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  1. Re: How to play Facebook Games on Lumia 920

    There is no place because there is no Flash player for mobile platform anymore. They have discontinued it long back. Fortunately on Android, developers have ported the Facebook Games in standalone...
  2. Re: Launching camera restarts Samsung Galaxy S4

    There is no way to revert back to earlier firmware officially. However if you really want to do the same then you will need to go with installing Stock ROM of Galaxy S4 if it is available somewhere....
  3. Re: Cannot Activate Office 2013 Professional Plus

    I have seen many cases in my group itself where the above provided steps dint helped (however it has helped many times). So if that doesn't works for you, then you will require to re-install your...
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    Re: Water blocks for cooling Radeon 6970

    There are gpu liquid cooler, but I a quiet not sure about the water blocks. There are some manufacturer on web that offers you to get custom blocks depending on the design you have.
  5. Re: What Ubuntu 12.10 offers in comparison to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    That is right, when you upgrade or simply add up some additional feature the configuration settings are affected. I did exactly the same. I installed Cinnamon on Mate and found that all keyboard...
  6. Re: How to boost internet speed on Android tablet

    Which router do you have and how far do you access your tablet that you dont get the signal ? AFAIK, most of the routers releasing now a days provide pretty good range, about 200 meters, that is...
  7. Re: LibreOffice Impress vs OpenOffice Impress

    It is right. LibreOffice Impress is newer then OpenOffice Impress. It might be easy, but to some extent it is not recommended to use. I had checked both, but found LibreOffice as far more better one....
  8. Re: From performance point of view which is better Rainmeter or Fences

    It is better get a nice dock if you just need the shortcut arrangement. My desktop is very slow. So I had deleted all the icons and use a third party software like mouse extender. When press alt I...
  9. Re: Not able to send file from Pidgin to Yahoo Messenger

    You are right. Yahoo has not at all provided any version for open source platform even though it is free. You can easily locate Skype. Pidgin is a good instant messenger. But why it does not sends a...
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    Re: Windows transformation pack for Ubuntu

    There is a windows transformation pack for Ubuntu. You can download that from web or you can simply get the same via terminal by running the following command - sudo wget...
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    Re: Is Samsung Galaxy S3 good for gaming

    I really like this Smartphone because it is very thin, light and fast. Due to this you can play most of the games. I would love to play First person shooter game in this phone. The processor is quite...
  12. Re: Multiple Dell desktop models having same symptoms, No solution yet

    If this problem happens, it means that the memory module (RAM) is misplaced in its slot. We must therefore turn off the computer, and try reseating the memory module. If it is faulty, then if you...
  13. Re: More features needed in Intel Desktop Utilities

    Intel Desktop Utilities is a key control system for users who do not have the support of a corporate IT function. Intel Desktop Utilities provides users the means to control the system temperature,...
  14. Re: GTX 685 is really going to be made or not?

    Facebook announced the new product to a NVIDIA GeForce page. The product is not known; only the cover was changed with the words "its coming." It remains to be seen whether it is for example an...
  15. Re: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 freezes after installing patch

    The EA has released the first patch for FIFA 12 and it is available for both Mac and PC version. This patch is intended to fix number of problems, and EA will also continue to work on what this...
  16. Re: Wifi Shutdown Fix for HTC One S in standby mode

    Some HTC Android devices appear to suffer (or had) a WiFi security leak. The Taiwanese manufacturer said part of the problem devices are already equipped to have a fix, but it is still not completely...
  17. Re: How to increase shared Graphics memory on Asrock A55M-HVS motherboard

    Do not tapping the top contribution. The amount of memory is handled by the graphics driver. There is a minimum size and maximum size and it manages all this by himself. The software does not know...
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    Re: HTC One S Front camera: VGA or 1.3 MP?

    The specs page says that it has a VGA front camera. The 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, Gorilla Glass display and HTC Sense UI creates a crisp and responsive...
  19. Re: HTC One S cannot stream an album off Drop Box

    I choose DropBox neither for consumer nor for businesses purposes. It may not be the right choice for mobile phones for now. The dropbox integration is newly introduced in HTC with the launch of HTC...
  20. Re: Automator on Mac OS X making repetitive actions on Runescape

    I do not think Automator is a way forward. You could use AppleScript, but you should take a look at Sikuli . You will write the script Sikuli yourself, but what you describe should not be difficult
  21. re: Is it possible to utilize OS 7.1 on BlackBerry Bold 9700

    I also posted and asked many many times but didn’t get any answer yet from any source. Then I came to know that BB Bold 9700 doesn't have enough memory and processing power to run OS 7. The current...
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    Re: PC Crashing randomly with Geforce GTX 680

    It seems that NVIDIA decided not to integrate support for Gen 3.0 X79/SNB-E systems in the last minute, but the reason is unknown. After all, it's very strange that the stable version of GeForce...
  23. Re: Blackberry 9900 Bluetooth drivers for tethering in Windows 7

    I checked out, but from "outside" look the same, so I think it's a compatibility problem with Windows 7. Incidentally I tried it on two computers with Windows 7 and in both cases I get the same...
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    Re: Steam client available for Android?

