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    Re: How to remove .lnk malware

    I would suggest you to download Hitman Pro program. It is an anti-spyware software which includes automatic and simultaneous use of multiple anti-spyware known as Spybot - Search & Destroy or...
  2. Re: cannot obtain Xbox One YouTube App Achievements

    The Xbox One support team said that they are investigating some problems with the game achievements not unlocking and there was some kind of problem last week where they were not traking the progress...
  3. Re: How to effectively use LinkedIn for creating a better profile

    Always use your professional email on the same. Because it allow you to get professional contacts and it can help you a lot. Today it is important to have a good social profile. A good profiles will...
  4. Re: Is it possible to record streaming audio file on Windows 7

    I do not think you can do that. Because that is not allowed. You can stream YouTube videos on vlc. But you cannot save them or download them. It is not legal. If you want to those songs then you go...
  5. Re: Getting constant clipboard error on OneDrive

    I got this issue on Excel in OneDrive. I was copying a few lines from the notepad to Excel and got the error. This error appears because the file is not completely loaded. It is right that the issue...
  6. Re: Some simple seo things that I can do on any new website

    There are simple things you can go with. Like writing some really good content and then targeting the most popular keyboards. Which will help you to earn well on your website. This is a smart way of...
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    Re: How to encrypt a email and send in Gmail

    For personal usage there is no need to go with encryption thing. It does not really matter. But if you want to still encrypt then there is one simple thing you can use. You can go with digital...
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    Re: How to move OneDrive folder

    First of all exit the Onedrive app from system tray and then move the existing onedrive folder to any new desired path like for example E:\username\OneDrive. Now use Windows Exploer to search for the...
  9. Re: How to share content with encryption on internet

    iDrive is another service which gives you 256bit encryption. The file you are sharing on the cloud is secure and it is not accessible to anyone. I will recommend you to go with this. It works really...
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    Re: How to side load ebooks on Kindle fire HDX

    Can you try to install an app called ES File Explorer from Amazon store on your Kindle fire. You can eventually try to add all your apk files to the dropbox and then you can easily access to it on...
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    Re: Reset Excel 2007 back to Default Settings

    You can also try to run Excel with the /regserver switch. First of all close Excel and then click on Start and then in Run you will need to enter the following text including the quotes - "C:\Program...
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    Re: Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

    When I did a search for Hindi ebooks on the amazon website I got tons of results, you can check it out for yourself here -...
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    Re: Plugins to speed up WordPress blog

    WordPress is a felixble cms that offer us good customization and easy to build up any kind of site we want. I love the templates that are offered free. I had never seen so interactive content for any...
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    Re: new battery for iRex DR-800 eReader

    Since your ebook reader is very old I dont think there might be anyony selling a new battery for ex DR-800 eReader. However, you can try your luck by searching at Ebay or Amazon for used battery of...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HDX swf file support

    It seems that there is no way to play Flash based files on the Kindle Fire HDX directly. Actually, this tablet doesnt includes a built in flash player, so any flash based movies cannot be played on...
  16. Re: Text sharpness problem with Kindle Paperwhite

    There are some problem with the lighting as well with the Kindle Paperwhite which is reported by many people and it definitely seems to be a problem with the hardware. If you are having problems with...
  17. Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview and Silverlight problem

    Go to this website link - and see if the video is autoplaying. If not then to solve this problem you need to ensure that you dont have ActiveX Filtering...
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    Re: Where can I get list of secure websites

    No one the web maintains a list of secure websites. You have to find that your own. Now if you go on blogspot, torrent, and sites that give you free stuff they are all unsecure. They can have virus...
  19. Re: New Facebook Graph Search now peep into your comments

    This is mentioned in the privacy policy of facebook. They are going to read your comments to give you more intact results when you are searching. So here you can locate people with more similar...
  20. Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    Yahoo Messenger is bit buggy sometime. I had seen this. I am having a netbook in which I am using Yahoo Messenger. First I was using the latest version. There was problem with the images. When...
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    Re: How to convert a blog into a website

    You can also buy a domain from outside the blogger from various domain service provider. But for that you will have to follow a different course to convert your blog to website. So, open your blogger...
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    Re: tracking Google Adsense cheque in india

    There is a way to track the cheque number that is given to you on Bluedart website. You will need to login to your Google Adsense Payment Page and then click on "view details in payment history" and...
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    Re: Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

    Most users are reporting this issue is just en excuse made by google who doesnt want to run IDM integration on Chrome browser, since it supports youtube video download. Most of the users are now also...
  24. Re: FB connect not working via app sharing on blog

    What web framework you are using on your website. Is it wordpress or drupal. There are different kind of extenstion and plugins available for different web cms. On that basis you can go ahead with...
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    Re: Facebook chat wont work in

    Even I am facing this issue from past month or so on my Windows Phone 8. Also the desktop version and outlook users are facing this same problem every now and then. But I have heard that on Android...
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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    There are certain settings available that can help you to keep your wall more cleaner compare to ready to use applications which are available on the market. To some extent Facebook privacy settings...
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    Re: receiving mail notifications

    You can try to install Bing toolbar that comes with a Mail button which allows you to receive mail notifications and preview the latest email messages in your mail. There is also a...
  28. Re: can I access skydrive files offline on Windows RT?

