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  1. Re: Unable to view age-restricted videos on youtube even after having over 18 years of age

    Hello Babette, few question before i can suggest you any other troubleshooting.

    Did you added your birthday on the iPhone?
    What happens when you open YouTube in browser instead of the youtube...
  2. Re: What are the different vulnerabilities affects Shopping Cart of a E-commerce site

    It is correct. But I think we are much more secure today. Due to awareness and involvement of financial institution in security it has being possible to create a powerful payment process. But still...
  3. Re: What is Windows Secure Kit 2011 and how to get rid of it

    Its a scam . And do not enter your credit card number if it asks for the purchase.All those warning signs are a way of scaring users so they give up money . Its a fake Antivirus.Immediately get it...
  4. Re: Is it possible to modify Excel Column Names

    In the "Tools" menu choose "Options", you will see the dialog "Options" which has several tabs, choose the one that says "General". Among the options on this tab, check if it is on the box indicating...
  5. Poll: Re: Easiest Way To Organize Bookmarks or Favorites

    I always bookmark the sites in to the web browsers, so that it becomes easy to open the pages or sites directly instead of every time going to particular websites by entering the URL. For favorites...
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    Airprint with network shared printers

    I have a question about the new Airprint function. I have connected via USB a laser printer to my Macbook. can also print via WiFi on the printer - the printer I have shared on the network, so I when...
  7. Anyone completed the Thanksgiving table in FrontierVille

    Don't know how to complete the Thanksgiving Ceremony in FrontierVille. what are the things that the user is required to complete the thanksgiving Ceremony in the FrontierVille successfully. what are...
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    Unable to play FarmVille on Facebook

    I tried playing Farmville on Facebook but i can't, As none of my 154 friends have invited me on facebook to Play the Farmville, Do not know why, I've already tried the following: Use the search...
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    New Techniques in On Page SEO

    Recently after a lot of algorithmic changes what are the recommended steps to be performed for optimizing the page of a website. Please help me i am a good learner but what i have learnt till now i...
  10. Site trafic Decreased after PageRank increased to 3

    My website's PageRank or PR what ever you call it increased before 3 to 4 days to 3 from PR 2. But from that day if we consider the traffic it has decreased to a greater extent. Please tell me...
  11. Can the cpu in an hp laptop be replaced

    I have an HP laptop, model 6735s with SI-42 CPU (Sempron). Can I get the CPU with a 2.2GHz Turion ML-40 Turion 64 X2 TL-52 or AMD Athlon QL 60 substitute? Where can I find specs for Motherboard /...
  12. which is better amongst Core i7 Gulftown and Core i7 Sandy Bridge

    Been looking around in the market to purchase a new processor since i am planning to build a new gaming PC. Initially i thought of going for the Core i7 Sanbdy Bridge but now with the advent of the...
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    Are directories worth

    Everyone knows the many sites where you can register for free, its RSS feed enters and this makes it accessible to everyone. This sounds at first not bad, because one gets donated back links, which...
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    Will Pagerank disappear in 2011

    It's what many webmasters have asked that whether been changes in the Google Webmaster Center, where they have eliminated the data having to do with the Page Rank, besides the disappearance of the...
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    HP Pavilion dm1z VS MacBook AIR 11

    Tell me which one should i Buy i want to gift a gadget to my younger brother on his birthday by the end of this month as he is a very tech person and he works in a technical company i am planning to...
  16. CPU Temprature 75 even if fans are working

    I have an AMD Athlon XP 2400, 1Gb RAM Infineon , 2 large 12 * 12cm fan, and small 64 video card. OS is XP SP2. My operating temperature of the CPU is constantly at about 75 degrees. The computer...
  17. ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Specifications & Release Date

    Recently heard about the ViewSonic ViewPad at the CES and i would like to know when this device will be available in the market and even i would like to know whether it is possible to make a call...
  18. How to clear cache, cookies and history of Safari iPad

    On the desktop we know the procedure If you want to leave no traces of surfing, have browsing history, cache, the cache and cookies will be deleted. So no other person who has the access to the...
  19. Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

    I am in the process right at present of transitioning our previous windows server to a Netgear Ultra 4 Readynas. For individuals unfamiliar. The Readynas Ultra is fundamentally an Atom powered...
  20. Some question on Firefox and Privatefirewall

    I had currently switched commencing from OA premo to Pf, namely for the reason by means of the intention of innovative Sandboxed (Sandboxie), Ff browsing sessions would not freight or load homepage...
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    What is new in xbox handheld

    I do not be familiar by means of regarding, additional than I might be down for an Xbox Live branded handheld portable gaming thing. Presumptuous Microsoft might manage to position together a...
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    Ati radeon hd 5970 vs Ati radeon 6850

    I would like to know which of the two Ati Radeon hd 5970 and the Ati Radeon 6850. i like to play games very much so it would be better to check which of the two above mentioned graphics card will...
  23. Re: Dell Inspiron e1505 Power & start up issues

    Tried another charger from a friend and nothing, probe cleaning RAM memory and nothing, no noise is received or not current, about days I put an X in the battery connection or not charged but was...
  24. Dell Inspiron e1505 Power & start up issues

    Good evening, I sincerely hope you can help me, I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 with 2GB of memory and 60gb harddrive, I use perfect yesterday, but today when I went to use it not lit, not lit any...
  25. Does it is necessary to use Disk Defragmentation

