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    Re: What is i4jdel0.exe process?

    In my computer, the antivirus that I have installed automatically picked up this as a virus. But my security software tells me this temporary file, which is located in temp folder, is trying to...
  2. re: How to detect the key logger, and fake facebook account on my computer.

    the problem that you are facing is not that that simple as it looks if you don't want to block your mail the only way that you come to know about the fake account is either blocked or not is when...
  3. Re: Wi-Fi functioning slow in IE and Firefox, but not in Google Chrome

    The chrome is so fast browser because it is quick to start up as you click on it. It has the feature for running the complex web application fast. Also the Chrome has the application for running the...
  4. Re: Unable to see recent messages in yahoo Messenger 11

    I think there could be surely some problem with the browser that you are using, because haven’t ever seen any such problem ever before. And as far as remembering is concern I am agree with the...
  5. Re: Getting out of Memory at Line 8 message on internet explorer

    Can you try to follow the steps that I am going to give and see if that helps. First open Internet Explorer and then click on Tools Button and then Internet Options. After that click on the Advanced...
  6. Re: Need opinion regarding the release of Apple TV 3rd Generation

    Well I am having the current apple TV and I must say that I am really very happy with it. I mostly use it for streaming Netflix. I like watching movies and tv shows. I don’t use any other source...
  7. Re: What are the options other than Netflix on apple TV?

    I am little amazed after reading that you haven’t subscribed to Netflix as you don’t like it. I would say that don’t ignore Netflix so soon. I personally use Netflix on my apple TV and I must...
  8. Re: Cannot Connect to OnLive on 2mbps in India - error "your connection speed to internet is not sufficient"

    I was not at all that, but I get "network problem" too frequently during the game. I am not certain that upgrading bandwidth is truly the solution. I will check with Cox Cable so if I wait a superior...
  9. Re: How can I check that who visited/viewed my profile in facebook?

    Well I would say here that who can view your profile depends on your settings. You can change the settings and make it to your network and friends, Friends and friends of friends, or friends only....
  10. Re: Recently the Utorrent speed has slowed down

    I think it is totally upon the speed of the internet which you are using to get on the broadband. I would suggest you to go on the normal browser page and try to download anything or you can try to...
  11. Re: My favorites not working and giving error message after installing internet explorer 9

    I think that you are running some anti-virus on your computer due top which there is some problem. The problem is not because you are running antivirus but the thing is that maybe it is blocking some...
  12. Re: Slow Streaming Video even after having Fast Internet Comcast Connection

    Verify you have Shockwave Flash is empowered in your browser. In the event that its prepared then attempt to reinstall (the most cutting edge form).
  13. Re: Cross Browser Testing WINDOWS XP, vista and windows 7

    I have tried the browser on each and every operating system you have mentioned but in fact I haven’t seen any such noticeable difference in the performance, but still according to me it is depends...
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    Re: troubles with firefox browser

    As you have mentioned that you are getting message regarding the home page that means someone have changed it for sure. But at the same end the thing that makes me wonder is like though we change the...
  15. Re: Is Live Profile going to be available for Windows phone 7?

    Well I personally would say that I like live profile more than the whatsapp. I feel that IMO has a lot potential. The delivered and read notifier like bbm is just awesome. I think that they only need...
  16. Re: How to extend network to two rooms with 2 wireless linksys routers

    Does the 2nd router need to have the logon data, or does it need to be removed? I'm utilizing my old WRT54GS which I actually put on the ledge with every last trace of the first insight on it. I...
  17. re: Accessing router with Linksys E4200 Lan-Lan Connection

    For this, you must verify that which IP addresses the Siemens be able to assign with the help of the DHCP. It should not include the address of the E4200. If there is already installed the latest...
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    Re: Facebook chat in Hotmail

    Yes it is there and it is working, as I have just tried and it has worked for me, so I will suggest you to try it and also get the Facebook chat on your hotmail chat box, but let tell you that is...
  19. re: Opera had made silent update of Opera Mobile 11.1 for Android?

    I Opera Mobile 11.1 silent update has the following changes
    • Solved force crash problem related to substandard fonts in the system
    • Solved force crash problem when using hardware keyboards...
  20. Re: My Internet activity starts without a browser on

    The resource monitor is the manner by which I got the static stuff. I'm curious as to where I would be able to identify where the claims roots in. I could probably inquiry...
  21. Re: My Internet activity starts without a browser on

    You are able to additionally run from an Elevated Command Prompt NETSTAT-o-b, it will demonstrate who is utilizing the online world and where joined as well.
  22. Re: Getting error while opening twitter in opera mini

    They seem to have forgotten that Opera Mini has many requests from different users from the same IP address, so that they find a computer that does a great number of requests. We are in contact with...
  23. re: Petition for exit button in opera mini by android users

    Seriously, unnecessary running applications drain the battery. Of course you can always go to Task Manager and kill it, but often forgot. Thus an output dedicated button would be nice.
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    Re: Opera mini is unable to stay connected

    Pricing for kb’s is actually company’s standards so one can’t help much regarding this. You will have to obviously pay for the download. When you open next page, data gets downloaded so it is...
  25. re: Explorer vs. Firefox in relation to windows sizing

    Ok then if you don’t want such condition again and again take place then do one thing you make the habit of opening the links in the new tab, the new tab feature of Firefox make the link open into...
  26. Re: How to transfer data from mozy online backup to Mac?

