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  1. Re: Wired Ethernet is not working properly in Lenovo SL510

    This issue is also depends on the type of browser you are using to access the internet, that I means to say does this issue is there in Chrome, IE and Opera. If it is in a particular Browser then try...
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    Re: How to remove redirecting virus

    Redirecting virus are mostly associated with the web browser. If you re-install the same this problem will be resolved. So here you can start up by cleaning your system a bit. Like uninstalling the...
  3. re: How to detect the key logger, and fake facebook account on my computer.

    The problem is not related to the spyware so I cant help you in this but can advise you that you should check each and every file in your Pc to detect the key logger and if found delete the same.
  4. Re: Wi-Fi functioning slow in IE and Firefox, but not in Google Chrome

    You should have to reinstall your wireless adapter driver and you have to disable the Windows Firewall and after that you have to check for the Malware and also you have to remove all the proxy from...
  5. Try to run the browser in safe mode. When you...

    Try to run the browser in safe mode. When you launch the same in safe mode all add-ons are disabled. This would be enough to fix the issue. It is possible there are some background application...
  6. Re: Getting out of Memory at Line 8 message on internet explorer

    You can prevent the error from appearing and to do this automatically, click the Fix this problem link that is given in the below link. After that click Run in the File Download dialog boxes, and...
  7. Re: What are the options other than Netflix on apple TV?

    I have had subscribed to the Netflix. But I will say that the new releases that was available for immediate watching was very disappointing. I was thinking that there would be more options but...
  8. Re: Cannot Connect to OnLive on 2mbps in India - error "your connection speed to internet is not sufficient"

    There is the problem right there. I have Cox as well, and I realized its infrastructure cannot handle the customer base they have now. Cable is an online community, so that every day between 5:00 PM...
  9. Re: Error: "Yahoo Messenger has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly." on windows vista

    If suppose you are still having same problem with the messenger than it could be possible that there is some problem with either the operating system that you have installed or with the messenger...
  10. Re: Difference among Video Calling and Webcam Sharing in YM 11

    off course there is special requirement that you must have to have or else you’ll not get the performance you are expecting.

    - A PC with the Windows XP operating system or higher than that with...
  11. Re: How can I check that who visited/viewed my profile in facebook?

    I am not sure but the profiles that appear in the friends that display on the left hand side under your profile photo and information are actually that are the friends that have recently viewed your...
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    Re: Recently the Utorrent speed has slowed down

    If you are getting the problem with the Utorrent then I would recommend you to use the Ubuntu and see you are getting the proper speed over there or not.
  13. Re: Slow Streaming Video even after having Fast Internet Comcast Connection

    Streaming videos need enough space for impermanent space on your PC. This space is found in your Web cache. In the event that a workstation's Web store is full or near full, streaming motion...
  14. Re: Cross Browser Testing WINDOWS XP, vista and windows 7

    The whole point of a browser is to be the stage for web sites. in spite of of the fundamental operating system." certainly. Though, a lot of browser maker in the past have, for whatever reasons,...
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    Re: troubles with firefox browser

    I think this is because of the viruses or any other malware in your PC, anyways are you sure that you PC is enough safe to run?

    If not then I would like to suggest you that you should Run a full...
  16. Re: How to extend network to two rooms with 2 wireless linksys routers

    Both the channels ought to be better and at any rate 5 separated for most towering throughput. Since you utilize the same channel both access indicates primarily offer the good to go transfer speed...
  17. re: Accessing router with Linksys E4200 Lan-Lan Connection

    You can try to turn off the QOS from the gaming section of router that you are using. I did the same and it helps me so I hope it will do the same for you.
  18. re: Maximum Distance Range of NETGEAR Wireless-N 300 Router

    This type of router supports up to 300Mbps. It also have strong security features with the additional larger range which can be used to browse internet, share files, stream video etc professionally....
  19. Re: My Internet activity starts without a browser on

    I have read an article about the same. The article describes the task manager, resource monitor that I ALREADY have been getting the info from. It is the virtual world joins...
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    Re: Lost music files from Sansa clip

    If none of the solutions helps you then formatting and resending the songs on the card is the only option left for you and if that also shows the same thing then there is only one thing that you can...
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    Re: Armenian bitmap font for opera mini

    First text with symbols I see in the Armenian text, but second only Armenian I see. I know you can do
  22. re: Petition for exit button in opera mini by android users

    When an application for Android is not able to be seen may be removed by the operating system at any time to free up resources. Until they die or become noticeable again, you can use the resources...
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    Re: IPad - Gmail mobile version on opera mini

    This Gmail mobile version helps to read email on mobile phone for free. Gmail Mobile is a version of Google's Gmail email service. The web address help to access this gmail mobile...
  24. Re: Opera mini cannot connect. review your network settings

    I use the same configuration and software on WiFi and the cellular network. It won’t give any problem. Then I think it gives problem because of the some unnecessary changes happen on it. This is...
  25. Re: Opera mini cannot connect. review your network settings

