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  1. Manage Search Engines in Firefox does not work


    If I am checking at the search engines then Yahoo is at the top and then all other search engines are in non-alphabetical order? So, if I am going into "Manage Search Engines" to re-arrange...
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    Re: Windows 7 email link/attachment sending

    Can you be a bit specific with your issue?? Did you mean to say that you are not able to attach links or web pages in windows live mail ?? Correct me if I am wrong??

    If I am right, then I want to...
  3. Re: BSOD on windows 8 while playing Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Before I suggest you anything, answer my below questions so that I can have better idea of the issue you are going through.

    Is your system up to date with recommended windows update installed?...
  4. Re: Good books for learning Python programming language

    These are the top three python programming books:
    Dive Into Python
    Learning Python
    A Byte of Python
    I think these three will be more than enough for a beginner, best of luck.
  5. Re: How to get rid of “Add people you know" from Facebook

    I don’t think that’s possible, I have both Firefox and Google chrome installed. I have installed Adblock Plus extension in both of them but even I don’t see any relevant settings to carry out...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Tipo screen flickering

    See if you have any hesitation regarding the reflashing trick then you can get it done by Sony service center. Since your phone is new and it might be under warranty they won’t cost you anything....
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    Re: Gigabyte Z77X- UD3H Mouse keeps freezing

    Yes go ahead with re-installation of windows. You have tried out most of the possible solution by now, if there might be any software issue then reinstalling windows will help, if not then as others...
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    Re: Must have apps for windows 8

    These are the ones I had downloaded straight away after installing windows 8:
    MetroTwit (If you use Twitter)
    NBC News
  9. Re: Avast antivirus says "Some files could not be scanned"

    Yeah that’s normal even I get that message quite frequently. I don’t think it’s because of some problem. It comes up with different files every time in my case. I never made a research to find...
  10. Re: Windows Defender is not updating the latest definition

    There is some serious issue with Windows Defender in your case. I don’t know what might be the cause of this issue but I can’t think of anything that might help rather than uninstalling and...
  11. Re: Karbonn A30 phablet available online for Rs 11,500

    5.9-inch display is too big for a phone. I know it’s a phablet but instead of getting 5.9-inch display phablet I would consider getting 7 inch tablet itself. I have checked out Karbonn 4.3 inch...
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    Poll: Re: Windows phone vs Android Smartphone

    I agree upon that, these days most of the people carry Android Smartphones. I rarely see people using windows phone and that's surely because of the heavy price. Recently Nokia has come up with lumia...
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    Re: Top MBA colleges under MAT

    Best MBA colleges under MATA with address:

    Alliance Business School, Bangalore
    Address: Chikkahagade Cross, Chandapur - Anekal Main Road PIN-562106
    Contact No: 80 - 30938000

    Global Institute...
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    Re: Bridge camera under 20 K

    I will suggest you to get one from these:
    NIKON Coolpix P510 Bridge Camera – 19,750 approximately
    FUJIFILM FinePix HS30 Bridge Digital Camera – 20,000 approximately
    They both are available...
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    Re: Windows Media Player error C00D0FEA

    Error C00D0FEA comes up when the file played in Windows Media Player is in use with some other player. Just try booting your system in clean boot state and see if you get the same error again. In...
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    New taxi and auto rickshaw fare list

    Taxi and auto rickshaw fare list are changing almost every 2 months making middle class people suffer. Even though taxi and auto rickshaw drivers are getting their demands fulfilled by Government,...
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    Re: Best image Compressing software

    I haven’t used Image Compressor but I have used Blubox. It is quite simple to use, It uses powerful image compression algorithms for compressing over 60 popular image formats. One can Store and...
  18. Re: Best Motherboard to overclock i5-2500k up to 4.4ghz

    ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard seems to be a good choice as well. You will be able to attain 4.4ghz easily on it. Just check out for its...
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    Re: I am not able to Upgrade e7 to belle

    Well as far as I know VMware installation are not supported so you must try installing it in a normal windows machine, which has free disk space in its C drive.
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    Re: vBulletin 4.1 - Now Available!

    Thanks for your update, I will update my vbulletin. But do you have any idea because I have heard that Vbulletin 4.1 is quiet buggy.
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    MicroMax Mobile Phones Service Centre in Kolkata

    RT Outsourcing Services Limited
    Address: CMC Building, Meznize Floor, 2 Ripon Street, Near Hira International, Hotel, Kolkata – 700016.
    Phone No: (033) 22277891 – 93, 95
  22. Internet Explorer 8 wont work with Fingerprint Readers

    I have recently upgraded my Internet Explorer browser to version 8 instead of using IE7 on an Acer Laptop that comes with a Biometric fingerprint reader, untill I found out that this fingerprint...
  23. re: Prince of persia The forgotten Sands pc save game download

    Thanks very much dinsh, that is truly appreciated. But can you please tell me where should i copy this folder or the save game. I have checked the POP game folder but there is nothing called save...
  24. Prince of persia The forgotten Sands pc save game download

    Hi, I have recently downloaded this new pop tfs on my pc and it is running smoothly on my pc. But I am having difficulty in one of the stage where a door is not opening, even though I climb on the...
  25. Re: how to access to a shared folder on a NAS server

