to Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in Windows 8. This could happen due to several reasons but most probably it occurs because of Driver issues. But thankfully in...
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    Re: Micromax A90 phone root

    Nope, you dont need to download any other ROOT package. The same will work on your Micromax A100 as well because both the devices are running on the same stock ROM. Also the steps provided above are...
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    Re: Getting redirected to

    I think that there is a slight change in the file where the settings of Opera are stored. It seems like you must have visited some website which must have changed the setting to make your Opera’s...
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    Re: Windows 8 RTM builds glitches

    Windows 8 requires a bit better hardware compared to Windows 7. As it has a quiet nice interface it takes time to load up and if you are poor on system resources then you might not get better display.
  48. Re: Very high temperature of intel 3570K after overclocking

    Intel Core i5 is a good cpu with ample of overclocking support. It needs a good psu and cooling setup in your computer. You were talking about getting over 4Ghz. That is not possible just like that....
  49. Re: Plymouth Manager not working in Linux Mint

    Startup Manager is associated with Plymouth installation. If you did not have installed Startup Manager then you might face the issue. So first get Startup Manager and then go with terminal way of...
  50. Re: Minimized windows suddenly disappear in Linux Mint Taskbar

    This is a bit matter of worry that there is no System Restore app available for Linux Mint or any other Linux distro. In Windows if any major issue appear I just run System Restore and get back my...
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