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    Re: Kingston HyperX Genesis memory question

    Note that you should install the Kingston HyperX Genesis RAM in the orange slot of the motherboard to get full 1600mhz or above. Also, this RAM will not work with the XMP profiles since nothing it...
  2. Automatically scroll through a PDF document in Adobe Reader

    To read a long PDF document, Adobe Reader has an automatic scroll function to avoid having to go through the keyboard or mouse to change the page. You can adjust the scrolling speed to your reading...
  3. antec eleven hundred cabinets fan very noisy

    I recently build a new computer and have finished everything. All the things are working properly, but the top fan of the antec eleven hundred cabinet is making too much of noise? There is also no...
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    HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    I am looking to buy a new mobile phone. Many of my friends are telling me that the new HTC One Smartphone, which recently launched in the market, is better than Galaxy Note 2. Is this really true? I...
  5. Re: booting issue with newly purchased gigabyte mother board. h61m-ds2

    I dont think like its a mobo issue, but the cheap hardware that you are using with the mobo.
  6. Re: System freezes after overclocking AMD Phenom II X4 965

    If you are quite sure that your system was stable while running Prime95 then there might be something else causing programs to crash at start up. By the way what you actually mean by “I don’t...
  7. Re: Good graphics card for gaming on Windows 8

    Ill suggest you to get one from these, they are best within your budget.

    Gigabyte AMD/ATI GV-R777OC-1GD 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card - Rs. 8346
    ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 1GB 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics...
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    Re: How to Boot into Windows 8 Safe Mode

    You can try out this method as well:
    Press Win+R key
    Type “msconfig” without quotes and hit enter
    Click on boot tab and click on Safe Boot check box and choose the type of Safe Mode you want...
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    Re: Dlink router internet led flashing orange

    I ask because, since you are in Canada then you can contact the D-Link customer support from here -
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    Re: Dlink router internet led flashing orange

    Here you go, the contact page of dlink -

    By the way, which country are you from?
  11. Re: Windows 8 - Metro Apps won’t connect to the Internet

    I want to know if you have upgraded to windows 8 or you have made a clean installation of it. Also, have you installed any application or program after installing windows 8 or this issue started just...
  12. Re: How to track stolen/lost laptop with serial number online

    You can subscribe to Lojack or TrackItBack computer tracking services. They are popular laptop tracking service providers and they will track your laptop for a fee. They will keep notifying you about...
  13. Re: How to install windows 8 RT in Micromax Funbook

    Most of the tablets today have ARM Processors and as far as I am aware Windows 8 RT is made for ARM Processors. I mean ARM Processors are capable of handling it, so logically it seems possible....
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    Re: Max overclock for AMD Radeon HD 7750

    To get better idea of overclocking and how it’s done, you can go through below guides and articles:
    Guide to overclocking your Graphic Card
    Guide on how to overclock an ATI graphics card...
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    Re: Copy/Paste is not working in windows 8

    You can run the above tests very well but if they don’t make any difference in your case then just go through Event log and check if there is any suspicious error. If you see any then copy and...
  16. Re: Iphone 5 starts opening applications when on call

    Am not sure but as you have mentioned that this issue started suddenly I want to know if you have installed any application recently and doubt it??? If yes then you can uninstall recently installed...
  17. Re: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Motherboard - Microphone sound is very low

    I think you just need to change some settings, that’s all !!! Have you tried raising microphone boost? Set microphone boost to max and try raising other audio settings accordingly and let me know...
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    Re: Worms Revolution wont start

    On what resolution you are running the game?? Have you tried running the game on lower resolution?? If you haven’t than you can give that a try as well. In my case I had same issue with counter...
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    Re: media usage rights acquisition error

    I am aware of the above error and i will like to inform you that the rights to the content are issued by content provider. In case they are not issuing license for their content any more, you wont be...
  20. Re: System restarts when I try to play "Saints Row: The Third"

    You might have checked "restart on critical failure", that’s the reason your system is restarting. In order to get rid of that you can disable “automatic restart” . Just go to system > advanced...
  21. Re: Intel Core i7-3930K or Intel Xeon E5-2643 ?

    See there’s no much difference between Intel Core i7-3930K and Intel Xeon E5-2643.They both have same micro-architecture but you will get better performance with i7-3930K as it has more cores and...
  22. Re: Nokia 808 PureView Vs Samsung GALAXY S III

    Yes GALAXY S III is worth it, I am just listing things where S III is winning compared to Nokia 808 PureView

    It has Quad Core CPU which will give better performance without disturbing UI
    It has...
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    Re: Cannot run Angry birds space in windows 7

    I have gone through a number of threads where people have mentioned this OpenGL 2.0 renderer error. This issue seems to be related with graphic card driver. Since you have mentioned that you have...
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    Re: Sound and VGA driver for HCL EC2 laptop

    Just check out HCL official site and see if you are getting it there, you will have to enter some basic details like model number, opearting system version for getting list of drivers available there.
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    Re: Binatone Firmware DT4W-A1.002

    Hey I have found Binatone Firmware DT4W-A1.002, you can download it from here. In case you face any issue further you can feel free to ask, best of luck.
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    Re: Binatone Firmware DT4W-A1.002

    Even I am not able to find it anywhere, have you checked out their official site for the firmware?? I think they might be having the latest ones on their official site. By the way which router you...
  27. Re: How to recover photos from Kodak easyshare

    Just try taking out the card from your camera, reinsert and see if you are able to transfer your photos after that. If not than you will have to use some recovery software for recovering photos from...
  28. Re: ASRock X79 Extreme9 Motherboard freezes randomly

    I don’t think connecting drives to Marvell SATA3 should cause any issue as such, I have used my drives connected to Marvell SATA3 previously and I did not had any issue there. Ill suggest you to...
  29. Re: What are Data Recovery options available in Mac OS X Lion.

