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  1. Re: Charging Lumia phones keeping them turned off like Android

    I don’t want to miss my calls and notifications but I want to do this just because the battery gets full faster when it is turned off compared to charging with the phone On. Hence I use to charge...
  2. Charging Lumia phones keeping them turned off like Android

    Hi, i am using a Lumia 820 phone. I remain on field for most of the time, hence i wont get time to charge the phone and it gets drained almost 99% until i reach back to home. As we know if we charge...
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    Re: Airtel and Idea to increase voice call charges

    Airtel and Idea are Two of India's leading mobile service providers if they are not able to manage their profit then I don't think any other operator would be able to survive with their old scheme....
  4. How to check with what mobile operator is the iPhone 4 locked?

    I want to know what operator does the iphone uses. I don’t want to know about unlocking the iPhone so that you can use any mobile operator, I just want to know what operator does the iPhone use....
  5. Re: Ranged Combat in Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

    I have used the ranged weapons too, though not os impressed. But I couldn't figure out about this one gun, it had like 16 or so shots that seemed to be timed explosives or like grenades? How did that...
  6. Ranged Combat in Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

    I enjoyed taking down Ork after Ork with the Bolter weapon. I also used ranged fury if you are covered by too many orcs, which slows time down and gives you some time to breathe. Though Bolter is a...
  7. Sony Xperia Arc: 3G not working after changing location

    Recently I bought Sony Xperia Arc from Hongkong and now I am shift to Canada. However, here I am getting a problem while using Arc. I cannot found 3G network even though I have activated 3G service...
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    Slideshow software for Mac OS X

    I am teacher and I like to teach students on projector so for this daily I have to make some preparations. Like slideshows, PPT etc. but now recently I bought Macbook laptop and I do not know how I...
  9. External Hard disk shows offline in disk management in Windows 7

    I have a computer to which I hook up different hard drives thrugh an IDE and SATA to USB adaptor to hook up a hard drive to the computer. I use this to run disk checks on the drive or to backup dataI...
  10. What are advantages/disadvantages of FOV in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    Can someone please tell me about FOV (Field of View) and what should be the FOV set for the game to have a better play at the game. Should I set the default value of Fov or set it to 90 which gives a...
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    Re: Phone memory full in Samsung Wave 525

    Thankyou for your comments and help. I saw my contacts and realized I had synced the Facebook accounts earlier. But, I did not know that it would take so much space. I finally deleted the accounts...
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    Phone memory full in Samsung Wave 525

    Hello I am new to this Smartphone world. I recently brought Samsung Wave 525. But it’s showing an annoying problem that the phone memory is full. I have deleted all the files that were saved but...
  13. Re: PC keeps asking for product key for Microsoft Office 2010 after every restart

    It is not working, I am also having the same problem wearing the clothes. I had done a sweep by Microsoft Security Essentials, and after that only it has kept on asking for key.
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    Best SD Card for Samsung Galaxy II

    I am using Samsung Galaxy II from 3 months. I got 16 GB internal memory with this phone. However, I have stored lot of movie in my mobile. Therefore, my internal memory is full with movie. Now I want...
  15. Comparing touch screen blackberry torch 9810 with 9800.

    Recently I have bought blackberry torch 9810 from sprint. I have no doubt about its features and interface of this phone. However, some time while opening some apps it occurring problem regarding...
  16. How to remove scratches from blackberry torch 9850 screen

    Due to my younger brother, my Blackberry 9850 screen got scratch. This is a tiny scratch perhaps cannot see it unless you look extremely close but I know it is there on the screen. I want to remove...
  17. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution not displaying properly on Triple-Widescreen

    Thank you for clearing that up, but since my Nvidia dosen’t support the game your eyefinity will not work for me.
    I don’t understand why they won’t want the game to look fine on any driver. I...
  18. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution not displaying properly on Triple-Widescreen

    I am having AMD driver but I am also having problems. The Eyefinity dosen’t appear in the setup and the HUD elements appear on the outer monitors. I'm using Eyefinity 6008x1080 bezel compensated...
  19. Deus Ex: Human Revolution not displaying properly on Triple-Widescreen

    I have Triple Widescreen monitor and like t oplay all my games in the resolution of 5760x1080 on the 3 screens put together. I was also happy to know that the developers are teaming up with AMD to...
  20. Unemployed using the restaurants in Tropico 4 Demo

