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  1. Re: How to connect another computer without restarting router

    According to my suggestion, if you are always have to restart routers for connecting computer then, you need to unplug the router and then after some time just plug it again and try to make the...
  2. Re: Mobile KASPERSKY protection scan is very slow.

    look your mobile configuration then check is your mobile get load during the opening or execution of program. Check after uninstalling the KASPERSKY or run games or software after uninstalls the...
  3. Re: Unable to download in VMware when it crawls

    I tried changing the e1000 driver and seem to have helped, but still stops in the dumps. Sometimes this is really stinking funny.
  4. Re: Not able to connect Linksys AE2500 adaptor and Linksys E4200 router.

    According to the things which you have explained to the forum, I think that here in this case you will need to upgrade the router with the latest firmware and also after that reset the router and...
  5. Re: Computer unable to see extender network- Netgear WN3000RP extender

    I entered my WEP password for the existing network into a configuration page. That page has a 'generic' off the box for the password, and I'm still not known what it is. However, on the next page,...
  6. Re: Netgear WNDAP350 2.4GHZ fails after 2-3 seconds

    There is a new firmware version 2.0.9 that fixes this problem. Netgear> Support> enter your model number and observe most recent firmware version is displayed at the top of the page
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    Re: Netgear WN3000RP - review and purchase

    Is an antenna for receiving and one for the issue or do they both do the same thing? I'm looking for something like this that I have to get pretty damn far from the original AP. I was wondering if...
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    Re: Blue light dome in Netgear WNDR3400

    I just got one of these too. My information is that you do not press the illuminated dome lights turn on and off. There are eight lights (two groups of four) indicating that both the transfer of 2.4...
  9. Re: Spike when using Thunderbird and running manual scan.

    NIS will be displaying a threat even if only one of multi-cores of the processor is running close towards the saturation. This Maybe not the most stylish of solutions but it will be causing you to...
  10. Re: Small width of cell has made the text unreadable in NIS 2011 beta

    I don’t know anything about this everything has been working fine with me I wonder that you have been faceting this problem. I think that if this would be an manufacturing issue than all of us...
  11. re: After Reinstalling NIS 2012 beta Brand New Product Key Expired

    What I can say is try to mail the Norton management and ask them about this they would be giving you some reply or may be if they would be finding you as a valid customer then they would given you...
  12. Re: Norton internet security 2012 beta Confidential makes Google Chrome not responding.

    Well the answer for your next query is yes it’s me who is not facing any problem with this and I think that this is because I have just degraded my Google chromes version and you can use the same...
  13. Re: Norton internet security 2012 beta Confidential makes Google Chrome not responding.

    Can I ask you to check up your Norton Internet Security Beta 2012 version that you have on your system and I hope that you know how you can check the version if not then just move to the support...
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    Re: How to Organize a Biography

    Think regarding what's actually needed to make your biography work. In order to write you should select the one you are interested to write and try to find out what else is necessary to make your...
  15. Re: Help please, my system showing two strange user names

    Ok dude, now I get it. Your problem means that while entering your user name two user name pop up in the username field. And the problem is that except you no one else using your system at your home....
  16. Re: LG 510 cookie not working in EVDO mode with Reliance

    Friend I have got the EVDO speed accessed in my LG510 and this has been possible by having a OMH sim card and then calling to the *355 and then tell them to use the Samsung corby and to activate the...
  17. Re: Which Keyboard with gap in the middle for thumb typing

    Hello friend thumb keyboard is the one you have been looking for and I think that there is no free version of this in the market and I think that you can configure the keyboard with several different...
  18. Re: Wrong report generated by Trend Micro Control Manager

    Do this, re-install things back again and then check back. Do not run any kind of update or patches. Another issue that I can discuss here is issue the your database server which might not he able to...
  19. re: Google market unable to connect to internet in my tablet

    I think the time has came when you need to update you phone there must be some software problem and I have heard something same with one of my friend and we contacted to the service care they asked...
  20. Re: MID VIA 8650 E18 android restarts when switched on

    You can try to reinstall the software or make the software update and I think this would be making some changes go in your phone and it would be solving your problem.
  21. Re: Which is better between 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz wifi frequency

    Most of the routers that you buy work on 2.4Ghz or lower frequency. There are some special type of devices which has an composite support for both. You can set your router over 5Ghz but that also...
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    Re: Cannot remove Trojan Kryptic.IXJ

    Hello, try the following for removing the virus, go to “safe mode with networking” and connect to internet and download the following program called ‘rkill’. Run it to remove all the...
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    Re: Controller of LAN 1 Missing

    I think you have installed the LAN drivers on to the system. If you have not install the Driver of the LAN then I think maybe you have not installed the other driver which is the audio and chipset...
  24. Re: how to overcome with problem windows xp sp3 nlite wireless refresh ?

    I have solution of this, first try to find xp sp2 file and paste into the c:\windows\system 32 and restart you will see the wireless networks but this is not last step because Xp sp2 does not...
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    Re: How to Stop Automatic Redirect

    Hello first start your system on the safemode. Once you start the system on safe mode and after that attempt to perform Internet Explorer Optimization. Try to Configuration settings in Windows...
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    Re: Tips to configure XAMPP on Localhost

    Some points should be located before starting the same :

    Check whether the XAMPP pages are still accessible via network.
    The MySQL root ith a password.
    Check whether PhpMyAdmin Password...
  27. Re: Link doesn’t opens up in browser but opens in Microsoft word?

