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  1. Corsair Obsidian Series 900D Super Tower Cabinet Unveiled

    The manufacturer Corsair has introduced its new Obsidian 900D PC case, a high-end model that imposes with its outsized.

    Taking advantage of a aluminum design, the Corsair Obsidian 900D PC case...
  2. Re: Antivirus that can reside in pen drive and protect it

    Yeah there is no antivirus as such. Actually you can store antivirus in your pen drive but to run it you’ll surely need an operating system. In future we can see an antivirus fulfilling your...
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    Re: Best combination of antivirus with MSE ?

    You can run MalwareBytes but then you have to make sure that you are telling each program to ignore each other’s files as there are chances of them to be interfering in process of each other. You...
  4. re: Light free video game recording software for windows 8

    Get MSI Afterburner (Completely Free). Many people know it for the sake of Overclocking but it can be used for video game recording as well. It is said to be the lightest video game recording...
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    Re: Free games for windows phone 7

    You won’t get bored playing these games no matter how many times you play them:
    Bubble birds 2
    Mad turkey
    Ninja birds
    Insect’s killer
    Finger bowling
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    Re: ASUS Maximus V Extreme compatible case

    You can check out these ones as well, ASUS Maximus V Extreme will fit in them easily.

    COOLER MASTER CM Storm Series Trooper (SGC-5000-KKN1)
    AZZA Armour 203 CSAZ-203 Black SECC ATX Mid Tower
  7. Re: USB 3.0 devices are getting recognized as USB 2.0 under windows 8

    There are some people who were facing similar issues with different boards having USB 3.0 ports with Intel chipset. Actually when you install windows 8, default Intel chipset drivers gets installed...
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    Re: Windows 8 - wifi not working

    LAMONT D this is a driver issue, I have gone through number of other forums while checking out a fix for your issue and have found most of them fixing it by installing latest wifi driver.
  9. Re: Is it possible to share wifi network via Lan??

    I don’t think that would work, I haven’t tried doing that in my case. Well I will try out the same experiment accessing my home network and will let you know if that’s possible.
  10. Re: How to unlock Samsung galaxy s screen forgotten password

    Try doing a hard reset and see if that helps.

    Switch off your phone, take out the battery, reinsert it, Hold Volume Down button, and press and release Power button at the same time
    Once you...
  11. Re: Skype gives an error while shutting down windows 8

    Have you tried using older version of skype rather than latest beta??? If not, than try downloading and installing skype 4.2 and see if it works without any such issue. Just make sure that after...
  12. Re: Integrated graphics not found - Virtu MVP cannot be installed

    I had faced that error previously and below is what I had done to fix it.

    First turn on the igpu from system agent configuration in advance tab.
    Now use your asus support cd click on lucidlogix...
  13. Re: External hard drive appears in device manager but not in my computer

    If you don't have any crucial data in that drive, I will suggest you to format it completely. As your drive is not getting recognized you can use ultimatebootcd program, you can use it an erase by...
  14. Re: Counter strike Global offensive keeps on freezing

    Since you have already tried installing latest graphic card driver for your video card, I will suggest you to try running the game on lower settings and check out if that’s making any difference....
  15. Re: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550's doesnt work in sli

    I am not sure but it appears as if there is something wrong with sli slot or one of your GPU, in order to eliminate that possibility test your cards individually in first slot and than in second...
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    Re: Sample Config.xml For Office 2007

    Well i haven't used GPO yet for installing Office suits hence i dont have any idea personally but as wanted to help you i found this:

    There is a...
  17. You can try to install the Active Directory...

    You can try to install the Active Directory Client Extension, and see if that helps, from here -
  18. Re: "shellmanager database is corrupt or missing"

    This is because though you removed Nero 7, it has left some traces on the system which is conflicting while re-installation. Hence what you need to do is run Disc Cleaner or download Nero uninstaller...
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    Re: TaskScheduler Event ID 101/311.

    Even I am facing the same problem on my SBS Server, were you able to find any fix for it? Check the below logs that I am getting:

    Event Details: Task Scheduler failed to start...
  20. Re: SBS 2008 removing self Signed SSL Certificate

    Well the best I can suggest you is run the wizard again and create a new certificate request. Now you can go to GoDaddy and select "rekey" the certificate option. This will not cost you anything...
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    Agent 2.0 not included in Windows 7

    I upgraded to Windows 7 but I am still running Office XP Pro 2003. I am getting the message that Microsoft Agent 2.0 is not included in Windows 7 anymore. But I was able to find a hotfix but it read...
  22. I think that you might have installed it from a...

    I think that you might have installed it from a site delivering such infectious malware with their products. I have just googled out WavePad and have gone through several sites where people have...
  23. Re: Event Id: 45 & 49 FTDisk logged in event view after boot up

    I think defragmentation would have fixed this issue because hibernation as well as Crash Dump process needs a pre-allocated file that used to save somewhere on your disk. Defragmenting your disk can...
  24. Re: SBS 2008 security status showing not available

    I will suggest you to contact SBS experts, they might be well aware of such issues and might help you out sooner. You can contact them at their official site.
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    Did you all checked out at manufacturer site? if...