    I also think that there is some issue related to the Synology NAS server. I am able to apply read/write permission directly to the shared folder on the NAS server where I have defined a user with...
  26. how to access to a shared folder on a NAS server

    I have a AD network with Windows Server 2003 DC and 4 Windows XP domain clients, and in there there is a shared folder on a NAS server. The access to this shared folder is restricted to some users...
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    How to clean Winsxs folder in Windows 7

    I have a laptop which was upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista and for printing options I usually connetc to the server to HP printer. Now the problem is that there are too many refrences to HP...
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    Re: Just Cause 2 steam_appi file copying problem

    I was also not sure whether this file file can be trusted to be installed or not, cause once you load your game dvd then it usually does not load this type of installer that we can see on other...
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    Re: DSMOD from batch and text file

    Most probable cause for the said error could be the Distinguished Name (DN). TO me DN for the user looks incorrect. If I consider as the user object is in the "cn=User" container (and not in an OU),...
  30. Fix for all office icons not showing up in windows 7

    I was facing this problem since years time to time where Office icons disappear or show up as no assigned icon on Windows 7 based systems. Whenever we click them it asks to choose program for opening...
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    microsoft office free trial download

    After that I have downloaded the free trial version of Microsoft Office, so I was thinking what will happen to the office 2003 if I select to not buy Office 2007 at the end of the 60 day trial? Will...
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    Windows 7 and Intel wifi problem

    I recently tried to install Windows 7 Ultimate on my pc and inbetween the installation i got a message that the installation could not be performed and some Intel Proset Wifi software was needed to...
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    Windows 7 validation issue

    Can anyone tell me when is the Windows 7 validation will be available? I have installed a normal 64 bit version os of windows 7 on my pc which is running fine but I have this validation issue? What...
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    How to remove Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.U

    Lately I was infected with this new virus called Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.U and my AVG free antivirus is not able to remove it? Please tell me how to get rid of this nasty virus. Also what would be...
  35. Re: Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Send/Receive Problem

    First of all it was not necessary to uninstall the antivirus; you could have just disabled its email scanning feature. Anyway, which antivirus are you using now? Have you disabled email scanning in...
  36. Ample of time I was able to successfully ran a...

    Ample of time I was able to successfully ran a number of 32bit Xp application in Windows Vista 64bit without any changes. I do not think there will be any kind of serious issue with the same....
  37. Re: Specified server cannot perform requested operation - joining domain

    I'm running Windows 2003 Server with terminal services role and IIS6. Even i had the same problem while adding this to a domain After lots of researches finally i managed to fix it by going into ISA...
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    AD Sites and Services Best Practices

    I am starting a new Windows 2003 Active Directory environment and I want to know if anyone can help me about AD Sites and Services information. The place where I am working is a main office with 3...
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    Cannot remove language packs from Vista

    I recently updated my Vista Ultimate version to Service Pack 1 by Windows Update which also installed all other 35 optional language packs that were available. As most of the lanuguage packs...
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    Tatsunoko vs Capcom character profile

    What are the different character profiles in Tatsunoko vs Capcom game? Can anybody list all the character profiles that are included in the game over here. How many characters are their in the...
  41. Thread: story of mafia 2

    by Manik

    story of mafia 2

    I have played the first part of Mafia which i found to be very interesting on pc. In the first part of Mafia game, it was the hero's best friend who betrayed him and therefore the game ends after he...
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    skype fix for vista

    It seems that skype and vista are not compatible, so do you have a solution for me, configuring vista with skype example. Is there any skype fix for vista? I have the version 4.0 of skype, so is...
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    Toshiba Bluetooth Headphones Manual needed

    Hello, I have got a Toshiba Bluetooth Headphones as a gift for my birthday from my sister who lives abroad. I opened the box and started to fiddle around with the headphone but it was a pain as I...
  44. Cannot connect to workstations using RWW SBS 2008

    I am able to connect to server using RWW and admin rights but cannot connect to any workstations with admin rights or user. The workstations have "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"...
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    half life 2 cheats for xbox 360

    Hello, I have again started playing this game half life 2 on my xbox 360 gaming console and I was just wondering if anyone of you can get me nice cheats of half life 2 for xbox 360. Any new tips,...
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    Re: Office 2003 Missing ZF612702.CAB

    Cab files are usually installation files that use to be on CD but don’t know why there is no file named “ZF612702.CAB” available in my CD as well. Also I don’t think you will get it for...
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    Re: Removing a Network Location

    Actually, the issue is that the network location is no loger valid and therefore I want to remove it, the file and not the icon, what I meant to say.
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    Removing a Network Location

    If I am trying to remove a network location from My Network Locations in Vista, then it will usually hang up and then I have to go to the device manager to shut it down. Can anyone tell me how to...
  49. Thread: WMP11 and DLNA

    by Manik

    Re: WMP11 and DLNA

    Thanks for the suggestions. I want to let you know that Windows Media Player 11 is able to see the video files and it is already associated with the extensions in Windows and it contains them in its...
  50. Thread: WMP11 and DLNA

    by Manik

    WMP11 and DLNA

    Is there a way to get Windows Media Player 11 to work as a video server for the DLNA TV? I am able to get WMP 11 to serve up still photos and audio to the TV without any issue but if I am trying to...
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