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  1. How to check license key of Microsoft Office

    I want to install Office 2007. I purchased that from different region. Now I want to install that on my laptop which is having Windows XP. I need some help to check out that my existing license key...
  2. Can I upgrade Office 2003 Professional OEM to Office 2007 Standard

    I need some help here to upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2007. I am trying to find out some easy for the same. I am just confused between upgrade and fresh installation. I am not able to...
  3. What is the keyboard shortcut Format Painter

    I am not able to find out a keyboard shortcut for using format painter. After upgrading to Office 2007 I am not able to use different kinds of shortcuts. None of them are working fine. I am looking...
  4. I need some advice here. I am going to buy...

    I need some advice here. I am going to buy Microsoft Office 2007 Pro edition. I want to know that how many times I can activate the product. In last here I had almost changed my system 4 times. Now...
  5. Windows Live Messenger 2009 & Logitech webcam

    I am facing a number of issue with Windows Live Messenger 2009. I am not able to use Logitech webcam on it. I bought this new one. The web cam model is QuickCam Pro 4000. When I try to use it for...
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    Re: Help with mapped drives - Group policy

    Thank you. I have downloaded that script tool. The security group I had already created but this script generator tool was exactly what I needed.Help appreciated.
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    Help with mapped drives - Group policy

    At office we have several client workstations running with Windows Server 2003 R2. We have also applied a GPO with settings to run some VBS scripts to map network drives to drive letters for all...
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    SBS 2003 roaming profiles

    I am configuring SBS 2003. There are around 50 workstations which are connected. I am using the wizard to establish a proper configuration. I am also working on folder redirection in GPO and hope...
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    User must change password next logon

    I am facing a strange issue with Active Directory. I am want to enforce settings through which each time when user logon he must be prompted to change the password. I am trying to find settings for...
  10. Office 2007 slow to open files on network drive

    I am working on Office 2007 that I had installed on Windows XP SP3. I had just recently upgraded the office edition. All stuff is stored on the network drive. But when I try to save or open the file...
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    Unable to Block Group Policy Inheritance

    I am using Windows 2003 Server. It is an SP2 edition. Now there is a group policy which works on the user level and allows drive mapping. There is one more OU Name server in the system that simply...
  12. How do I combine 2 pictures to make 1 picture?

    Is it possible to combine 2 pictures and make it one using Microsoft Office Picture Manager ? If yes then how, can anyone help me out with the required steps???
  13. Remote Web Workplace Will not Allow Users to Logon

    Some of the users had complained about Remote Web Workspace connectivity. Those users have access to the RWW but when they try to login they are getting a error saying that username nad password is...
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    SP3 and window movie maker

    I had upgraded my OS from SP2 to SP3. I am using Windows XP here. After upgraded I found that Windows Movie Maker stopped working. All looks to be working well except movie maker. I am a bit annoyed...
  15. Rename 2008-level domain with Exchange 2007 present

    We have a Windows 2008 server running with 2008 Domain and Exchange 2007. In this environment is it possible to rename Windows 2008 Domain using the tolls provided by Microsoft itself?

  16. Word/Excel 2007 - Cannot Send to Recipient as Attachment

    I am a bit annoyed with Office 2007. I am not able to use it as I am trying. I was using Office 2003. When one of my friend recommended me to upgrade to Office 2007. I did the same. Now when I try to...
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    Re: group policy software install

    According to me 7-zip needs mst file. If that is not created properly then you might get some issue. You wlil need to run the msi files in default mode. A number of time we double click on the same...
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    Dell PowerEdge 2800 /PAE Switch Config

    I need some help with Dell PowerEdge 2800. This server is working on Windows SBS 2003. I am not able to work with the boot stuff. I do not understand what is the problem with it. It is having a 4GB...
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    How to fix corrupt active directory in Windows Server 2003

    I am getting problem with Windows 2003 network. There is a single server on the network with DC which crashed recently. I tried to restart it but it looks all the services are not activated on the...
  20. Re: Outlook Crashes "Microsoft OUtlook has stopped working"

    You can go with system restore. This will allow you to get the old settings back and it is one of the easiest way to fix crashing issue. But there is no guarantee that the problem will not appear....
  21. HowTo sync user password from domain A to domain B

    I am facing problem with password sync on Windows Server. I am trying to sync the password from Domain A to Domain B. The are local domain which lies inside the same network. The mail and file server...
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    Group Policy for Screen Saver

    I need some help here to enforce security policy. I want to create a policy that would turn on screen saver when the pc is on idle mode. And above it must work properly. I am having some laptops here...
  23. Digital signature does not validate or is not present

    I am getting a message "Digital signature does not validate or is not present" constantly on my system. I got the error when I was trying to install Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2007....
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    LoadPerf error in Event Viewer

    I found LoadPerf error in Event Viewer. I restarted the pc and still getting the same error. This error just appeared automatically. I had not added any new stuff on my system and shocked to find...
  25. Emails missing from Inbox of Outlook Express 6

    A number of my emails are not available in Outlook Express 6. I had compacted my inbox but when I tried to retrieve some old mails in 2007 they are not available at all. I am using this from Office...
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    How to save files in MDI format in Office

    I need some help to get mdi file format. I am not able to work on the same. I want to some help to get mdi file format through Microsoft Office Document Image writer. The all that I can get is tiff...
  27. NO Sound Need "Microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio

    I am facing a sound issue on my system. The audio is not working. I checked in device manager and found that there is some problem with Microsoft UAA bus driver. I tried location the update of driver...
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    Vista can't join active domain

    I am facing a problem when I am trying to connect Windows Vista to a Windows 2008 Server. This is the first time I am facing problem with connectivity with the server. I had done this before on...
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    "Cannot Install Hardware ....

