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  1. Re: Install mods for Call of Duty World at War in windows 7

    For this problem I will advise you to copy the mods again in the mods folder on your hard drive. Then try to launch it in the game. If this solution does not help you out in solving your problem,...
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    Re: BSNL & MTNL 3G GSM tariff plan

    I am providing you the call rates of BSNL 3g service. The call rates are as follows-
    Local video calling to own network – Rs 1.80 per min
    Local video calling to other network – Rs 3.00 per min...
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    Re: iPhone 4g is unable to record video

    I had solved my problem by trying a solution, so i am providing you the same.

    Try to hold the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake button together.
    Hold them till the iphone screen goes blank and...
  4. Re: How to create a switchless installer for Windows Live Messenger 9

    I have tried to apply the above solution with the new version, but it is not working for me. I give an error message that "error occurred during creation". But the folder where i have saved it shows...
  5. Re: When the child window pops up, the whole IE8 crashes down

    I have a solution for this problem. Refer these steps

    Go to start.
    Then type the command inetcpl.cpl inside the run and click OK.
    Now go to the Programs tab
    Inside these go to the Manage...
  6. Re: How to set-up a simple FTP server on Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    When i am trying to ping my external IP, it is giving me the message such as "Request timed out". Every time i am trying to do this, it is giving me the same message. It is working fine when i try to...
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    Re: Unable to edit my profile on windows live

    Well i will advise you to do the following things.

    Try to open this on other computer.
    Try using the different internet connection.
    You can also look to open it on you mobile phone.
    Try to...
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    Re: Want to use IPSec over UDP connections

    I want to know that the Cisco Client which you have installed is free one or not. The Cisco requires the customer to buy their copy as it is required for Vista-64. If it is free, then from where you...
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    Re: Internet Explorer 9 - Does not play video

    I think that you will require to the Adobe Flash Player is a separate add-on which is installation for Internet Explorer and the others browsers. There are cases that one browser’s add-on may work...
  10. Re: Unable to get smartweb printing icon on toolbar

    Even i am getting the same problem on m y browser. When i tried this solution, then it worked for the first and after that it was again back to the same issue. Initially it worked once, but when i...
  11. Re: Microsoft Antimalware Script Scanner is shown as disabled in IE

    I think that you are facing this problem, because of the some settings in your browser. According to me you will requiring to check for the surf protections settings in Microsoft Security Essential....
  12. Re: Realtek Audio Drivers and stereo mix not working

    According to me there is some problem with your audio driver. So i will advise you to reinstall the driver and then try the sound. If this does not solve your issue then you can try to update the...
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    Re: Front page 2003 and windows 7

    What happens when you localhost in the browser (IE7) enters? So without that front page is even started. Comes a Error message (which?) Or there comes the help IIS? In what order did you install? I...
  14. Re: How to make a cricket wireless um100 usb wireless data card work in windows 7 64 bit?

    I have checked this data card with the windows vista. The card is not compatible with the Vista, so i feel that it will not be compatible with the Windows 7 as well. If really you want to stay with...
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    Re: DG45ID audio driver on windows 7 crashing

    This new map looks rather nice, no more PS2 port, floppy and other series. By cons I'm still a little worried with GMA intel because intel has always slow drivers improve their "young" and it has...
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    Re: How to unlock GSM mobile phone

    I fully agree with you, the leader of gsm unlocked, then the pseudo leader of this company is 'certainly not going to unlock your phone on this site. Attention, more after having given a wrong code,...
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    Re: GSM Signal Strength

    If having a "strings attached" is not a general, there is a very simple solution. The fact insert a amp would have a constraint of "strings attached"). If access to your roof is not insurmountable...
  18. Re: Using 100mbps Router i want to Setup gigabit home network

    According to best of my if you are routing your DSL first through the router having a capacity of 10/100 mbs, then secondly through the Gigabit switch which you are having in your network. By doing...
  19. Re: How to solve the Inspiron E1505 hinge problem

    I feel that you are having the problem related with the hinges of the laptop , there there is no method for repairing it. If you try to do some manipulations with the hinges, then this can cause the...
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    Re: Blu-ray player vs upscaled dvd player

    This is what i know about the blu-ray.
    1-Blu-ray hardware is expensive.
    2-It is good for the gamers, because it is having play station 3 supports.
    The Blu Rays will up convert your DVD to 1080i...
  21. Re: While creating new message my screen minimizes to Microsoft Word instead of Outlook tab

    According to me you problem is bit complicated one. I thought on this problem for a long period of time but was not able to find the solution for this. I will advise you to contact you to the...
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    Re: Unable to boot my sony laptop from CD

    I have gone from the similar problem. I think that it is to do with the hal.dll file. Also, none of the DVD mounting software will be able to install properly. I am sure that the problems are related...
  23. Re: Unable to save passwords or usernames on my browser

    The users those who are having Firefox on their system try this out. Go to tools-------->Options--------->Privacy-------->check the accept cookies-------->Exceptions------->type in site name and...
  24. Re: How can i Override Photoshop "JPEG Options" dialog box?

