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    Re: Asus TF300 Tablet Bootloader Unlocking

    I agree that there are lots of legal formalities that Asus will need to complete before they can unlock the bootloader for the customers who have purchased Asus Transformer TF300. If they unlock the...
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    Re: Laptop Unable to reboot

    May be this issue is probably installing, updates or something like that in your system. And some time it takes time to restart System so wait for some time and if the Laptop fails to restart after...
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    Re: Starbuck Application for Blackberry OS7

    Your mobile must have to support this feature for scanning the barcode; if it has such feature then you can make use of these applications in your Mobile phone. However on the official site for this...
  4. Re: Need Help for Vlingo free App in Blackberry mobile phone

    May be you have lose your convenience key, and because of that reason you are convenience key set to do nothing. And if your safe Read is OFF then you can’t able to read your emails. And if you...
  5. Re: T-Mobile SIM can be use in Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 or not?

    I knew that there will be no issue for using T-Mobile SIM card in your P6800 that’s work but however, you are not able to make use of T-Mobile 3G advantage in some of the area because of the...
  6. Re: How to force USB charging for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    There are the adapters available in eBay and n other official site which can be used for increasing the slow charging process of this Samsung Tab. However I have not try this but may help you out,...
  7. Re: license break or invalid in Kaspersky Internet Security

    According to my suggestion may be the protection is paused and because of that reason you are getting this issue. And may be the data base is not up to date. However you can also verify the working...
  8. Re: Need Help for Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.18

    The thing that I have seen after these firmware update is that, there are lots of changes seen in this Sandisk Sansa which is quite good and also lots of bugs were fixed which was there in the...
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    Re: Why 4GB Sansa Clip Locked Up

    I think you have to remove the battery completely out from your Music Player and then reinsert it, and start your Player may be this will make your layer to back in Normal mode as it was. And if not...
  10. Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Reboot when use to Plug with MHL Adapter

    I think there is no issue with the devices that you are connecting; mobile rebooting is also due to low battery power. May be your Mobile is not charge properly. So make battery to be charge 100% and...
  11. Re: How to identify the score rate of skulls in Orcs Must Die?

    It all depends on the skull ratings as well. So if you are talking long time to get above par then let me tell you that it will be of no use at all. That’s what I want to say here. the skull...
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    Re: iPhone 4S price in India

    The iPhone 4S will be available in the month of December or November end. So you will be getting the iPhone then only, don’t expect to hit the markets on October 14 that’s what I am saying here....
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    Re: Will it be possible to jailbreak iPhone 4S?

    No not yet dude you have to be patient enough since it is running in a new iOS i.e. iOS 5 so I don’t think so anyone would have been able to jailbreak it yet. It will obviously take some time so...
  14. Re: Difference between iPhone 4s black and iPhone 4s white

    I think so the white one is the new iPhone 4S, the black one appears to me as the old iPhone. Now why I am saying that is because siri microphone icon is there at the bottom of the iPhone 4S and...
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    Re: Updates for Motorola Triumph?

    Yes even triumph will also be getting the update and yes the information is quite true to just let you know about it. that’s what I am saying here. since triumph is a phone that has been a part of...
  16. Re: Is Netflix supported in Motorola Electrify?

    Dude where are you? Netflix does support majority of the android Smartphone’s which are running 2.2 or later versions. So it is but obvious that you will be able to run Netflix in electrify. So...
  17. Re: Internet experience not good in Acer Iconia A501

    I am using 3.2 in my iconina a501 and I haven’t got any speed difference at all. the browser is very much smoort no issues at all. if you want you can uninstall and reinstall the firmware again, so...
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    Re: Covers for Kindle fire?

    I am hoping that SF Bags / Waterfield designs to come up. Since amazon people are launching it as fairly sturdy tablet. So expect more such covers to come up in the ma rket that’s what I think...
  19. Re: Tata Photon Whiz Olive CM200 not installing on windows 7(Drivers not installing)

    It is necessary that you must install the most appropriate drivers to make it work. For that I had given you to link below. This link will be drivers and manua support. You can download the same and...
  20. Re: Which are the Special Units in A game of Thrones: Genesis

    I was really surprised to hear about this unit called "Tyrel"(Maester) that they have the potential to tyrels a handsome bonus in the battles and their hit and run tactics as well as retreat and...
  21. Re: can Kaspersky mobile security 9.4.95 be installed on a symbian phone

    In the of Nokia symbian mobile devices, if your contacts are added with the same phone numbers. It makes you aware about the Contacts list and if you carry out hiding and displaying of your private...
  22. Re: How to block and unblock the SMS service in T-mobile G2x

    If you are using any KMS then try disabling one feature of KMS at a time to find outwhat is the root cause of your problem. In addition to this also try to disable all antitheft features and keep...
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    Re: Player Ratings for Rugby Challenge Game

    Below are the ratings of my shark team:

    Jannie du Plesis(74)
    Gerhard Mostert (74)
    Alistair Hargreaves (71)
    Keegan Daniel (78)
    Willem Alberts (83)
    Ryan Kankowski (78)
    Charl McLeod (73)...
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    Re: How to run tdsskiller in safe mode?

    If you are not having the Kaspersky installed on your mchine than what you can do is just use the AVP Tool and then try performing the same steps till the log process and then just attach its .zip...
  25. Re: Windows Phone 7, my Samsung Focus is using Data MB even when I have it logged into Wi-Fi network

    Actually the icons that you are seeing don’t means that you are receiving data, it means that you are just receiving the signal for 3G also along with the Wi-Fi. And also I will like to tell you...
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    Re: HTC Vigor - Dimensions

    Given how much everyone complains about the plastic feel of the Samsung phones. Samsung is clearly good at what they do, but not everyone wants a feathery angel wing device. Why try to beat them at...
  27. re: Is HTC vigor screen is better than htc thunderbolt?

