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  1. Re: Want some help to reset Asus All in one PC

    This system works on Windows 8 and it has a internal option to restore things back to its original settings. It does a kind of low level formatting due to which it takes really long time. You type...
  2. Re: Help to re-install Windows XP on a old Pentium 4 pc

    There is one thing you can try out and I am quiet sure that it might start working. For that you just have to use some other pc. That means yo need a working pc here. You have to connect the hard...
  3. Re: floppy drive support in Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Most of the time if any of the device is not working in your computer then this is happening due to a corrupt driver, frankly speaking. So, you should simply try to reinstall a new copy of that...
  4. Re: Windows 7 pc crash on every reboot after uTorrent installation

    Boot your pc in safe mode and run system restore. If you still get a blue screen then download and install memtest in your system. This software is easy to use and very simple also. This tool will...
  5. Re: Soon apk apps are going to work on Chrome OS

    It looks, Google is going to make Chrome browser a android emulator. And it will be linked with Google Apps. It will be really helpful. There are some apps that I use which is not having any version...
  6. Re: Blank screen after login to admin account in Windows 8

    Through Windows bootable disc you can also try to run system restore. Which might help and here you wont have to format your pc. You have to use the Windows 8 bootable disc and from that you have to...
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    Re: cant install Windows 7 on Lenovo G50 laptop

    Can you try to go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and download the latest BIOS update for your motherboard. Also, check in your BIOS whether the ACPI is set to API version 3 or 2? Normally,...
  8. Re: Unable to eject a pen drive from Mac system

    It is possible that there is some application which is using the pen drive in the background which is causing the issue. You have to exist all the application that are working in the background first...
  9. Re: Windows 7 search take hours to find a file

    There are so many great file managers available for Windows 7. You can use the same. One which can help you to get a good amount of output is CubicExplorer. It has a multi-window format through which...
  10. Re: Windows 7 crash with blue-screen on Sony Vaio SVE1513CYN after driver installation

    Driver crashing is common when it is not compatible or when it is damage. To fix that the only way left is to install it back again. The laptop model which you had mentioned only comes with 64bit...
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    Re: Windows 8 setup crashing from iso

    The best way is to use the bootable disc. Because that thing does not crash. And if you done with that then the next thing you have to do is create a system image. Burn that on a dvd. You can use the...
  12. Re: KB2917929 update failed to install on Windows 8.1 64bit

    KB2917929 is released to make your system compatibility more stable. If you are unable to install the same then there is some issue in your pc. This update is released for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.2...
  13. Re: What are the new features of Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty Tahr"

    New version means more new applications through the software manager. I am using Ubuntu from long time and I always keep this os in my pc as a dual boot solution. It is ideal for data backup also....
  14. Re: Windows 8 Blue-screen error with write read only message

    This error is caused due to a buggy driver. It is not a memory fault nor you have to format your pc. All you need is to update your system driver. You can go on the official site of your motherboard...
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    Re: High disk usage on Windows 8 64bit

    You can locate in Task Manager which application is consuming so much high ram. You will have to go in process and there you can see the ram and cpu usage. Through the service you can find out...
  16. Re: Black screen on Windows 7 logon after Catalyst Update

    That is the reason you always maintain a driver backup. Many times we update blindly and land on such type of problem. This usually happens when you have a gpu. Go in Device Manager and right click...
  17. Re: Windows 8.1 not as stable compared to Windows 8

    Just update your system with latest updates. In your case it looks windows is not updated and you are getting those update notification again and again. Try to download them manually and install it...
  18. Re: Windows 8.1 proxy server not responding error

    There is one more place where you can look and it will help you to resolve the problem you are facing. For that you have to go in Tools > Internet Option in IE. You can see a connection button there....
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    Re: Will Windows 8 work fast from a 16GB usb

    Before buying anything it is fair to check the drive health status. You can do that by running various hard drive testing software. There is one more tool that can improve your drive performance. You...
  20. Re: getdrivelayout: create file fail! Access Denied (ERROR)

    Yes, if you are no running RAID setup then you have to uninstall the Raid Tool which is installed in your computer in order to solve the error message that you are getting. Also try to remove the...
  21. Re: disk managment error - Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service

    There can be a set of few issues with Disk Management. It is not really necessary that you have bad sectors in your system. So I am giving you a set of links through which you can find what can be...
  22. Re: Intel(R) 82801GB/GR (ICH7 Family) LPC Interface Controller - 27B8

    Windows wont be able to install some specific hardware due to outdated drivers. You can try windows update for that. But still this does not work then there are many popular download website on the...
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    Re: Explorer.exe, shell32.dll - Crashes

    I think that you have to use ShellxView to find the misbehaving context menu handler. So first go to ShellxView and then on the Toolbar choose Options and then click the Filter by extension type...
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    Re: Enable ACPI 2.0 in Bios?

