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  1. Re: How to Remote Control Windows Phone 8 from PC

    There is an application named “RemoteDesktop” which acts like teamviewer. It will bring your computer display on your Windows Phone, but there is no way to get your phone’s display on Windows...
  2. Re: Lost my email after switching to account

    Well switching from Hotmail or Live Mail to just cannot delete your mails ‘abela’, however there could be several other reasons which can do that. Some of them are if you have...
  3. Re: Taking pictures with Sony Xperia Z under water

    Nope, it is not possible to capture images or do video shooting with Xperia Z underwater. This is because though the device is waterproof, there is a restriction and that is its touchscreen wont work...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 charging very slowly

    Wow, you are charging it the phone with USB cable connected to PC or laptop (I guess) and you complaining about slow charging? Dude, can you tell me why does they provide a charger with the box if...
  5. Re: How to search and user Faster DNS Server on Windows 7

    Configuring fastest DNS servers

    With Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Linux Ubuntu you can easily declare the new DNS servers to use for your Internet connection. Here is how to do the same:

  6. How to search and user Faster DNS Server on Windows 7

    DNS Server which stands for Domain Name Server (or System or Service) are very helpful to provide you better speed during internet browsing. Some times we can speed up our Internet speed by changing...
  7. Re: How to get Power button on Windows 8 Taskbar

    Sorry guys, i forget to mention how to use it. You just need to extract the files to a folder in any drive. Double click Jump Control.exe and pin it to taskbar. Thats it. It won requires any...
  8. Re: How to get Power button on Windows 8 Taskbar

    Yeah, there are many people trying to get as much as options they can add to their taskbar or context menu in Windows 8. Anyway, you can add Power button to your windows 8 taskbar with the of very...
  9. Re: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 vs Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1

    The game demands for more precision this type. The older game was sold widely and this new multi-platform fps game became a better fps shooter game. There are much enhanced graphics which are yet...
  10. Re: What's new in next Nokia Windows phone 8

    Now as Apple is taking is technology to the height with the new iOS 6 and Google doing the same with Jelly Bean, it was very much necessary for Microsoft to integrate some new unique features if they...
  11. Re: BoomStream great wifi speaker for Smartphones

    I had seen the image. It is good, but I would go for a much cheaper product. One thing that I like about this speaker is usb connectivity with various devices. With a proper converter you can connect...
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    Re: I want to buy NOVA 3 for iPhone

    Nova 3 is one of the best fps game I had ever seen. I never thought this will work so better on iPhone. Somehow I had found some old games which were also fps. But they are not comfortable to play....
  13. Re: How much overclocking rate can be achieved on EAH5770 CUcore GPU

    If you are so willing to kill your gpu then there is a solution. Go for ATITool. This utility works for ATI and Nvidia gpu and offers you quick overclocking options. First of all if your psu is low...
  14. Re: How to Manage different Search Engines in Linux Mint

    You can try a tiny Firefox add on Web Search Pro. This will give you want you want. Web Search Pro allows you to find result from different search engine. It is much easier to use. It works through...
  15. Re: What would be cost of Microsoft Surface tablet in India

    It looks far costlier to me. The tablet is a awesome product. It is better if I can go and buy Apple ipad. It am trying to find a proper review on the web about the product.
  16. Re: Opera Mini 7.0 for Android different from Symbian 60

    Yeah, Opera mini 7 for Android was released about a month ago I guess but for Nokia it was released just yesterday. The new page you are talking about is called as “Smart Page” that is introduced...
  17. Re: Will Motorola Atrix HD get Jelly Bean 4.1

    Yeah, it was really surprising that Moto Atrix din't got Jelly Bean like Google Nexus though its Google's own but the only reason coming to my mind for the same is that Atrix HD was in development...
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    Re: When can we expect Steam on Linux

    This is usually for those who are Linux lovers. For a new guy this is a complicated stuff. It is nice that valve is expanding its way to Linux system. There would be better games but this will take...
  19. Tiny Wings HD for iPhone and iPad Released for $2.99

    Fedup with Angry birds. Here is something new. Tiny Wings is released last year which gained a nice appreciation from many. The developer has just recharged this version with better graphics and hd...
  20. Re: What is the cost of 3D printer and how it works

    If you need a affordable model in this series then you can go for Solidoodle. There are many manufacturers in the market that provide you this kind of products. What I know that if this type of...
  21. Re: What is Sim Cloning threat on mobile phones

    I never thought that this would be so serious. I thought it is somekind of cheap tactics played buy someone to gather data. Mostly attackers do like this. They gather data and sell. But this looks...
  22. re: Cisco Cloud Connect on Windows Vista Network

    This app gives you option to control your home network. I did not find anything great in that. You need to get an app on your android phone. With that you can control all your home network with...
  23. Re: Meizu MX Quad-core Features and Release date

    Though Meizu MX is a device from Chinese manufacturer, it is pretty good option today compared to other high end smartphones. Running with powerful 1.4GHz Quad core processor, Meizu Mx comes in 2...
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    Re: How to setup your own Live Webcast

    Above there are three methods that you can go form. First on web server. You have a website or a web space with you. You can utilize by hosting up a video webcast. You can either use any simple cms...
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    How to setup your own Live Webcast

    Video Conference is a part of business operation. Video conference allows you to have web meetings among your business people around the world. In the same way Webcast is another feature that helps...
  26. Re: Best between Audeze LCD-2, Denon D7000 and Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

    Personally i have used Denon D7000 and Sennheiser HD 800. Let me explain the one by one.