    Without warning, Valve just dropped the official iOS and Android applications for the Steam client. These applications are currently available in beta versions of beautiful, she will let you keep in...
  25. Re: Macbook Pro freezes often with WD Scorpio Black 500GB

    It seems to me that either the filesystem is corrupted on the external drive or unfortunately they are not complete (missing the right edge). In that case, it is actually the best solution to secure...
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    Re: A Good eReader for note taking

    Other than buying a eReader for Hand Writing I urge you to take a look into Tablet PCs. Nowadays many people don’t like to buy eReader because of its limited amount of capabilities and lack of...
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    Re: Overclocking of AMILO Notebook xi 3650

    If you've looked in all menus, overclocking settings are not listed. Sometimes there are cracked bios updates to be found. Overclock a laptop is not worth a try because there's hardly any cooling...
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    Re: How to Flash Acer Aspire 5535 BIOS

    Best way to flash is by Win98 boot disk or the like where the DOS flash program is automatically called by autoexec.bat with the appropriate parameters. And that's where my knowledge runs out.
  29. Re: MobileNoter app to sync OneNote notebooks using iPhone

    MobileNoter sounds quite promising and may at first glance, everything you could need:

    The whole thing is, of course again a hook, the app takes out anything - so you can use against its own...
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    Re: What file format 3ds will support?

    3ds is one of the file formats which are used by Autodesk 3d Studio, which was popular in April 1996. 3ds is binary file formats, therefore it is faster to load, and smaller than Human readable...
  31. Re: Poor Audio from HP T5745 Thin Client in Citrix Session

    As far as I know that it is the problem with the rdesktop. It seems to me that RDP sound re-directing on Linux Thin Clients with Windows servers. This re-direction only happens if USB Drive Mapping...
  32. Re: Color mixed up when printing from Epson stylus photo R220

    This Epson printer as many has problems with print head but not the cartridge. I'll say this with the several years of experience of managing a business / computer lab where they back a lot of Epson...
  33. Re: Experiencing Vibration on Cooler Master HAF 932

    Cooler Master has integrated rubber screws which eliminate any vibrations that could be transmitted to the housing. Beyond these "shocks" the fan is hard plastic and vibrates at high speed (like most...
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    Re: Drag and Drop error in Windows Vista

    As far as I know there are several memory cards that do not allow huge number of files or folders inside the root directory. Try creating different directory or folder in root directory and then try...
  35. Re: Safari crashing due to Flash player 10.4 on Mac OS X 10.5.8

    I believe that this issue was recognized during the release of Flash Player 11. But then it was solved by the apple itself. However if you want to install Flash player 11 you must have the OS X to...
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    Re: Watch 3D movies using LG CINEMA 3D MONITOR

    The manual tells that the TriDef software is completely compatible with both the Nvidia and ATI graphics card. So it seems to me that, there should be a graphics card in order to function the TriDef...
  37. Re: QTFiles in Norton Antivirus directory on Mac

    If you are suffering much from this issue then do the following:

    Open the Terminal Window (from /Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
    Type this command: sudo rm /usr/bin/MigrateQTF
    It may ask for...
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    Poll: Re: Which is the best C++ Compiler

    'CodeWarrior' is the best compiler because it can be used for Windows, Unix, and also supports Other OS. Beside this it is freeware software and also provides IDE to make use. It is easy to learn and...
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    Poll: Best Handycam to buy

    I am thinking to buy a New Handycam for myself and I have heard that Sony DSC H5,Panasonic SDR H40,Canon PowerShot S3 IS and Nikon CoolPix P500 are are some of the best handycam of good brands so I...
  40. Re: Disc optimization not working in Norton 360 version 5

    Have you tried running the Disk Optimization manually. To do this, just go into the PC Tuneup Details and Run Disk Optimization (You can find this option at the bottom of the screen).
  41. Re: After Updating USB Loader GX, Wii games showing black screen

    Can you update the USB Loader GX (which is updated often) directly from within the program, go to Settings and then on the second page update. Very nice also the ability to download custom themes to...
  42. Re: PDF application/Plug-in might have broken in Safari 5.1.2

    I had the problem that I have resolved by removing the preferences file for Safari that was in the Preferences folder in my user folder. The file plugin AdobePDFViewer.plugin had previously removed...
  43. Re: Does Entry-Level PC capable to run World of Warcraft at Max settings

    You can adjust the graphic details but so accurate that it should run smoothly even on your system, but unfortunately not with Max graphics details. When I would recommend to screw the shadows and...
  44. Re: AVG white-listed Trojan horse Hider.OOW file

    The good thing about a Trojan horse: they are fairly easy to remove. The bad of a Trojan horse: they are quite hard to detect or detect. Although a Trojan horse does not destroy files on your hard...
  45. Re: Windows 7 resetting modified date on Files automatically while moving

    There are situations where we need to change the date on which a file was created, modified or accessed. Another use a little less ethical may be when that person told him he needed to design "the...
  46. Re: What are the reasons that makes you to buy iPad 3?

    It is of course still very early to the new iPad 3 to speak. Yet already buzzing with rumors. But what can we logically expect the iPhone 3? First, of course, a faster processor than the current,...
  47. Re: AMD Catalyst Drivers 11.11b for Battlefield 3 Crossfire support

    EA recommends installing the latest graphics drivers from both manufacturers.

    NVidia is focused mainly on the correction of several bugs while ATI is the improved support of Crossfire, which is...
  48. Re: iPod locks up when connected to Sony XDRDS12IP Speaker Dock

    Possibly the nearly all admired iPhone as well as iPod accessories following headphones, speaker docks are as well between the slightest companionable with the iPad." This need of compatibility...
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    Re: Intel core i7 2700k vs i7 3930k

    Available at 555 dollars, the Core i7 3930K interest to amateur video editing, graphic rendering or in need of raw power. If you can afford more money then there is one more option for you apart...
  50. Re: Laptops are very fast due to High-end TDP Processors

    These future processors for servers and workstations engraved in 32 nanometers will have a feature known internally as Interlagos and Valencia that will allow adjustment of the TDP demand. In short,...
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