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  1. Re: Intel Core i7-3770K or AMD FX-8350 ? for new rig

    I know that FX-8350 will use double the power of Intel Core i7 but on the other hand it’s quite cheaper compared to Intel Core i7-3770K. The money that would be saved in buying FX-8350 can be used...
  2. Re: Intel Core i7-3770K or AMD FX-8350 ? for new rig

    I know that FX-8350 will use double the power of Intel Core i7 but on the other hand it’s quite cheaper compared to Intel Core i7-3770K. The money that would be saved in buying FX-8350 can be used...
  3. Re: Intel Core i7-3770K or AMD FX-8350 ? for new rig

    I really don’t trust what Yoteen has mentioned above.
    Intel Core i7-3770K is @ 3.5Ghz
    AMD FX-8350 is @ 4.8Ghz
    So considering that AMD FX-8350 will perform better compared to Intel Core i7-3770K...
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    Re: Free games for windows phone 7

    My personal favorites, I am not sure if you’ll like them but you can surely check them out.
    Paper toss
    Finger race
    Jump the frog
    Lazy monkey
    Angry bees
    Stick man jump
  5. Re: Best Intel motherboard for Intel Core i5-3450 processor

    Above ones are too costly for me, this is not my system and I will be using it for 1 year and so say until my friend returns, My budget is $200 and max to max I can spend $300 for a board for using...
  6. Best Intel motherboard for Intel Core i5-3450 processor

    Guys one of my friend has shifted to US and he has given me his system for use. The problem with his system is that its board doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, it has...
  7. How to upgrade form pirated Windows 7 to legal Windows 8

    As my title suggest I want to know if it is possible to upgrade form pirated version of Windows 7 to legal Windows 8??? Currently I am willing to check out windows 8 but I don’t have genuine...
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    Re: How to update Samsung gt s5233s software

    I have checked out in settings and there is no update option in my phone. I have downloaded Samsung New PC Studio but I cannot connect to the internet using it, how can I update my phone software...
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    How to update Samsung gt s5233s software

    I have Samsung gt s5233s and I am using it from 4 months, I did not had any issue until now. From some days it keeps on freezing while carrying normal task, my colleagues have suggested me to update...
  10. Best cooling pad for HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop

    I have HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop and I have been using it from a long time, recently it has started overheating while playing games. I have had words with some locales in my area and they have...
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    Best sites for tracking ip address

    I know there are some sites like ItsIP Tracer, IP Tracker and others that help in tracking any ip address but they don’t provide much detail. I want to know which are the best sites for tracking ip...
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    Update KB976569 returns Error Code: 0x66A

    While running Windows Update I am getting 0x66A error code. It keeps on appearing. I tried to re-run the update a number of time but that did not helped much. What are the possible options available...
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    Re: Adding a 2008R2 Child Domain to a 2003R2 forest

    Yes, you will need to upgrade ith adprep /forestprep once the root domain is upgraded. You will also need to run adprep /domainprep in each domain that should have Windows server 2008 R2 DCs. As per...
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    Re: windows xp nt authority system services.exe

    Hello TPHR,

    Are you able to get into Safe Mode? If yes, then boot in Safe Mode and Download, install, update and do a full scan with some free malware detection programs. Dont worry, you can...
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    Is is a Virus, Worm or Trojan Horse?

    I am getting continuous invitation from It was related to some free stuff. There are tons of emails and they keep on coming. Some has link and some as attachments. I checked in my address...
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    RE: Can't turn on media sharing

    Thanks for sharing these steps tlr87. I was also struggling with the same issue and even after following your steps (enabling UPnP, SSDP, and WMP Network services) still getting the same problem. Any...
  17. Re: How do I install DirectX 9.0c over DirectX 9.0b (my current versio

    If I’m not wrong you are trying to update it automatically right? Simply try out installing it manually. Go to this link, download DXWebSetup.EXE. Double click to...
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    Re: GPO's to disable software installation?

    It is not so hard to restrict users through GPO for installing any or specific third party softwares. You can get the step by step process for doing the same in this article:

    Using Software...
  19. re: Can't purchase a product key for an Office 2007 trial

    Thanks for your valuable help friend. As you suggested I bought one from Amazon for $70.
  20. Can't purchase a product key for an Office 2007 trial

    My cousin bought a new HP laptop that came with Windows Vista and Office 2007 Trail pre loaded. As he is not so experienced about the computers, called me to configure the system. Talking about...
  21. Thread: Windows Installer

    by Stel

    Re: windows installer

    Just go through the below steps to get it fixed.

