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  1. Re: Your current security settings do not allow this action

    Probably this could be related to Adobe itself. Which version of Adobe PDF are you using? You should try out uninstalling it completely from the system and download the most recent version of Adobe....
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    Re: Best DNS for BSNL Dataone Broadband

    Try these ones:
    I was running in to same issue and I had tried switching between and but they were not optimal. Since switching to...
  3. Re: How can I set shutdown timer in windows 7????

    Try this command in command prompt without quotes:
    "shutdown -s -t 20000"

    -s for shutdown
    -r for restart
    -t for time

    In case you get any error, then take a screen shot of the same and post...
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    Re: Low fps in Black Ops 2

    I haven’t installed the game yet but while looking after a fix for this issue I came across one who has fixed it in his case. He was getting fps between 20 to 30 only whereas his system was capable...
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    Re: How to shuffle audio podcasts in iOS 6

    In my case podcasts came up after restarting the phone, you can give that a try. If that doesn’t work than First delete Podcast application and then restart your phone. Once you restart it Podcast...
  6. Re: Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise has encountered an error during setup

    This is because of the earlier installed Office versions. though you removed theme manually from Add and Remove programs, they use to leave some files and registry entries on the system. These are...
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    Re: AVG issues? Error 0x80070005

    Looks like some permission issue. Are you trying to run the same under Admin account. Because AVG is not able to make changes to your system registry because of which you are getting this error. You...
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    I know some free books that you can download for...

    I know some free books that you can download for .Net and SQL. I am giving a short list below. You can download them from web. They are free available on many websites. This books have ample of...
  9. Re: Error 438

    I don’t think the error 438 is generated by Windows Media Player because they usually generate error codes like 0x800420FC, it use to be 8 digits code. Instead the error message is related to the...
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    I am using Vista 64bit. It is awesome if you use...

    I am using Vista 64bit. It is awesome if you use it on 4GB RAM and with atleast 512MB video memory. The gaming performance is far more better compared to any system I had seen. But to some extent...
  11. Key Product not being requignized for Office Product Standard Trial

    I’m having a laptop with Windows Vista running Office Standard 2007 trial version. I bought a product key for the same to activate it. But the problem is now whenever I put the keys to activate, it...
  12. Re: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit - Floppy drive driver issue

    There are many bugs in Windows 7 related to floppy. I configure a lots of system for people. Now I have around 4 workstations. All of them have AMD processors installed. Two system has Windows Vista...
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    Upgrade is the cause of that. You have to format...

    Upgrade is the cause of that. You have to format your system and install Windows from scratch. That would help you in many ways. Before adding any new hardware do contact your manufacturer or read...
  14. I am bit confuse here. I was expecting to get a...

    I am bit confuse here. I was expecting to get a bit answer on improving XP performance through SSD support. I own a OCZSSD2-1VTX120G Vertex Series 120GB SATA II SSD. I do know whether it is SLC or...
  15. Somewhere on the Microsoft support I read the...

    Somewhere on the Microsoft support I read the following:

    “We could not correct the behavior of the Offline Files Service and related memory errors with LocalSystemNetworkRestricted”.
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    There are large updates released. And they will...

    There are large updates released. And they will take time to download. So if there are millions of users who are already downloading it, then it will take time on your system to get the same. I have...
  17. It is not recommended that you use Comcast with...

    It is not recommended that you use Comcast with any other TV Tuner card. There is some compatibility problem among set of hardware's. You can try to find a more compatible card and avoid using Vista...
  18. RE: External companyweb URL for SBS 2008 stopped working.

    Just try to resolve the name "" from external (ISP DNS) and see if it works. Meanwhile just checkout this thread:
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    Re: Help! Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing.

    I have experienced exactly the same issue earlier and fortunately was able to fix it after doing lots of research. I actually did a Vista upgrade using the installation Disk. And it worked. If you...
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    Re: usb startup disk help needed

    There is an automated software available on the web which can help you. It is called as WinToFlash. It can create a bootable windows xp drive for you. It is extremely easy to use and works same like...
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    Re: Windows System Image Manager

    No i haven't come across that, i dont have much experience with windows 7 as well. I think you should better start a new topic for windows 7, as this board is for windows vista. I think people...
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    Re: key combination to hibernate

    You can create a shortcut on desktop itself. For that just right click on the desktop and click on New > Shortcut. In the box type RUNDLL32.EXE PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState and click on Ok. The icon...
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    In order to access Windows Media Player Network...

    In order to access Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service you should have below services running:

    SSDP Discovery
    UPnP Device Host

    Just make sure that they are running and let me know...
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    You can do that through Display Properties. Right...

    You can do that through Display Properties. Right click on my computer and click on properties. There go to the Appearance. In that you can find some set of different options through which you can...
  25. re: de-activate xp and office license so I can move to another computer

    There is no such process in windows to deactivate product keys. If you have the installation Cd along with its product keys, just install it on the new system and activate the keys over Phone. Yes,...
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    Re: pop3 connector download period

    I think you can do it with the help of SMTP, right? Did you tried that?
  27. Re: Virus turned off active desktop - how to restore

    Usually Antivirus programs are good to remove Virus..but they fail when it comes to malware or spyware. So i will suggest you to better try out the following removal software, it's free....
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    This is a weird issue. If your system has any...