    I would tell you that these solution are true no problem with them at all but still I would like to tell you that after having all this setting there is something more you got to try to have the...
  28. Re: Unable to access any site Due to some persistent virus?

    Oh yap dude this is a serious problem for sure and I think the formatting of PC made everything fine because I have heard that this is a type of hacking and this is to take your personal detail and I...
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    Re: Shielded twisted pair cable for dsl modem

    The shield is floating, not really out at the ends of the cable to all. The cable is a "Belkin ADSL high-speed cable modem" I bought twisted pair because I wanted to finish - but as I said, I've,...
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    re: How to block website using Website blocker?

    I presume this is for children. In my Linux box to identify different access intended for each family member and subsequently make use of the Procom Latte stupid person's name) in the Firefox plug-in...
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    Re: need software for wake on lan pc via internet

    I cannot Wake on lan to make it fully operational through the Internet. I am specifying the WAN IP address (router) - MAC address of PC that I desire to wake up - the subnet mask individual in the...
  32. You do not really need to go on that old pc and...

    You do not really need to go on that old pc and install iTunes. There is a separate way available for that. You just have to login to your iTunes account. In that go to store and then click on View...
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    Re: how to remove Trojan Agent/Gen-Crypt

    I don’t know much about how to fix but you must know the basic instruction to avoid the virus and Trojan. Read all the instruction before trying to clean it and if you don’t know about certain...
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    Re: How to use own FTP for cloud storage

    The problem with FTP is that it is the card only - you need to upload manually, or download files to and from the server, not automatic. For a sync solution, like Drop box or Live Mesh, you need a...
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    re: Due to malfuctioning Alt+Tab starts by itself

    Are you still having troubles with your problem? It has been eleven days since your previous reply and I was surprising if the problem has been resolved? If so can you elaborate how it was resolved...
  36. Re: What is difference between Intel WiFi and Atheros WiFi

    Actually as I know Intel runs fine on Linux as well. If the Vendor sustain Open Source you can be certain support on Linux is fine. Intel is reasonably energetic on Code role for Linux. The reason...
  37. Re: video ads run automatically even when I am not surfing

    There might be two files causing the problem. It seems that I have these two files rdsndin.exe and cisvvc.exe due to which you’re getting popup ads. (I'm not sure that these are causing the problem...
  38. re: How can I find the IP address of remote computers?

    I have a solution may that work to find the remote pc’s IP address you need follow the steps
    1) Click start, and then run, and then type cmd and press enter.
    2) In the window type” ping remote...
  39. Re: Backup speed decreases after upgrading to NetBackup 7.1

    Also check, your NetBackup Database on local or Storage Area Network (SAN) disk. If on Storage Area Network (SAN), divide the application, logs and Database onto three different Logical Unit Numbers...
  40. Re: Firewall blocks all settings of my system till next boot

    I had changed my firewall because of the same issue. The firewall is still disabled now and I am happy with the third support. Here Kaspersky Anti Hacker is quiet well and everything goes nicely...
  41. Re: Does Windows firewall is an trusted for basic security

    What I think is that for a normal user a firewall is not necessary since they usually do not have fixed IPs. Each time when they go online again, at least every 24 hours due to a technical failure or...
  42. Re: Full Backup and incremental on SBS2008 BESR2010

    Perhaps reinstalling of BESR will be helpful? What else can I remove safely from All Users/Symantec/ directory to make sure there is no old data from earlier considered jobs taken to the new...
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    Re: Network password and windows 7

    In the Computer icon click the right mouse button and entered to Properties. In the System Properties window go to the Computer Name tab. Now after that you connect to Internet and Windows will ask...
  44. Re: Defender.exe malware protection is not working properly

    I have summarized some elimination commands for you below. Yet, before you carry on I would demand that you restart your machine, I can observe a malwarebytes entry on your startup programs that is...
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    Re: How to install task service on a server.

    Ok, according your problem, do you observer or see the ever installation regarding server? So have you the Task Server installed on the Site Server or not? If it did you can see at the exploitation...
  46. Re: Need information on network access control.

    I think this is feasible, if you make a different scope for the quarantined network in the DHCP server and renew the similar in your networked switches. You can indicate fixed route in the system to...
  47. Re: Outlook add-in crashing when I had upgraded avg 2011

    Previous to you do, I advise you to determine if it is certainly AVG causing the predicament. You be able to temporary put out of action AVG by opening the AVG control panel hit it off on the avg...
  48. Re: Email Scanner of AVG has stopped working after updating the antivirus

    The problem seems to be with the AVG update as many people are facing similar kind of issue after updating AVG. So you can either get rid of the problem by permanently uninstalling AVG from your...
  49. Re: Windows XP/7 machines are crashing after updating AVG

    I am also facing the same issue. The only solution which I found to have worked for me at this moment was, either uninstalling the AVG installed in my system, or just removing the latest update which...
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    Re: Not able to install AVG because of Avast

    If you are having two antivirus in your laptop then it is ok but normally it is not a good practice at all if you are installing AVG then you have to uninstall Avast from your laptop. There might be...
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