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  1. Re: Accidentally deleted iPhone backup, can I create backup with iTunes?

    Why don’t you opt for the best method that I know and that is to go, uninstall and then reinstall the iTunes that’s what you should be doing. One thing I know is that the best basic solution that...
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    Re: unable to uninstall EasyTune6

    Try using ccleaner if the problem is not fixed, Let us know I will upload the version I'm using for you so you can see if it works or not. I would advise you not use registry tools :)
  3. Re: How to import Windows Media Player Playlists, into iTunes Playlists for iPod

    Import M3U list appears to be broken in the current version, so I wrote a script called ImportM3U as a solution. Enjoy it and have fun on the music which you want hear it.
  4. Re: While selecting 'include video' in Sync Photos iTunes Crashes

    Everyone is facing the same problem which is been related to the latest and also the new version of the iTunes, so I think you should try to upload the older and also it will be the best for you.
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    Re: Do OS X LION supports OpenOffice

    I am not sure whether is there any other separate version made for the LION or not but still till that I would say you can try the LINK I am mentioning from where you can download this product to...
  6. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    The best and also the good method is that you should try to download both of them and see which the best is and also which is coming as the winner when you are using it. Doing this you will surely...
  7. Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    The homepage wouldn't display assuming that it weren't for the way that Apple made net product good to go. So we're mechanically tightened this respect. Notwithstanding Apple playing the largest...
  8. Re: Windows unable to install updates including Printer Issue at the same time

    It's never had Norton or anything installed earlier to the events, and actually during that timeframe of the events, I had just instated Open Office after the PC was new, and all items worked fine...
  9. Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    I’m still on Ubuntu 10.10 so its still Openoffice. Anyway I pose the same issue about individuals purchasing windows OS rather than installing Linux, or Photoshop rather than Gimp, but as they...
  10. Re: How to Open PowerPoint and Excel Files on Toshiba Satellite

    Maybe PowerPoint and Excel are not installed properly. So in your case you have to assign the excel and the power point in the standard tool. For assigning this you have to follow these simple steps:...
  11. Re: Need help for Microsoft Word 2007 Document password Recovery/ remove

    Same here-I am doubting that anybody knows if there is a shareware or unlimited product to recoup or uproot word reports passwords. The majority of them need installment.
  12. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    The sum total of our Outlook 2002 users gets this memo when they attempt moving wires from one organizer to an alternate one. It appears to be an Outlook 2002 situation and not an Exchange server...
  13. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    More advanced alternative: Use registry updates to put article in Context menu of image file. One preferred approach to partner the viewer is to put a part in the Right Click Context menu of records...
  14. re: gettin error "communication failure" while access nokia mails after firmware update in Nokia X3-02

    I have read somewhere as this the problem with the firmware itself and we can’t do anything with it, don’t know whether they are right or I am wrong literally.

    And the worst thing that I have...
  15. Re: Audio not working after installing windows 7 pro

    I was also having same problem after installing windows 7 pro, and thus I just simply remove the one which I had gotten with the motherboard and then install the one from the motherboard’s disk.
  16. Re: Unable to recompose all my desktop pools using VMware view 4.5

    "Until Both View the Connection Server and View Composer are upgraded, View Composer operations to not labor. If You Have Connection Server 4.6 View and View Composer 1.0, 2.0, or 2.5, users be able...
  17. Re: Help-Need to make a video recording tutorial

    Making tutorial videos of how to do something can help you a lot. I have experience about it and I must say that the AviScreen captures screen activities and converts the output into an .avi file....
  18. Re: How to make adobe edge animation run in internet explorer?

    I would say this is just wasting of time really, as if suppose you can’t play such animation in IE you should make use of another browser, rather than internet explorer.
  19. Re: How to take print screen with Mac layout keyboard

    I think you have installed any windows based operating system in your machine and plugged mac layout keyboard but for that let me tell you there are certain keys that you can make use of for printing...
  20. Re: Is imaging software in windows 7 an effective way to replace my hard drive

    Definitely it’s the best way. Windows 7 image would be working nicely if you have been restoring a hard drive but I have to tell you that it is not that reliable as some other tricks are. Now if...
  21. Re: Unable to play Windows Media file on preconfigured Windows 7

    I have some good ideas to solve this problem out, it is basically when they are not functioning properly then you need to use the ResetDRM tool to reset DRM systems and hopefully they solve the...
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    Re: Possible to have sound in Adobe Edge

    I think you can add the sound in the html, but I do not know the actual process that how to add and also by which method we can add the sound. I would suggest you go the through manual of the adobe...
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    Re: Working panel missing in Adobe Edge

    As the above user have told that can be the point, if you were getting the panel earlier then the reason would be that the panel file might be got deleted from the system or from the folder where the...
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    Re: Unable to install downloaded adobe edge

    if you are using Mac 10.4, then let me tell you as the software is not compatible with this version, and instead you must have to wait for another version to be released.
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    Re: Adobe edge crashes while launching

    Yeah you might be right actually as this is because of the operating system you have installed in the machine, and though it is showing that it is been installed but still according me it is not...
  26. Re: Unable to install adobe edge on windows 7 64bit