    D7000 is a very good headphone (especially for gaming) with its natural wood packing excellent sound...
  27. Re: M2Ts File gives no audio when imported to VideoWave in Roxio Creator Pro 2012

    I think that you might have missed out something in the Windows audio settings. I mean that there are possibilities that the volumes might be not high as required, anyways can you let me know whether...
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    Re: Toshiba satellite l455d recovery CDs

    Yeah I am sure that the disks are bad and nothing else is wrong with your system. I too once had such bad recovery media DVDs and however I got into a big trouble with these DVDs. My DVDs were few...
  29. Re: Warcraft III Frozen Throne compatible with Vista?

    Well buddy, i dont think you will be able to play Frozen Thrones on your system as the game is not compatible with Windows Vista. You should check out its system requirements, it is Windows...
  30. Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

    The only way to find out the same is try installing some games in NES format. You can try the steps mentioned in the first post of this thread for the same. Because, that steps will not work if your...
  31. Re: Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported

    What are you exactly trying to do with your mobile ?? Above code or steps mentioned are for installing games or apps in your mobile, why do you need connection for that ??? Better put non-working sim...
  32. Re: How to run T-mobile 4G network on international samsung galaxy note

    Modding is actually means ROOTING your Samsung Galaxy Note. Rooting means, you change the inbuilt rom of your device with some another customized rom, that increases functionality, limitations and...
  33. Re: Belkin F5D6231-4 Connected but no internet access

    Hello jlamotte, Welcome to techarena community.

    Well, am not a pro in networking hence i dont have any personal idea, but found some similar discussion articles and i hope it will help you. Just...
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    Re: Reinstall Android OS on my tablet.

    First of all, i would like to know Which tab do you own ?? Is it having android pre-installed ?

    As you said earlier "My tablet doesn't seem to install all files properly" and now "my tablet...
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    Re: I got banned from Zynga Poker

    What you mean by you dont know how to mail them AGAIN ? If you have had emailed them earlier, sent one more mail on the same email address. If you dont their email address..its ""....
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    Re: Reinstall Android OS on my tablet.

    Well the process of reinstalling the OS is the same as mentioned above. But as you said you are getting error while doing the same, you should mention the error here. Post the exact error you getting...
  37. Re: Switching from CRT to LCD - Opinions Please!

    I guess he is talking about Aoc E2043 Fsk itself. The specifications mentioned above are of Aoc E2043Fsk and if we compare it with Aoc E2043 Fs, FSK wins. Anyways, for more info about both of these...
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    Re: GTA 4 is not working in windows 7

    Well rest of your configuration meets the recommended system requirement for GTA 4, except the OS. It was meant for XP and Vista. But as you wanna run it on Windows 7, solution is given right above...
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    Re: Working and types of printers

    You can use any wifi printer with this tablet. What you need is an application to make your tablet work for the same. You can download PrinterShare or Cloud Print from Android Market. Note, you need...
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    Re: Need software m-crew for Sony CMT-L7HD

    Am not sure what could be the problem exactly but as you guess it could be Vista, than you should try to install it will compatibility mode. Just right click the file, go to properties, compatibility...
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    Re: droid razr tethering

    Well, i dont have any idea about tethering, but as just wanted to help you, i found this:

    Hope you get some idea from the same. :thumbup1:
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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    I dont know how to reach there with command prompt coz it requires some // than name than again // than name etc... If you want you can get their with this path "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers". Just...
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    Re: do i really need steam for portal 2(pc)

    I am not a game addict, so dont know much about Steam and all. But I think yes... you need steam account for playing Portal 2. I can say this because of this:

    Thats the solution to fix the...
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    Re: Unable to Delete MS Word docs

    Usually such error occurs when any process running in background is using that file. What you can do in such cases is open Task Manager by right clicking the Taskbar and see if there is any process...
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    Re: Age of Empires 3 - huge fonts

    Simply change the Desktop Resolution. Just increase the resolution from whatever its having now. If still it wont works, simply restore the system to any previous restore point. BTW, which operating...
  46. Re: how to connect the Laptop to Sony Bravia TV using VGA to VGA connection

    yeah you need to make some settings for the same. Go to your graphic card's properties (nvidia properties for example) and go to control settings. Now search for find mutliple display options, If...
  47. re: Graphic card recommedation for core i7-2600k, 4gb ddr3 ram, asus ml239h

    Well am not so good in gamings, and hence not even in graphic cards matter. but as just wanted to help, i tried to search and found a very good article (Reviews infact) of a huge list of graphics...
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    Re: Antivirus For China Mobile Phones

    Did you tried installing above mentioned antiviruses? If yes, and its too not working than sorry to say but can't do anything with your phone. Because there are many chinese mobiles that wont allow...
  49. Re: Which is the best choice as best iPad stylus?

    I have recently purchased the Nataal from the Amazon, it was affordable enough and also I am like it too. I have not gone to any others though, the Nataal is the same pen as of the Acase, and from...
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    Re: Outlook 2007 will not send

    Well, i dont have much idea about Outlook, configuring Firewalls and all with outlook etc, but as still wanted to help, i search for the said problem here on this forums and found some threads with...
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