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    Re: How to play Facebook Games on Lumia 920

    As everything is now getting HTML5 support slowly, i dont think Adobe is going to make Flash Player in future again because there wont be any need for it. As you guys might be aware, YouTube has...
  2. Re: MSE neither works nor allow me to uninstall

    You said you get Error Messages at both the situations, you would have better mentioned those error messages. Because even i am using MSE since long time and have pretty good experience with it but...
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    Android 4.3 apps incompatibility list

    Hey guys, i'm not here to ask any questions but to let you know you all Not to upgrade your devices so soon to Android 4.3 Jellybean. The reason is quiet simple as you can read my title. There is a...
  4. Re: How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

    That’s true. Unfortunately there is no way to create folders in windows mail. This is bit disappointing and surprising as well because this is the most recent and enhanced email client from...
  5. Re: 3G settings of Tata Docomo for Xperia Smartphone

    Take the phone to Sony service center and let them fix it for you for some bucks.
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    Re: Unable to uninstall Office 360

    That too does not work. There are number of reasons for the same. Microsoft must provide some kind of uninstallation utility to remove Office 360 completely. The one they had provided for various...
  7. Re: New technology might help to see 3D without glasses

    I agree with the same. It is not at all worth spending a good amount of money on device that has this much adjustment. For a average user it will become complicate to operate and handle this...
  8. Re: Assassin's Creed 3 release date for pc version

    Wow, that seems to be interesting stats. :ohyeah: So according to the above stats, as they were delayed just once and now AC3 is also delayed for once, that means November 20th is the final release...
  9. Re: Micromax Funbook Pro heating up while using usb

    If you go and check on Google, you will find that even iPad heats up. Heating is the most common issue with ultra-portable devices. As they lack space and there is low power support available. It is...
  10. Re: Want some software which can help me to monitor VRAM usage on Radeon GPU

    There was a tool by AMD which does the same job. I do not remember the name. When my friend purchased a branded AMD system he got that tool pre-installed. The tool was basic which gives the gpu usage...
  11. Re: Microsoft disabled all Windows Gadget in Vista and 7

    It can be some kind of serious issue because of which Microsoft is disabling the desktop widget. This is are just tiny things. Does anyone get extract of that news which the guy is talking above. I...
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    Re: Is it worth to upgrade Autodesk 2013

    Autodesk offers great optoin to deal with industrial level solution. I am using Maya. I had not upgraded the same because I was not sure whether I will be able to get use to new buttons or not. I...
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    Re: Zynga Ruby Blast game is not loading

    There are few simple troubleshooting steps for fixing the loading issue of Facebook Flash games. You must clear your cache and cookies. But as you have already mentioned that you tried on two...
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    Re: Keeping cheap psu is recommended or not

    I can give you a short idea how actually a system requirement is counted. 250w is best for a system which has following :

    1 Hard drive
    1 GPU
    2 sticks of RAM
    1 Core 2 Duo type...
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    Re: What is new in Trapster 5.0

    Trapster 5.0 is good. It has visual alert system and a 3d map. The 3d map gives you a clear image with navigation to take the right turn. The map offers you terran and satellite mode depending on...
  16. Re: Can VLC on Android play any kind of audio and video file

    This is the same desktop version which is ported to mobile phone. There is big list of formats that vlc can read. And it work nicely. Along with that I found that the app also support screen...
  17. Re: How to improve Windows Media Center Performance

    Just for testing purpose even I will recommend you to use XMBC. This is one of the coolest media center application I had found. It is an hardly 50mb application. It is quiet light to use compared to...
  18. Re: Sending email via Windows Live Hotmail gives an error message - "Attachment Id has bad format".

    I have all the answers for your problem. What happens is that if you have a popup blocker that does not let you open or send emails. So all you have to do is try to open or send an email and when you...
  19. Re: Asrock AD2700B-ITX is not compatible with older PCI cards

    Have you find a latest version BIOS for this motherboard? So I far I am able to find only one and that is BIOS 1.10. I don’t know there is a later version than this. If you find one, don’t forget...
  20. Re: LED Fuse on Sony Vaio VPCEB37FD/B motherboard

    It is not possible to tell about the Fuse or locate the fuse without seeing your motherboard. You at least need to post a complete picture of your motherboard. Make sure that image is taken from the...
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    Re: PC Crashing randomly with Geforce GTX 680

    I think that the issue is due to the problem with clock rate. The GeForce GTX 680 from Zotac has a "base clock" of 1006 MHz and a "clock" of 1058 MHz "boost." The memory is addressed as 1502 MHz. ...
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    Re: Steam client available for Android?

    For any self-respecting gamer, Steam is one of those unavoidable references to which sooner or later have to resort to have on hand the best games and keep abreast of developments, as well as...
  23. re: How to Spot Web Based Malicious Applications

    Yes. I have heard that some Web apps are Dangerous but user think that they are fully featured apps and functioning properly. Normal computer users do not worry about these kinds of things. They...
  24. Re: PC crashes with MSI 890GXM-G65 and Patriot Memory

    Voltage is also set to auto run, then increase to 1.6 which has not achieved anything.

