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  1. Re: disable outlook popup banners in Windows 8.1

    I am also having Windows 8.1 operating system installed in my computer with the latest windows update and I have never heard or seen this Outlook popup banners in my pc. It seems to me that there...
  2. Re: Windows Store stops in Windows 8, says not connected to internet

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then try to open command prompt with admin and then run the below command:

    Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup&sfc/scannow&Dism /Online...
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    Re: Office 2010 CD damaged

    Just go to this link - and then enter your Product Key and then click the Get Started button below and sign into or create your Microsoft account to begin...
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    Re: Importing ppt presentation in movie maker

    Screen recorder option is proper but it will cause problem with the video quality. I had seen that many free version of screen recorder affect the overall quality. You wont be getting a HD output...
  5. Re: Unable to install Advanced System Care in Windows 8.1

    I think the issue is with app permission. You will have to check that once. Try to right click on the application setup and then choose Run As Administrator. And then see whether the setup works or...
  6. Re: Which free video editing tool offers professional features

    Yes just try out Lightworks. It is really awesome and easy to use software. This tool provide you simple and easy way to create professional videos through that. There is a entire tutorial section...
  7. Re: Fingerprint says wrong password on my acer aspire laptop

    I think that there are 2 pieces to fingerprint reader which is the sensor software and the biometrics software. So, first you need to uninstall both figerprint driver and fingerprint software. After...
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    Re: adobe reader very slow to open pdf

    Can you tell us what is your full computer specifications, how much RAM do you have specifically? If it is low then there is no doubt that why the application is responding slowly in your computer?...
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    Re: RamDisk for Windows 8

    Now-a-days computers have more powerful CPU compared to the system RAM. I dont really like the RamDisks. But the system cache used in any latest operating system has most of the advantages of a...
  10. Re: Input Director fails to find slave system on reboot

    I am having a projector and a pc at my office. The projector is connected to another pc which has input director installed on it. First I also use to get the same issue. Each morning when I turn on...
  11. Re: Is it safe to backup data on a Virtual Hard drive

    It is right. The VHD is not going to help you here. If you are having important data then avoid scanning the drive. If the antivirus is configured on aggressive mode it will wipe out the file...
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    Re: best between Teamviewer and LogMeIn

    It really depends on you whether you want to use a software or the inbuilt Remote Desktop Connection. But in any case I would suggest you to use Teamviewer because it is very simple to use. After you...
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    Re: Media Uploader for a Windows 8.1 system

    You can try using AV Media Uploader. This will help you to upload all your files on various online media sharing site. It supports Dailymotion, youtube, etc. You just have to connect your account on...
  14. Re: Which eBook is nice for understanding Android programming

    You can find ample of good books on the web. And it is always good to start with basic. So that you can learn the important elements on the same. I will provide you details of few books which will...
  15. Re: How to measure fps of gaming monitor in Windows 10

    I think the best software for reading fps is fraps. And you can find that on the web for free. Fraps is easy to use with simple options. It has hot keys based support through which you can instantly...
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    Re: Windows 7 is unable to detect usb speaker

    No it is not going to work. This speakers are having this portable usb jack only for charging. It wont simply offer you any audio output from the same. You have to try using the audio port. Most of...
  17. Re: Increasing the storage capacity of Bluestack

    There is one more android simulator that you can go for. It offer you to have unlimited storage space. It is called as Andy android simulator. Just
    download and install the same. It is an free...
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    Re: Skype video chat not working on Linux

    Instead of using a application which might fail to work you can go with web based chatting. I know one that I use to chat with my friends in night time. It is called as ubiqq. Just go on that and...
  19. Re: Virus detected while creating a bootable usb through WiNToBootic

    There are so many software available to create a bootable usb. It is good if you can test a few of them. If you think your antivirus is interrupting you can turn it off for few minutes and then try...
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    Re: software to take screenshot in Windows 8.1

    I have been using Ashampoo Snap 7 which is the smartest application to capture screen, add notes and annotations and share them with friends. With Ashampoo Snap 7, you can capture images and videos...
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    Re: installing gpedit.msc on Windows 7 manually

    With the Home version of Windows 7, you already know that gpedit.msc is not compatible or you can say that it is not included in the same version of the OS. If you can let us know in details what...
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    Re: What can be done to speedup vmware

    There are few performance things that you can do if you have windows installed in the virtual platform. You can turn off unnecessary visual effects that will boost the output. For that you have to go...
  23. Re: problem with Windows Movie Maker in Windows 8

    I think that you might have a corrupted video file or else it could be created with an incompatible codec which is not supported in Windows Movie Maker. So, the best thing you can do is download some...
  24. Re: Extremely slow mac pc after installing System Optimizer

    It is always good for the system if you can clean your system hard drive. Most of the time a slow hard drive is the cause behind this kind of problem. You can simply use a internal utility to get rid...
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    Re: iTunes crashing after Maverick update

    Just download the latest version. Remove the old one. It looks the app is not properly updated that is why it is crashing. Once you get the latest version installed in your system it will be more...
  26. Re: Is it possible to recover movies from a damage copyright protected DVD

