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    Re: PC games with good story lines

    So ill go with the most voted ones:
    Max Payne 3
    Prototype 2
    Assassin's Creed II
    Let me know if there are better ones, I am aware of Max Payne but I haven’t checked out Prototype 2 and...
  2. Re: Best college for BBA in Journalism & Mass Communication in Dehi

    Top Colleges for Delhi for BJMC:

    Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh
    The Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi
    B.J. Medical College, Gujarat
    University of Delhi, Delhi
  3. Re: Asus Zenbook UX31E shutdown randomly after upgrading to windows 8

    I don’t think there might be hardware fault, this random shutdown issue started just after installing windows 8. I dint had any issue while running windows 7 on the same laptop.
    I haven’t...
  4. Re: Without activating windows 8 pro, how many days it last

    I haven’t used windows 8 pro by now but I am quite sure that it does have an expiry date if you don’t activate it. In order to know about the expiry date simply go to start, click on run , type...
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    Re: Office 2010 Error Message OXC0150004

    I had tried out uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2010 many times but I am getting the same error message. This time I have followed the uninstalling method mentioned by you but even that’s not...
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    Office 2010 Error Message OXC0150004

    I have installed Office 2010 suit in my system today but whenever I am trying to open any program under it then I am getting an error message OXC0150004. I don’t know what that means. I did not...
  7. ICICI Bank PO Exam previous year question paper

    Where can I get previous years ICICI Bank PO Exam question paper? I have heard that ICICI Bank carry out their PO Exam twice a year. I wasn’t able to appear this time but I don’t want to miss it...
  8. Re: Can I use Facebook chat within messages on OS X ML

    Yes you can do so by installing Messages Beta which is a messaging client for OS X mountain lion. Using this you will be able to send messages across other apple devices without paying a penny. You...
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    Re: Firefox 14.0.1 keeps crashing

    I am not sure about your case but it was because of Google doodle game on Google homepage. I am running Firefox 14 in my system and had faced the same issue yesterday. First of all Firefox used to...
  10. Re: Which are the best 10 Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu for 2012 Admission

    My bad, actually I am willing to go for civil engineering, so just let me know the best colleges for that. Further help regarding this will be appreciated, Thanks in advance:
  11. Which are the best 10 Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu for 2012 Admission

    I will be completing my HSC in science this year and I am willing to pursue my career in Engineering. I know that I will score good as I have been preparing myself for the same. I just wanted to know...
  12. Re: Unable to download anything from Market on Lumia 800

    You can count me in as well for that issue, I have come across people who have reported the same error to their official support but there has not been any response from them yet. Like you all I have...
  13. How to apply for JBT Haryana after 12th Arts, where to get the application forms?

    I have completed my 12th in arts and I am planning to persue my further study in JBT (junior basic training). So I wanted to know from where I can get the form? Which is the best institute for JBT in...
  14. Re: while installing Spybot, getting error "Write of address 00000001"

    My system is having 2 gb ram so I don’t think that there might be something wrong because if the requirement. I have tried installing it in safemode as well but I am getting the same error message...
  15. while installing Spybot, getting error "Write of address 00000001"

    I have been trying to install SpyBot S&D on my system running on windows 7 but as soon as I am clicking on setup file then I am getting an error message saying "Access Violation at address 712E01C1...
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    Poll: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720


    I was wondering, with so many rumors coming in the market, which among these two gaming cosoles will be good enough to be bought, that is the Xbox 720 or the Playstation 4? Are this even...
  17. Re: Intel i7 2600k reports 90 degree temperature, help

    Ok, I will try out applying thermal paste by tomorrow and will let you know if that makes any difference. Till then if there is anything else that I need to check out or anything that I can try out...
  18. Re: Intel i7 2600k reports 90 degree temperature, help

    I have installed the latest bios for the board, it was the first thing I had tried after facing the issue but that’s not making any difference. I have checked out the heat sink and it is appearing...
  19. Intel i7 2600k reports 90 degree temperature, help

    My system is having Intel i7 2600k processor and I don’t have any problem in using my system for my day to day task and gaming. The problem arises when I use my video editing and rendering program....
  20. Good Bug Tracking system for Software Development

    Hey friends I am in to Software Development and have started handling some projects. I just wanted to know that which is the best Bug Tracking system for Software Development?? I have come across...
  21. Is Deepnet Explorer good for avoiding phishing scam

    I have Heard of Deepnet Explorer that it avoids phishing scam and so. I have not yet used it but I wanted to know if it is really good for avoiding phishing scam?? Is it safe for use? What are the...
  22. Re: 16:10 resolution not supported for Spec Ops

    It was really helpful, I have now set the SpecOps: The Line to a FoV of 90 and have Enable FXAA in the nvidia control panel and I am not getting the black bars anymore. Anyways while checking out...
  23. 16:10 resolution not supported for Spec Ops

    I am having a 16:10 monitor and while playing Spec Ops on the same I am getting black bars. I have checked out for the same on the web and have found that the game does not support 16:10 resolution....
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    Re: MSI Media Live MS-6421 not working

    I have now tried swapping rams in different slots and have tested them out in other working machine at my place. The rams are appearing to be working fine with other system but I don’t know why is...
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    Re: MSI Media Live MS-6421 not working

    In my case I have tried powering it on without the cpu or memory but it is just not showing up anything on the screen and its front unit as well. By now I have tried using HDMI, VGA, SCART cables...
  26. Re: wifi download speed is slow with WAG160n ADSL2+

    I think you guys were right, there is something wrong with the router. I have confirmed the same by testing out the connection with my neighbor’s router, with his router I am getting 13-15 Mb/sec...
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    MSI Media Live MS-6421 not working

    I bought a MSI Media Live MS-6421 and have setup the same but it is not showing anything on the screen when I am turning it on. When I am trying to turn it on pressing the power button then I can...
  28. Re: wifi download speed is slow with WAG160n ADSL2+

    In that case I will like to inform you that I have contacted my isp and have addressed them whole issue but they have said that there is nothing wrong from their side. They have other clients using...
  29. wifi download speed is slow with WAG160n ADSL2+

    I have set up WAG160n ADSL2+ at my place and have installed it without any issues but now I have found that wifi download speed is far slow. I am not having any issues with the wired connection, the...
  30. How to copy Tata Sky HD+ recorded video on pc

    I have recently installed Tata Sky HD+ at my place and have recorded some videos using the same. Now I am willing to transfer those videos to my computer, I have asked about the same to my colleagues...
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