    I agree. Deleted files can be recovered in Mac OS X Lion until it's been overwritten by some other data . The new technology of allocating memory in bulks make it's possible to recover data even if...
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    Re: total duration column

    As far as I know about MS Project, it will calculate the duration of the summary task as the number of working days between 20th May through 28th May because according to the task details mentioned...
  31. Re: Unable to apply GPO in a OU. Kindly help me to solve this.

    I also put up a deployment installation "msi" on machines with Windows 7.
    My server is Windows 2003 Server.

    I followed the deployment plan that I used with Windows XP SP3.

    1) I created an...
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    Re: Office update KB981715 will not install

    Have you tried installing Update for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (KB981715) manually?? If not then give it a try and see if it is getting installed without any error?? You can download KB981715...
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    How to oveclock 7950 GX2 with rivatuner

    I recently bought a used GeForce 7950 GX2 from my friend and put it in my old rig that has intel hyper threading processor support. I was wondering if I can overclock this card with rivatuner to some...
  34. Problem setting up Windows Storage Server 2008 as a domain control

    We are having Windows Server 2003 computer on a domain that works as the PDC. We purchased a new machine of Dell that has Windows Storage Server 2008 installed. We want a way to setup the new...
  35. Thread: C00D1199

    by Agilent

    Re: C00d1199

    First of all make sure that the file type you are trying to play compatible with Media Player. What is the version of WMP you using? If the file type is supported by the Player, make sure the codec...
  36. Group olicy for Internet Explorer Proxy settings not being applied.

    There are some computers on our domain that are not applying the policy for Internet Explorer Proxy Settings. The clients are typically Windows XP with SErvice Pack 2 and the domain controllers are...
  37. what is the time source of domain member server when ntpserverdefined

    Can anyone tell me what is the time source of domain member server when ntpserverdefined? Thanks.
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    Re: Can't reinstall Office Pro 2003

    First of all no matter you borrowed a CD from your friend, if it gets installed anyhow, how you gonna activate it ? Remember yours was OEM product and they are not transferable. Also I don’t think...
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    Runaway: A twist of fate save game download

    Hello, I was wondering if I can get the pc save game file for Runaway: A twist of fate for download. My brother accidentaly deleted all programs and files and even the games from Add and Remove and...
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    Re: Windows 7 Security Tab

    Yeah, that’s correct Javalr. That’s the only working way left to get it working. You will need to Knoppix or Ubuntu and boot the drive. Backup all your needed Data off the drive and then do a...
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    Re: cannot login due to error 0xC00000BB

    Is this the complete error message:
    "The server authenticating you reported an error (0xc00000BB). You can find further details in the event log. Please report this error to the systems...
  42. Error 0x000006d9 on a shared printer in Windows 7

    I am currently testing a version of RTM Windows 7 Pro 64bit, and I am having problems with printer sharing.

    When I enable sharing, I get an error 0x000006d9 consistently, regardless of the printer...
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    Re: Can not start Windows vista laptop

    Most probably you might be having some damaged or corrupted Registry or system file that is causing or preventing the system to Start. You should check this...
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    ATA channel, device cannot start (Code 10)

    I have recently started to get this error code 10 and I have also removed it many times but it comes back again and it is now starting to annoy me. I bought a 500 gb seagate hard drive and setup a...
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    Re: Worm in USB drive

    I have been also having this problem for a few days. I get the following message when I boot my computer:

    Please CD / DVD in drive C: Insert

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has found nothing and...
  46. Re: No Sound with AGP HDMI Video Card through HDMI Connection

    If you have connected your HDTV with R&W cable then there should be at least one HDMI ports with option to accept Stereo sound. Just check your TV settings, there should be some option with which you...
  47. Yes Astra 4500 is an old scanner and Umax has not...

    Yes Astra 4500 is an old scanner and Umax has not yet written any 64-bit drivers for it. If possible than contact your manufacturer and see what they have to say about it, if they might have produced...
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    Top 50 nintendo games

    I bought a new Nintendo DS gaming console and I would like to know what are the top 50 nintendo DS games that you would suggest me? I am soon going to make a collection on it and also obviously start...
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    windows server 2003 ftp problems

    Hello, I am having problems to set up IISFTP in Windows 2003 server cause it works only in intranet and not over the internet. If my friends try to connect to my FTP they get an error message saying...
  50. Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 won't connect to wireless...WHY???

    Try to disable any existing security application from your pc. A number of time security software like firewall or antivirus are causing the problem. It is necessary that you turn off the same for...
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