    For solving this problem you need to take the help of the wifi setting with the opera mini browser. In that you need to first open the wireless settings on this smartphone. Then hit the GSM option....
  26. re: Indian Government sites not open in opera mini

    If you realize that this problem is completely depend on the opera mini web browser then I suggest to you for use the reinstallation task on this smartphone. It is necessary when it can’t work...
  27. Re: Opera mini gives error "verification of server certificate failed"

    It could be possible that this problem arrives because of the installed opera mini 6.1 not work properly. It happens and the reason behind that is the missing the support files of this browser at the...
  28. Re: Desktop Windows Live Mail vs. browser Windows Live Hotmail

    Obviously browser Windows Live Hotmail that is a nice deal and they have been very nice with me and they are the best application with which i have been moving on with it from long time and it has...
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    Re: Opera 11.50 fail to close completely

    Try these simple steps:
    • Open up the task Manager
    • Click on the ‘process’ tab.
    • Search for the "opera.exe" in the list.
    • Right click on the "opera.exe" and select "end process...
  30. re: Explorer vs. Firefox in relation to windows sizing

    Even I also use the Firefox browser I have not seen such issue in my experience so , if you really have that problems of screen , then go for the setting the Firefox may there some changes present...
  31. Re: How to transfer data from mozy online backup to Mac?

    To check what form you are running, head off to the Apple at the top alternate of the screen, click on it and prefer, regarding this Mac. The page that shows up will tell you precisely what form you...
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    Re: Steam Server Down

    The downtime is legitimately ended. Still cannot connect to steam / play my games.

    The clientregistry.blob vapor in the root directory (C: / Program Files / Steam / ClientRegisty.blob) is...
  33. Re: Age Verification is required every time when I visit Steam store

    Yes, I think they should have a better age verification system. They do this verification to sort out the kids from the steam store and make only users like me to buy online uncut.
  34. Re: How to Add Windows Live Mail to Internet Explorer 9 toolbar

    If you were having the live mail on the tool bar in the internet 8 then while you have updated it to the internet explorer 9 still the button showed previously would be there itself they remain...
  35. Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    I wonder no one has been talking about the restrictions in this thread till now I think it has been left for me and I need to be with it ok so lets begin with the restrictions and the 1st restriction...
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    Re: Facebook chat in Hotmail

    I do not think there is the option which is been available in the hotmail for the users to have the access to the Facebook and get the friends in the one chat box.
  37. Re: Loader Error - The HttpQueryInfoA could not be located at System Start Up

    Might be there is some registry problem use the Registry Cleaner to clean the registry, scan your system with the best Antivirus and delete the threats. And you just uninstall your all the browser...
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    Re: Unable to drag and drop captchas

    I would be asking some question to you and if you would be answering them I am sure you would get your answer on your own. The first question would be are you able to drag and drop the images from...
  39. Re: No more version numbers for Mozilla Firefox

    The view you explain is absolutely that the Mozilla has to be try to lauch the browser which is similar to the chrome and one of the main example of this is the Aurora browser. This browser is...
  40. Re: How to completely remove the Firefox 6 default theme

    When you install Firefox 3 all of your Extensions and Themes will be disabled. In that case, you need to choose the basic way that works to do this enabling the Extensions and Themes setting. Then...
  41. Re: How to change default setting of Firefox back to no proxy

    “Auto-detect proxy settings for this network” not work then you need to use a restore the setting of this web browser. You can do this task using the factory restore option of this Mozilla...
  42. The first thing you have to do is go in Control...

    The first thing you have to do is go in Control Panel > Uninstall Program. Look for all unwanted programs in it and remove them one by one. Remove the web browser also. You can download that later...
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    re: Firefox prompting for saving PDF file

    I think it might of the add – on of the PDF file which is been nor enable in the Firefox, so due to which you are getting the problem, so you see for it.
  44. Re: Adobe flash plug-in crashes in bbc iplayer using firefox 6

    The problem to me seems to be related to the transition from the short introductory sequence to the program itself.
  45. Re: Can I use two facebook accounts with Firefox Simultaneously?

    Hey, it’s very simple, just create a new facebook account and then run then simultaneously.
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    re: Disabling Firefox tab resize

    I would like to tell you that you will have to restart Firefox in order to change the browser.tabs.animate and to make that effective. It will work disconnectedly. Many of the time you will find that...
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    Re: Google Toolbar for Firefox 6

    I have doubt that this is going to work and I am saying this because everybody knows that google has dropped the support meant for the addon. I don’t think that trying this will be worth.
  48. Re: Firefox add-ons disabled after beta update

    If you want to disable that for any reason then you can simply go to the menu option and from there you can deselect which you do not require in the automatic update.
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    Re: Cannot use some Add-ons with Firefox 5

    I found this very strange that the Google service does not know these things or do not want to communicate, causing loss of time to different users.
  50. Re: Mozilla Firefox 6 slows down and keeps on crashing

    I also agree with the above user and I will also go and do with the same method which the above user is try to do and so I would suggest you to do the same method.
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