    Perhaps I need to set it to 1.5 times as indicated otherwise I should go for BIOS update to play. There is...
  25. Re: Does MSI P67A-GD65 supports Ivy bridge processor

    Well 22nm, USB 3.0 and native PCI-E 3.0 are already tempting I must say. In other words, the "Old Iron" feeling at Ivy Bridge introduction is enormous compared to AM3/1156 vs. Sandy Bridge at the...
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    Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 benchmark results

    The new flagship of AMD pushes its competitor Nvidia probably belonging know. The results in games and benchmarks confirm a consistently good performance.
  27. Re: Windows 7 Media Center vs TBS software came with TBS6922 DVB-S2 TV Tuner card

    To your original problem: for me the HD channels were also found on the transponder search and also appeared in the overview. If I wanted to start one of these stations, it shows me an error message....
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    Re: Netgear GS108Tv2 drops network connection

    As far as I think that it should go if you connect directly from the uplink from others on the go switch. Otherwise you need to check whether or not the VLan’s port blocks the connection. You might...
  29. Re: Female Armours in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    The game is fine as long as the armors remain same for both gender characters. This is why I like game and you don’t feel that other character or gender have better looking armor since both are...
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    Re: Overclocking of AMILO Notebook xi 3650

    A laptop has anyway a very poor cooling (airflow), which would limit the overclocking heavily. I think you have to hack the BIOS or something, to have the OC settings. Or do you try on SetFSB or...
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    Re: How to play RuneScape on Mandriva Linux

    I don’t know why you are not able to play games in mandriva. However the runescape game does not need to be installed on your computer. You will need an updated browser with java enabled. If your...
  32. Re: New CPU losing overclock in Asus Crosshair IV Formula motherboard

    It seems to me that the overclocking is not stable and due to the default behavior of Asus BIOS or something else might be causing the CPU to reset its overclocking values. The bios itself resets to...
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    Re: How to Flash Acer Aspire 5535 BIOS

    Updating the BIOS always bring beneficial consequences for the team. To do this we need to create a flash drive or bootable USB storage device on which you put MS-DOS and the BIOS files needed in...
  34. Re: Cannot remove ZoneAlarm old entries, causes blockage

    In my case I have also got the same problem and I did the same thing mentioned in the above post. I had to delete the files and registry keys manually. The problem I came into was, I didn’t have...
  35. Re: Lenovo IdeaPad S205 Netbook cannot find Wifi connection

    After all this time I solved it was the switch to activate the wireless card that did not reach its final position because the plastic makes the switch changes position switch was worn and never got...
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    re: HPDM agent cannot update WES 7

    I think that there are no HP DM 4.4.3 available yet. You might have got the wrong information somehow. The current version is actually HP DM 4.4. Please confirm it once again HP site. You may be...
  37. Re: HP t5740e Thin Client shows no output on Monitor

    I have heard that there is a BIOS update available for Thin client and that is of the version 1.04. you should try to get that BIOS and try again.
  38. Re: Cannot update Logitech Harmony 900/1000/1100 on Snow Leopard (10.6) and OS X Lion (10.7)

    I have found something strange when installing the software on mac. If you are going to install the software for the first time, it will show 'Create New Account' area of the software. Put the...
  39. Re: No SLI option for Gigabyte 560TI on NVIDIA v290.53 driver

    You must get the 290.36. New 3D Vision and SLI profiles have been added for many games. Bugs with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 have also been fixed as a problem with the...
  40. Re: Weird noise coming out from Dell OptiPlex GX270

    It seems to me that there is probably a little 'dust that does not breathe the fans, and do something to undermine the idea that when you scratch moves.

    Try to clean them out by yourself and see...
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    Re: HTC wildfire keep using GPRS

    One of the features of Android phones (and also the most annoying if you will), is that some applications or processes of memory, enable or want access to the Internet to upload or download data....
  42. Re: Experiencing Vibration on Cooler Master HAF 932

    I don’t think that any kind of peripherals causing this vibration. It is simply the case. It seems to me that something has not properly fixed to the housing. You need to firmly press the casing...
  43. Re: Windows vista Network settings does not match with Network requirements

    I know that most of you still not able to solve the problem. For them there is only way out and that is to reinstall the wireless adapter driver. To Remove the adapter driver

    Click Start and type...
  44. Re: Macbook Pro 13" compatible with SATA II HDDs

    Replacing the drive, you can insert a second hard drive 2.5 inch SATA and offers opportunities that you never thought possible. You could for example create a Raid 1 (mirroring) for data is not lost...
  45. Re: Flash player 11 Disable automatically in Thinkpad T500 during reboot

    I think that there are multiple entries of Flash plugin in your web browser. You need to check for that. If there are more than one entries present, then this could be confliction between the...
  46. Re: VLC cannot play .mkv files after updating Mac OS X

    I think that your VLC version is not updated (because of a Universal Binary and so) and that is why it is unable to play that file format video. If it is not with a newer version, then you could also...
  47. Re: Difference between Sony Xperia Ion and other Smartphones

    Today I looked in to the Sony Xperia Ion and Sony Ericsson Xperia Nozomi. Generally both phones looks similar. You cannot tell the name of the phone just by seeing the pic of it. Both phones specs...
  48. Re: Disc optimization not working in Norton 360 version 5

    Try Defraggler. It is told that the Defraggler using a different way to get the fragmentation percentage. Windows/Norton 360 fragmentation calculation is based on file counts whereas Defraggler's...
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    Re: Requirements of Dual boot on Nokia N9

    As far as I know that with 600 MHz processor and 1GB RAM will be available, you can dual-boot, you can access MeeGo without problems in addition to Maemo Linux-based.
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    Re: Mario Kart 7 or Super Mario 3D land, HELP!!

    Mario Kart 7 will be summoned immediately. I love Mario Kart since Super Nintendo times, which makes the anticipation for the new offshoot very large. Super Mario 3D Land, however, can still be slow...
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