    I think there is a bug in the demo of Tropico 4. Many women who are fresh and new and unemployed go directly to the restaurant. The unemployed girls take a visitor slot and never have an income with...
  21. Re: How to disable Disk Defrag on SSD in Windows 7

    I did try to turn on AHCI mode, but when I did that it stopped detecting normal HDD’s too. I had to run on IDE in order for them to detect. I’m having the same problem where my SSD is...
  22. How to disable Disk Defrag on SSD in Windows 7

    I read somewhere that Windows 7 gets SSD friendly and supposed to take thought regarding computer with Solid state drive. It said that SSD did into gain anything when defragged in fact it reduced the...
  23. Adobe flash 10.1 not working in Lenovo LePad Y1011 Tablet

    My friend suggests me to update my adobe flash to 10.1. He told me that this flash 10.1 supports full web content. However, after updating I will not get full content on my tablet. I ignore that...
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    Opera mini 6.1 is not connecting

    I am huge fan of internet because when I face any problem I just got solution from internet. Most of the time, I use internet on opera mini browser in mobile phone. However, I face one problem while...
  25. Re: Streaming MP4 playback is choppy in Sony PS3

    Ok so there should be any solution for it, don’t you think that? So what else method should I ytu out here can you please tell me about it so that I can start thinking of the different methods for...
  26. Streaming MP4 playback is choppy in Sony PS3

    Guys I have done a small experimentation in my mac system. Well I had a mp4 file in my mac system and I wanted it to be shared my the media library of the PS3. So what I did was got a software named...
  27. Multi-harvest thingy, new feature in Empires and Allies

    When, I logged on just now, I received a new feature in my tool of multi-harvest. Just wanted to share it with you. It’s a nice little tool that allows multiple select for the game which saves much...
  28. Tiger Tank and Bismarck in Empires and Allies

    I am at level 7 now after applying so much effort to get the sausagefest mission completed and get my beloved Herman statue. But, it seems it did not unlock as I would like it to. Now, I get a...
  29. Need help for lag issue on the From Dust Console port

    I downloaded the game from Steam, just installed it but I am only getting 5Fps on my PC which is just unplayable. The minimum specs for this game are low compared to game like Total War, and I can...
  30. Thread: Global.mpt

    by Padmal

    Re: Global.mpt

    Hey even I wanted to ask something regarding Pointing Multiple Global.mpt files. Can somebody please tell me what is the process to use a global.mpt file that someone has given you on a thumb drive...
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    RE: Cannot connect to wireless Internet

    Hey, seems like you are not alone. Even am facing exactly the same problem since a week now and haven’t found any fix yet. In my case it is Toshiba Satellite A210 having Realtek RTL8187B wireless...
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    rundll32.exe - Application Error

    This is Windows XP desktop am using since past 6 months. Suddenly a problem started since yesterday. Whenever I try to access any system option in control panel, I receive the following error...
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    Is SVCHOST.exe using large amount of RAM?

    I am using Windows Vista 64bit on my Desktop with 4GB of Ram. Since last couple of weeks I’m noticing that the process svchost.exe is using about 200,000 K of RAM. Is that normal ? I don’t think...
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    Re: I have a problem with my network location

    Thanks for the reply HELLIAN, yes I’m not facing any problem pinging both computers. Meanwhile I found one more thing. Everything works fine when both computers are on the network its just that i...
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    I have a problem with my network location

    I have Windows Vista laptop and XP desktop running on the same network and both file sharing are enabled. Problem is that my Xp is able to access Vista laptop on the network but Vista is not able to...
  36. Thread: accserv.mib

    by Padmal


    This is Dell Desktop running on Windows XP Home. I bought this a year ago and came pre-installed with Windows. So they dint provided any CD with the system. Now the problem am facing is I need to...
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    Re: Silent install of Office 2007 Language Pack

    I appreciate your info friend but if am not making mistake that is used for installing on Network, right ? In my case I want to install it on just my PC. BTW, I am aware of the same and that is not...
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    Silent install of Office 2007 Language Pack

    I am using English Edition of Office 2007 and as per my new job I need to install all language packs Microsoft offers. Now as installing so many languages will obviously make my package heavier, I...
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