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    Do not print images in Internet Explorer 8

    Hello , I want to Print webpages in internet explorer 8 , the problem is that whenever i print them , the images along with the text are getting printed , can you tell me how can i get the text...
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    video card for dell inspiron 531

    Hello , i have a dell inspiron 531 computer, the problem is that i cannot play cetain games like assasin creeds ,so i want to upgrade my graphics card , and i am not sure what type of graphics card...
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    Ghost Image on Hp Laser Printer

    I have a HP Laser printer For which I never any problems so far. Yesterday,due to some problem I have restored my system from Xp disk and installed all the drivers.and when i check the test page...
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    Reverse clicks in games


    I am left-handed, and as I have a three-button mouse fairly hard at this level, I wish I could change the left click with the right click, because I always used "the assignment of...
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    Re: Spire BlackMoon Power Supplies Series

    I have this Spire BlackMoon Series 450W one and about it i can say that the The unit is a sleek matt black colour with absolutely no reflection. In my opinion black always looks very professional and...
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    Dell Laptop Loose Screen

    hello , i have old laptop's and my screen hinge is getting loose and a bit wobbly I've tried to tight some screws I found on the bottom of the screen but didn't help. Anyone have any ideas on how to...
  7. Re: Cannot Create Recovery Points with Norton Ghost 10 Error

    I would first be looking at any significant disk activity that is going on, it may be unable to get sufficient quiet time for the creation of the point. Run a chkdsk. Go to the properties of the...
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    Re: Download NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) 4.7

    Just go through GPU-Z to recover the BIOS, and make changes in NIBITOR. It is slightly more restrictive, but for the gamer who wants to overclock, this is not what is going to interfere.
  9. Re: Free Download Tomb Raider Underworld World Soundtrack

    I love them, this is what I've been waiting for. For the people who have the game on PC and can do this, more soundtracks are welcome.
  10. Re: Phenom II and consumption: up to 70 watts less

    A man reported a price (in Canadian dollars) to:

    $ 380 Canadian for a Phenom II BE (Black Edition) 940
    $ 330 Canadian for a Phenom 920 II
  11. Re: Reliance Communications launches GSM telephony

    yup your right yesterday in the news i heard that reliance will be providing the facility to change the existing cdma customer to gsm to services that is really good on their part
  12. Re: Access remote directory with a public IP address

    thank you,

    The directory which I want to access is a shared folder on windows that contains files that can be downloaded .
  13. Access remote directory with a public IP address


    I want to develop an interface in VB6 enabling of access a remote directory using a public IP address. I would like to know is this possible and so how do we do it ? .

    thank you
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    Re: Advice to buy a laptop

    Fujitsu Lifebook V1020 - Rs -35000 inr

    Model: LifeBook V1020

    Processor Description:

    » Processor Manufacturer: Intel

    » Processor Name: Pentium Dual Core T2370
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    Re: VB script - List all user groups Help

    It's perfect, the code that you did work well.

    I still have 1 questions With this code, I can list the groups that are in the "Member" and groups that I describe as "second level". If I want to...
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    Re: VB script - List all user groups Help

    Thanks For your Quick Reply
    I am studying your code.

    To begin with, I do not know if it's a mistake, but I replaced this

    Select All
    Sub seekGrp(groups)
    Set objG =...
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    VB script - List all user groups Help

    VBS - List all user groups

    Hello forum

    I have plans to replace our login script (currently written in Kix) with a VBS script.This script (the new) is about to be completed. But in my tests, I...
  18. Count number of time user has logons Windows 2003


    Is it possible to know in a comprehensive manner the number of times a user is logged on a domain ? I Did not found anything related to this on the net so I thought to ask the question...
  19. Re: ACL ( Access Control List ) entry allowing tracert and traceroute

    Yes, I am adding it to an existing ACL. However, I made sure to insert it before the "deny ip any any" statement.

  20. ACL ( Access Control List ) entry allowing tracert and traceroute

    I have a switch with multiple VLANs on it. Each VLAN has a corresponding ACL ending with the following line:

    deny ip any any log

    I would like to permit tracert and traceroute comands to be...
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