    I am agree with the above user as it might be possible that you might have a software which is actually 32 bit and those programs don’t run on 64bit windodws, rather we need to have such software...
  27. Re: Need another Javascript library for Adobe Edge

    The new adobe edge preview 2 software tools has to be recently lauched and I must say that this will be work to provide the advanced features to this product. You can able to access the newly...
  28. Re: Unable to install Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    I think you are right that this problem arrives because of the wrong installation source link use for this task. you need to go to the official site and then try to find the correct link for this...
  29. Re: Adobe Edge looks great but not works in Internet Explorer 8

    I also faced the similar kind of problem and that time whenever I try to run this adobe edge based animation project on the IE8 browser, then it gives several error message. in that case, I read some...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    Edge is an intuitive tool for creating motion content that runs beautifully on mobile devices. The newly designed tools are to be available on the official site of this adobe. This new tools provide...
  31. Re: I am looking for VMware workstation 8 Beta downoad

    I like Vmware 7.1. This is much better and why to spoil all the settings for upgradation. 7.1 provides you more than enough feature for an single pc. And if you have multiple usage you are trying to...
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    Re: Hidden Outlook Temp folder

    You will be able to find the solution on the internet, as I think that some of them might have got the same problem and the solution might be discussed over there.
  33. Re: Unable to quit from the sync service agent

    You can go to the official website of the Microsoft or to the apple and search for the solution over there and you will be able to get the solution for the problem you are facing right now. You will...
  34. Re: Getting error message in Microsoft Outlook 2011’HTTP error. The server cannot fulfill the request’

    Well I think you need to reinstall the Microsoft Office 2011 on the computer of yours and see whether it is working or not.
  35. re: Usb support for VMware fusion and OS X Lion

    I’m running the same units and regular as the passport and the thumb works well. One Touch USB scanner also running 7400 and 3 USB to CAN dongles that does not work anymore, unless I plug it in and...
  36. Re: VMware fusion future vs. parallels desktop 6

    I've used both and I think I like the Parallels do a great job, creating the appearance of Windows program like a MAC, which is nice, but I realized that much less sense of fusion. Calling the end of...
  37. Re: Unable to open adobe acrobat reader x in VMware thinapp

    This indicates. When thinapped program open a pdf perhaps a small help text or VMware program with local install installed adobe acrobat reader.
  38. Re: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac: Outlook Sync is not working after doing Mac OS X Lion update

    Well looking at the matter which you have mentioned over here I wanted to know which operating system do you running on the computer? what is the system configuration? Was there any issue before...
  39. Re: Windows 7 Resolution Setting Tab vs. View 4.5 over PCoIP

    I have the P20 as well and establish the similar trouble. GPO ruined set a first choice to update the registry:

  40. Re: Unable to open Microsoft outlook 2011 for Mac and getting error message ‘Microsoft Outlook cannot be opened because of a problem.’

    I think you need to reinstall the software on the system of yours and see whether it is working or not.
  41. Re: How can I insert the text box into the chart in the Excel sheet of Office 2011?

    When you are into the Customize the toolbars mode where you will be able to get the small toolbar which is under of the main menu bar which is mimics the main menu bar. From the main menu bar you...
  42. Re: Will Word 2011 for the Mac OS X run well on Mac Air?

    We know that the people of Microsoft are already working with the Apple from the very early days of the Mac OS 10.7 Lion. They were looking to address many major issue with the releasing of the...
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    Re: G-Five U808 always in headphone mode

    You will have to do some soldering In order to remove the problem. Here are step by step moves for it. Dismantle and open the phone. Find the picture and find marked part on it. Then use thin...
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    Re: Custom Reports in MS Project

    I am not very good in the MS office but you can take a look at the below link as they have given the steps to make the custom report. O hope this will be helpful to you.
  45. Re: Is there any way to disable Pidgin Notifications on Ubuntu 9.04?

    To disable the notification when your contact is becomes online. In the tools menu you need to hit the plug-ins option. This will be gives all the notification on this ubuntu system. Then it shows...
  46. Re: Information panel of BlackBerry Desktop Manager has grayed out

    There is a simple solution that you can try out right now at this moment of time so what I am asking you to do is try uninstalling BB Desktop manager on the Mac system and again install it that will...
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    Re: Easy way to rip TV Series

    I understand that I previously have PassKey establish and as a result I'll utilize ImgBurn on the way to rip the DVDs as ISOs and after that queue them within Handbrake commencing the ISO. That will...
  48. Re: Which one is better among Picasa and iPhoto?

    For iphoto you need to pay an amount of 80 dollars where as picasa is free. So I would recommend you to go and have picasa. iPhoto is integrated throughout the entire Operating System. iPhoto works...
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    Re: PDF creator for Apple OS X Lion

    I will suggest you to download the freeware CutePDF. I am telling you to download this because I am using this from the last few weeks. I think that PDF files are standard for the secure and reliable...
  50. Re: Unable to open email outlook through pdf on Windows 7

    You need to check that the file extension of the file along with the allow all types of extension files on this MS outlook software. There is an option present on that software for making this enable...
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