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  1. stop wallpaper from changing in Windows 8

    I am running Windows 8 on my computer and I want to know about some steps on how to prevent the backgroung wallpaper from changing on my system? I followed some methods given on the internet but if I...
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    GTX 970 video card in Antec One case

    I am already having an Antec One computer case and now I am looking to upgrade to Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card. I had a doubt whether this video card will easily fit inside the case or not? Does...
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    displayport link failure error message

    I was using 2 monitors that was working fine with HD 6950 with 2 DVI ports. Recently I purchased a new HD 7950 that has only 1 DVI, so I was using this DVI for 1 monitor and mini-displayport for the...
  4. join LLB course after completing 12th standard

    I have already completed my 12th standard examination and now I am looking to join the LLB course. Does anyone know whether I will be able to apply for this course after 12th standard or else do I...
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    Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P booting issue

    I have recently bought a new Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P motherboard and I am using it with AMD FX-8350 processor. I am also using 8gb of RAM and Radeon R7 260X video card. After powering on the...
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    bluetooth missing on windows 8.1

    I am using a Toshiba laptop and that has Bluetooth ACPI chipset. After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I am not able to see Bluetooth option anywhere. Previously when I was having Windows 8 then Bluetooth...
  7. installing windows 7 on Acer Aspire X AXC-603G-UW31

    I am using a Acer Aspire X AXC-603G-UW31 laptop which is running on Windows 8. I am looking to downgrade its OS and want to install Windows 7 on this laptop but I am having some troubles. After...
  8. How to remove Clash of Clans from my Google Plus account?

    I recently started playing Clash of Clans for quite some time now and so i had synced my account to my Google Plus account as it was telling me to do so. But due to some conflicts in the game I...
  9. brightness problem after Windows 8.1 Update

    I have recently upgraded my laptop to the latest Windows 8.1 update and after that I am having problems with the brightness of the monitor. The screen is stuck on dim and I am not able to turn the...
  10. How to play Risen 3 Titan Lords in fullscreen mode

    I recently got my hands on this new Risen 3 Titan Lords game. After installing it on my pc, the game is always starting in Windowed mode. I even went into the game options but there are no options to...
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    How to delete books from Nook Simple Touch

    I have recently purchased a new Nook Simple Touch ebook reader. Since I am new to this ereader I am finding it a little difficult on how to delete books/samples that I usually download from the...
  12. change icon of file explorer in Windows 8

    I have already tried searching on google but cant find answer to my question. I am trying to find out how do I change the File Explorer icon in Windows 8 or 8.1. I simply want to do this to use my...
  13. Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP booting problem while using 4 Dimm slots

    Have recently bought this new Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP motherboard. After setting up the pc if I am using 4 Dimm slots then my computer will not boot at all. If I am not using all the 4 Dimm slots then...
  14. computer locked after clicking on install.exe

    I was looking for some files online and came up with something that I was searching for. It was in a .rar file. So I opened it and got a file called install.exe. I clicked on it and after that it...
  15. Re: Divinity: Original Sin crashes while bartering

    I am too facing this same problem. The game crashes to desktop when I am spending more than a minutes in bartering. I have found that if we save before we try and trade with someone then it works as...
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