    There are many old BIOS version that do not support ACPI and because of that the pc could not successfully enter advanced power modes like sleep or hibernate. Normally ACPI 2.0 standard is needed by...
  25. Re: stop: c000021a fatal system error....0xc0000135

    It looks to me that incase the file system in your computer has become corrupted then that file have crashed or might have caused the file system to crash. So, you get the new error when you are...
  26. Re: Microsoft Excel file open error " Not a valid single file web page"

    If the Excel attempts to open a file that is not an excel file then it tries to guess what kind of file it is. Most of the time it guesses wrong. So try to go to Tools > Options > General and tick...
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    Re: Bloatware remover for Windows 8.1

    Tweaking Windows 8 is complicated. I am doing a ton of manually settings but nothing worked so much. I had tried using some tools what I can do is just disable the themes. That's all.
  28. Re: Windows 8 folder take too much time to open

    Go back on the old version of windows. The new one does not look working fine in your system. Or if you want the new then don't upgrade just install the setup from scratch by formatting the partition.
  29. Re: Partition resizing does not work on Windows 8

    If you are unable to re-size the partition then it looks it is a locked drive. Try to post the full laptop model here. And also checkout which bios it has. I think you will have to flash the bios to...
  30. Re: Is Windows 9 desktop a rumor or upcoming version of Windows 8

    That is a rumor. I am also looking for information on the same. There is nothing like that. The only recent version which is in the market is Windows 8.1 and after that Microsoft has not provided any...
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    Re: windows 8 error your pc needs to restart

    First of all you will have to restart your computer and get inside BIOS. Now in bios go to Advanced and then Cpu configuration. Now you need to search for No-Execute Memory Protection option and then...
  32. Re: Samsung to launch Budget Variant of Note 3 in India

    Yeah, of course they will a take atleast two months or more to bring the budget variant in market because they need time to sell the existing Note 3. If they bring it now, it will definitely hamper a...
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    Re: error 80242009 while Windows 8 update

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then try to run SFC /SCANNOW Command at Boot. To do that open a CMD at boot and then type diskpart and press enter. After that type of the list volume and...
  34. Re: Bluetooth not working in Windows 8.1 Preview

    Even I had some problem with my USB dongles that were using the broadcomm drivers. What I did to solve this problem was, I removed all the old drivers related to the bluetooth device completely and...
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    Re: What is new in Debain 7.0

    The new packages which are available in Wheezy is Apache, Asterik, Gimp, new Gnome, Gnu compiler, etc. There are many things but all are new and update. So obviously due to this the operating...
  36. Re: Android 4.1 Jellybean update for Sony Xperia S

    The upcoming update for Xperia S and SL will be based on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with build number 6.20B.1.96 (as stated by Rishab) . Most probably you should get this Update by August End.

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    Re: Skype crashes my Windows 8.1

    Well the only thing I can suggest you is to a System Refresh. I have seen several people facing many problems after updating to 8.1 Preview. And I believe this is because the installed applications...
  38. Re: Unable to eject LinuxLive Key from Windows 8

    As your friend whether he needs that usb. You can format it. Usually this kind of thing does not happen. When you connect the pen drive, auto-run launches and it shows you all the menu and other...
  39. Re: Application to remote kill process in Windows 7

    I am not sure about remote kill, but you can configure remote desktop. You can use the default remote desktop application in your windows and configure your system on static ip so that you can access...
  40. Re: Bootable XP USB created via Komku failed to boot

    Komku has a big lenghtly process in building up a bootable usb. Now there is a problem here. You said that you are not having a optical drive. The next step after formatting the pen drive is...
  41. Re: 0xc1900101 - 0x20017 error, cannot update to Windows 8.1

    Incase you have installed any other antivirus software on your pc, then try to disable it because it can obstruct the installation of the Windows 8.1 preview version in your pc. You can also try to...
  42. Re: How to move data from iPhone to Galaxy S4 mini

    As the technology is growing, manufacturers and software developers are updating their apps in a way that they can support other brands/operating systems as well. So now a days, it has become very...
  43. Re: after installing Windows 8.1 preview, keyboard Layout automatically switches to US-layout

    Even I had the same problem and I was able to solve it after digging up for solutions. You need to go to the right charms menu and choose Settings and then click on Change PC Settings and then click...
  44. Re: keyboard not working with WIndows 8.1 preview

    This could be due to incompatible drivers. Yeah, there is possibility for the same. You need to download the keyboard and mouse drivers and install them on your system.

    By the way can you tell me...
  45. Re: cannot see Windows 8.1 Preview in Windows store?

    Well, did you try to reset the Microsoft Store Cache and checked if that works? For doing the same you need to press Windows Key+Q button on the keyboard. After that in the Search Box you need to...
  46. Re: How to move preinstalled Windows 8 from hard drive to SSD

    Well, you can easily try to make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks by checking the manual of your laptop. You can also try to order OEM Recovery disks from your manufacturer's website if you...
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    Re: Windows 8 stuck at automatic repair loop

    If the system is trying to “Automatic Repair” (as you said) but getting failed every time, then simply force it to repair the system manually. You can do the by following these few simple steps:...
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    Re: Error Code 0xc0000001 installing Windows 8

    Well this is a well known error in Windows 8. Many users have already faced the same. Here are the steps to get rid of the same and get your working windows back:

    Restart your computer.
  49. Re: dashost.exe making CPU to run at 90% in Windows 8

    Incase you are not using any services for emails and still getting High CPU usage due to dashost.exe then you can stop this service on Windows 8. Simply, press Windows keys+R and then type...
  50. How to add Search and Shutdown in start menu of Windows 8

    Hi, i am using Windows 8 since past weeks on my new Dell laptop. This is the first time i am using Windows 8 after testing consumer preview for a month last year. I love the new features, performance...
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