    Did you all checked out at manufacturer site? if not then check out there, if you dont find it there then i dont think you will be able to get it from any other link or site. Go through the manual...
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    Re: STOP: c000021a (fixed)

    So you are providing service on mails. Can you tell me how much will it cost? If any.
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    WMP 11 doesn't recognize blank CD-R disc

    I am using WMP 11 in Windows XP SP2 and am having some problem after using it for a while. If I am trying to burn a blank audio, then WMP will not detect the disc and the player will no eject the...
  28. FF/SS with lag/lead and Forward/Backward Pass Calculation

    Can anyone tell me how Project calculates earliest and latest dates (times) for the following cases? I have checked the Task 1 (predecessor) and Task 2 (successor) linked with Finish-to-Finish or...
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    Re: This file is missing media usage rights

    If they were working fine earlier and stopped playing now then most probably they would been got Corrupt. Well I know there is no valid reason to say this because other files are still playing fine....
  30. RE: SBS 2008 updates - "Configuring updates: Stage 1 of 3 - 0% com

    If you had ever disabled IPv6 protocol from your network interface card on your Windows SBS 2008 server you may see the following issues after a

    1. Microsoft Exchange services fail to...
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    As the ExRCA tool test passed successfully, it...

    As the ExRCA tool test passed successfully, it indicates the server is configured normally, i.e. if you use another mobile device it may works now. So I would like suggest you double check the...
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    Re: LDAP Query for memeber of one group

    Did you check whether your Distinguished Name (DN) is correct? Because to me it seems wrong and hence all those problems are coming up.

    Just go to ADSIEdit and recheck DN you have in your script...
  33. The antivirus that I am using on my computer is...

    The antivirus that I am using on my computer is McAfee. I think it will be better to wipe off the machine completely and then reinstall Windows XP incase if disabling the antivirus will not work.
  34. Connecting XP workstation to SBS 2008 - launcher.exe crashes.

    I have newly setup a SBS 2008 network with nine workstations. 8 of the 9 machines have some kind of issues when connecting to a new domain but when I run http://connect on one machine, the program...
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    Re: AVG 8 update / uninstall problems

    In that case i will suggest you to uninstall it using CCleaner , i have been using it for uninstalling such programs and i haven't faced any issue yet. It is capable of cleaning left overs, temp...
  36. re: What is 'Indiv02.key' it is constantly crashing Media Center and Internet Explorer

    Better late than never, I hope ...

    The DRM directory can be found in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users
    Other than that, Pilars directions appears to have resolved the issue with IE crashing...
  37. No worries mate you can install Project 2003 and...

    No worries mate you can install Project 2003 and Project 2007 on the same machine but just make sure that you are backing your data after certain period of time. There are some people who have...
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    Havent you got any cd/dvd with the same device...

    Havent you got any cd/dvd with the same device which has all the drivers inside? You need to insert that cd and then run the installation of the driver first and then plug the device to the computer....
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    Re: Reinstall Vista Default Fonts?

    As you said the problem started today morning itself, i will suggest you to better try to restore your system to an earlier restore point where the fonts were working. This should probably fix the...
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    Re: Structure of ntds.dit

    In short ntds.dit file is a database collection of multiple tables but as you asked about its exact structure even I’m unsure about it. As per mu research it appears like there is no good...
  41. My Vista Can Boot Anymore! Not At All - Safe Mode Not Working :-/

    I have recently updated my Windows Vista opearting system and when it was installed I rebooted the machine and after that I am getting black screen with some choices and if I chose any one of them...
  42. Re: Granting local admin rights on domain controller

    Hello Micka,

    It is correct to say that there use to be no Local Admin Group on DC's so for member servers you can use Restricted groups:
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    Re: Session 3 Initialization Failed

    In normal mode its freezing and getting blue screen during Safe Mode, its definitely a signal of Hardware failure. You need a technician to check it and change the faulty hardware. You can get more...
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    Re: How to grant reset password rights to user?

    Yes it is possible and quite easy to do. To do that you need to go to OU where the user should get the permission, rightclick the OU and choose "Delegate control" wizard.

    Hope it helps.
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    Re: Installing Microsoft Outlook 2007

    I doubt there would be some compatibility issue. Which service pack have you installed with XP? It should be at least Service pack 2.

    Other than this other reason that creates missing file...
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    RE: Windows media player 11 info wrong

    Even I am facing similar issue. Sometimes it will show the right informations and sometime it will not. Microsoft needs to solve this issue.
  47. Re: Logon Script to Map Network Drive based on the primary group name

    I was searching the for some solutions related to your question. meanwhile i came through a Microsoft Article describing:

    "How to dynamically create security-enhanced redirected folders by using...
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    You can do one thing to install the drivers of...

    You can do one thing to install the drivers of this webcam on your Windows Vista operating system. First download the drivers from here and then save it to the desktop. After that right click on the...
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    how to change windows startup order

    I am running Windows XP and I want some of my security programs like Norton Internet Security, spybot, adaware to load first when I startup my computer? Can it be done, if yes, then please tell me...
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    I have a problem with this tho Private Sub...

    I have a problem with this tho

    Private Sub cboCentreNumber_Change()
    txtCentreDescription.Text = sName(cboCentreNumber.Text)
    End Sub

    i get a subscript out of range error

    Any ideas
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