    I think that there is a Skydrive app for Windows RT that gives access to all Skydrive files but it will not sync and only allow file access, thats it. As for the offline access, it is still being...
  29. Re: How to edit and add contact in email of

    At the time you are making a new email, then click on the "To" on the left side and then choose the name of a group that you want to sent to. Incase you do not havea group and it is not set up, then...
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    Re: menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

    With the day by day latest update, Google Chrome is becoming a useless and annoying browser. The problem started wih the Print option in the context menu that was out of nowhere replaced by search...
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    Re: Getting stable bsnl broadband speed

    There could be just two reasons of speed fluctuation. Either it is from BSNL's end but as you said your friends connections are working fine but the problem is only with you , i dont think this could...
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    Re: Mail Client in Opera Next 15

    You should know that the mail client in opera is no longer integrated into the browser, which was its own standalone program. It will instead integrate Webkit, which is the engine used in Google...
  33. Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

    It might be possible that the memory could be leaking or it might be a problem with the video driver. I will suggest that you should set the Memory Cache to 3mb and disk cache to 300mb wih ‘Empty...
  34. Re: Internet Explorer 10 wont work in desktop mode on Windows 8

    You might want to try resetting Internet Explorer. When you reset Internet Explorer settings, all add-ins and customizations are deleted. You basically start with a fresh version of Internet...
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    Poll: Re: Which is the best Image Hosting Service

    There was once I used to use Imageshack a lot, but until they started using the direct link blocking thing, it became useless to me. So I switched to Photobucket. After uploading some pics on the...
  36. Re: Manage Search Engines in Firefox does not work

    If nothing is working for you then you can try to do some more troubleshooting to solve this issue. You need to start firefox in safe mode and then make your search management changes only. After...
  37. Re: How to move Hotmail folder (.ost file) to another location using Outlook 2010

    I dont think that the OST file created for your Outlook is not specific to the Hotmail account, any kind of emails from any accounts whther web based or ISP based can be saved in the same single OST...
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    Re: Cheapest widescreen ultrabook available

    For studying purpose getting a small 7" portable notebook running on Ubuntu is more than enough according to me. You get a good office suite in that and you can run different applications. Such...
  39. re: Options for Online printing through mobile and laptop

    You can do that by using PrinterShare. This is a cross platform tool which works on any platform. It does not matter if you are on Windows or Mac. You just need to create a online account and...
  40. Re: New technology might help to see 3D without glasses

    That TV that you are talking about has auto stereoscopic display. In this there are around 10 different view of the same scene. This makes the scene look like 3D. This is some what a future...
  41. Re: How to get a valid Email Encryption support

    I am using Hosted Email Encryption from Trend Micro. This provides you a policy based support through which you can simply block access to your confidential information. You do not need to play much...
  42. Re: Micromax's X259 first solar charger phone for Rs.2,499

    If you can see the image properly you can see a wide screen type panel on the backside of phone. I think that is the solar panel. I am sure you cannot remove or change the phone battery.
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    Re: How to Unlock AT&T Fusion Android phone

    Take the phone to any nearby mobile shop. They will do that for small fee. It is not require to download any special software and overwrite the rom to unlock it. I had did this before for a Motorola...
  44. Re: After installing Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0, GPS is not working in Android 2.2.

    Here I would like to suggest you that try to check the setting for that and there check that you have enabled the both "Use wireless networks" and "Use GPS satellites" location setting. And after...
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    Re: split keyboard on Apple Ipad ios5

    It is true that apple ipad ios5 have really come up with new technology of split keyboard . Apple are really appreciated for this technology . I think people like you will truly like it . I think if...
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    Re: How to use Facebook Blaster Pro

    I can tell you how this work. It is an small software which ask for your facebook login id and password. The tool is divided in two window. Left side has all settings and id information and right has...
  47. Re: Unable to find LAUNCHcast plug-in for Yahoo Messenger 11

    yeah, you are right actually as The LAUNCHcast plug-in has been renamed, and presently it is now recognized by Yahoo Music.

    And to observe what music plug-ins are obtainable, i recommend browsing...
  48. Re: Configuring and check YM 11 Voicemail on your PC

    I am agree with the above user but still at this moment you should note that yahoo doesn't save a backup of your removed voicemail message attachments. Please ensure you keep a copy on your computer...
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    Re: New FB interface sucks

    In fact if you want to have a check about the information which shows how to change the interface to the old one then let me tell you something about the same. here is the link that I am giving you,...
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    Re: facebook search engine optimization

    It will help you rank for your chosen keywords if you put into operation them properly. keep in mind that once you attain your rank in Google, you will require to vigorously build links to your...
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