    This is a weird issue. If your system has any kind of incompatibility or hardware problem then it must only show you 1GB RAM. The other 2GB stick must not be detected at all. I think there is...
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    Re: Active Directory User Membership limit

    Hello Raes, Just go through these Microsoft Articles. I’m sure you will find your answer:

    Problems with Kerberos authentication when a user belongs to many groups...
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    Re: TSST corp DVD +RW ts H653B SCSI CDROM Device

    It will be very difficult to work out on this problem with just the description you have provided. You should post the complete and exact error message you getting with the device. So reply back with...
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    Re: Office 2003 to 2007 upgrade?

    I will like to get an answer for very same question. I have been using Office 2003 and i don't have any issue in using it but if it is possible to upgrade to office 2007 without losing my current...
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    Re: email not sending

    I have a small doubt in this. Were you connected with Bellsouth Internet connection when you received this error? Meanwhile also check if your ‘From’ address is valid and working. Reply so that I...
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    I am very well of this problem as faced it just...

    I am very well of this problem as faced it just about a month ago. The only solution that fixed my problem was to remove the newer version of .NET and install .NET 1.1. That’s it, after this I...
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    Re: Network computer not accessible

    Well settings seems to be proper, if desktop is able to access laptop, then laptop must also able to. Anyways, I would suggest you to just try booting them in safe mode or do a clean boot and see if...
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    Re: Is the Hallmark Postcard virus real or hoax?

    If they are listed under spam then you must ignore the same. Do not click the links which are send multiple times. I had seen a number of hoax related to some virus, but there I am not sure that they...
  36. Re: Remove all album art in Windows Media Player 11

    Its very simple but offcourse you will not find its option in Windows Media Player. This is because Windows Media Player pull those album arts from the folder where they are saved. Just open Windows...
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    Microsoft Document Imaging (mdi) in Office 2007

    I need some help to read a mdi document in Microsoft Office. Office 2003 has this feature. I had just upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and now the file is unreadable. Office 2007 is not identifying...
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    Windows has its own built in VPN client. And if...

    Windows has its own built in VPN client. And if you can configure that you do not need any special software. It is the best one I think. You can simply run the Network connection wizard and configure...
  39. You can boot in Safe Mode and uninstall...

    You can boot in Safe Mode and uninstall Bit-Defender. You must install antivirus at the last when you are done with all driver setup. This would give you a much better chance to protect your system....
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    Re: Windows mail error 0x800CCC0F

    The problem seems to be with the SSL mail servers here but as Telnet has no feasible way of simulating the SSL handshake, you just cannot troubleshoot anything with these servers. But while searching...
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    Did you tried windows update. It is one of the...

    Did you tried windows update. It is one of the easiest way to fix the problem. First you have to ensure that your internet is active and allow a constant connectivity. If still it is not working then...
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    I had did the same thing. I scanned my system...

    I had did the same thing. I scanned my system completely and there were hundreds of new virus detected. This was not found when the older edition scanned the system. It is necessary that you keep...
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    RE: Changed MDI file Association to Acrobat Reader

    It seems like I fixed the problem myself. As soon as I installed the viewing portion of Microsoft Document Image Writer, system automatically re-associated the file extension. But I didn’t...
  44. Re: "BCM Office Addin" Office Application version does not match

    Hello PatrModer,

    Just go through the steps provided in this MS KB describing Error message when you start a 2007 Office program on a computer that is running Outlook 2007 with Business Contact...
  45. Re: Migrate mails & folders from Outlook 2002 to Windows Live mail

    As far as i know pst cannot be imported to Vista Mail. You will need to install Outlook on vista and import the same.
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    Re: windows xp sp3 kernel32.dll error

    I don’t think there is any problem with the Service Pack because many Windows Users have already updated to the same. However, you should just try out uninstalling and reinstalling that particular...
  47. If this is installed in your system, then you can...

    If this is installed in your system, then you can get rid of it through Control Panel. There must be some application installed in Add/Remove program. You can remove it and get rid of the same. If...
  48. RE: Change number of items displayed on Quick Launch Toolbar

    Nope, i dont think there is any way to increase the number of icons in launch bar unless you expand the arrow. However just check if your taskbar is not locked. If it is in unlocked mode, i guess it...
  49. Problem with installing Compatibility Pack to view Office 2007 file

    I am having a MSI laptop that came with Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 pre-loaded. There are many of my clients who send me files (excel, word, powerpoint) that are actually created on Office 2007....
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    Re: Easycleaner Registry Cleaner on Vista

    I too agree with the same. Registry cleaners are risky tools and there is no proper information available that registry cleaning can make your computer stable. There are chances that it can crash...
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