    Yes, I doubt that will have a different screen. I have a problem with my original awesome too. It seems that HTC uses all the screens with all phones mostly. When inside the screen is absolutely...
  28. Re: NoDo to AT&T released for Samsung focus, still zune shows phone is upto date with version 7.0

    I was having the same thing to ask and i also thought o have a thread over here but i dint got time and then i had a discussion with my friends and they said the same that it would be taking sometime...
  29. Re: Getting WP7 Marketplace error and Zune Marketplace error

    I think you should try on the internet and you will be able to get the solution for the problem which toy are having it and also you will be to get the solution to solve the problem.
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    Re: Incorrect time stamp on windows phone 7

    First, I would like to set your time zone. To do this, please go to Settings > Date and time > and uncheck the "Automatically adjust." Now make sure it is set at the correct time zone. Correct...
  31. Re: Facing error 8018119B while updating HTC DH7 WP7

    Well to resolve this issue I would say that follow the steps given below as I got my resolved this way. I have mentioned what I had done,
    • Removed my facebook account. settings > accounts then...
  32. Re: Unable to transfer data from myphone to skydrive

    If you still have your windows mobile 6.x phone. Hence this will be gives you the problem. in that case, I must suggest to you for doing this synchronization task onto it. if windows mobile 6.x phone...
  33. Re: is it necessary to provide email address while complaining to nokia

    I am agree with the above user as you must have to provide the address for sure but still you can have another option as well such as if suppose you want to make a complain but not online then I...
  34. Re: Device connectivity troubleshooting within Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac

    I don’t know much about it but I would be saying that if you are having any problem with this then you can contact to the WP7 service center and ask them what you need to do over here because one...
  35. Re: Unable to perform the update still windows phone 7 is working fine

    Ok there are certain steps you need to carry out if this thing happens.
    1. OK now the first thing I would be saying is if the backup process would be in the prolonged state and there is no...
  36. Re: Unable to send/receive MMS through another carrier in Windows Phone 7

    Don’t you have a simple APN setting option in your phone it is too easy to do it from there. I have been normally doing it from there and it has been really very easy I don’t know why you are...
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    Re: automatic reboots occurring for HTC HD7

    Windows Phone 7 has only been accessible for less than 3 months. It is unfair to complain that an update is 'taking too long'. This bug that is causing your phone to restart sounds wholly an HTC...
  38. Re: Character limit for text messages on Windows Phone 7

    According to my experience I have never seen these problems in my mobile, this can be ok if we are talking about the CDMA, since CDMA doesn’t allow to the message to past 160 characters, but that...
  39. Re: HTC HD7 mobile phone unable to start after failed update

    I would like to ask you that have you tried restoring. If your phone is not restorable then I would advice that you should contact the Manufacture.
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    Re: How to Connect Windows Phone 7 with Zune

    Even I was also facing the same problems but I have found the solution from one of the experts so you just follow it may it help to connect your Windows Phone 7 with the Zune. So for that you have to...
  41. re: Unable to sync with Exchange 2003 getting Error Code 80072EE2, 80072EE7, 85010016 in HTC TOUCH HD WINDOWS 7 Phone

    I think the above is the correct and also you should might try that and also you will be able to get it done and also you will be able to solve the problem which you are getting and also you might...
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    Re: How to back up data on Windows Phone 7

    You have the clouding feature in the Windows Phone 7 for that you should have your Live ID in your Mobile. By this feature e you can place everything including your data, contacts, images, videos,...
  43. re: Unable to backup iphone after upgrading to iTunes

    I have gone through your query and I would say that try to download the old version of iTunes 10.3.1. You can visit the official website of apple and search the version over there. Once you find it...
  44. Re: How to access your POP/IMAP email in Windows Phone 7 - AT&T

    You can try to access the server by making the use of the Outlook Web Access within the Internet Explorer, and see whether it works properly or not. Although you can also make the use your local...
  45. Re: Syncing BlackBerry Desktop Software with Mozilla Thunderbird

    I don’t think so you will be able to do that since the PIM application does not list Mozilla Thunderbird in its application list, so that’s what I am saying here, so sorry to say that you will...
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    Re: Compaq presario cq61 Battery not charging

    You have a dead charger and all you need to do is get a new one. This is the best process for solving your problem. you need to use this for solving your laptop battery charging problem. In the...
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    re: Sony Vaio VPCF1290X not detecting mouse

    This restore process has to be work for solving your problem. Start-->Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->System Restore. Using this common routine you got the restore dialog box. Then next is to...
  48. Re: Toshiba Satellite p750 goes to startup repair automatically

    As you bought that new, so I am sure that it is under warranty and you are having warranty card of if. If so, then just go to the shop from where you bought this and ask them for this [problem. They...
  49. Re: Alienware Area-51 m7700 (Clevo D900T) turns off automatically

    The hard disk has several years? Well then the problem could be it. In this case, change it before it burns out. Warning! Even a brand new hard drive can cause problems too, such as when we perform...
  50. Re: Slow response from Dell Vostro 1000 while accessing any program.

    There might be some other programs running on your computer and for that reason you are facing the issues like this. Just open the task manager and see for any such possibility. If you found any...
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