    Since this is a brand new Mac, then the Migration Assistant will move all your information records from your PC to your Mac. Recall that it is ONLY information records that you are able to move over,...
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    Re: Steam Server Down

    They should have a section for intended downtime in the Steam store page or include it in the News section of steam.
  28. Re: Age Verification is required every time when I visit Steam store

    Yes, it feels annoying. But, abut 2-3 months ago I somewhere got to read that Valve has stated that for some legal reasons it is necessary for them to ask our age at least for once in every seesion.
  29. Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    Definitely I would be supporting all the words from the above poster and I would add something in it, I would say that they are having 90+ tweaks and fixes which it has been able to deal with. I...
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    Re: Unable to drag and drop captchas

    Ok for me this question is weird I think that the captchas is not for the drag and drop they are meant to type them and then you can enter the site and if it is hard and you are not able to get a...
  31. Re: No more version numbers for Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla recently announced that it was switching to new browser which is inspired by the Google Chrome. Yes, I read this statement in the article. They do this task because of the kind of popularity...
  32. Re: AVG Safe Search is not compatible with Firefox 6

    For solving this problem you need to perform a downgrade task on this Firefox system. This process helps to solve this compatibility problem. The downgrade process is work on installing the previous...
  33. Re: How to completely remove the Firefox 6 default theme

    The official site of the Mozilla gives you the way that can be work to change the theme of this Firefox web browser. Then open your browser and go to this official Mozilla site. It gives you theme...
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    Re: Best browser for Windows 7 64 bit

    There is plenty of the browsers for the windows 7 and also the internet explorer is also good to use and the internet explore has come with the new and advanced browser, you can see on the internet...
  35. Re: Adobe flash plug-in crashes in bbc iplayer using firefox 6

    I would suggest you to try out this solution. First close the firefox and start the firefox in the safe mode. This mode will temporarily disable all the extensions and other files that must be...
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    re: Disabling Firefox tab resize

    Users who like to surf many sites open at the same time usually. Exploiting browsers that use the classic card you will certainly enormous confusion between these species and a large number of...
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    Re: Google Toolbar for Firefox 6

    Many of you people are searching for the Google Toolbar for Firefox 6 and I am having the way to make the Google Toolbar functional on Firefox 6. You may require to use the Compatibility Reporter if...
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    re: Rapid-release policy for Firefox

    There are some points which are supporting your post and I am listing them.

    Firebug is compatible through Firefox 6.
    The preview build of Selenium IDE for Firefox 6 is accessible.
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    Re: Cannot use some Add-ons with Firefox 5

    If you want to install the Google Toolbar on Firefox 5.0 then you will have to do the following: In the address bar type about: config. When you will do that then you will be asked to confirm on...
  40. Re: Mozilla Firefox 6 slows down and keeps on crashing

    I would suggest you to remove the extension and see; well you can see the method which the above user has told you to do. So the choice is yours to do.
  41. Re: Don’t need the bing search tab opened by firefox 6

    I would suggest you to go to the firefox safe mode option. There you will get some options like Disable all add-ons, Reset toolbars and controls (Firefox) or Reset toolbars and window sizes, Delete...
  42. Re: Why no Skype video calls in Motorola Photon 4G

    I think you need to try out the new updates which have been launched for the Skype and I am sure that this would be solving the query. I have found number of people been asking this question and I...
  43. Re: White Border Around the Google Chrome Window

    Guys In my opinion the problem you are having is due to the theme that you are trying to use with stars. Delete it and check if the same thhing is still happening??
  44. Re: How to Encrypt Gmail, Facebook and other Text-Based Messages

    I will tell how you can do it and it easy to do it also.

    Go to the
    As you go on that site then it says to bookmark the which is give in the blue, so you do it as per...
  45. Re: Google should redesign History and Downloads as similar to Bookmarks in Chrome v13

    I support this thread I would also like to see those changes in the history and download option
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    Re: Unable to print Yahoo emails in Chrome 13

    Here I can suggest you one thing that if you have more than one printer set ups then I think you should try selecting another printer in the Destination drop down list. I think it may fix the issue...
  47. Re: Arabic text is not properly displayed in Google Chrome v13 on Ubuntu

    Well is not like Google chrome is not supporting the Arabic web browser it’s just a kind of Bug that causing this problem and that to in the v13 only so don’t worry just use the earlier version...
  48. Re: Getting HTTP 403 forbidden error while accessing

    Yes what he is saying is right that the ip address of yours gets banned by the site. So if you done nothing and still gets banned you can contact their support regarding the problem they will replay...
  49. Re: Need information about the unlimited broadband plan form BSNL with good FUP

    The plan fup policy looks good for me. But I haven’t got satisfied with the price it really higher. For 2150 it’s not worth for purchase and other thing I have pointed out is the speed when fup...
  50. Re: Is it possible to setup Gmail as an exchange in

    In the Gmail application you need to make sure that the inbox view on it. Then attend settings option onto it. The next is to be use an turn off notifications for this app. The exchange option onto...
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