    I am certain numerous of you have comprised been told in the precedent to defrag your hard drives when you have become aware of a sluggish down on your system. You might have comprised and followed...
  26. How to avoid data loss before installing windows 7

    My innovative Dell desktop system went commencing from side to side a black screen occurrence and I necessitate to reinstall windows 7. I have commencing not backed up my data. How do I do this not...
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    iphone 4 not switching on or responding

    I have had for a week, the new iphone 4th It was next to me and went off suddenly and it did not responded to anything. The screen simply remains as it is not working. I have a short time before the...
  28. I am not able to install windows 7 64bit on my new system

    When I endeavor to inaugurate Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OEM software on my recently built system I acquire a BSOD by means of moreover a Page Fault in Non-Pagged Area or IRQL not less or...
  29. My cpu temps gets lower on gigabyte motherboard

    I had recently or immediately got my XT water block and I have comprised and been planning on overclocking commencing from day one. I a currently stuck at regarding 4.2 whether I raise the multiplier...
  30. I am looking for stepping on core i7 950

    I might particularly get a D0 stepping CPU, and they supposed no. I might get my friend to endeavor and go on regarding until they let him additional than by means of the intention of is a previous...
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    Re: Unable to get Hotmail on my iPhone

    I followed the step mentioned above but i am not able to get the mail configured i think that this is because of the server settings since it is not configured automatically it appears to be...
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    Are there locked cores in phenom 965

    I was immediately interested if anybody knew if the Phenom 2 x4 965 be had several locked cores on the die. I was immediately curious for the reason by means of the intention of I be familiar by...
  33. Which is better between STS100A and STS100C heatsink

    I be familiar by means of with quite a small number of of the chassis reviews I have comprised and completed in the SFF or HTPC grouping, I tend to fall back on previous faithful; the short stock...
  34. Question about intel 740 be overclocking

    I am certain you have the entire seen the 740 BE on sale at for dollar 68, and I have comprised been thinking regarding receiving it in view of the fact by means of the intention of the cost is so...
  35. Overclocking question related to phenom II x6 1055

    I had bought and inaugurated Phenom II x6 1055t ran for 2 hours and then caused BSOD. I endeavor additional than a small number of times to boot to Windows would run for a small amount of minutes and...
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    Best GPU Choice for World of Wacraft

    Which is the best GPU for world or warcraft. i want to know this because i will be purchasing a new desktop computer by this weekend. I am using it currentlz on my exisiting desktop computer which is...
  37. Chicony usb web camera not detecting with my Toshiba laptop

    I have comprised and encompassed a Toshiba Satellite a305-s6905 laptop. I have inaugurated windows 7 ultimate on my laptop. I am having contained predicament by means of my build in camera which is a...
  38. How to setup digital persona finger printer support

    I had upgraded commencing from Vista to Windows 7 Pro (complete install). At present, DigitalPersona determine to not become aware of the fingerprint reader. I have comprised and endeavor...
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    My steam account is set to disabled

    Well I had purchased hl2 when it first came out. I that I had played CS source perhaps 20-30 times in view of the fact by means of the intention of with the intention of and the entire was good. Most...
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    Rapidly growing cloud computing

    The cloud services are debatably the majority rapidly growing and evolving move toward to delivering submission and services commencing from anywhere to several customer, on several apparatus. A...
  41. Found some glitches in where waldo achievement

    I had completed together difficulties most recent night and aphorism the accomplishment icon pops up similar to normal, did not imagine no matter which of it. At present when I view my profile...
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    Re: Unable to play gta on GFWL client

    Even i purchased a key to play online games GFWL and when I try to play gta iv online, I give game a player to search and I get the connection was lost GFWL be returned to the game for one player....
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    Problem with HDMI version 1.4

    The HDMI 1.4 requirement determines to add a data channel to the HDMI cable and determine to facilitate high-speed bi-directional announcement. Associated apparatus by means of the intention of...
  44. Live update of Red Faction Guerrilla fails

    I have encompassed tribulations of Red Faction Guerrilla, each time I endeavor to bring up to date the game by means of Windows live update it crashes the entire game and disconnect me commencing...
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    Need help to back up of raid 0

    I had recently have comprised 2 1.5 TB HDD configured in a RAID 1. The unit is competent of handling 4 HDD's so I was think of adding 2 disks to enlarge the obtainable capacity. I was considering...
  46. Udev error message on booting dell mini 9

    I had currently upgraded my Dell Mini 9 commencing Ubuntu Netbook Edition 8.04 to 10.10, doing a clean inaugurated. It's running extremely well superior than ever, additional than there's a strange...
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    Managing folder system in windows server

    The Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 make available numerous enhancements in the area of data prevention particularly Encrypting File System (EFS). This commentary makes obtainable a...
  48. What are the different turbo features of cpu

    The Intel appendage its Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs by means of Turbo Boost. The AMD's hexa-core Phenom II X6 chips sport Turbo CORE. Together technologies energetically increase presentation based on...
  49. RDC support via windows server 2008 Terminal service

    The lack of pre-authentication was an particularly complicated tribulations. Without pre-authentication, unidentified users might leverage their unidentified associations to compromise the published...
  50. Need help with vlc transcode of asx stream

    I had gone a reasonable way down this track previously by subsequent the advice in here, and encompass the automation side of thing the entire running extremely well, additional than encompass struck...
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