    You can try testing few tools one by one. Start wit ISO buster as mentioned above. If this does not work then there is one more tool which is worth to try. It is called as handbrake. It is a Open...
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    Re: Automated android backup on Windows 8 PC

    I am also looking for a similar feature. When I was using Nokia the Nokia PC Suite works effectively nice in terms of backup and sync. After connecting my entire content was synced automatically. The...
  28. Re: error message "No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure"

    This problem can even happen if the GoPro Cineform Studio is already installed in your machine and when you will try to launch any other application then you will get this error again "Error at...
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    Re: Installing Office 2003 in Windows 8

    I can confirm that Office 2003 Professional is working fine in my Windows 8 Pro machine. I dont know why microsoft is telling people that it is not compatible. I can easily open Word, Powerpoint,...
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    Re: best calendar application for windows 7

    In my opinion Windows Live Calendar Gadget is the best desktop widget designed to let you set a reminder for certain dates or time to see your location. The purpose is to show events in public...
  31. Re: cant create Windows 8 rescue disk with Macrium Reflect

    I really dont understand why you are getting BSOD because it is working fine for me. Anyways, if you want to create a Rescue Disk then you will need to download a free version of Windows PE that is...
  32. Re: How to use Dolby Home Theater on regular headphones

    It is very complicated to get good audio output when you are using a regular headphone. The same will work really well if you are having good quality headphones. I am having one from Creative where I...
  33. Re: Looking for ideal cpu power for compressing files

    I had tested a Core i5 laptop recently. I am working on a Core 2 Duo system for video editing. My major work involve with video editing. I have to edit video and then at the end I make out a full hd...
  34. Re: Adding different password to different folders in Windows 7

    There are many tools for the same. Remember that if you loose password you have to remove them. So buy something that you can manage. Do not go for encryption stuff. It will be complicated for you to...
  35. Re: Simple tool to control network pc through single mouse

    You can try ShareMouse. It is a tiny handy application that can help you to control various system easily. Through this you can smartly control your network pc and manage different job. You just have...
  36. Re: Setup cannot find InfoPath.en-us\InfoPathMUI.msi

    You can easily try to uninstall a different version of Microsoft Office if it is installed in your machine, just follow the below method:

    Click Start.
    Click All Programs, and then open...
  37. Re: Error message "Failed to add driver. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000578)."

    Even I was facing this issue but after sometime I was able to solve this issue. I deleted the temp files by going to C:\windows\temp and gave the admin user account full access permissions to...
  38. Re: ‘Analysis failed’ error message when using Defraggler on 3TB hard drive

    The problem can be also due to corrupt data. This is one of the most common issue why disk defragmentation fails. You will need to wipe out those corrupt data from your system inorder to resolve the...
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    Re: Media Center crashes when burning - SBEserver

    The problem that you are facing could be happening because of any third party CD/DVD burning software installed in your computer. I would recommene you to uninstall any kind of burning software from...
  40. Re: Installing Ricoh RL5C592 MEMORY STICK BUS HOST ADAPTER in Vista

    If your above driver doesnt work then you can also download the drivers that are listed for Ricoh R5C832, R5C843, R5C833, v.1.0.1, A00 from here. This file contains a compressed (or zipped) set of...
  41. Re: Creating a batch file to find and delete certain files

    You can do the same through a third party software also. If your system has too many duplicate files you can try using a Duplicate file finder. You can run the same to delete files from your system....
  42. Re: how to create dot letter for trace for preschool kids

    There is no automated way of doing that. You have to do that manually. You are trying to create some kind of puzzle thing for kids so that they can identify spelling fast. This is a complete manual...
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    Re: Word 2007 - new/empty document contains macros?

    Even I was facing the same issue and later on I found that it was happening because of my installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader. So, if you have installed this software and you do not need the...
  44. Re: Emulate surround sound when playing video - VLC media player

    You can easily setup VLC media player for Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound output via your pc's coaxial or optical digital audio output. To do the same start Vlc and then click on Tools menu and...
  45. Re: DVD-TV 878 Digital TV Tuner Driver for Windows Vista

    This is a very common issue when you upgrade your system. You are not able to get fresh drivers for the same. It is necessary that you must try to find out the same through a simple driver updater...
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    Re: Win 7 prnport.vbs Error

    You can get a bit more information on using prnport in the below link. The link shows up information on the complete syntax and options to use the same. So I will recommend you to checkout the same...
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    Re: DMRengine has stopped working

    The DMREngine.exe surely seems to be a suspicious file. First restart your computer and when the computer boots open Task Manager and then try to find the process of DMRengine and see which software...
  48. Re: Tata Photon Whiz Olive CM200 not installing on windows 7(Drivers not installing)

    Havent you got any CD/DVD with your Tata Photon Whiz Olive CM200 USB dongle? It carries all the drivers and files that are needed to be installed in your pc. Even if it is not present then connect it...
  49. Re: Where to find some good portable cleanup applications

    Yes go for the same. It has a set of huge applications that can be used for day to day usage. You can visit the official website to get more information on different set of applications and you can...
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    Re: Can't find language DLL msain900.dll

    Even I had the same problem. But I was able to fix it by going to the installation directory which was C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/ and then I ran the ACCICONS.EXE file which usually...
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