    If still you are facing the same problem of dialog boxes popping up, then you need to click on the enter key then. Now you need to start up the action then and just rest your stapler or a mug over...
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    Re: Unable to open folder shortcuts

    Exactly the same problem .I had added a open cmd in current folder, due to which the default option for opening folders enqueue in winamp is being made. I somehow fixed it by copying the open command...
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    Re: Not able to view my CD-ROM/ DVD DRIVE

    I have Norton 360 installed from a cd-rom, but somehow i lost my two drives of the Norton and my drivers were not working properly. After that i completely uninstalled the Norton 360.I downloaded the...
  27. Re: How can i Override Photoshop "JPEG Options" dialog box?

    I think that there is nothing wrong in you file .There is problem with the batch action in the Photoshop that it is not intuitive. You must save the image while you are creating the action. You must...
  28. Re: Screen remains blank even if the page gets loaded in the web browser

    If person who are facing the problem related with bit-defender can try this solution out. First you need to right click on the bit-defender icon then go to the setting option .In the setting open the...
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    Re: Network cable plugged but shows unplugged

    I was facing the same problem as you are facing now .I had spend my hours on the internet for getting this solution out .Follow this instructions-First shut down your computer ,then unplug the power...
  30. Re: Unable to use the internet with two users in same router

    I am providing you a solution which solved the problem using vista ,win7, and winxp in a network.Make a crossover LAN cable connection from the modem to router thus eliminating internet...
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    Re: Does not hear sound due to pci device

    You need to download a software called AC'97 via vinyl 7.00 .This software should get your sound back up and running .It having a set of drivers for pre installed software on the computer.This took...
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    Re: My hp j3680 inkjet Printer does not print

    I am suggesting you some solution for you,you just follow those while working with the printer.Use a plain white paper for printing purpose.Press and hold the * and # key at the same time and then...
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    Re: Cannot Find DVD Driver with Windows 7 Install

    I was placed in the same situation when i was installing the windows 7 on my machine.My brother suggested me that the you are facing might be from a bad disc burn.After getting this solution i...
  34. Re: Realtek hd acer internal microphone not working

    I think that you are facing this kind of problem because your driver might not be installed properly or it might be corrupted.If you are having a fresh copy of driver then try to install it again and...
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    Re: Problem with Task Killer Application

    I also have a personal spica and I used Taskiller free, it is super easy to use. About Taskiller (in general), a topic has been created in the section spica which is interesting enough to...
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    Re: Firefox problem with perl script

    Why do you manage does not upload directly into your PERL script? To manage the upload, you must:

    1. Declare the HTML form in "multipart", with the following line:

    print $ testcgi->...
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    Re: "Error 303" in program

    Just do not turn thought with templates. Where the separation of header and source is not possible (=> pack the complete source in the header file). The reasons I'll Spare time, it requires skills in...
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    Re: Solve Windows XP Wireless Network Connect

    Click the Wireless Networks tab and click the network name in the list of preferred networks. Now, you want to click the Delete so that Windows deletes any of the current network settings and start...
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    Re: Solve Windows XP Wireless Network Connect

    How to solve :
    You should visit the Internet materials for the manufacture and download the latest drivers. So if you have a Dell, go to Find your model and download the driver for...
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    Solve Windows XP Wireless Network Connect

    Whats the problem :
    Does your laptop keep dropping or losing their wireless for no reason? Or maybe your laptop can see the wireless access point, but does not connect unless you restart the whole...
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    Re: VMWare problem on Windows 7

    Here are few tips on it

    - In VMWare under 7 are not working "internet", but only VMWar-HYDRATED NAT.
    - If the Internet is dealt with the External Server or a router (ie, an External DHCP), it is...
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    Re: How to install and configure Conky

    Data Display :
    The structure of the "TEXT" of ". Conkyrc" is a little complex. The general schematic is as follows:

    My text $ my_var
    Still text ($variable argument1 argument2)
    For example, to...
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    Re: How to install and configure Conky

    How to Install Conky:
    Installation for (K / X) Ubuntu
    To install Conky, no problems, its easy. Simply install the package "conky-all" already present in the official repositories.

    sudo apt-get...
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    How to install and configure Conky

    Introduction :
    Conky can monitor virtually all system parameters, the temperature of the hard drive at the speed of fans through the battery. But this is not just a software like "Everest", it is...
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    Re: How to install Microsoft Picture it!

    This is a shareware software. The version preinstalled on some machines is an OEM version, and mandatory special livery with a new machine. You take a look at the other threads which are...
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    Re: Windows Live Movie Maker cannot save project

    Actually I met the same problem as you and others made to DV AVI PAL format solves the problem of registration except that it takes considerable space on the disk. Anyway I think then convert the...
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    Re: Live mesh update for windows 7

    A small update for the Windows Live Mesh Beta software brings a much improved performance in dealing with the memory of the PC and the Live Mesh server. The new version also display problems on...
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    Re: CheckBox in SilverLight

    Check out the following code, this will help you

    public static class Week
    public static IEnumerable <dy> Days
    return new dy[]
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    Re: JMS messages in a Web application

    I have a problem with sending messages to a JMS Message Broker, JBOSS. The application that is sending the messages is not used in JBoss and ActiveMQ. When I send messages to an ActiveMQ broker...
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    Re: Tools to record Skype conferences.

    I found some time ago a small tool on the web, to which it is possible to be captured at all audio signals that also run through the speakers. I have unfortunately no website that I can mention here....
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