    I am using a Dell laptop with Windows XP Pro updated with all latest Windows Updates. I never had any problem with this computer but since last 2 days it is not recognizing any of external devices...
  30. IE Maintenance Group Policy Settings not applied

    I am facing a problem with Internet Explorer Maintenance Group Policy. I had configured this with some restriction but I am not able to apply the settings. It is not working. I went to the Enhanced...
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    Scroll bar jogs up and down?

    I need some help with scroll bar in my pc. I am not able to use it. I use to read web pages and files of Office documents. But not it fails to work. I think this is some kind of virus problem in my...
  32. Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment

    I am getting a error while opening Microsoft Word. The error is Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable. This is not constant but appear a few time when I open Word....
  33. System Restore to Factory Settings - Windows XP

    Somehow my internet stopped working. I am having tons of pending emails in my inbox. I am not able to connect. I had contacted my ISP for the problem. He said to run system restore. According to him...
  34. "Faulting application spoolsv.exe" Windows Vista Business Edition

    One of my system in the network is facing a problem with printers. There are two printers which are configured on the network. They are HP LaserJet 1020 and a Xerox DocuColor 250. This are shared and...
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    usb mass storage inactive

    USB is not recognized in my pc. I am unable to find the reason behind this. I am trying to copy some photos from my camera to the pc using a card reader. It comes with a usb port. When I connect that...
  36. Unable to load Library wxfw.dll. Error Code: 126

    After updating Windows XP I am facing issue with some dll file. When I restart the pc after installing the update the error that I found on the screen is wxfw.dll. The error appear each time when I...
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    Video capture w/ Conexant Falcon-II Tuner

    I am having a HP-D4100y Pavilion system. It comes with Conexant Falcon-II tuner. It is a one board card. I am trying here to copy a video from my camera. But it does not looks to be working. I am...
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    Domain Controller cannot find itself

    I am here trying to migrate my domain from one serve to other. Here the DC is unable to find the new domain while the clients are able to access it. This is a bit weird. The DNS is working fine...
  39. System freezes on logon on Applying computer settings message

    I need some help to improve the logon time of client pc which are connected to Windows Server. There are around 4 to 10 client pc which are connected and facing the slow logon issue. The problem is...
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    Outlook 2007 - 100% CPU usage bug

    It looks there is some issue with Outlook in my system. Whenever I start my system works extremely slow. I checked inside Task Manager and there I can find that it shows 100% cpu usage. I got the...
  41. Missing change/remove icon in add/remove programs

    I need some help here with getting rid of missing icons of most application that I am not using it. I can see them inside add/remove but I am not able to get rid of the same. I am not able to find...
  42. How to reset admin password in Active Dir. Domain Controller

    I need some help here to reset the admin password of Active Directory. I am using Windows Server 2003. Recently after performing a antivirus update I found that the admin profile inside the system...
  43. Event ID:5719-Netlogon on Windows Server 2003

    I am getting a error while trying to access a member on my server. I am using a Windows 2003 Server using Terminal Services. I am not able to find out any solution for this. The error is related RPC...
  44. Word 2007 MAPI failure: "Operation not supported:

    We are using Office 2007 Enterprises edition in our office and our users use Outlook 2007. We recently installed this office and since then whenever we try to send any file from word as an attachment...
  45. Autocomplete is not working on Outlook 2007

    When I send a email to anyone from outlook it records the email address. The next time when I type some initials of the receiver in the to box, the mail id appears in the drop down. But now the same...
  46. Windows Server freezes on Event ID 1030 and 1058

    My Windows Server is freezing constantly book. I had tried number if things here to make it work but it still looks there is some problem with it. I am not able to find any solution for the same. I...
  47. Unable to create share through Netlogon on Windows Server

    I had just configured a new system that has Windows 2003 R2 on it. It is a new system on which I had installed Windows Server. I am having DCPromo.
    When I run that I am getting a error. The error...
  48. Microsoft Outlook 2003 : Send / Receive and POP3 error.

    I am using Outlook 2003. This is the default email client I am having and it was working well. There were some Windows Update installed in my system recently. After when installation was done Outlook...
  49. Re: CMOS time, system time, taskbar clock, all screwy

    Time service starts automatically even when I disable the same and restart my pc. I am facing a weird problem with the time service. It is just messed up. I am not getting a correct time sync. I am...
  50. Clear password history from Domain Account

    I need some help to wipe out the password history of a domain account. As per the settings the history can save upto 24 password. Now I want to clear them out so that no one can access them. But I a...
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