    Launch Internet Explorer, click Tools, click Options, and click Advanced Tab.
    Here find JIT (just in time compiler for JavaScript)...
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    Re: lost recycle bin icon

    There is nothing to worry about dude, its a small problem. Just download the following .reg file and run the same. Click Yes if prompted for permission: Replace/Repair the Recycle Bin in Windows XP....
  23. Thread: corrupt registry

    by Stel

    Re: corrupt registry

    Hello monojungla, before i can suggest you any solution i would like to know few things such as:

    What is the exact windows version? I mean is it Home, Pro, etc also are you having any service...
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    Re: Can't stream video from website

    Hey buddy,thank you for your help. The site was but after following your instructions about setting default programs I managed to fix the issue. Now the videos stream right there on the...
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    Can't stream video from website

    Earlier I was able to stream videos from any WebPages directly into WMV player on this Windows vista running pc with WMP 11. But from couple of days whenever I click any video on same web page, it...
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    Re: Deny Log on Locally to some accounts through GPO

    Hello Hutchence, let me tell you that both GP settings you have provided above are only the part of computer configuration and not for the users. Hence you will need to modify the same and link the...
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    re: KDC error in Event Log

    It is correct. The issue appears due to duplicate SPN. It looks on your network multiple computer are having same SPN due to which you are facing the problem. To fix the problem you will need to find...
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    recovery partition D, full disk warning

    I bought a HP pavilion a6010n 3 months ago that came with Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit) installed. When it was just about a month old, I started getting error message saying that my recovery...
  29. RE: restore default security permissions in windows vista?

    There is a tool called ICACLS which can help you to easily reset the permission. It is a command-line tool that displays or modifies discretionary access control lists (DACLs) on specified files, and...
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    Re: Corrupted DVD driver

    Read the following from the Microsoft KB on this error 39 and follow the instructions to the letter.;en-us;314060
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    I had removed the old updates and then it started...

    I had removed the old updates and then it started working back again. In my setup there was some updates which were pending to install. After when everything goes well I found that the TV was unable...
  32. Try to change port. Go in Device Manager and...

    Try to change port. Go in Device Manager and remove then remove those uninstalled hardware. Then check in bios that the usb is enabled. If still it does not work then you can use a usb to psu ...
  33. Re: Can't Delete Two Icons From Desktop, Any Suggestions!

    Many times possibly your desktop wont refresh automatically and hence such icons remain visible. These are actually called as Ghost Icons. When you manually refresh the desktop, they disappears....
  34. Re: where would i find my microsoft office product key #

    Try to contact Microsoft for the same. I think they might help you. It is right that you can collect the information from the vendor if you had not bought it long ago. I had also lost the disc and...
  35. I am getting a 15 second timeout problem. I am...

    I am getting a 15 second timeout problem. I am connected but I am kicked within a 15 seconds. It is a bit annoying to relogin and then it takes time to establish the actual connectivity. I performed...
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    Try to run forest prep and then check back. When...

    Try to run forest prep and then check back. When you run forest prep and things went fine here the schema will be extended. I think you are not following appropriate settings due to which you are...
  37. System performance degraded after upgrading to AVG 8

    I had upgraded from AVG 7 to AVG 8. I thought it would be better and will provide more effective security. I was using the older edition from last couple of years. As the upgrade is almost free I did...
  38. How to make Windows Picture & Fax Viewer as default program for opening picture

    My brother hand installed Nero Suite and whenever i am opening any picture Nero Photo Snap tries to open it and says "File C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\xxx cannot...
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    Important update for Avast! 4.8

    I am looking to find AVAST 4.8 updates, but not able to locate the same. I hope to get some link from where I can download it. I am on a dial up network and not allowed to access external website.
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    re: Account on my server keeps on locking out

    Just check one thing. Are users trying to use the account different machine. The user have map a drive on one system and then using a separate machine later on for accessible the files which is...
  41. The problem may lies with the old files in the...

    The problem may lies with the old files in the new pc. You have to ensure that you are logged in as administrator in your system. Or else you will get that problem. It is not a bug it is because you...
  42. re: Ribbons Screensaver has stopped working in Windows Vista

    I am having a bit different. The screen saver when launches on its own it work for sometime and then crash with a error saying that it stopped working. I have a Vista system and it has nvidia gpu...
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    Re: Cannot Copy All Files From Hard Disk

    If it is not allowing to copy from Windows Explorer, try doing it from Command Prompt. Open a cmd prompt and use Xcopy. There are switches to copy everything. (xcopy /?)

    Let me know what happens.
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    MS Project 2007 trial software

    Yesterday I downloaded a Project 2007 Trail for my Windows XP running desktop. After the download completed, I burned the file to a disk. But while running the same it get a box on screen asking me...
  45. Re: Where to get stand alone Dot Net Framework version 1.1, version2.0, version 3.0, version 3.5, version 2.0 SP1, version 3.0 SP1 ?

    I have been looking for the same couple of months ago, in my case i was trying to install SP1 to .NET Framework 2 and finally i found the same for download on this MS KB page:...
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    Re: Change a user's out of office status

    I don’t think you really need to stress for this because the user himself can do it easily through Outlook Web App (OWA). I think that is the better way instead resetting passwords and all.
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    64 bit programs going in x86 folder

    I had installed 64 bit itunes (iTunes64Setup) on 64 bit version of Vista Ultimate but i see its installation in Program Files (x86) folder. I have checked out in TaskManager and it is shown as 32...
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    Office 2007 upgrade doesn't remove Office 2003

    We have few systems in a small setup running with Office 2003. Last month we just upgraded all Outlook to 2007 version using MSP and left all other Office apps to 2003. Now we want to update all...
  49. Office 2007 "The installation of this package failed" error.

    I am trying to install Office 2007 Ultimate. I had downloaded it from Microsoft website. However, every time I try to install it I get an error message saying "The installation of this package...
  50. Try to uninstall that unknown device and then...

    Try to uninstall that unknown device and then connect the camera. Restart your system and see whether XP find the new hardware or not. The camera that you are talking about works on XP well. I am too...
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